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Mr. Colion Noir is heard from on the Starbucks letter: “Starbucks took an anti-gun stance. Not an anti-open carry stance, but an anti-gun stance.” Blaming open carriers for Starbucks “falling out of the anti-gun closet” is misplaced persecution: “The moment we start dividing and picking which type of carry is OK and which is not, we lose. Because before we know it, we’ll be so busy fighting each other we won’t notice that all of our rights are gone.” He doesn’t say he’s done with Starbucks entirely, and ends his video with the rallying cry of “To the drivethrough!” . . .

A new Rasmussen poll is out. The headline: 62% of respondents don’t trust the government to fairly enforce gun control laws. (Only 26% do trust them, the other 12% are on the fence.) You don’t say… Other notable numbers are that 19% think stricter gun control laws will do the most to reduce the number of mass murders like the one this week, down from 27% the week after Sandy Hook. Nearly half of respondents (44%) think it’s likely that the government will attempt wholesale gun confiscation within the next generation. And finally, 56% of likely U.S. voters now consider the federal government a threat to individual rights rather than a protector of those rights. That’s up 10 points from 46% in December. You can find the rest of the poll, including the questions asked, by clicking here.

While organizations here in the states have recently raffled off AR-15s and shotguns and Henry rifles, al-Qaeda held a religious competition in Yemen during the month of Ramadan. While the details of the competition itself were unavailable, a prize list has been published. Among the prizes to be awarded were Russian-made Kalashnikov rifles, Chinese machine guns, and Austrian Glock pistols. The winners have been notified and are said to be anxiously awaiting receipt of their goodies, pending ATF approval of their Form 4s. [h/t: Randolph]

Embattled Gilberton, PA police Chief Mark Kessler‘s job has been in jeopardy since he shot his mouth off on YouTube. Now it’s all over but the shouting (likely literally). The borough council voted last Thursday to suspend him pending termination on a whole host of infractions, but before the firing can be finalized Kessler intends to avail himself of his right to a public hearing, after which the council will have to vote again to make sure the door hits him on the way out. If the hearing is as lively as his videos, it’ll likely be quite a show. [h/t: DrVino]

Just for fun, here’s Mr. Colion Noir getting recognized at a stoplight by a crazy fan. Contains a small amount of adult language. [h/t: DrVino]

Yes, that’s Billy Johnson (AmidsTheNoise) in the front seat and (apparently) Michelle Viscusi in the back seat. I want to be an NRA commentator, if I get to hang out with that group!


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  1. Anyone remember the good ol’ days when lefties didn’t trust the government?

    I kind of miss W.

    • Both the left and the right have civil libertarian streaks, and the civil libertarian is generally pro-rights, pro-free choices, and anti-big government and anti-police.

      Both the left and the right have an authoritarian streak; normally, ex police who become politicians fill this role well, like Brendan Doherty.

      • The left and right have both changed dramatically in this department over the last 40 years. The right in Nixon’s day (as well as Reagan’s) were “tough on crime” and by “tough on crime” they meant that they wanted the government to have more agents (officers) and those agents to have more power to crack down on the hippies. Now, the right is “tough on crime” and by “tough on crime” they mean they want their second amendment rights to keep and BEAR (in public) arms so that they can save the taxpayers the expense of a trial and incarceration.

        The left in Nixon’s day didn’t trust the government, until the left took over the government. Then they were OK with whatever their messiah deemed necessary to keep them safe.

      • I disagree the Classic Left is nothing more than a pandemic of fronts for, what was the USSR. Those orgs towed the political line or funding was cut off by Moscow. Todays funding is more diverse but still driven by communist inspired teachings which have taken over the education system and imposed a quasi Islamist/communist Political Correctness upon America. Independent thought is preached by the Left but never allowed!

        • Well, yes. Though the leftist movement is older than the Soviet Union, even here in America.

          Leftism (in practice, not theory) has always been about using some of the baser parts of human nature (envy, sloth, and hate) to win power. Of course, once the new cadre of people who are just a bit more equal than their proletarian comrades have assumed power (in the name of the people, of course), the proles are supposed to dutifully forget all about class envy. What possible use could there be in new ideas, open discussion, and revolution (either peaceful or not) now that the “right” people are on top?.

          But I digress. I agree with the school of thought that the vast majority of leftists (what Stalin called “useful idiots”) really are basically big-hearted but uninformed. They don’t view what is happening as an erosion of freedom, because the people in power say the things the lefties want to hear. Because these cows are well fed and tended for the most part, they cannot conceive of their masters suddenly turning on them. We need to figure out a way to wake them up.

    • I sure do, Gov. I was one of ’em. I still distrust the government. No longer left or right, but off the clock face. I did give up, “never trust anyone over 35, though, when I was about 28.

      • I never understood why anyone would think that a politician or a bureaucrat were any less greedy or more benevolent than a rich business man.

  2. I’d havfta disagree with Mr Noir on this point.

    The Japanese have a saying:the nail which sticks up gets hammered.By and large,most people either don’t care or have their hackles raised at the concept of openly armed patrons of public establishnents, especially openly carrying long arms.People who otherwise wouldnt care about gun control are motivated into siding with the antis after seeing some yokel coon finger a shotgun at Starbucks.

    There’s a big reason the US Secret Service carries concealed despite it being common knowledge they’re armed-because loaded weapons change the atmosphere.

    Go ahead, call me an anti gun troll if it makes you feel better.The key to preserving our rights is not maintaining an illusory “unity of purpose” among gun owners which I’ve yet to see in action.No,the key is to ensure the public sees us as ordinary citizens,and not walking dangers to civic order.An alarmed sheep is a motivated sheep,which is what we DON’T want .

    • “…No,the key is to ensure the public sees us as ordinary citizens,and not walking dangers to civic order”

      And that can best be done by not reacting to those who open carry. By even thinking those who open carry could be dangerous you simply reinforce the message that the sheep may be in danger, which makes the sheep feel like they are in more danger.

      The goal is to normalize (again) firearms and show they are not a threat. Treat them like they are not a threat and the sheep will settle.

    • The list of open carry States has been slowly expanding. Are these laws getting passed so nobody would actually do what they say one can?

    • The key to winning these things is to act like men and not cow tow to the behavior of the ladies for gun control.

      What that means in practice is to ignore much of what they say and do and go about the business in the way we see fit, rather than constantly reacting and responding to their hysterical nonsense.

      For the record: I believe marching into Starbucks locations around the country open carrying ‘en masse’ was a cow tow of the nth degree. They laid the trap, we walked into it. Bad call.

    • Here’s the deal as I see it, ST.

      The only way to desensitize people to the idea of civilians carrying guns is if they see normal, everyday people, their neighbors, carrying guns. If half of the people who had concealed carry permits carried every day it still would not make a dent in the people who disapprove or are afraid, because they would never know it was happening.

      That being said, the gun you carry is a tool, not a statement or an ornament. Carrying a pistol in a holster is to have the appropriate tool for the circumstances, generally speaking. Walking around town with a rifle or shotgun slung on your back or resting between your knees at Starbucks rather pushes the concept of carrying the appropriate tool and is much more likely to raise alarm amongst the sheeple. Yes, it may be legal, but is it smart? What exactly is your intention in carrying? If there can be little or no perceived need for a long gun under normal circumstances then you are just showboating and I think that is what causes most adverse reactions.

      • Well said Cliff. The key, IMO, is recognizing the difference between open carry and political activism.

        Real open carry is the only way to desensitize people. The more people who truly open carry – without the demonstrations, without the fanfare, just simple, basic, polite & quiet open carry for self-defense – the better off we’ll all be. When people see “normal” folks going about their daily business while armed, it presents to them a picture of a normal, ordinary person who decided to carry a gun. The more this happens, the better off we all are, because the idea that “normal people carry guns” is reinforced, while the idea that “only crazy people carry guns” is dispelled.

        Carrying long guns and making a big show of it via gatherings or video recording is not open carry, it’s political theater. But many folks simply throw the open carriers in with the political demonstrators, and that is absolutely ridiculous. Open carriers are just like concealed carriers, except for the “concealed” bit … and the fact that they may have to have a better grasp of situational awareness than the concealed carriers do, since their weapon is out in the open.

        Concealed carry does absolutely nothing to normalize firearms. Open carry does if it’s actually open carry and not political theater.

      • The Bill of Rights does not delineate what is or is not an inappropriate arm to bear. Nor does it delineate where one may or may not bear said arm.

        Liberty is NOT about PR or what may or may not offend someone’s tender sensibilities, so cease and desist trying to rewrite the Second Amendment.

        I find THAT offensive and bad public relations. Are ye for the 2A, or are ye agin it?

  3. i dont have a problem: dude open carries his rifle because he can and is going about his daily life

    i have a problem: dude open carries his rifle, muzzle sweeps the feet of everyone he sees, has a canon HD camcorder already on, and walks up and down the street past cops simply to get a rise out of them.

    if you choose to open carry, and i get muzzle swept by you, dont care if we are in church or your kids 6th birthday party, i will say “mind your muzzle, asshat.”

    • When you conceal-carry, your muzzle never sweeps past any body part of another human being?

      If you say yes, you’re lying.

      • When I conceal carry, my pistol is in a holster where nothing can accidentally pull the trigger.

      • A handgun in a decent holster completely covers the trigger – AKA the “bangswitch.” An AR with a sling? Not so much. Open carrying an AR in Starbucks did not help our cause.

      • Carrying on my hip at about 3:30-4 o’clock with a slight forward cant, they’d have to be pretty much literally up my ass for my muzzle to sweep their toes. If they’re anywhere other than in direct physical contact with me, no, my muzzle doesn’t sweep them. And at that point, both they and I would have bigger problems.

    • nothing says D-bag like the open carry / camcorder combo
      i cant stand internet trolls and i DAMN sure cant stand open carry trolls. wanna normalize guns again? stop acting like owning and carrying one makes your genetics superior.

  4. Turning a business into an activist battleground will predictably result in the banning of whatever started it. In this case, guns, maybe liberty.

    Does it matter? You lost a small battle – hope you learned that gun rallies at places unfriendly to guns is self-defeating. With some collective self-reflection, you can keep every other chain business from doing the same.

  5. i can agree to disagree. while you’re right that infighting serves no purpose (cough bashing texas cough) we have to draw a line between intelligence and stupidity SOMEWHERE. the people who open carry JUST to get a confrontation (youtube or no) do not and will not represent me.
    just my $.02

    • That they may seem to others to be representing you is clearly why you’re upset about it. Think about it.

      • this is true. but It does upset me to see people undermine what i try to teach. owning a gun is literally as close to being god as one gets. you have the power to take a life (or save a life) by merely pointing your hand at someone. and these people wanna flaunt it like they’re in a d!ck measuring contest? its the lack of responsibility and maturity that irritates me. i know many OC’ers have honorable intentions and it pains me to see a few idiots ruin what many people pride themselves on.

        either way i need a beer. at ludicrous speed.

  6. I hope everyone realizes that The Left will not allow any evil business, no matter how PC they appear to be, to escape the wrath of The Collective. Under Socalism you are either part of the collective or it’s enemy and slated for destruction.
    There is only a short time left to prepare for Obama’s Riechstag Event and it’s well planned follow-up which will plunge the nation into CW2

  7. This is what it comes down to…

    All of you whiners who complain about people going about their daily lives open carrying….

    Have obviously NEVER set foot into one of the handful of states here in the U.S. that has Constitutional Carry!

    Because if you people ever did, you would see that seeing someone open carrying while going about their normal everyday business is….


    And if you live somewhere where your God given right, ie; 2nd Amendment, is infringed….


    • And that is fantastic.

      I live I texas however and there is a great battle going on in the hearts and minds department with regard to open carrying. It almost passed 3 years ago but had shit tacked onto the bill before it made it to the governors desk and was shot down. 1 year ago, not as much support; the open carry lobby went all apeshit and wanted rights that conflicted with 30.06 signage and would have made the regulations much worse.

      Now fast forward to recent events that have painted firearms owners (specifically open carry ar-15 camera toting asshats who study the laws more than English it seems) as “crazy nutjob wackos” and that hearts and minds war is slowly coming unraveled.

      I’m not mad at open carriers, I’m not mad a concealed carriers. However if I see you doing something that to my eye is going nowhere but infringing my rights? I certainly will let you know about it.

      • and sometimes political folks will table an issue only to bring it back up again at a time favorable to getting voters to the polls in a big election.

  8. I posted this on Colion’s FB page after he uploaded the video. May be worth a repost here:

    Interesting you spoke of gay couples. Let me further the analogy a bit to point out the root of the problem.
    1) Gay guy walks in the store alone, no one knows he’s gay or cares: that’s your concealed carrier.
    2) Gay couple walks into the store, maybe they hold hands or other mild displays of affection: that’s someone that’s politely open carrying.
    3) Gay couple starts passionately making out in the middle of the store while friend takes pictures: there’s the people flaunting their open carry, showing off the guns, taking pictures and making a big deal out of it.
    4) Gay couple walks in, both drop their pants while one goes balls deep into the others butt in front of their amateur porn film crew: There’s the idiots bringing in AR’s unslung with 1911’s on their hips and ignoring at least one of the 4 rules while their buddy records them on his iPhone.

    Somewhere around 3 management is going to have as much a problem with the gay couple as they do with the gun carrier, as is everyone else in the store regardless how you feel about gay rights or gun control. If the coupe in 3 or 4 were heterosexual they’d still be asked to leave, it’s not discrimination, it’s called crossing a line and that’s what happened here. Like you said, you studied there with your G19 concealed, you didn’t pull it out and place it on the table while wearing a T-shirt with the words “Angry Black Man” on the front and “Kill Whitey” on the back. I’m sure you can see the distinction.

    • Yes,
      Kevin, I see the distinction and it is called MANNERS. Bad etiquette causes discomfort to others– which is what some longarm open carriers are doing.

    • Nailed it. I have plenty of gay friends, but I don’t need to see them going at it.

      I’m sure they would find me and my wife going at it not their cup of tea either.

      Agreement on an issue doesn’t mean we have to have a celebration of others views. How about a quiet, complicit arrangement?

    • As good a way as any I think to explain it.
      I mean FFS if your AR’s muzzle sweeps my kid I *will* tell you to keep your fucking arm in check.

  9. He hits it on the head around the 3 minute mark… open carry is something I generally find to be showy and foolish, but it didn’t force Starbuck’s hand… The demonstrators did. Gay kiss ins and open carry demonstrations alike do more to harm than to help their movements.

    I also find issue with his saying asking people to conceal or not bring their guns is like asking people to leave their sexual orientation or relationship status at the door. It might be like asking gays not to make out in the store, but that’s generally something I’d ask of anyone at a coffee shop.


      ”WEST HOLLYWOOD, CA–The mainstream acceptance of gays and lesbians, a hard-won civil-rights victory gained through decades of struggle against prejudice and discrimination, was set back at least 50 years Saturday in the wake of the annual Los Angeles Gay Pride Parade.

      Participants in Saturday’s Los Angeles Gay Pride Parade, which helped change straight people’s tolerant attitudes toward gays.

      “I’d always thought gays were regular people, just like you and me, and that the stereotype of homosexuals as hedonistic, sex-crazed deviants was just a destructive myth,” said mother of four Hannah Jarrett, 41, mortified at the sight of 17 tanned and oiled boys cavorting in jock straps to a throbbing techno beat on a float shaped like an enormous phallus. “Boy, oh, boy, was I wrong.””

  10. Mr. Noir have a point; Allowing concealed carry, but ONLY concealed carry is sexist. In the culture/couture of this age it’s a lot harder for women to do.

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