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Here’s a shocker: Homicide rate surging for black Chicagoans, report finds – “From 2005 to 2015, the city went from 17.3 homicides per 100,000 residents to a rate of about 18.8, according to a report from the Injury Prevention and Research Center at the Lurie Children’s Hospital of Chicago. But the report held particularly troubling news for African-Americans. The rate for blacks in Chicago jumped from 36.1 homicides per 100,000 residents in 2005 to 46.5 a decade later. Other studies have shown steep drops in the city’s African-American population in recent years, but crime figures remain stubbornly high in many largely black neighborhoods.” Is it any wonder blacks who can get out of Chiraq are doing so?

We love us some Henry rifles. The lever gun impresarios at Henry recently launched Henry TV on YouTube, signing up 22Plinkster as their host.

Henry’s social media manager told us, “For many years now I have enjoyed watching firearms content on YouTube, so we decided to step into the ring with our own channel. With the help of 22Plinkster we think we’ll be able to do things a bit differently and provide super high quality, useful content that people will actually enjoy watching. Henry TV is a venture we’re all very excited about growing into something special, and something that stands out as a prime example of how a firearms company can run a YouTube channel without it being just a bunch of commercials.” Check it out.



This from the woman who assured us she handed over all her emails – Hillary Tells DNC: ‘I’m Not Here to Take Away Your Guns’ – “During her July 28 speech to the DNC, Hillary Clinton said, ‘I’m not here to take away your guns’ and ‘I’m not here to repeal the 2nd Amendment.’ She has spent the last few months of her campaign trying to refute claims that she will do both if elected.” Pissing on your leg and telling you it’s raining.

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And in keeping with that theme… ATF Head: Our job is not to take away people’s guns – “In his first television interview, Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF) Deputy Director, Head Thomas Brandon tells CBS’ ‘Sunday Morning’ that the agency’s job is not to take away firearms from people, but to regulate weapons that can be misused. ” It’s almost as if there’s a concerted effort to convince Americans they have nothing to worry about 2A-wise.


Tamron Hall Investigates Guns On Campus – “In a country with a history of more than 270 school shootings, will putting more guns in the hands of students and faculty prevent bloodshed, or be the cause of further death and injury? Is there common ground which might provide a path forward towards school safety or will ideological opposition prevent progress? I am eager to probe all of these questions and more to help provide some context – historical, legislative and personal – to this multi-faceted debate.” Fortunately, she’s an MSNBC anchor so, you know, fair and balanced.

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  1. Well, the ATF isn’the going to take your guns away if you a cartel member, drug mule, gang banger etc. They give guns fast and furiously to them. If you legally own an AR, AK, or high capacity pistol though, you may be in trouble.

  2. Yep, Hillary won’t take away your guns, and none of her emails were marked classified at the time, and she didn’t ignore over 600 requests for extra security at the Benghazi Consulate, and she didn’t throw that vase at Bill when she got pissed over him being caught with Monica, and she didn’t deliberately hide the White Water documentation in the White House until after the statute of limitations had expired, and she didn’t try to hide evidence from the Watergate Committee and thus get herself fired.

    Nope, she is the sweet loving Hillary who just wants to bake cookies for her guests.

    • Don’t forget they stole a bunch of stuff from “America’s House” and trashed it when they left too(and were billed!). Hillbilly mafia scum…

      • That’s a damn good point, FWW.

        Trump needs to remind the voters when the Clintons left the White House they actually tried to take some of the furniture with them.

        Trailer-trash no-class…

    • More like small man’s Hickok45. And all he gets to shoot all day long are lever guns. Hickok45 gets to shoot… everything.

  3. I usually respect women, even strung out meph junkies on four corners.

    I cannot find one redeeming quality in Hillary Clinton. To imagine this loasome wretched wench sitting in the people’s office, 40 feet from where another woman swallowed Bill’s goo, who lied about his relationship until the FBI confirmed his DNA on her dress. Then both parents pimped their daughter by flanking her whole waltzing across the White House law to board a Marine One to vacation at Camp David.

    Control the message that their depraviltiy is normal. Hopefully the people can prevail and send the Chilton Klan to the dustbin of history.

  4. Fortunately, she’s an MSNBC anchor so, you know, no one will ever see her report.


  5. “It’s almost as if there’s a concerted effort to convince Americans they have nothing to worry about 2A-wise.”

    Cognitive Ease: The Illusion of truth.

    Just like Gun Control is now Gun Safety — they are just playing mental tricks with Americans

  6. The conspiracy is the Clintons and Obama’s own stock in gun manufacturing companies, knowing they are the best gun salesmen in history.

    Start worrying when they put in short orders.

  7. Hillary doesn’t want to repeal the 2nd amendment. In her mind it doesn’t mean anything any way, so why would they need to waste time in repealing it.

    • Yeah. The more I think about it, the more I want one. I don’t care for the top loader design though.
      Gun show in Portland this weekend… I’ll be looking for an older Marlin.

      It appeared .22 Plinkster isn’t used to shooting big bores ?

      • When I first saw these I was of the opinion that that .22 style loading tube was no big deal.

        But on reflection. It’s a 4 round mag. How do you chamber a round and top off the mag without exposing your digits to the muzzle area? Educate me if I’m missing something here.

        In .45-70 it would be at home against large, potentially dangerous animals and I would want a safe way to top off the mag and have a loaded chamber.

        • You can load the magazine, chamber a round, carefully lower the hammer, then top off the magazine.

          Rule #2 violation? I guess. But, since all guns are always loaded (Rule #1), it’s a violation to load the magazine whether there’s a round in the chamber or not.

          Be careful out there.

      • My only gripe with Henry rifles is that they still use that atrocious design for loading the magazine.

        • Henry arms co. please consider adapting the Henry Big Bore to use the 1866 Kings loading gate!

  8. $1000 for a lever gun seems a bit steep. I’ll wait until some idiot gets sick of his and sells it used so I can pick it up for <$600.

  9. “Homicide rate surging for black Chicagoans, report finds”

    It must be the fault of those damnable Mennonites sneaking over the border from Wisconsin on the weekends and shooting up Avalon Park.

  10. Concerning the Hillary / ATF assurances of not wanting to confiscate private property, I am equally assured that once this “person” is President, both entities will repeat this line about not wanting to take away anyone’s guns while authorizing the ATF and the newly nationalized police to go door to door to remove said private property.

    I wants a Henry 45-70 just for the giggles, but it’s gotta wait until I say bye bye to this state, wish them all the best on the YT expansion.

  11. The ATF is *not* trying to take away firearms…? Hmmm… that doesn’t seem to jive with their acronym, but okay. And I thought it was *Congress* that regulated them, and the ATF enforces those regulations…? Ya know, those blatantly unconstitutional, irresponsible, and immoral regulations they like to ‘reinterpret’ as frequently as they like to change the definition of words like possess, own, trust, person, manufacture, and reduce.

  12. From the Guns on Campus bit… ” or will ideological opposition prevent progress?”

    VIrtue Signaling telling others that those who disagree with us are the opposition and the reason we can get what we want.

  13. Anybody else notice the background vegetation at 23 seconds in the Henry video was… poison Ivy?

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