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danaerys_targaryenA professor at Bergen Community College in Paramus, New Jersey was suspended after some idiots in the college administration wildly misinterpreted a photo on Google+ of the professor’s 7-year-old daughter. [People use Google+ ?] The girl [not shown] was wearing a tshirt that said “I will take what is mine with fire and blood,” and some idiot saw it as a possible threat against a dean at the school. That slogan, for those unaware, is a quote from Daenerys Targaryen in season 2 of Game of Thrones on HBO. This is just the latest step in a convoluted situation involving contract disputes and allegations of retaliation, and the professor was reinstated with back pay, but you’re reading about it here because in the mind of at least one school official . . .

the word “fire” in the quote above equals guns. The response that nincompoop gave when asked why the slogan was threatening was “when you see the word fire, then someone shows up with an AK-47 here shooting everybody.” And this person is presumably educating others. Also worth noting is the college spokesman saying that since January 1, 2014, there have been “34 incidents of school shootings.” I’d sure like to see that list.

A sheriff’s deputy in Riverside California shot himself in the leg on Wednesday after a “large dog” approached him “aggressively” while he was attempting to serve an eviction notice. The dog was not hit, and no action will be taken against the dog or its owner, who was not the person being served with the eviction notice. The best part of the story is if you go to NBC-LA’s video page, you can see footage of the dog, who is medium-sized by any reasonable definition, playing with three little girls without a care in the world. Notice he’s not even barking at the cameraman who’s filming him from only a half-dozen or so feet away.

A student at Lewiston High School in Lewiston, Maine was suspended this week for bringing a bright yellow squirt gun to school. The toy was discovered after it fell out of his backpack, and he was suspended for 10 days in accordance with the school policy on firearms, whether they be real or replica or toys. However, the Superintendent says this is not just another case of stupid zero tolerance policies. After declining to comment on this specific case, he absolutely commented on this specific case by saying that after a student is informed of the 10 day suspension, they would “then work to get more facts and complete a review that often results in a reduction of the suspension period. Also, it is not uncommon for other factors to enter into the suspension decision, including the level of student cooperation.” Reading between the lines, the suspension may in this case be due in equal parts to the “gun” and to the attitude. Do with that what you will.

SIG Sauer is getting into the ammunition racket with the release of a new line of personal defense ammo called SIG Elite Performance. Initially available in five calibers from .380 to .45, they intend to add more bullet weights, calibers, and even rifle ammo as time goes on. Their intro video is below (with some good high-speed video).

In watching and reading about the ammo above, I was looking forward to seeing the ammo tested by reviewers I trust, like ShootingTheBull410 (whose tests are regularly posted on TTAG) or tnoutdoors9 (who is my go-to). I realized I hadn’t seen much from tnoutdoors9 in a while, and I assumed it was due to the winter weather, but I went to his channel to find out, and found the video below. It’s about 6 weeks old now, but it’s still very relevant. Watch your health, folks. You only get one trip (at least in this consciousness).

And finally, this, because explosions:

I know it’s repetitive, but stay to the end for the good slow-mo.

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  1. Wile E. don’t get no respect. All that stupid bird had to do was run fast and go “Beep, Beep.” Wile E. had to concoct the plan, order the supplies and put the plan in motion. And he didn’t have the interwebz to help him in his efforts. It was all snail mail and catalogs.

    And I’d like to know what sort of medical plan Wile E. had. He used it enough. Between doctors bills and debt to the ACME company I doubt he had 2 nickles to rub together.

    He would have saved a lot of money going to Macdonalds. And a lot of pain.

    • I’m sure after the first couple of tries, it wasn’t about a meal anymore. That shit became personal for Mr. Coyote, and he was gonna get that meep-meep sonofabitch or die trying. It’s basically a modern retelling of Moby Dick.

      • -“To the last, I grapple with thee; From Hell’s heart, I stab at thee; For hate’s sake, I spit my last breath at thee.”

        -“Meep, meep!”

        • I call BULL SHI IT on ammo ‘going off’ though, the casings can split… the bullets will not fire, because the brass is split, releasing gases!

          Official Fire studies have proven that the ONLY way a bullet discharges is through containment in a pressure cylinder, or gun barrel!

          THIS info is part and parcel of ALL FIRE CODE TRAINING!!! Any “official” statement to the contrary, by any fire official is cause for dismissal!!!

  2. That is a rough for TNO9. My Grandfather is dead because he was too stubborn to go to the doctor when he started having problems. When he finally went, it was too late and he died in the hospital a few months later in a coma that he had been in for over a month. He was 75 at the time, but he could very well still be here if he had just gone to get things checked out an then followed the doctor’s orders. It really left an impression on me to deal with health issues immediately.

  3. I’m thinking community colleges are a completely lost cause. All of the ideological idiocy and overweening elitism of the four-year schools, with even less of whatever intellectual rigor remains in the universities. Hopeless.

    • Community colleges serve the vital function of providing high school graduates with their GEDs.

    • BCCC is locally known as “Bergen Comedy” as it is a place that kids who can’t get into any other college go. Bergen County, NJ is one of the most affluent and liberal counties in the US., home to NJ Sen. Loretta Weinberg, aka Confiscate, Confiscate, Confiscate. Enough said?

    • Hallucinations presented as logical reasoning and accepted as gospel. This type of delusional mind set is being ingrained in our kids and amounts to an intellectual genocide. Their process eliminates the source of opposing points of view. To tie it in with the disarmament movement’s goal, a quote by J. Stalin. (The foundation for this whole process has been laid out for the (un)progressives by Trotsky and Stalin)

      “Ideas are far more powerful than guns. We don’t allow our enemies to have guns, why should we allow them to have ideas”

  4. Great post, Matt.

    Wow, sorry to hear about TNT. He is a great guy and like you he is always my “go to” channel for ammo tests. What a heck of time he has had. I pray for his speedy recovery.

    That SIG video was awesome, say what you will about the ammo, but their slow motion shots were awesome and it sure does a good job demonstrating the expansion properties of the ammo through various media, very, very impressive stuff.

    And finally…awesome explosion.

    • …. I am not sure how to respond to this.

      You do realize that a few hundred years ago back to the dawn of human civilization, “privacy” was something only rich people got, right?

      I don’t think it’s a good thing if a family lets their 7 year old watch (all of) Game of Thrones, but some people just come off as incredible prudes to me.

      Newsflash!: Women bare their ankles now too!

      Oh no!

      • In the olden times we didn’t have problems with harlots showing their ankles or god-forbid their wrists. Mainly because we stoned them the moment we disagreed about something.

        NOTE: Joke and all that.

    • So.. I don’t think that a show featuring nudity, sex, violence and mass murder is really age appropriate for a 7 year old..

      And this make me a prude worthy of mockery?

      My kids watch.. kids shows. Some mindless cartoons, some educational stuff, but a good mix of kids shows, usually with some kind of a moral or a lesson. Same with the games they play on the computer or tablet.

      And I try to shield them from violent, sexual or profane forms of entertainment.

      I must be the worst dad EVER…

      • I am the worse Dad ever because my kids don’t have a computer. I did custom build them each an AR with no numbers with 22lr uppers and engraved the 2nd on the lowers.
        I do agree with your values and practice them myself.

    • Your tax dollars, hard at work. The medical bill will be picked up by the taxpayers, as will his medical leave, rehab, the whole deal.

      The cop spokesdroid said that the dog “attacked” the deputy. If that were true and the dog got so much as one tooth into the donut-muncher, then the dog would have been removed for at least testing for rabies. So the cops are peddling lies – again, as usual.

    • Maybe this is something new the cops are trying. Instead of shooting the dog and getting the bad press, they’ve been instructed, in the event a homeowner has a dog, to shoot themselves and garner the public support from the incident. Only time will tell if this new course of action will help their image……..

  5. School officials overstep the boundaries all the time. I remind them they work for us (our kids) and they just think they are smarter or know more because they are educated but they cant make it in the real world and have to teach what it’s like. My son took a nerf gun several times to school and has worn his NRA Life Member shirt to school several times with no problems. I guess they are “educated” enough to know when to shut up.
    Hopefully this mindset continues.

      • Yes sir but it all trickles down to the minions I guess. The teachers and “officials”
        are out of line and their rules are off the chart stupid hands down. Let alone not legal. For what I pay those tards they should have at least a good lawyer.

    • Just because someone has a degree doesn’t mean they are educated. It just means they passed some tests that some people gave or maybe purchased.

  6. Everyone should watch the video that Matt linked about the case with the dog. Pay attention to the spin the police spokesperson gives and how he trips up over his own words. So much fail. The office screwed up — fine lets call it what it is — why always the spin — that drives me nuts!

    • “The officer fired one round at the dog”, my ass. Do they really think people are stupid enough to believe that? Unless the dog was humping his leg, there is absolutely no way he shot himself in the leg trying to shoot at the dog. He spazzed out (’cause he was afraid of the dog), and popped himself on the draw. What a putz.

      • A decreasing fraction of the populace will believe it.

        The thing about totalitarian governments is that they traffic in bold lies, but everyone becomes cynical and knows that these are lies and falsehoods. It doesn’t make the media or the state quit peddling lies, but it makes for a very cynical and disengaged population.

        • While I no longer expect today’s “journalists” to challenge bald-faced lies like those spewed by the police spokesman in that video, I do kinda feel like the producer of that news segment was slyly mocking the cop. Showing the dog happily frolicking with children and making a point to mention the dog’s name is “Precious” certainly casts a lot of doubt on the cop’s story of being “attacked”, without the reporter having to actually use the word “bullshit”… They could just as easily have just shown the dog behind the chain-link fence and reinforced the official “scary pit bull” storyline.

        • I think you’re right–at least I saw it that way too.. “Precious”–too funny!

  7. Yeah. I read about the Game of Thrones story over at Popehat. If you read the details it’s really pathetic. They drug him in over Christmas break for interrogation with the dean and security. Apparently they didn’t want to believe that there were dragons in the show.

    Their excuse was that they take all concerns of threat seriously. It’s a shame they didn’t take concerns of stupidity as serious.

    Last I heard he had filed a grievance. Glad he got back pay and I hope the resolution included a public apology.

  8. Notice the 2:20-2:23 marks. You can see the projo zoning in! Freekin awesome.

    Health is important people. This is not a dress rehearsal.
    Let’s live long enough to be a royal pain in the butt to the blommies, frankenfeinsteins, watts, and reids.

  9. “when you see the word fire, then someone shows up with an AK-47 here shooting everybody.”
    Because that’s what usually happens when you see the word “fire”, no matter what the context!?
    I thought you had to say it 3 times in front of a mirror before “someone with an AK-47 shows up shooting everybody”. At least that’s what it took to make Biggie Small show up on South Park. But he will bust a cap in your a$$.

  10. School officials overstep the boundaries all the time. I remind them they work for us (our kids) and they just think they are smarter or know more because they are educated but they cant make it in the real world and have to teach what it’s like. My son took a nerf gun several times to school and has worn his NRA Life Member shirt to school several times with no problems. I guess they are “educated” enough to know when to shut up.
    Hopefully this mindset continues. Fingers crossed.

  11. After a college and a high school incidents, I’m going to employ my best Sean Connelly voice and say, “you call them scholars?”

    Okay, the original was “you call this archaeology?” But the reality (whether actual or cinematographic) is equally unbelievable.

  12. Dear god am I glad to be leaving academia (I’m about to complete my first year of college, and I have no intention of returning. It’s not a good fit for me, and I’m sick of the intellectual elitism and utter insanity).

    • Start a business. A $50,000 piece of paper may help you get a better job, but it won’t make you smarter. All you need in business is brains.

  13. Take what is hers? How but through conquest did Aegon I come to rule Westeros? It has been well established that might makes right in the kingdoms. The Baratheon and Lannister claims to the Iron Throne are equally as valid as the Targaryen. The right of long possession does not apply. The old kings of Westeros had dynasties much longer than that of House Targaryen. Aegon established precedent. Sorry that you don’t like the rules of the game, but turn about is fair play. You’re out on your ass the minute somebody with a better army than you comes along.

    • I love this comment.

      But Daenerys is hot, and that has to count for something, right? Of course, that didn’t help Elia Martell/Targaryen, whose beauty was no match for the brutality of the Mountain.

    • +1 to Matt, but I have no doubt Daenerys is the true heir to the iron throne. She has DRAGONS for Pete’s sake. If only GRR Martin would get off his dead ass and finish writing The Winds of Winter…

      Sorry, I kinda just nerded out there. That t-shirt story is full of fail.

  14. If Sig wants me to buy their ammunition they could start by making a 22LR round that will feed in their Mosquito.

    I also got a kick out of their inability to say ’40 Smith and Wesson’. Who the hell calls it a ’40 Essanddubbyou’?

      • Which reminds me of the time I saw a Glock chambered in .357 Sig–only it just said “.357” on the slide, Glock apparently didn’t want to inscribe “Sig” on their product…

  15. Cops draws on dog nice little dog, cops shoots self in leg, dog is fine and all’s right with the world. The only thing that could have made the story better is if the cop had shot himself in the ass.

    Maybe next time. One can hope.

  16. What moron libtard administrator in Maine had to do his due diligence in political correctness? Hell, up here, we shoot stuff ……. for fun.

    If these panty-wetting liberals don’t like it up here, go the hell back to Connecticut or New Jersey where they came from and take their slopehead politics with them.

  17. This.. is off topic but I have to say the recent South Park story line involving Game of Thorns has completely ruined it for me. Fortunately I’m not really into fantasy anyway.

  18. It’s obvious that the media didn’t believe the story. As DG has said, the taxpayers lose. A switch to pepper spray could’ve saved a lot of embarrassment. It’s worked well for me so far.

    The Sig Ammo looks very cool, it’ll be interesting to see how it does when independently tested.

    I’m glad TN9 is doing better. I sometimes joke that my blood has too much scotch for anything to survive in it. Shockingly, there’s scotch in it now. Best wishes of good health to all TTAG readers, and to teach the next generation a few things.

  19. I haven’t heard about tnoutdoors9 but I must admit that I respect him. Simply because he realized he messed up and wasn’t scared of warning others to take care of themselves and family.

    In my opinion it takes something to say: “I messed up, pretty badly. Here’s what I did wrong so you don’t do the same”.

    I also found it nice (maybe even heartwarming) how shooters take care of each-other.

  20. There is certainly a lesson to be learned with TNoutdoors9’s video about getting ill and all should heed it.

    Take care of your body. As gun people we argue caliber, weapon, ballistics, OC, CC, and list goes on. But, not taking care of yourself is far more likely to kill you than not carrying a certain caliber, or whatever else.

    Carrying nine guns everyday, but being overweight doesn’t make much sense. Or carrying some 3.5lbs hand cannon for protection, but smoking a pack a day.

    We only get one go at this thing. Worry less about the gun and more about your health.

  21. This is the most I’ve had to struggle not to vomit profanity into the comment box on this site in a while.

  22. ” Also worth noting is the college spokesman saying that since January 1, 2014, there have been “34 incidents of school shootings.” I’d sure like to see that list.”

    in our local newspaper a woman made a similar comment just days ago. So I wiki’d it and yes… there have been many “reports” of shootings at schools since the first of the year. And in the context of her statement one would believe that figure to mean elementary, middle or high schools.

    However… when you read the description of these “school shootings” you will find that there were several that upon investigation turned out to be false reports. But since a report WAS made… it made the list of “reported” school shooting.

    Most of these school shootings occurred at colleges and arose from disputes between adult students. Some of these shootings only happened ~near~ the school but did not involve anyone associated with the school.

    Of the shootings that DID occur at elementary, middle or high schools one was a suicide and one was a teacher who was involved in a dispute with a man who lived near the school… the shooting occurred at the shooters house but since he lived right next door to the school and it involved a teacher… it was included in the “school shooting” statistics.

    So yes, there were 34 “reported” incidents. But just like UFO’s a lot of what is reported turns out to be inaccurate.

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