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Armed guard at El Dorado private school in Scottsdale Arizona (courtesy

Carrying a gun in Rhode Island means I can’t slip into Condition White. If nothing else, I have to be aware of who might be aware that I’m carrying a gun in case they freak. I find that particularly ironic when I’m in a target rich/gun-free environment, especially one filled with children. There I am, the only armed first responder should a maniac pull a Newtown, worrying about being mistaken for a bad guy. Still, as the Brits say, needs must. I need to protect my daughter. So I protect my daughter. It’s the same primal urge that led parents to subsidize an armed officer at a Scottsdale school [story at]. Truth be told, it’s the same primal urge that drives civilian disarmament supporters. The crucial difference: we only have to be right once. They have to be right all the time. More boneheaded ballistic bombast after the jump . . .

Blaming the NRA for “gun violence” is like blaming the Mormons for Internet porn.

Thank God we live in Wayne’s world. 5 things harder to buy than guns

Then again, New York:

I understand the politics of it, but I’m very proud that this state passed a comprehensive, common-sense gun-control law that is reasonable, that is balanced, that does not affect hunters, does not affect sportsmen,” Cuomo told reporters in Poughkeepsie. “It’s about keeping guns out of the hands of the mentally ill, about keeping the guns out of the hands of criminals. And that everybody should be able to agree on.

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo

Man gestures whilst holding a gun at a weapons store in a market in Arhab

Works here. Works there. Works everywhere. “In the meantime, Yemen’s ever-fragile stability rests on the unsettling fact that, as Mohammed Abdul Lahoum, a tribal Sheikh and prominent politician put it, “Every side knows that if you’re going to bring your gun, somebody else has a bigger gun.” Gun Control, Yemen-Style

Ruger mini-14 with bells on (courtesy’s all tactical. Guns Magazine April 2013

New York City fare jumper found with firearm lands himself 7 years in prison over $2. Any priors?

Police: Inauguration performer’s killing was case of mistaken identity Any priors?

“Don’t blink. That’s enough time for North America’s wild hog population to grow larger.” D’oh! email blast from Winchester re: .44 Rem Mag extension to their Razorback XT ammo line.

Gun shows returning to TV? Lords of War on NatGeo tomorrow (Wednesday) at 9pm EST.

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  1. I watched that “Truth about the NRA” video with interest, but I ended up only making it a little over halfway through. It was basically a name-check of every scary gun term they could shoehorn in. It was a scary video for easily scared people.

    • You’re right … What a pile of dung that video is … And Wayne was right about the jackbooted thugs … Too bad someone can’t hack that video on YouTube and insert video of Waco and other atrocities.

      • I’d have been content if they’d allowed users to downvote or comment on the video. Not allowing feedback is tantamount to declaring “shut up, we could not care less about your opinion.”

  2. Ah… Yemenis…

    A great group of people. A teacher of Arabic of mine was from that nation.

    And I sure hope that they appreciate having so many rifles on hand to sell, unlike some gun stores I know…

  3. I find it ironic (wrong word?) that the DA in Manhattan was quoted at the end of the article that his main goal was preventing gun crime. Meanwhile three of the four links were to victims of SHBADGU (Should Have Been A DGU). Two about a rape victim and another about a man being shot dead in his home by an intruder. Sad. Very sad.

  4. Don’t know if a SOTU post is in the works; but looks like it is confirmed that the Obama administration is going to focus primarily on Background Checks above all else. There was a bit of a name check on an AWB without actually calling for it though.

    • I heard during the MN house committee talks on gun control, that only 12 states report mental health and only 25% of all convictions are reported to NICS. Hows about we work on getting those numbers up to, o, about 50 states and 100% and see how that works before passing new laws.

    • Time to back this up with action: A SHBADDB (should have been a defensive dog bite) feature might work.

    • We should start posting articles about SWATies killing dogs on PETA’s or ALFs websites; FB, twitter, etc

  5. I couldn’t bring myself to watch all of that “truth” about NRA video. WOW that was painful. No surprise that ratings and comments are turned off for it. Funny (and by funny I mean it pisses me off) how every freaking one of these left-wing and especially anti-gun videos always have comments turned off.

  6. Like someone else said, our lives are less valuable. Think Katrina mentality. How does it get this screwed up? Simply repetition. I can remember when minority rights were a joke, then they became common & now we have a class of people that are better than others. Repetition, Repetition, Randy

  7. Since it didn’t make the Digest (possibly because I didn’t send it in) here’s the story of a middle-school teacher here in CA who has been pocket-carrying a .380 to protect his students. Apparently it was an open secret among his students (bad OpSec, dude) and post-Newtown somebody leaked it to an psycho-anti-gun parent, who reacted as one might expect.

    Isn’t it great how he’s being smeared by the police and the school district in their public statements, yet the only crime he allegedly committed was possession of a pocket handgun profoundly unsuited to anything but point defense against the next spree shooter…

  8. Wow, booze is harder to get than firearms?

    I don’t recall a background check to buy booze.
    I don’t recall having to fill out forms to buy alcohol.
    I don’t recall if I couldn’t buy liquor if I was a felon.

    I do recall that many underage kids are binge drinking and ending up in comas.
    I do recall that kids have a pretty easy time to fake an ID to buy alcohol.

    I do recall that alcohol is not a bloody civil right!

  9. Dammit midway usa, since you make magazines, could you please increase the production of pmags? I need some and they are hard to come by right now… oh wait, I guess that is magpul that makes those. They kind of glossed over the fact that midway’s contribution’s to the NRA come from people rounding up their purchases voluntarily to donate.

  10. It’s too bad Jeff Cooper isn’t still with us, even though he did live a good full life.
    I could really use his help in determining whether we’re in Yellow or Orange after the SToU…

  11. Weel, cold medicine can be used to make meth, alcohol leads to numerous deaths, fishing and hunting licences are designed to protect wildlife population levels, the rules regarding animal adoption are designed to prevent animal abuse, and for phone contracts, phone companies are trying to make money. So, not only are there are plenty of legitimate reasons why these thing are hard to get, but none of these are fundamental rights like life, liberty, the pursuit of happiness, and self defense. These fundamental rights are protected by firearms and, in the case of self defense, firearms are central to these rights. Thus, objects essential to retaining fundamental rights, ie. firearms, should be much easier to buy than luxuries like a phone plan and cold medicine.

  12. This whole “if it saves one child” shit is getting real old when directed at firearms.

    They need to admit it’s a witch hunt against guns because the same amount if not more kids drown in residential pools but I hear no call to fill in said pools and regulate everyone that wants to take a dip go to a public pool with a certified life guard.

  13. Little red-headed hottie needs to get edjumokated on the subject of confiscations; Cuomo proposed them and if MN’s AWB passes you can either render your ugly gun permanently inoperable (nothing specifying what needs to be done for that), take it out of state or turn it in to the cops for destruction. Or, hang on to it and face 5 years per weapon and 5 years per mag over 7 or 10 rounds (depending which version passes).

    As a friend of mine pointed out; for anyone who has 15 or more mags starting to shoot when the cops come knocking has no downside (MN is a progressive non-capital punishment state).

  14. Funny how comments are disabled for the youtube video bashing the NRA. Anti 2A folks always seem to be all for restricking 1A if it means people don’t agree with them or may flood the comments with facts debunking their “facts.”

  15. That 5 Things Harder to Buy Than a Gun was complete BS. Everything they listed had ONE feature that a 4473 doesn’t. Not harder, or a bigger hassle, just different.

    1. Sudafed: What they say: Buying Sudafed over the counter requires a photo ID and your name entered into a database and a limit placed on how much you can buy in a month. What they don’t say: Buying a firearm from a dealer the exact same thing, granted your name is only supposed to be saved in the dealers books for a certain amount of time but I find it hard to believe that the paragons of truth, justice, and transparency known as the ATF don’t have every 4473 ever filled out saved somewhere.

    As far as I can tell, they’re assuming the gun buyer in this scenario is going through a private deal. The problem with that is, as far as I know, it isn’t illegal to buy or sell Sudafed privately. I could be wrong on that one though.

    2. Booze: What they say: An 18 year old can’t buy alcohol but can buy a long gun from a dealer and a handgun from a private dealer. What they don’t say: A parent can give their child alcohol at any age. Not to mention the notion that underage drinking laws actually prevent underage drinking is little more than a joke. A bad one at that.

    3. Cell Phones Contracts: Again, they’re assuming that the gun buyer is going through a private dealer.
    What they say: In order to get a contract with *some* major cell phone companies, one must submit to a credit check.
    What they don’t say: Not all companies do that. It’s not required by law. A mutually agreed upon contract between two private entities is none of my GD business. If you still have a multi-year cell phone contract, you’re a flaming idiot.

    4. Adopting a pet: This one’s just completely frakin retarded. They picked some weird, over the top pet adoption agency with ridiculous stipulations as their model for what is required for adopting a pet. Two .gov IDs, proof of residence, personal references, a HOME VISIT? GTFO.

    5. Hunting and fishing license: What they say: A hunting and fishing license requires a SSN. What they don’t say: Idk about you but I’ve put my SSN on every 4473 I’ve ever filled out. It says it’s optional but my LGS requires it. Also, that’s the only part that’s, technically, more difficult. Overall, it’s faster, easier, and less invasive… but they knew that.

    And, of course, they aren’t allowing comments on the article.

  16. Wow. Perfect puppets for more anti-Second Amendment, anti-American propaganda. Must have missed some facts during their prep for the “show”.

    Real quick: less than 2% of violent gun crimes committed with the dreaded “assault rifle” that holds the even more evil standard (yes 3o rounds is standard) capacity magazine.

    FBI Uniform Crime Statistics show that more people killed with hammers and clubs every year from 2005-2012 than with “assault weapons”.

    Oh and this gem, gun deaths down over 50% since 1992, EXCEPT in cities with the most restrictive gun laws.

    Guess they were too busy reading the teleprompter like their beloved leader of the anti-American, anti-Constitutional agenda…

    p.s. Ask Mayor Bloomburg (net worth $27 billion) how much money he pumped in to candidates around the country to ensure they join the evil empire.

    Oh and how about the $12 million he dumped on anti-Second Amendment, pro-government control ads in 13 states this month.

    Nope, no buying the vote on the anti-American side going on. At least the NRA is fighting FOR the Constitution.

    What do the three stooges doing the video say about that?

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