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Owners of the recently reclassified Swiss Arms rifles in Canada will be granted amnesty from criminal prosecution, according to a statement by public safety minister Steven Blaney on Monday. “I will bring forward an amnesty to ensure that individuals in possession of these firearms can continue to possess their property without threat of criminal charges,” he said. The previously legal rifles were reclassified as prohibited just a few days ago by the RCMP, and owners have received no instructions about what they’re supposed to do with the rifles. Blaney said on Friday that the decision to reclassify the guns was made by “unelected bureaucrats” and vowed not to let it happen again. In addition to the amnesty. . .

Blaney did not rule out the possibility of either compensation or grandfathering of existing ownership. The thing is, it’s still the prohibition of ownership by the stroke of a pen. Whether they pay you for it or not.

Today’s Lockdown of the Day™ comes from Will County, Illinois, outside of Chicago. A shell casing turned up around noon in the cafeteria at Hadley Middle School after the sixth-grade class had finished lunch, and cafeteria staff brought it to the attention of school administration. Principal Kristen Schroeder placed the school on “soft lockdown” (a “regular procedure in such instances”) and a search of the school ensued. Two hours later, three dogs trained in finding weapons and gunpowder had found no other weapons or ammunition during a search of classrooms and lockers, and according to the Chicago Tribune, police and school administrators were left “scratching their heads.” An email sent to parents after the incident stressed that it was a casing, not a live round of ammunition, and no threat to staff or students had been found.

From The Tactical Wire: COTTONWOOD, AZ – LaserLyte®, innovators in firearms laser technologies, re-engineers the best-selling Kryptonyte(R) Center Mass laser system to give users a choice between two laser patterns; single dot or the popular Center Mass pattern. The Center Mass laser feature projects a ring of eight green laser dots with one green laser dot in the center as the aiming laser. The circle grows at one-inch per yard, approximately the same configuration as a shotgun aimed at a moving target. The green laser, both single and Center Mass pattern, aid the user in daylight visibility, giving the user the advantage of a wide field-of-view while using both eyes for aiming. More info at the link above or at

The Kentucky House passed a bill last Friday that would allow people protected by domestic violence court orders to obtain a concealed carry gun permit before they go through the required training. Rep. Leslie Combs, who experienced a negligent discharge in her office several weeks ago, was present but did not vote. The bill requires recipients of court orders who wish to get a carry permit to apply with the state police, who will conduct a background check and issue the permit. The permit would be good for 45 days, during which time the holder would have to get the normally required training, at which point the temporary permit would be converted to a permanent one. A Senate version of the bill is awaiting a floor vote.

Short-barrel rifles are now legal in Washington state. SB 595 has now passed the House (having already passed the Senate), and now needs only the governor’s signature. Should he choose to veto it, there’s enough support to override the veto. Paging Jeremy S.

Jerry Miculek is starting a new series, Gun Myths. For his first episode, he’s going after the idea of using a pillow as a silencer. Does it work? Watch and learn.


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  1. There is a significant possibility that the current backlash against the RCMP and Canada’s firearms laws will actually reach far enough to bring about a repeal of significant chunks of legislation. Most notably bill C68, which is responsible for some of the more onerous laws in Canada.

    Conservative MP Rob Anders is pushing for some serious reforms to our laws, and given the reaction from Canadian gun owners it seems he has a good chance of succeeding.

    Here is the petition he is sponsoring, which is showing some considerable momentum.

      • “5. Eliminate the Chief Firearms Officers and rescind F.A. section 58.1”

        He’s planning to get rid of at least some of them, how he’s going to do it is all in how you interpret “eliminate”.

        That said, sacking the RCMP may be a bit too much to hope for.

    • what was disturbing to me in the linked article, was the quote from the U Ottawa “criminologist”, who cited the disturbing trend of elected officials second guessing the RCMP. Isn’t that what both of our systems of government have electeds for? I mean, in theory, the electeds are directly accountable to the citizenry.

      • The bureaucrats hate the idea of accountability to elected officials. They utterly fail to comprehend the meaning of the term public servant.

  2. Jerry Miculek’s instructions for how to quietly eliminate an unwanted spouse.

    Step 1. Get a gun.

    step 2. Get a pillow.

  3. Couldn’t Mr miculek be violating the law regarding suppressors by using a pillow as an unregistered suppressor

    • I’d have to watch the video again, but I believe the government required tag was still attached to the pillow. Shouldn’t that count?

    • If I’m not mistaken a silencer (legally speaking) has to be attached to the firearm. Holding up a pillow is analogous to shooting inside an anechoic chamber or deep in the woods, but wrapping the pillow around the gun and taping it on would be “attaching a silencer”. At least that’s my layman’s comprehension of it.

      • …maybe I was mistaken:
        18 U.S. Code § 921(a)(24) The terms “firearm silencer” and “firearm muffler” mean any device for silencing, muffling, or diminishing the report of a portable firearm, including any combination of parts, designed or redesigned, and intended for use in assembling or fabricating a firearm silencer or firearm muffler, and any part intended only for use in such assembly or fabrication.

  4. That pillow trick ACTUALLY worked???
    I’m shocked lol. But I DID enjoy the explanation as well.

    • I would like to know the amount of decibels decreased not just “it was quieter”. At first he also said it was down, then later polyester. Would there be a difference in the sound suppression between them?

  5. I hope Jerry either has friends in high places, like dick Gregory did or has a manufacturers license, because if he doesn’t have a license, we just watched him commit a federal felony.
    Unless the pillow was registered…

    • my thoughts exactly. i sure hope this doesnt become a thing. i would hate for him to post a video of “does a pop bottle full of pillow stuffing work as a silencer?!?!” and then spend 10yr/$100k fine because of it.

    • Hasn’t the batfe already declared it not illegal to use something in a manner for which it was not designed, a la sig sb15? Using a pillow, or soda bottle, or whatever to supress a shot does not make it a regulated device. If you modified it in such a way that could be interpreted as intention to make a regulated device, then you may be in trouble. . . If you were loose lipped about it.

  6. Two hours later, three dogs trained in finding weapons and gunpowder had found no other weapons or ammunition during a search of classrooms and lockers, and according to the Chicago Tribune, police and school administrators were left “scratching their heads.”

    Seriously? Well, Scooby, I think I solved this mystery. Find the class who had a test after lunch, and find the kid who didn’t study. He dropped it, knowing it would start a panic and he’d get out of taking the test. It’s the new bomb threat.

  7. If I lived in Canada and owned at Sig 550/551/552/553, the government could roll up to my front door with every single peice of gold in the national resurve to pay me for them and I would still shoot the bastards, after all we are talking the Sig 55X.

    • They’re not actually SG55Xs, and that’s precisely the issue. In the dark days of the ’90s bill C68, among other injustices, prohibited a large number of firearms by name, including all variants of said firearms. The SG550 series was one of them. Thankfully for Canadian shooters the SG540, which the PE90 is based off of was not named, and because it was developed prior to the SG550 it is not a variant. The RCMP firearms lab is claiming that the SAN rifles are in fact SG550 variant rifles and not SG540s.

      Of course, this whole fiasco brings to light just how bad a law C68 is. It has shown itself to be arbitrary and completely ineffective, not to mention a threat to the rights of decent Canadians everywhere.

  8. these lockdowns are so pathetic. why lock down a school over one found spent shell casing. my freshman year of high school i found a 9mm shell during a track meet at another school. no one was injured, i just thought i made a cool find.

    • When I was in the 3rd grade I attended the last one room public school in Conn. Grade one to 8 in one room one teacher my sister was the only student in grade 8 and was the defacto teacher for grade 1 and 2.
      I took to school for show and tell on November 11 an almost complete selection of live ammo used by the combatants of world wars 1 and 2; it filled an adult size lunch box and had everything from 30 Mauser pistol ammo for a broom handle pistol to Russian and Italian rifle and pistol, French 8mm Lebel…. etcetera up to .50bmg and a 37mm dummy practice AA shell strapped to the outside of the lunch box…. It was all passed about during the class and I got a gold star for the day. While this was the most rural town in the state and most of us were farm kids it does go to show what has changed in the last 58 years. And the way things are there now I am glad to now live in Maine.

      • Wow, that would definitely not fly now. Things have changed over 58 years… so I’m told. For me freshman year was really not long ago.

  9. I’m trying to think up some way to work an Archer reference into the canada story, but I’m coming up short. Something about Dudley Douchebag. You guys are going to have to field it yourselves.

        • Was I the only one who almost fell out of his chair when the contents of Kenny Loggins’ briefcase were hinted at this week?

          In all seriousness, I think Archer deserves more love around here. The firearm depictions may frequently leave a lot to be desired, but its not due to lack of trying. In addition, I seem to remember reading something not that long ago about Adam Reed vetting possible partners in the entertainment industry by seeing how they react to being taken to a gun range.

        • I’m not going to bullshit you, i missed last week’s episode. Had to circle back around and catch the beginning of the new top gear.

        • Moved to an area without BBC America a few years ago, I’m about a year behind on Top Gear. It would be hard to choose between the two, given the option.

  10. I still don’t understand the LaserLyte. The center dot is fine, but why do I care about the other eight dots? Also, haven’t these people ever been told about tunnel vision?

      • Yep. I have one on my KSG, and I like it a lot. It’s super-bright indoors, especially at night. Tunnel vision is a non-issue since I can easily see my point of aim while scanning my surroundings with peripheral vision engaged.

        Outdoors the dots fade quickly and can be difficult to track on uneven surfaces like bushes, tall grass, etc. Frankly, it’s really no good outside. But for bump-in-the-night investigation indoors, I like it a lot.

  11. How to turn a great country into a piece of sh1t in two easy lessons: First, ban guns. Second: drink Labatt’s.

    • I’ve spent most of my life in Michigan. If you have to have a Canadian macro-brew, go Molson XXX.

      • I’m from Michigan, I grew up on Molson. In my opinion, if it’s available, XXX is the way to go for affordable, mass-produced beer.

        Complete aside, given your username and icon, am I alone in thinking the “frozen north” is fertile ground for post-apocalyptic fiction? Personally, I’d love a Fallout sequel in Detroit/Windsor.

        • We don’t even need an apocalypse, it’s already a wasteland up here.

          Hang on, a polar bear is trying to break into my igloo again, BRB.

  12. “…the decision to reclassify the guns was made by ‘unelected bureaucrats'”

    I assume that’s Canuck speak for “Snidely Whiplash.” Understandable if true –I mean, the guy is pretty bad news– but it would have been ten trillion times better if you could reverse it or, call me bonkers, never even let it happen in the first place.

    • Apparently the Minister of Public Safety had actually told them not to proceed with the reclassification, they ignored him. The RCMP brass do not like the Conservatives, they’re flexing their political muscle, hoping to influence the election towards the Liberals. Our national police force is far from apolitical.

  13. As kids we would scramble after the blank cartridges ejected in the cemetery after Memorial Day salutes and carried them in our pockets for weeks.

  14. “I will bring forward an amnesty to ensure that individuals in possession of these firearms can continue to possess their property without threat of criminal charges,”

    What kind of S.O.B. writes stilted crap like that? I had to rub my eyes and read it again. JEEZ-O-FLIP.

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