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Woody toy at Heathrow airport security courtesy

Back in December, we told you about the owner of a sock monkey toy who had the toy’s tiny six-shooter confiscated by TSA in St. Louis. Recently a traveler at Heathrow airport in London had a similar experience, when a tiny revolver in the holster of a Toy Story Woody doll was confiscated by security staff. The individual posted a story to reddit that the tiny toy gun, about 1.5″ long, was flagged and taken away as a security risk. It being the internet, and the world we live in, there’s no sure way to know it’s true, as neither the airport nor the Department For Transport are commenting. But since we know it’s happened in the past, it’s clearly not that far-fetched. [Yes, I know Woody doesn’t actually carry a gun. There’s no indication that the gun was confiscated simply because it “was not canon.”] . . .

Your Lockdown of the Day™ comes from Estherville, Iowa, where Estherville Lincoln Central Middle School was locked down last Thursday after two students found a .22-caliber cartridge in a classroom. During the lockdown, police and school officials questioned students and searched lockers. “No one was hurt.” Officials say they don’t know who brought the round in nor if it was brought in accidentally or on purpose. In December, a .25-caliber cartridge was found in a hallway in the same school. School officials remind parents to check children’s coats and backpacks to make sure they don’t accidentally bring prohibited items into school.

Back in November I told you about the latest chapter in the saga of the Montana Firearms Freedom Act, a law which would exempt from federal regulation any firearm that was manufactured in Montana and remained within its borders. That case is still awaiting a decision on its cert petition to the USSC. In the meantime, Oklahoma is moving in the same direction. House Bill 2805 is similar to the MFFA, exempting any firearm, accessory, or ammunition that is manufactured in and remains in Oklahoma from federal regulation. That bill was voted out of the House States’ Rights Committee on Tuesday, and will be considered by the full chamber shortly. The bill would also prohibit physicians from documenting information about a patient’s gun owership.

Why does this never happen to me? A Maryland woman was cleaning out the storage shed of her deceased relative Saturday and found “unexploded military ordnance” stored there. Fire Marshal Bomb Squad crews officials said that most items were military novelty items, but some was “live military training ordnance.” Isn’t that a contradiction in terms? Or would that be propellant but no explosive? In any case, they gathered it up and carted it off. I think they should at least invite the person who turned in to be there when they blow it up. I want to yell “Yeehaw!” or “Hell yeah!” when it goes off, too.

Florida residents moved one step closer to being able to obtain concealed weapon permits at their local tax collector’s office, instead of having to send their applications to Tallahassee or show up in person at one of eight regional offices. The proposed rule was unanimously approved by the Senate Agriculture Committee on Monday. (Concealed permits in Florida are administered by the Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services.) Background checks would still be performed by the agriculture department, the tax collectors would simply process the paperwork and fingerprints. For that they would be able to charge an extra $22 on top of the $70 for new applicants, or $12 on top of the $60 for renewals. Tax collectors will not be required to participate.

The Slow Mo Guys show us what a full-auto M4 looks like at 18,000 frames per second. You’re gonna want to full-screen, high-res this one. A while back I commented on a Richard Ryan video that the two jets of gas coming out of the bolt were the coolest thing I’d seen in memory. That bar has now been surpassed. At about 2:45 in this video, I want you to notice the lock time. That is, the time between the bolt closing on the new round and the hammer falling to set it off. You can actually see the bolt carrier bounce against bolt locked into the the breech face before it settles into place and the round fires. It takes an eternity. Absolutely amazing.

By the way, if you’re wondering why everyone on YouTube doesn’t make videos this awesome, it’s because that camera they used, the Phantom V1610, runs $100,000 per copy. From their FAQ: Is it true that a camera that runs this fast must be powered by either dilithium or silithium crystals? No. We’ve been able to achieve these rates of speed without the use of such technology.

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  1. Pretty sure Woody has NO GUN in his holster. Not with the original toy. SOMEONE IS PULLING YOUR LEG…but hey what do I know.

  2. “From their FAQ: Is it true that a camera that runs this fast must be powered by either dilithium or silithium crystals?

    No. We’ve been able to achieve these rates of speed without the use of such technology.”

    This is what makes these guys so cool, other than their awesome camera work.

  3. [Yes, I know Woody doesn’t actually carry a gun. There’s no indication that the gun was confiscated simply because it “was not canon.”] . . .

    It’s for the leprechauns.

  4. Kansas passed the Second Amendment Protection Act last April that actually makes it illegal to enforce Federal laws for guns made sold and kept in the state. Eric Holder wasn’t real happy about it but the Gov and State AG told him to pound sand.

  5. I noticed, basically, a two stage gas jet coming out of the carrier.
    I’m getting a headache imagining the slo-mo of what happens during the cycle to come up with an answer.

    • First gas blows back into the gas key, which channels it down between the carrier and the bolt, which is why you get that stuck on carbon on that ‘funnel’ shaped tail of the bolt. So one jet of gas is blowing back out of the gas key around the gas tube, and the other is coming out of the holes in the side of the carrier after helping separate the bolt and carrier.

      I’m not sure if that’s what you were getting at, and I may have some details wrong, but that’s what I’ve gathered about the operation of an ar15/m4 type rifle.

  6. I’m surprised the owner of the doll was not arrested.

    I watched the high speed vid earlier today and went shopping for a camera. When prices weren’t listed i assumed they were at a minimum in the hundred grand range. Did find a place that will rent you a million FPS camera and all the goodies for $2500 a day. So, if you guys want to go in on one for the day and bring a bunch of shit you want to record, let’s get this thing going.

    • Keep in mind that the $100,000 I listed is just the camera. It’s not any of the accessories, the screen to watch the playback on, the cabling, nothing. I mean, after spending a hundred grand on the camera, the rest of that stuff’s only going to add up to a few thou more, but still.

  7. “live military training ordnance.”
    We used a lot of bombs with shotgun-shell-like-power marking charges and 20mm rounds with powder but no HEI in the round. 40mm with orange chalk? Seems like there’s quite a bit of live military training ordnance.

  8. Live Training Ordnance

    How I would parse that (assuming the local authorities are describing it correctly) is that they found a round with a live propellant charge and a concrete warhead. This is pretty standard for tank HEAT training rounds, training TOW missiles, etc. The warhead won’t go boom, but it has to be able to get downrange.

  9. I believe that “shutter” speeds allowing film photography that fast were practical as far back as the 1960s, using electrically actuated, fast Kerr cells with polar liquid dielectrics like nitrobenzene to polarise light in a 45 degree angle way that let some of it through two other polarised filters on either side that were set at 90 degrees. It would have needed very fast film and/or bright lighting, and (this is informed speculation now) moving optics like mirrors to compensate for the movement of the film past a stationary image by “jittering” the image to match the movement.

  10. “From their FAQ: Is it true that a camera that runs this fast must be powered by either dilithium or silithium crystals? No. We’ve been able to achieve these rates of speed without the use of such technology.”

    “Rate of speed” is the math-and-science equivalent of calling a magazine a clip. Or maybe, as mattv2099 likes to say, “clipazine”.

  11. Woody does look like one mean hombre, you can’t be too dilligent. I’m sure tsa watched Woody very carefully the whole trip.

  12. H/T to Matt in FL. Excellent work as always. “Proud To Stand With Ye”

    Foregoing a rant expressing my personal loathing regarding any use of the highly erroneous and at best, misleading word ’Assault’ as combined with words such as ’Weapon’, ’Rifle’ &/or etc. ( as used in the video title )…
    Rumor has it that for the average shooter — and generally speaking of course — after about the third round on FA from a standing position, one is likely as not any longer exactly hitting whatever target was initially being aimed at — presuming of course, one actually had targeted something smaller than say, the size of a tractor-trailer, or perhaps a pile of sand no more than 75m distant, 100m in height and more or less about 200m wide.

    That said and FWIW, ( if anything at all and maybe not much ) — installation and proper use of a ‘sling’ while having FA fun offers the knowledgeable user at least a slightly increased potential for accuracy improvement.

    As a pertinent BTW, having nothing at all to do with FA’s but having everything to do with History and Marksmanship, ( including how to properly install and use a sling ) — for any not yet aware, and / or for those having not yet attended a “Project Appleseed” event…suffice it to say that you don’t know what you’re missing until you attend one. Link as follows:

  13. Sounds like a good way to get out of that test you should have but didn’t study for. You could get a lot of extra study time from one box of cartridges.

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