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Here’s a local gun store you may want to patronize . . . Cops seized his weapon, so gun shop gave him a new Smith & Wesson .38 Special – The Telfair County Sheriff’s Office would like to Thank Chris Ellis and Lamar Marshall owners of CL Defense LLC a Firearms Dealer located at W. Oak Street, McRae Helena Ga for stepping up to the plate in support of the Telfair County citizen who fought back against 2 armed robbers at his workplace in Dublin. The gentleman opened fire and wounded one of the robbers. This citizen had two handguns and both are being held until court as one may have the perpetrator’s DNA.”


Our money’s on Ms. Rios here . . . Big 5 store manager quits after being forced to sell a gun to man she found threatening, suit says – “He was a customer who wanted to buy a gun. She was a store manager who balked, finding the man erratic, threatening and potentially dangerous. Their tense interaction at a Big 5 Sporting Goods store in Downey prompted police to step in. After company officials overruled her and released a weapon to the customer, Delilah Rios resigned. In a lawsuit filed this week, she alleged wrongful termination and violation of labor laws, among other claims.” Big 5’s deep pockets are about to be a little lighter.

The people’s house . . . Ban on guns in Missouri Capitol lifted – “Gov. Eric Greitens’ administration has reversed a short-lived policy barring most visitors and employees from bringing concealed weapons into the state Capitol. On Monday, new signs were erected outside the building noting that the statehouse was no longer off limits to firearms if people have permits to carry concealed guns. The ban was imposed by Capitol Police during the transition from former Gov. Jay Nixon to Greitens in early January.”

Retro WON: Sweetheart Grips, A Love Story? – “A clear, lightweight acrylic known as Lucite was new to (WWII), and covered the viewing ports of warplanes. Soldiers salvaged the Lucite from downed planes and used it to carve replacement grips for their Colt M1911A1 pistols. Removing the standard wooden grips from their Colts, they replaced them with handmade transparent grips. However, prior to putting the grips on, soldiers would place a photo of their gals beneath where the grips attached. Thus, the ‘sweetheart’ grips came to be.”

WSU Students And Faculty Protest Campus Carry Law – “Students and staff against a law allowing guns on college campuses held a demonstration on the Wichita State University campus Tuesday. A small group gathered near the Rhatigan Student Center to speak out against guns on campus. The rally was called ‘Carry Minds, Not Guns.’ Organizers spoke of the need to contact lawmakers, emphasizing that there is power in numbers.” Just look at that throng…doesn’t look like there are enough numbers at Wichita State to exert much power.

Whoo hoo! . . . These States Are Pushing Tax-Free Shopping Holidays for Guns – “What’s especially interesting is that the sales tax holidays for guns can be more generous than those for back-to-school shopping. In Mississippi, the normal 7% state sales tax is waived only for clothing and footwear items priced at $100 or less during its back-to-school event. However, there is no such price limit for tax-free gun purchases during Mississippi’s Second Amendment Sales Tax Holiday. In other words, the most a shopper could save for school clothes is $7, on a $100 item. Gun buyers can save much more during the Second Amendment tax-free shopping holiday—$70 on a $1,000 purchase, for example, or possibly much more.”

We’ll just leave this here:


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  1. What a great gunshop! Wish I lived nearby…sorry Big 5 gal. This sounds like an episode of “Superstore” a goofy sitcom I watched once. And she quit. If it’s an at-will employment state you’re SOL. Maybe she was right or maybe she shouldn’t work the gun counter. Or maybe she’s a SJW…

    • There’s more to the Big5 story. Apparently one issue is that the guy kept coming in late in the day, so the store didn’t have enough time to complete the CA-mandated safety briefs and function checks in one go.

      Not saying the guy or the manager was justified. But the regulatory environment certainly contributed to the overall fiasco.

      • Sounds more like a conscientious manager than an SJW. Read the story. That customer’s picture is in the dictionary right next to “sketchy.”

        • So what? She quit when there was no need to do so. I’ve also observed a straw purchase at Cabelas in Hammond,IN. I certainly WANT to prevent criminals from getting guns. Hell a lot of gunshop “regulars” are “sketchy”. I thought thevaunted NICS would reveal past sins instead of a gun counter gal.

        • If they’re regulars, then the gun store owner/manager knows them. This guy’s behavior raised a lot of red flags. I’m not saying she was right or wrong on wanting to deny him, but I can see why she made the call. As for her quitting, I guess that’s her business. We’ll have to see how it shakes out.

  2. LOL… Moms at WSU. I’ve been working for a client in Wichita for the past year and a half and I have never been to a more gun friendly place, and I grew up in Texas. The local gun show was the largest I’ve ever attended, even in cities 5-6 times in size. I’m pretty sure the Moms won’t get much play there. We could all pitch in and get them some crying towels, maybe after we spray a little Hoppe’s No. 9 on them.

      • In today’s libtard-dominated, politically correct, gender-bending society, “he” might be the “mom” in a “married” couple made of two “happy pappys”…

        • Dude, your issues are showing again.

          If your going to pick on something, then how about that pic of the small gun shop that looks like a Hollywood casting of stereotypes. That gun buyer is priceless. Be he’ll be shooting commies and space aliens later tonight.

      • I couldn’t even finish watching that.
        An AK as one of the top 10 most powerful guns in the world? Even is the list was meant to cover only those guns commonly used as carry arms, the AK does not deserve to be there.
        The criteria was seriously mis-labeled in the title.

  3. “After company officials overruled her and released a weapon to the customer, Delilah Rios resigned. In a lawsuit filed this week, she alleged wrongful termination and violation of labor laws, among other claims.”

    She has no case.

    She wasn’t fired, she voluntarily quit the job…

    • Exactly this. Maybe she could have some sort of claim regarding a hostile work environment, though I doubt it.

      It doesn’t even sound like she was actually forced to make the sale, since the details seem to indicate that other individuals took over and released the gun to the customer.

      Given the apparent contradictions I wonder if the customer was really behaving as she claims.

    • At my shop the policy for denying a gun sale is crystal clear: I can stop a sale for anything that raises my hackles – anything from verbal threats to apparent drunkeness to just a “bad vibe”. And our managers are NEVER to second guess the employee unless they were there and witnessed the reason themselves, that employee may very well have seen or heard something the manager didn’t. We’d much rather lose a gun sale than ignore an employees instincts ; if the employee can’t be trusted to make such a call, they’re not to be behind that counter in the first place.

      • “At my shop the policy for denying a gun sale is crystal clear: I can stop a sale for anything that raises my hackles…”

        That was the policy at every gun store I have been behind the counter of, and I have refused sales.

        If she refused to make the sale and was was fired for that, she would have a case. Another commenter mentioned California, yeah, they are screw-ball, but once the jury found out it was a GUN! STORE!!!, eh, who knows?

    • She may have been given the option of either a voluntary or involuntary separation and chose the former. Either way she’ll win. I’d guess if you leave a job because you refuse to perform unethical/illegal actions it could be considered involuntary. Plus she’s going to have a California jury. If Big 5 has any brains they’ll settle this quickly.

      • The OP pic is not the person from the Rios segment; I think he’s the shop owner whose guns are retained as evidence. This is no different from car impounding in similar situations. The Rios story underscores where legal versus arbitrary decisions are made. Suppose a store clerk refused to sell a weapon, and the customer sued. Unless there is documentation supporting the refusal, including denial from the background check for example, “erratic behavior” is going to need corroboration from other staff, videos, etc. The history, especially finding ammo in the aisles, makes the guy sound shaky, but legally hard to deny if he pushes back. Does a store have the right to deny service (which is what this is essentially) to persons of color, avowed atheists, flamboyant dressers, etc without just cause? This seems to have been very just cause, but the store caved over the fear of customer blowback. Now, just suppose he had turned out to be certifiable, loaded a store gun and blazed away – who’s liable then? I believe both background checks and waiting periods serve legitimate purposes, but also the discerning employee’s judgement and instincts as well. She just went about her suit after quitting, which was not well advised.

    • Yeah, but you could carve them for anything, and a lot of people did. That gun was owned by a Polish Resistance fighter iirc, and I’ve seen pictures of ones that US Marines had made in the Pacific.

    • Right? Pretty sure whoever made that video played too much Call of Duty and then made some fun porn out of stock images online. Doubt he (or she) has ever even fired a weapon.

  4. “The Ten Most Powerful Guns…”

    As an honors graduate from noob school, I know better than that.
    That vid is soooo bad it does an injustice to the entire genre of caliber wars.

    • Any list of “most powerful guns” will just be primitive nuclear weapons that launch projectiles with the force of an explosion (“gun type”), Davy Crocket prototypes and then some impractical artillery pieces to round it out.

      • That video was terrible, the music was terrible, and the choices were terrible. I have a feeling that it was made by a pimply azn or whitebread teenager in SoCal or NYC who plays a lot of Counterstrike, COD, and/or Battlefield.

  5. The company should have had her back. The customer is not right if he/she is an asshole. I wouldn’t have sold the guy mittens, much less a weapon.

    He may have a right to own one, but others have the right not to sell him one.

  6. so how many people were muzzled (or worse) while their comrades were sharing photos of their gals?
    “wanna see a… sorry, sarge…”

    • During WWII, muzzling was not against the rules. In fact, men were awarded medals for shooting strangers to death. Pretending some silly set of rules has been observed forever is infantile. Get a life.

  7. Nothing funnier than someone yelling through a bullhorn at a “crowd” of a dozen people. Dude, they could all hear you whispering. You don’t need amplification.

    • Stinkeye, it reminds me of an episode of “From The Files of Police Squad,” a police spoof with Leslie Nielson, where two people were standing looking at a crime scene while an officer stood two feet in front of them yelling through a bullhorn, “Move along. There’s nothing to see hear. Move along.”
      I loved that show.

  8. No mention of The Paris guns, Big Babylon or Baby Babylon. I call BS on any “research” that went into that. M28 & 29 Davy Crocket were more of an RPG than an actual ballistics projectile. Gauss guns and EMRGs need not be mentioned. (Now my comment makes about as much sense as the video, although the music was somewhat soothing).

  9. Missouri changed from not allowing firearms in the capitol building to not allowing firearms in any significant rooms of the capitol building. I guess some people can call that progress. Baby steps.

  10. Always have at least 1 gun stashed elsewhere in case the cops take your guns for evidence. You can’t count on an understanding gun shop coming to your rescue.

    And here in CA it’s a 10 day wait for another gun.

  11. When you work for a retail store and the manager overrides you on something like that, if you can’t get a transfer out of that store, the manager is going to make life hard for the employee. He makes the schedules, he calls in people and asks them to work odd times, he also sends people home when it is slow.
    A manager is not going to take her refusal to sell the weapon well. If he does, others might try to “upsurp his authority”. This is well known in retail, that is how a manager stays a manager.
    I think the company should have laterally moved the manager and given the employee a chance at that job.

  12. I think the important thing to consider in the Big 5 story is whether there was a pattern. Did she routinely refused to sell guns to a significant number of customers for no specific acceptable reason or if this is an isolated incident. This case sounds very much like the store manager was acting conscientiously and should not have been forced to sell. If you place someone in a managerial position, you are paying them to exercise judgment and you should give them your trust, at least until such time as they are clearly not acting in the company’s best interest. If we believe that background checks are an unnecessary burden, and I agree that for the most part they are, then we have to support the choice of individuals responsible for selling guns to make that call.

    • We don’t know the whole story and never will because Big 5 will not (for legal reasons) tell their side.

      But knowing only what we know – I side with her.

  13. My local Big 5 has a young lady who absolutely shouldn’t be working the firearms counter. She’s a freakin anti who hates selling guns & ammo and shes the assistant manager as far as I can tell. If I see her working I’ll wait for her to be distracted and be helped by someone more enthusiast about their job.

  14. I’m gonna have to call bs on that video. Three 5.56 rifles are in the top 10 most powerful?
    Has no one heard of 338 lapua, 30-06, or even 308 win?????


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