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EU reaches deal on contested gun laws – “Slovakia’s interior minister Robert Kalinak, speaking on behalf of the EU presidency, said in a statement that the agreement will ‘provide tighter controls’ to prevent terrorists and criminals from obtaining the firearms. European Commission president Jean-Claude Juncker said they ‘would have liked to go further’. The commission had wanted an outright ban on semi-automatic rifles, such as AK47s, and those that resembled their military grade counterparts, and had hoped to limit magazine size to 10 bullets. The European Parliament and most EU states objected. Instead, only some semi-automatic guns will be banned depending on their length. Others that can shoot up to 20 bullets will also be allowed.” Perfect. Because what Europe needs most these days is fewer guns in the hands of law-abiding civilians.

You had to know this was coming . . . Source: All-Out Ban on Semi-Automatic Long Guns Coming to CA Legislature – “In a recent conversation with Breitbart News, Gun Owners of California’s (GOC) Sam Paredes told us to be ready for an all-out ban on semi-automatic long guns in California’s coming legislative session. Paredes is the executive director of GOC, and he suggested the “assault weapons” ban and the “bullet button” ban have both been part of an incremental move toward banning all semi-automatic rifles, whether “assault” style or not.” That should make for an interesting Supreme Court challenge.

Mission First Tactical, innovators and leaders in the design of advanced arms accessories, has expanded its American-made product line to include handgun holsters designed and built to maximize security, comfort and concealment with the most effective and confident feel when drawing or holstering a firearm.

String of shootings on party buses reveals gray area in regulations – “A recently enacted Chicago ordinance targeted nuisance party buses, requiring drivers to call police if inebriated patrons chuck a beer bottle out the window, flash unsuspecting bystanders or smoke marijuana. But a shooting last weekend aboard a party bus that left three people hurt in Lakeview — the sixth shooting with injuries in 14 months involving the entertainment vehicles — points to a contradiction in the rules with more violent consequences.” It may be time to unmoor Chicago and let it float out into Lake Michigan. Maybe Canada will claim it.

Lawless city governments . . . Cities push to destroy seized guns — even in states where it’s prohibited – “When police seize a gun that was owned illegally, should they destroy it or auction it off? Some cities around the country would like to destroy them, but can’t because more than a dozen states have passed laws forcing city governments to put the guns up for auction. Gun rights advocates helped get the state laws passed, arguing that destroying old guns is wasteful. But officials in cities like Tucson, Ariz., and Savannah, Ga., are pushing back against those laws, saying they need to destroy the guns to prevent more violence.”

More fake news from the usual sources . . . The New York Times’ Fictitious Image of Gun Carriers – “Sometimes someone inadvertently performs a public service by bringing an unbelievably stupid and dangerous idea to the surface, where it can be exposed for what it is. The New York Times can be credited — if that is the word — with performing this public service in a recent editorial against proposals to allow law-abiding citizens to carry concealed guns. They refer to what they call the National Rifle Association’s ‘fantasy that citizens can stand up to gunmen by shooting it out.’”

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    • Nothing so dramatic. They’ll just keep on reaching and reaching, and more and more people will see the overreach, and the Supreme Court will have to roll things way back to better than it is now (which won’t be far enough, but it will cause a lot of hoplophobe heart burn). Especially with a Trump Supreme Court pick or three.

  1. “It may be time to unmoor Chicago and let it float out into Lake Michigan. Maybe Canada will claim it.”

    Only if it gets thru the Straits of Mackinaw and into Lake Huron. C’mon Dan, don’t curse Michigan like that. They have enough trouble.

    • Yeah, tell me about it. If Chicago floats through the straits of Mackinac, it might break the 60 year old oil pipeline that runs across the bottom of the lake that is in a state of disrepair and is already an ecological disaster waiting to happen.

  2. Wow California… not even waiting long enough for people to forget that you said you werent coming for anything other than the scary AR15s and ghost guns.

    This is my shocked face.

    • Low hanging fruit! This is the same messed up progressive crap the Democratic party would do at a national level if they had a chance!

      • Right, I just meant that “they” (the grabbers) always swear up and down that “We believe in the 2A but if we just pass this one common sense law, then we will be good, we arent coming for anything else”, and they usually wait long enough before trying again so that people forget what they “promised. What is curious (but not surprising) here is that Cali has basically said “we came after a lot of you this year, and we’ll be back next session asking for more!”

  3. If Sam Parades thinks that the GOC managed to kill the bill that proposed a ban on all semi-auto rifles, he’s a fool. That bill was killed because other members of the Legislature (read: Senate President Kevin DeLeon of ghost gunner fame) had competing bills, and were not about to allow anyone to take away their thunder, even if they are all Democrats. DeLeon also sponsored a bill that tried to supersede Gavin Newsome’s ammo registration law, because, I thnk, De Leon has dreams of being the next Governor, and Newsome stands in his way.

    But Sam is right about one thing: if the Legislature decides to ban all semiauto rifles, including the old favorites such as the M1 Garand, the M1 Carbine, and the Ruger Minis, it has all the votes it needs to pass a bill. And if Brown won’t sign such a bill, his successor, no doubt another Democrat, most certainly will. The Democrats have stated plainly and unambiguously that they hate all gun owners, and if they could legislate a gun free paradise, they would.

    The Ninth Circus is unlikely to step in to overturn a total “assault weapons” ban. The Seventh Circuit has, in a decision marked by a total lack of logic, concluded that such laws do not violate the Second Amendment if they make people “feel safer.” And everywhere that Mary went, the lambs are sure to go…Only until a Supreme Court decision setting forth a succinct analysis that applies to these cases, the courts will continue to apply “rational basis” scrutiny all the while calling it “intermediate scrutiny.” But that, if ever, will be many years from now.

    • One problem, the case has to actually get to the Supreme Court. If a circuit court, say, denies an appeal, what else can you then do? (Serious question, not rhetorical.)

      • Serious answer then. There are three levels in the formal federal court system: federal district courts (trial courts), circuit courts of appeals, each of which covers specified states, and the District of Columbia, and the United States Supreme Court. Judgments of federal district courts are appealable as of right in most circumstances to the Court of Appeals in which that District court is located. Appeal to the Supreme Court, except in the very few matters in which it has original jurisdiction, is discretionary, which means the the Supreme Court gets to pick which cases it will hear. There are thousands of appeals (petitions for writs of certiorari as they are called) to the Supreme court, but because of the nature of its case load, it only hears 3 to 400 per year, plus emergency petitions in death penalty cases.

      • Go around them with an emergency appeal to the SCOTUS seeking immediate relief. They would likely send you back to a lower court to have it heard there first but you could take a stab at it since the law would be directly opposed to Heller.

        Realistically I don’t see a court rejecting a hearing for an appeal if a state bans an entire class of firearm. More likely it works it’s way to the 9th and the law us upheld or overturned there. Upholding the law wouldn’t surprise me but then it would almost certainly go to the SCOTUS because youd have a circuit Court decision in conflict with a standing SCOTUS decision.

    • I hope to see the day that National Guard troops are brought in to oversee the unfettered sale of assault weapons in downtown San Francisco, Little-Rock-Nine-style. I think that this kind of extreme forced action on local authorities is what it will ultimately take to reverse California’s fall (just as it was required to dismantle Jim Crow)

  4. As a californian I almost want to keep seeing them push this crap on us. Either an all out bloody rebellion will happen or hopefully the Feds and SCOTUS will save this terrible state. Too many californians are too comfortable even with the current gun laws. For many moving out because of how things are currently seems ridiculous. It needs to change now. I don’t want to pick living with family or with rights. Currently california doesn’t seem like it is compatible with supporting both options for me.

    • Rebellion is as likely in California as it was in NY after the midnight passage of the Safe Act–which means noncompliance but nothing more.

  5. Commifornification has been getting away with this BS because the 9th has been upholding challenges and the USSC hasn’t been hearing any of those cases to speak of. That is probably going to be coming to an end under the new administration….we hope.

  6. CA always leads the push, Senator Pan introduced an Orwellian named Bill call the children bill of rights, that if and when passed, will give the state near total control over the family at every level.

  7. Yeah and let us never get cocky or complacent…the Hildebeast could have won and the whole damn country would’ve gone Commiefornia. I already know what will happen-a massive outbreak of scofflaws ala Prohibition. Or NY or Connecticut.

  8. “Paredes is the executive director of GOC, and he suggested the “assault weapons” ban and the “bullet button” ban have both been part of an incremental move toward banning all semi-automatic rifles, whether “assault” style or not.”

    That right there is Alinsky’s concept of ‘nudge’.

    Does that bill specify a ban on all semi-autos, or are existing ones ‘grandfathered’ in?

    If it’s all of them, it’s gonna be interesting how many will ‘disappear’ mysteriously…

    • It is unlikely that there would be a ban requiring, a la Australia, guns being turned in. The Legislature, as it did last year, will go for an incremental approach: you can keep your guns, but you have to register them as “assault weapons’ (so if we decide to ban them, we know where to go looking). “Assault weapons” cannot be transferred by any means within the State, they either have to be turned into the state or transferred out of state. Eventually, even without a seizure, all owners will die or sell their guns elsewhere, and the State will be blissfully free of “assault weapons.” It may take a generation or two, but it will work, because Californians are law-abidding and wouldn’t refuse to register or sell their guns under the table to someone else.e

      • I personally know this to be bullshit. Non-compliance with existing laws in CA is already quite rampant. A buddy of mine had to move from A free state to CA for work. I’ll let you consider how many of just guns are CA legal or have neutered capacity magazines.

    • Ginsberg should die soon. Breyer will die or have to retire soon after (and Kennedy, who isn’t the most stalwart supporter of human rights either, will go soon too).

      We should have a good shot of destroying every law gun control related soon.

  9. Does Illinois have one of those provisions declaring “Antique Firearms” be firearms (wouldn’t surprise me)?

    Otherwise at least one of those is not a firearm.

    • At least two. Straight to the left of the Brassie 1860 Army is the muzzle of a muzzle loading Kentucky long rifle from a kit. (I built that same kit from Traditions.)

    • According to an add on Gun Grabber, they will also have an AR-10 in .308 and 6.5 Creedmoor, but for a price just over $2000.

    • Well, for one thing loss of the CA economy from the US would cause a crash of epic proportions, economy wise. The cascade effect nationwide would be tragic.

      And for another. If you allow CA to set precedent that rights are subject to your zip code it only becomes a matter of time till more and more states follow suit.

      Gun control, and tyranny has to be broken in CA. Or it envelopes us all.

      • I don’t think the economic consequences play out that way.

        It’s not like California would stop doing stuff. Mostly stuff traded to and from California would stay the same. There would be some adjustment at the margins, driven by increases in transaction costs for crossing national borders, currency conversions, or tariffs. Those have all been going down among nations, for quite a while — AKA “globalization.”

        The mistake is thinking that people within a country benefit only from economic activity within that country. To the extent that markets – er – extend beyond that, people benefit from economic activity elsewhere. Crude mercantialist nationalism never was that absolute. It’s weaker now than it ever was – hard to do.

        I, for one, would be happy to continue to buy Californai’s Avocatoes, without having to purchase their moral and policy guidance along with them.

    • Yeah. Why don’t we let them secede? Then we can go F their sh_t up and get our real estate back without blushing, and prosecute the remainder for attempting to give away American citizenship by their issuance of driver’s licenses to illegal aliens who then use them to obtain licenses / voting rights from other states.

      FU CA All y’all, and your FING “embassy” in Russia, you fing commy POS’. Eat sh_t and live.

      • Come to claim my real estate and you’ll blush right quick, boy.

        Also, you ARE aware that what you just said was about as authoritarian as it gets, right?

        • Like I said, make it guilt free.

          CA statehood was predicated on the ratification of the Constitution. De-ratify it first (CA’s own populace will rise up and crush-ya [as long as they hurry and beat us to it]). THEN vote on secession, we will drive you under fire into Mexico as far as Guatemala.

  10. Europe’s days are numbered, and we’re not coming to save you again.

    ”Bis interimitur qui suis armis perit” DOES NOT APPLY TO YOU.

    You will perish in the dearth of them. And those watching will laugh our a_ _ es off and roast marshmallows over your embers.


  11. California culture has changed. It has become a communist/facist state. They will never call it that. They are interested in the resulting political realignment. They know calling themselves communist will cause them to loose credibility. But because is is run by a powerful homosexual political force, that part they will admit to, no one will complain too loudly. Yes, that’s right I said it.

    Also the Marijuana intoxication legalization crowd is just as powerful.
    Self Defense in California is no longer a human right as far as the political powers are concerned.
    But don’t worry the godless will provide you with all you need just as other godless states have provided for their people in the past.
    Cuba, Russia, and Albania for example.

    • Respect is what’s needed, and people like you don’t seem to have it.

      Being gay means nothing by itself. Orientation or sex mean nothing by themselves. When you bring it up in a derogatory fashion, you turn those who were on the fence against you and you ignore reason. I have met people who are LBGTQ, Libertarian/minarchist and defend the right to bear arms as vocally as anyone in CA. They’re stronger people than most straight PotG because they’ve fought ignorant bigotry all of their adult lives.

      Marijuana is nothing special. Untie thy panties. Nearly 88,000 people died from alcohol-related causes in 2014, and 31% of traffic fatalities were alcohol-related- or are you worried that hip-hop and reggae might become more mainstream than they already are?

      We have no amendment to our CA constitution guaranteeing self-defense and never had. Our CA government has always been meddling and over-reaching, but it got especially bad when politics became this farcical ballet of red versus blue. It all stinks, who cares what color it is?

      • Thanks for identifying your lobbying caucuses. Color does matter, when it comes to electoral maps. The commy POS’s running CA do so from a tablespoon of soil (let’s call it the F’d in the head parts so we all know where we’re talking about) when compared with the Red sections of CA (and that’s after 100+ years of illegal immigration). Those Red parts won’t let you secede any more than we will, and it’ll be fun to have to prove it should it ever come to that.
        There’s a lot of unequal people in CA who wonder why they are unequal all the while they 1) keep professing that is what they are; and 2) continue to conduct themselves in such a way that many other people simply refuse to equate themselves with, and that’s not going to change.

        CA is not yours to give away, or else it’s mine to take away from you. CA has for too long, but more stridently lately with the POS f-bag Jerry Brown essentially violating Federal Immigration Law by giving away CA driver’s licenses that have other cross-over rights pinned to them (like voting). Aholes from elsewhere have used these to get licenses in other states, that is just as f’d up as you and Brown are.

        Like I said, FU CA, all of ya that ain’t un-Fing the problem that you let your state sh_t out. We can do civil war at the drop of a hat, but it’ll be war-answered because you are fighting the same thing piecemeal already. AT LEAST, we already did the Jedi mind trick on your governor and your state houses to disarm you. It’ll be recreational.

      • It is not derogatory to state the truth. The leadership in the anti-rights movement in California is homosexual. They call themselves proud homosexuals. The homosexual political leadership in socialist progressive in its political orientation. Homosexuals have always used government to interfere with the sexual relationships of straight people.
        Its called the welfare State. And Homosexuals who rose to power in the California bay area have cultivated the welfare system. This has devastated the traditional family.

        The only homosexuals who were against the Welfare State were the members of the Log Cabin Republicans. I watched them say how dangerous welfare was to the black family but they were always disrespected at gay pride parades. Only the Log cabin republicans were pro second amendment. The only other pro-gun gay person was Harvey Milk and he is dead. He was murdered by an ex-cop/ex-SF city councilman Dan White.

        But It was another ex-cop who wrote the law making potential rape victims wait up to 7 days longer, past the current 10 days, to get a hand gun. The proud gay white man, Tom Ammiano is responsible for writing that law that.
        I wonder how many women in California have been raped while they waited to get permission to get a gun in the golden state???

        Tom Ammiano has a problem with black people even gay with guns. When a gay couple was out for ice cream with their children he said they should not carry guns in public. Later he had the law changed in California banning the open carry of unloaded weapons.

        Tell me what makes the proud homosexual Tom Ammiano so much smarter than the average rape victim???

      • NonAgressor
        Your Marijuana intoxication verbal gymnastics explanation makes no sense. The leadership of the pro legalization for Marijuana was never a supporter of the second amendment. Traditionally Pot heads have always hated guns. The billionaires who backed medical or recreational pot votes never wanted weed users to have guns.

        It was always a trade, your gun rights for legal pot intoxication. And you and the rest of california voters, fell for it.

  12. More theft of Freedom and Liberty. The serfs will obey and pay!
    Oh how it SUCKS living (if one can call it that) in this FASCIST cesspool of DemoCrud. Careful folks, Kalifornia is like an STD, infectious and spreads.
    Donate a few bucks to the California 2A support groups! The fight will only be won in the courts.


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