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ericcrinnian screengrab“If we have to get a warrant, we’re going to come back when you’re not expecting it, we’re going to park in front of your house, where all your neighbors can see, we’re gonna bust in your door with a battering ram, we’re gonna shoot and kill your dogs (who are my family), and then we’re going to ransack your house looking for these people.” — Allegedly said to Eric Crinnian after police asked to search his house and he refused, multiple times, saying they needed a warrant. So. There’s no way to tell if that statement is accurate or Mr. Crinnian is embellishing a bit, but…

…that’s not the point, really, is it? For my part, at least, the point is that I can’t read that and immediately dismiss it. The point is that I can read that and say, “Yeah, I can totally see that happening.” That is a problem.

Here come some numbers, via The Tactical Wire: The NSSF is reporting the NSSF-adjusted National Instant Criminal Background Check System (NICS) figure of 1,308,100 for November 2013 gun sales, down a bit (-14.4%) from last year’s peak, but still 18.8% higher than the next highest November on record, that of 2011. The NSSF-adjusted number is derived by subtracting out NICS purpose code permit checks used by several states such as Connecticut, Illinois, and Utah for CCW permit application checks as well as checks on active CCW permit databases, thus giving a more accurate number of actual gun transfer transactions.

In case you missed the comment left this morning on last night’s Digest, Alex Peters dropped a link to the police report (pdf warning) on the arrest of William Dong. It seems he was briefly seen outside his vehicle holding the rifle (which later turned out to be a Bushmaster AR-15), possibly transferring it from the front seat to the back, which prompted the MWAG call. He then headed for campus, where he was discovered to have two handguns with him, a GLOCK-brand GLOCK 26 (9mm) and a GLOCK 22 (.40), one on his person and one in a briefcase. The police report doesn’t mention why, but I’ve read reports elsewhere that he was carrying due to fear of being attacked, or alternately that he was going hunting (?), or further alternately because he was an employee of an armored car company. I’m not going to be slightly surprised if this guy turns out to be mentally disturbed in some way, because carrying onto (or even real close to) a college campus is not (currently) the act of a rational individual. To that end, the 2700 rounds of ammo they found at his don’t concern me in the slightest, but the multiple newspaper articles about the Aurora, CO shooting do, a bit.

Silencerco is running a Christmas/New Years promotion that if you buy a Saker suppressor between now and January 31, you get a Saker branded stripped lower receiver gratis. The Saker has an interchangeable front cap that lets you install your choice of muzzle device, as well as quite a few different mounting options. It has an MSRP of $1200, but can be found for down close to $850 if you look around a bit. More info on the Saker and the lower promotion can be found over at Silencerco’s site.

Can you overlube a GLOCK-brand GLOCK? More specifically, when you overlube a GLOCK, how far does it have to go before it affects the ability to function? mattv2099 sets out to find out. (Some NSFW language.)

Much love for the sound it makes when he racks the slide full of oil. Still not as cool as autotune, though.

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  1. Saw this earlier today, Matt. I’m pretty sure this guy was telling the truth. Family dogs sacrificed to the copulist bloodlust. (Yeah, I realize “copulist” isn’t a real word…

    I haven’t seen the story yet here about the Texan who was arrested for concealed carry, on his own property, and had a CC permit. Have you seen it? The cops took his guns, about a year ago, and have yet to return them.

    When I was living in Culpeper, VA, about 15 years ago, I had a domestic in which my daughter (then 13) said, “I’d like to kill you!”, and I put an unloaded .45 in her hand. She got to spend 3 days in juvenile (for which she’s grateful today), and the cops confiscated my guns. Quite understandably. A week or so later, the officer who took them delivered them, IN PERSON, to my house! I watched him take them out of the trunk, and he knocked and gave ’em back to me!

    Times have changed!

  2. I wish his test was a little more scientific and tried to reproduce the issue more than once. What if the light primer strike was caused by a failure to return to battery that was caused by something other than the excess lube?

    • I was curious about that myself. That Glock actually worked pretty well despite being flooded with lube.

  3. I want to do a similar experiment. I’ve heard repeatedly that gun solvents/cleaners can be murder on a polymer pistol like a Glock. Okay, Let’s prove it. I want to soak a Glock in a solvent bath for a week, take it our, dry it off, function check, fire it 3 times and then throw it back in the bath for another week. Repeat in one week increments until the Glock fails.

      • We have these magical things called Ransom rests and lengths of string, they allow you to be elsewhere when you fire the gun.

        • If you live near Middle TN you are welcome to help with the testing. You any good operating a video camera?

  4. My dogs (and cats) are my family. You shoot them and you’ll have an invisible time limit hanging over you. 😀

  5. I think it pretty much goes for any firearm, it’s not the extra lube that causes the jam, it’s the soot that sticks to the extra lube. He could have submerged that Glock in oil overnight and the first magazine would have probably been fine. If you keep your weapons clean, I wouldn’t worry too much about it.

  6. I wouldn’t be surprised that some jack-booted Neo-Gestapo thug threatened him.

    There are hundreds of “wrong-house” SWAT raids (READ: we’re kicking in someone’s door today even if we know it’s the wrong one), and how these criminals-under-color-of-law deliberately shoot and even beat to death cowering dogs and cats that are no threat to them whatsoever. Hell, all one has to do is look at the BATFE’s very long and very well-documented — and abolishment-worthy — history of civil rights abuses. None of these “officers” — nary a single oneever faces prosecution from behind The Blue Wall of Silence.

    The cops that execute these crimes, and it’s usually only just a handful of assholes out of the bunch, should themselves be executed. The otherwise good cops that stand by and defend these murderers should be charged as Accessories. There’s no fucking excuse for it. AT ALL.

    • “The cops that execute these crimes, and it’s usually only just a handful of assholes out of the bunch, should themselves be executed.”
      Nope. Send them to prison and put them in with the general population. Who knows, they may already have “friends” inside.

  7. Someone dropped a comment that he was a student at the university who’d been locked down all day, reporting that Dong (allegedly) walked out of class in the middle of an exam, went out to his car and grabbed the rifle….Don’t know what to believe, but I do believe that everything is totally confused!

  8. Cops “threaten” people with harassment in order to compel consent all of the time. It completely vitiates consent, but they do it anyway. Sadly, they are good at it. They know when the voice recorder is going; they know where the mic is located and how to cover it effectively; they know how to get away with it. And they know to lie about it.

    Also in the news: Politicians Lie.

  9. Extorting consent to an otherwise illegal search? Just cops being cops is all. Just cops being cops.

    Do we really expect them to be anything else? You know, like decent human beings? I don’t.

    • Think about that the next time you blow off jury duty. Or better yet, think about that all of the times that you don’t volunteer for grand jury duty.

      People: just as we are our own first responders in life threatening emergencies, we’re also a vital component of the overall justice system. If you’re summoned for jury duty, then serve! If you’re subpoenaed as a witness, then testify! If your jurisdiction allows you to volunteer for the grand jury pool, then volunteer!

      All it takes for the triumph of evil over good is for good men to sit on their rear end, shrugh their shoulders and say “Well, whacha gonna do?” Hold the system accountable, people! Watch the watchers!

      • I never blow off jury duty, but I’m rarely selected. I guess that having a retired lawyer on a jury hearing a criminal case scares the State. And in a civil trial, once the plaintiff figures out that I did a lot of defense work, I’m pretty much not wanted there either.

  10. From the article linked about (2700 rounds of ammo) he was attending school for a criminal justice degree. I imagine that he would have an interest in crime (newspaper clippings), even a school report of some kind. Especially since Newton happened so close

    And he is not being charged for carrying on school grounds (school policy only?), only for having an assault rifle in the back of his car that a witness claimed to have seen him carry around (or lifted up in the back of his car?).
    Although I thought that Conn. residents had till the end of the month to register “assault weapons”. Or am I missing something?

    The more I find out about this situation in this case, the more I believe they will try to make him out to be a victory for ‘gun-control’ laws.

  11. Oh wait, here’s more. Seems he was also into concerts, human society for animals. Was nerdy, had lots of friends that he played video games with.
    I’ll say it again. The more I read, the more I see “Salem witch hunt”. I really hope one of the gun-rights organizations steps in and helps him out to at least lower the charges (improper storage of rifle) or corrects the anti-gun PR campaign. Right now he is being castigated as a physco because he had newspaper clippings, owned guns, and secured them in a locked room. How many people does that describe?

    • The most suspicious part about all that is the newspaper clippings. How many 22-year-olds do you know that still buy frickin’ newspapers?

      • Yep, unless he has a half-finished Criminal Justice 101 homework paper entitled “The psychology of mass murderers” on his laptop that was due next Tuesday than this does sound rather disturbing. But of coarse the “trove of clippings” could be a bunch of BS like the usual “arsenals” that are always thrown out.

        As stinkeye mentioned …. why the physical clippings? You’d think nobody his age saves paper clippings like that when you can save browser bookmarks to the actual web articles. OTOH, this can also be the usual crappy inaccurate journalism.

    • Hey, don’t forget that the Newtown Anniversary ™ is coming up. He’ll be the beet juice-stained shirt to wave unless another mass shooting (sm) happens. We’re looking at you, Chiraq…

      “Newtown Anniversary” is pretty much the property of MDA and MAIG
      “mass shooting” is a disarmament service provided by the War on Drugs/Terror/Poverty

    • ” I really hope one of the gun-rights organizations steps in and helps him out to at least lower the charges (improper storage of rifle) or corrects the anti-gun PR campaign.”

      Won’t happen, because most “gun rights organizations” do not support the 2A as written.

  12. I’ve experience the sweet ‘n sour cop thing first hand more than once. Threatening things will get worse or promising things will get better if you just let them have your way with you.

    Apparently this is a sanctioned tactic to lie and threaten. And cops wonder why they are hated?

  13. In regards to Mr. Dong, recent media reports are that his AR was noticed by someone when he opened the door of his car. He was not parading around the parking lot. Which by the was not on school grounds. However, his legal problems will stem from the fact that his guns were loaded with more than 10 rounds in the magazines he was carrying. He also apparently also bought the AR out of state after the April 4th, 2013 Connecticut cut off to legally buy one. It seems that the AR was manufactured after that date and the magazines for it(which were in plain view in the car) were loaded with around 30 rounds each.
    According to his friends, he was concerned about school shootings and carried for that reason. He was taking an exam at the time the lockdown was announced and left the class at that time to return to his car and was detained en route to the car.
    In CT. You can only transport an AR in CT if you are en route to a range, going to school is not a legally recognized place to bring your AR.

    • …recent media reports are that his AR was noticed by someone when he opened the door of his car. He was not parading around the parking lot.

      Parading is a subjective term and not one I used. That said, the witness’s story is slightly inconsistent. In the police report, the eyewitness, the one who made the original MWAG call, said (in that call) that a man was observed “exiting a vehicle” and that man was “carrying some type of long rifle” and that he “walked through the parking lot towards Ruden Street.” Once police arrived on scene her story changed slightly to say that he “exited the vehicle holding the long rifle” and that he then “did something near the rear of the vehicle and then sprinted toward Ruden Street.” She said she could see he had something “slung” over his shoulder, but was unsure if it was the rifle or a backpack. Later in the interview at the police station, it changed yet again to “he opened the passenger side door, at which point she saw the butt of the rifle” and then he walked off. So it sounds like to me that he got out of the car, walked around, moved the rifle from the front passenger seat to the back floor, and then left the car.

      I’ve amended my text above to reflect the confusion.

      • The police report makes one slip. On the second page it makes the only reference to “she.” Thus we can assume that the MWAG call went something like “OMG! OMG! A gun! A big scary gun! OMG! OMG! I’m gonna die! OMG!”

  14. The comments section of that cop-threatens-homeowner story is a real interesting reflection of the mood of middle America Kansas City towards the cops.

  15. The Police love refusal to comply. You’re making their job easier and more fun.

    Everything they list as their “threat” is entirely legal. The only iffy part is that of shooting his animals and as they are considered property, he’ll get chump change at best if that does indeed happen and the officers will not be in any legal trouble.

    Moral of the story: if you’re a douche to the police they’ll respond in kind.

    • So what do you propose as the alternative? Just let the police search your home or vehicle whenever they ask? At that point you might as well repeal the 4th Amendment. You have the right to refuse a warrant-less search of your property. People might say “If you have nothing to hide, let them do the search. Only someone who is breaking the law will refuse a search.” The problem is that there are a lot of laws out there, and during the course of the search, if the police see something that could incriminate you, they will arrest you for it.

      I don’t want to live in a country where the police can intimidate their way in to your home by threatening to knock down your door and kill your dogs. The USA should be better than that. We should demand that the USA be better than that.

      • This. The police are total strangers. Their position as an armed employee does not grant them an exception it makes them accountable instead. You comply with the improper requests and it sets precedence. Let tough cop act out his issues and take him to court.

  16. So, Dong does the reverse of inserting his rifle into a case before leaving his vehicle. He removes it, has mag + 1.
    For someone that has and uses a lockable save room for his weapons this doesn’t seem right to me.
    IF the report (PDF) is correct, what is in his mind to uncase, load and leave his rifle in action mode.
    IF the report is correct, it is certainly plausible that this could be a pre staged fall back position with weapons ready to rock and roll.
    Come on guys, I would not just yet poo-poo the po-po.
    The witness did not just see some OC idiot walking down the street. His activity warranted some investigation.

    If he was carrying a New York reload, that May be mitigating, but if he had extra mags for both the G26 and 22, I would say that all acted appropriately.

    • I do agree with you. But I’m a long ways off from condemning him as a pyhco killer on the edge of making his move. From all the police and government conferences they want to paint him as the next Lanza: stopped. And to read some of the descriptions some of these reporters are using to try and pass a guilty verdict by reason of insinuation, well I ‘m surprised they didn’t make him wear a Lanza Halloween mask during his court appearance a few days ago.

  17. From my own observation of Glock malfunctions, a leading cause of malfunctions is excessively dirty magazines causing failures to feed. I don’t have stats or anything like that, but have observed this numerous times when Glock operators do combat reloads on the range. After dropping the mags in the dirt a few times, the rounds will get hung up in the mag. Again, no stats or anything. Just what I have observed. Under normal conditions, and making sure the mags are clean, this is unlikely to happen

  18. The dog comment sounds a lot more like something someone who reads this site would make up than something a cop would say. In fact, the whole thing sounds like something you’d see on “Law and Order.” I’m not buying it all wholesale.

    • Plenty of people around the country didn’t believe it either, when it only stayed in certain neighborhoods, with “certain” people.

      Now that this kind of interaction with police is become more equal opportunity, more and more people are finding out.

  19. Several good points found the replies to the original story reported by the local news outlet on the cops and lawyer story. Dont open the door to cops or any other “gang” members. Record all encounters with LEOS. Dont expect anything resembling the truth to come from “cops investigating cops”.

  20. You are as ill informed as the Hartford Courant. There is NO LAW prohibiting someone from bringing a firearm (or two) onto a college campus in the state of CT. NONE.

    As is always the case, the owner of property can prohibit armed people from trespassing, but it is up to the property owner to make anyone who may come onto/into the property aware of that. So, unless, there are signs at the entrance to a college campus and every building, you are not breaking any laws by carrying onto a college campus.

    The only statute relating to posession on school property is 52a-217b, which limits the prohibition to elementary and secondary schools. NOT COLLEGES.


    Sec. 53a-217b. Possession of a weapon on school grounds: Class D felony. (a) A person is guilty of possession of a weapon on school grounds when, knowing that such person is not licensed or privileged to do so, such person possesses a firearm or deadly weapon, as defined in section 53a-3, (1) in or on the real property comprising a public or private elementary or secondary school, or (2) at a school-sponsored activity as defined in subsection (h) of section 10-233a.

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