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John Cornyn-Steve Stockman courtesy

A Republican showdown is brewing in the state of Texas, where you can never be pro-gun enough, but it’s also a gun-rights organization showdown, as well. Senator John Cornyn is running for re-election, and is backed by the NRA. He has several challengers in the primary, but the most prominent of them is Representative Steve Stockman, who is backed by the GOA. The NRA describes Cornyn as “a consistent and passionate champion of our Second Amendment rights,” while the GOA says Stockman is the better candidate because he doesn’t just vote pro-gun, but has actively introduced legislation designed to take back some of the rights on which gun control laws have infringed. Looks like you Texans have some homework to do.

The Miami-Dade County Public School District will soon have a new weapon for use in the fight against guns in schools. District officials have approved an offer by a local dog trainer to furnish and train a pair of dogs for use in sniffing out guns, ammunition, or shell casings. The dogs will be employed in random searches throughout the school system, and in the event of a specific threat, are seen as a more efficient solution than lockdowns and sequential bag and locker searches. Of course, if a kid wears the same jeans to school that he wore to the range with his dad the day before, he’s gonna have some fun.

It’s no secret that gun rights have made quite a few gains over the last year, but more importantly, that by-and-large, gun control efforts have gone nowhere. That lack of progress is in spite of the fact that over the past year, the amount of money spent on gun control adverts has exploded, with gun control groups spending over $14 million. Gun-rights organizations have spent a paltry $1.9 million, by comparison. Seems like we got a little more bang for our buck, doesn’t it?

Today’s Lockdown of the Day™ is brought to you from Pine County, Minnesota where a “precautionary lockdown” was ordered for Pine City Schools on Monday. Police instituted the lockdown after a resident called the sheriff’s office late Friday afternoon and said his 15-year-old son had run away with a hunting rifle, a shotgun, and ammunition. The lockdown was instituted in Pine City and one other nearby city on Monday even though the boy had run away three days earlier, and there was no information that the boy was targeting any specific individual or school. The boy was taken into custody without incident early Tuesday morning and the firearms were recovered.

fxhummel1 goes with his strength and does a musical review of the Olight M10 Maverick. I’d never heard of this brand before, but this stellar review prompted me to do some research, and this seems like a pretty nice piece of kit for not a lot of money. If the one on my Christmas list doesn’t make it to me, I’m gonna buy it myself.

It’s available for under $50 from most retailers, and if you’ve got anyone left on your list without a present, Amazon Prime could still get you one by Christmas.

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  1. Hahaha
    What a neat election.
    Hey, I’m more pro 2-A
    Are not, I am.

    Instead of:
    I’m for more common sense gun laws.
    I’m for even more common sense gun restrictions.

    • The day has come when they fight over the title of more pro gun. Now if we can just get the dems to release the gun control plank from their parties platform that would just leave us kapo bloomberg to worry over.

      • Although his stand on the budget slowdown baffled me, I like Cornyn. Stockman takes the more radical stand that I appreciate, but he is a bit of a nut at the same time. I would prefer to have the intelligence of Cornyn and the radicalism of Stockman. You know, like Ted Cruz.

        I don’t see anyone getting too worked up over either man getting elected. And that’s why Cornyn will win.

    • What a *wonderful* ‘problem’ to have: which of the two arguably good guys is the better candidate. Wish I had that problem . . . .

    • Cornyn has $7 million in cash in hand. Stockman has less than $40 grand. The big upset funds like Club for Growth and DeMint’s Senate Conservatives Funf haven’t endorsed Stockman. His chances are very slim. I’m voting for him and have contributed since he announced, but it’s definitely uphill.

      However………there are seven Republicans in the primary ballot this time, and Cornyn’s support is right at the 50% mark. If everyone else siphins off enough to keep him under 50%, then, that will force a runnoff. The voter demographics change dramatically in a GOP primary runoff. If Stockman goes into the runnoff in 2nd, that hardcore runnoff electorate could give him the win. It happened just like that last year with Cruz, so who knows?

    • I’ve been active in Texas politics from the local precinct level to state delegate for the last 20 years. I’ve watched Sen. Cornyn slide from conservative to RINO with disgust & frustration. This should be an interesting primary. And, it’s about a lot more than just guns this time.

      • I am done with Cornyn. He was already dead to me after Sopa, he’s less than that now. I don’t even know the other dude yet and I support him. Texans are awake and we are going to be cleaning house. I probably donated $4,000 (drop in bucket blah blah haters) over the past year to elections and groups not even in Texas. I will be handling this personally here.

    • Cornyn is bordering on RINO territory, he hides behind Cruz when convenient and stabs in the back when he can. Cannot wait to cast my primary vote for Stockman need some newer blood than Cornyn, god we term limits!

      • Cruz is so classy, though, probably a better man than I. He’s given numerous opportunities by the media, even Fox, to bash Cornyn, McConnell, McCain and the rest, but he never takes the bait. He takes the high road instead and focuses on his positions and advancing the freedom agenda.

  2. In regards to the Pine City, MN lockdown, that the kid ran away on Friday with a rifle, shotgun, and ammo, was ‘on the lam’ for the entire weekend, and then – still missing – the kids were sent to school BEFORE the lockdown was initiated. They called it ‘standard lockdown procedure’. You have an armed runaway minor and that’s “standard”? My point probably is probably getting missed, but I am considering that that this was happening during the weekend of the Newtown anniversary, and I would be concerned of someone doing the anniversary copy-cat thing. If anything, why didn’t the school system send out the automated email/voicemail alert BEFORE the kids got on the bus to school? Yes, that’s what they did, sent out the automated message after the kids got to school! I would hope the school district my kid goes to would tell me before my kid leaves the house that there’s an armed and unaccounted-for runaway minor.

    • No, your point is perfectly clear, and a valid one. Why did they wait until the kids went back to school to hold a discussion and decide to have a lockdown? It doesn’t make a lot of sense. I’m pretty certain they have ways of notifying families about snow days—it is Minnesota after all—they could have used that.

      • There was a guy arrested for mailing fake bombs and white powder to the Pine County courthouse, then there is this armed runaway, and about a month ago; a 75 year old cancer patient defended himself out in the boonies against a home invasion, which ended up with the invader getting ventilated and room temp’d. All in the radius of 20 minutes of drive from right here. And this is ‘little friendly rural Minnesota’. And “they” always say ‘but its this is the ass-end of the universe, that never happens here’. Next time you watch the news, listen to what the victims or survivors say: ‘but this never happens here!’ Well, where DO you think it happens, in designated areas?

      • They want shootings to happen, and they want a body count so they can dance in the blood. There is no other explanation, and I no longer accept their cries for more laws to protect children as sincere. Pure evil, and the mindless idiots swept behind them.

        • I think you may be right about the last part. It really looks like school administrators (you know, the ones with the advanced degrees) are completely brain dead.

    • School funding from the state probably operates on some form of average daily attendance formula. If they tell the kids to stay home they lose the funding for that day. It’s not an evil need for a body count, it’s just about the money.

  3. Show offs. Seriously this is like having the choice of chocolate ice cream or chocolate ice cream with whipped cream. The loser can come represent Maryland.

  4. Bob Marley and Willem Dafoe are great in that movie

    “Symbology” and the late night phone call and cuddle scene are great.

    • That line–”Where you goin? Nowhere!”–gets used among my circle quite a bit, so I was happy to get a chance to use the clip.

      I mean magazine.

      No, wait. Clip is right this time.

      Habits die hard.

    • Yeah, great until one of your parents walks in the room during that exact scene, having not seen the movie before. “What the **** are you watching?”

  5. Olight makes some good lights for the cash. Theres a number of chinese light makers who are top notch, Olight is one of them

    • I just picked on of the M10’s up WITH WEAPON LIGHT PACKAGE w/pressure switch and offset picatinny mount for $51.95. Also, it comes with a free extra CR123 battery, and whatever mystery gift they pull from a hat.

      THIS IS NOT A DRILL. I REPEAT, THIS IS NOT A DRILL. Its impossible to pass up this deal.
      Olight M10 Tactical Kit M10-TK – M10 Maverick + WM10 Weapon Mount + RM10 Pressure Switch
      Coupon Code LC1320

  6. I haven’t heard of Olight before this review. Anyone else have them as well as Fenix? I’ve purchased quite a few Fenix lights and love them, but will consider Olight if they compare favorably.

  7. I know someone with one of those Olights. They are indeed really nice. I want one too. I asked for one for Christmas. If I don’t get one, I’m ordering one myself as well.

    • It might seem that way on paper, but John Cornyn’s pretty much a turd, no matter which side of the political spectrum you’re coming from. He might be in favor of the 2nd Amendment (but probably only because it’s essentially mandatory if you want to get elected to a statewide office in Texas), but he’s shown plenty of disregard for the rest of the Bill of Rights.

  8. In high school i was in two lock downs. My freshman year in nevada we had a bomb threat. My junior year i moved to washington. Senior year we had a lockdown. It was a black bear on the football field. The lockdown was just a no ones leaves the building. Everyone crowded around the windows facing the field.

    • My high school got a bomb threat once. We didn’t go on lockdown. They evacuated the building. That’s sort of the opposite of a lockdown.

  9. GOA is flexing it’s muscles. This is good. I firmly believe the GOA succeeding is a boon for the NRA. It keeps them on their toes and the GOA pushing the boundaries and succeeding gives the NRA a litmus test which they can follow using their more profound clout. It’s good all around.

  10. It’s TX, puhleese. One hypocrite lies about another hypocrite. This is a place where HS football is a religion and going to the “Gentleman’s Club” is what you do hours before you attend a ‘church’ and pretend you don’t do what you do.

    Should let the MX gov take back this human wasteland.

  11. Hmm, let’s see; lockdowns, invasive body pat-downs, practically naked visual inspections via a fancy x-ray metal detector, there’s “man traps” that look an awful lot like sallyports restricting movement at the airport, a stop and frisk policy in NYC, major metro PD’s are using mobile guard towers, and now they’re running dogs around the schools. Is it just me, or is it getting a little “prisony” out there in the so called free world?

  12. Gun sniffing dogs? That just seems too easy…
    “Hey guys, bring your backpacks by my house tomorrow. We’ll rub some of my dad’s empty shells all over them and drive the dog crazy. They’ll have to postpone exams.”

  13. As a resident of South Florida I would like to apologize on behalf of the Miami Dade School Board and System. Most of the members of the Board are the usual ninnies that think they know best for everyone and will do just about anything if they can add Think of the Kids!

    If they would only realize they have the right words, but in the wrong order…. Kids should Think!

  14. As a resident of South Florida I would like to apologize on behalf of the Miami Dade School Board and System. Most of the members of the Board are the usual ninnies that think they know best for everyone and will do just about anything if they can add Think of the Kids!

    If they would only realize they have the right words, but in the wrong order…. Kids should Think!

  15. Replacing “really, really good” with “a little better” is not a great long-term strategy. We need to look out for our friends in Congress.

  16. Cornyn, as others have stated, is a fair weather friend to the Second Amendment and to conservative values in general. He needs, at least, a good challenge in the primaries to hold his feet to the fire. Steve Stockman can be a little over the top on occasion but has always been a strong supporter of the RTKBA. Interestingly, this isn’t the first time the NRA and GOA didn’t agree on a Texas candidate. The NRA did not, initially, support Ted Cruz. They supported his opponent and GOA supported Cruz.

    When it comes to endorsements I trust the GOAs recommendations more than the NRA’s.


  17. If gun confiscation efforts have stagnated despite the huge infusion of $$ by Bloomberg and his pals it’s not cause for celebration. They’re keeping the advertising message out there. They’re influencing elections where they can using gun restrictions as a platform plank which also keeps their message out there even if not succeeding in electing their candidates to the various Statehouses and Capitol Hill. The background anti-gun noise is ever present with every shooting incident of ANY sort generating anti-gun comment if not from the media, then from some grabber representative in the news or on the web.

    The perfect tragic opportunity just hasn’t presented itself yet, but mark my words (and it’s really a very safe bet), the next shooting tragedy involving vulnerable young innocents in a gun free zone (which to the antis makes it even worse BECAUSE it’s a gun free zone) will be when the antis explode into full force and action, with the coconspirator anti gun press providing the vehicle to lead the charge.

  18. Senator John Cornyn voted for Obamacare in the Senate.

    Let me recast that statement.

    Cornyn voted to kill Gramma. (And every other person 60 years of age and older in Texas.) He is not your friend.

    I support Steve Stockman. I will work for him and give him money to win. Help me out here and support Stockman too.

  19. Even though John Cornyn is a friend of the family he has not been the politician I was hoping for. I also support Stockman and will more than likely vote for him.


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