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weapons-cache courtesy

The image above (click to embiggen) is of what described as a “weapons cache” discovered by police executing a search warrant in Vallejo, California on Friday. The description of the weapons seized is listed as “two assault weapons, two semi-automatic rifles, a shotgun and three semi-automatic handguns.” The shotgun and handguns are gimmes, but which of the other four weapons are the “assault weapons?”

The Range Rover stolen during the carjacking and murder of a man in Millburn, New Jersey was found today in Newark, approximately 10 miles from the site of the shooting. Both suspects in the crime are still at large. Carjackings have risen steeply in recent years in the area, with nearly 300 reported through July 31 of this year. In August, authorities announced a program that uses billboards to display mugshots of convicted carjackers next to the number of years they’re serving in prison, but that apparently wasn’t a terribly effective deterrent in this case.

A Cook County (Illinois) sheriff’s deputy was hospitalized Thursday after he was accidentally shot in the foot. Details are thin, other than that what the sheriff’s spokesman described as an “accidental discharge” took place in the lobby of the sheriff’s office admin building. Whose gun actually fired the shot was either not known or not mentioned, nor was the deputy named, because standard practice in accidental shootings is to not name anyone involved.* An investigation is ongoing, and it’s not known if anyone will be disciplined. *When it’s a cop.

Cook County Sheriff’s officers carried out a raid on a 15th-floor apartment on Thursday, arrested a convicted murderer, and seized an assault rifle, a bullet-proof vest, and some ammunition. The story doesn’t say why they raided the place, but the arrestee is being charged with unlawful use of a weapon by a felon. The note is that they didn’t find the assault rifle inside the apartment, because as they came in the front door, the suspect threw the rifle, a fully-loaded magazine, and the bulletproof vest out the window. From the 15th floor. They were found on the ground below.

A few days back I asked if the Angry Dwarf, Mayor Mike Bloomberg, would be more or less of a threat once he left office. Apparently he plans to spend as much as $25 million in next years’ elections to boost gun control. In a part of the interview that wasn’t in the clip that accompanied the earlier post, Larry Pratt of GOA blasted Mayor Mike, saying Americans reject his “arrogance of power.” “I’m not sure the amount of money that billionaire Bloomberg has is going to be effective. … Mayor Bloomberg’s message is wrong and he’s going to continue to lose.” Let’s hope that Larry’s right.

VigilantSpectre Operations does a muzzle awareness drill, in a crowd, with airsoft. I found it to be a pretty interesting test of skill. Gotta have some really generous (or trusting) friends, though.

And yes, if that’s a test, he “failed” several times. Pretty sure he didn’t hit anyone, but he muzzled the hell out of a couple of heads.

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    • I thought those were a most wanted type billboard and its not easy to get a good look at a random face that pops up on an electronic billboard when you’re doing 70-80mph past it.

  1. In August, authorities announced a program that uses billboards to display mugshots of convicted carjackers next to the number of years they’re serving in prison, but that apparently wasn’t a terribly effective deterrent in this case.

    It probably did the opposite, it made heroes out of the thugs which is probably why there is a rise in carjacking. I really doubt those who decide to commit a crime give pause to these type of things. They are probably saying, look Tyree, yo name cans be in lites.

  2. When stupid idiots who have never seen a gun before are shown a’cashe’ of guns they are in shock because California has brain washed the public that ‘guns are evil’ and you should not want one or ‘you will be evil too’ ooooooohhhhhhh!
    What do you want to bet the search warrant was an illegal California ‘Mod Squad ‘ warrant cause someone forgot to pick up their prescription and now they are on the Kamala Harris Gestapo list of ” prohibited ” people(Law abiding citizens) !

  3. Hmm the AR15 and the UZI carbine are my guesses for assault rifles, not sure if the 22lr GSG5 would count since it is rimfire. However, and in reality, none are assault rifles since it is a made up term unless used to describe a select fire intermediate cartridge rifle.

    • Correct, the rimfire is not an assault weapon per CA law. The Uzi and AR are, except maybe if the AR has a bullet button.

      If SB374 had been signed all 3 centerfires would be assault weapons…and if it had passed as originally written all 4.

      Assault weapon is whatever the law says it is. It is just jargon for “gun I want to ban.” And hence the definition is arbitrary.

      One interesting thing is, the corrupt and idiotic Steinberg who proposed a stricter AWB admitted the obvious point that the current law has nothing to do with function/power/lethality but just cosmetic features. He just took that logic as reason for banning all semiautos with detachable magazines, and there you have it. That is their playbook. Ban the scary looking ones knowing it is bullshit, then whine and say, look it didn’t work since these other guns are essentially the same, and ban those.

    • Question — Is it correct to say that the “original definition” of an assault rifle is a rifle that is capable of automatic fire that was designed for military use?

      Obviously it’s become a politicized term since then (and basically means any rifle a politician doesn’t like and can get enough other politicians to agree with him and vote on it) but I’m presuming that at one time, it actually had a real meaning.

      • Assault rifle, in 25 words or less (from Wikipedia): An assault rifle is a selective fire (selective between semi-automatic, automatic and/or burst fire) rifle that uses an intermediate cartridge and a detachable magazine.

        You can knock that down to 17 words if you don’t have to explain what select-fire means.

  4. Does every gun themed you tube channel need hard-grinding-tuned-down-to-D-wannabe-Brownsound background, lead in, intro, bumper and ‘roll credits” music?

    I grew up on Scorpions, Metallica (tfu! Lars Ulrich is a POS) and Van Halen, but I have to give props to Yankee Marshall on his choice of music.

    • I grew up on the same stuff! Sweet! (Well, swap Metoolica for Megadeth and the Scorps for Def Leppard.)

      Sure it’s generic and probably overused, but I’m fine with the grungy downtuned guitar. Because it could have been rap or hip-hop, and nobody needs more of that crap.

      • Yes! Fellow metal heads!
        I’ve got them all on my ipod. Chevelle, POD, tool,
        And hey, drop D tuning works great on panty dropping acoustic stuff too.

        • I am an unabashed metalhead for life. I do tend to operate more on the panty-shredding side of things though…

        • Tool! One of my all-time favorites. I have a soft spot for prog, but only if it really rocks. Queensryche, Fates Warning, (some) Dream Theater, Zero Hour. I have some Chevelle too — good stuff.

      • Downtuning can’t really bug a guy who was raised on Sabbath. Not to mention my favorite band for a while was Type O Negative (downtuned bass and a vocalist to match playing it).

        Unfortunately, some of the stuff I got into going to show after show in Detroit for a few years has people younger than me making comments about “kids these days.” I still love and respect the older stuff, the last concert I made it to was Sabbath, I’m typing this wearing (one of my) Motorhead shirt(s). On the decidedly non-metal side of things, I even went to see the Moody Blues a few years ago. Pretty sure the car CD player has been rotating between Skeletonwitch and Keep of Kalessin for the last couple weeks, though.

        • I was curious, so I checked out Skeletonwitch and Keep of Kalessin. Not quite so curious about Skeletonwitch anymore. 🙂 If there’s no vocal melody, I can’t go there.

          Keep of Kalessin, though — they had some interesting stuff. Those dudes can SHRED. (And their name’s from an Ursula LeGuin novel; nice.) My taste runs more to Killswitch Engage, Mudvayne, Mastodon, and Mnemic, but I had fun listening my way through their YouTube videos.

          I wasn’t expecting to bring the metalheads out of the woodwork with that comment…though I guess DrVino should get credit for starting it. Never would’ve pegged the good Dr. as a metalhead. Raise the devil horns high! Heh.

        • The first time I ever heard anything from Skeletonwitch was live, and they put on a hell of a show for all three or four songs they actually got to play. So I was basically sold there. Keep, I’ve seen twice, once with Nile, once with Mayhem, same tiny little venue both times.

          And, with music, especially metal, to each his own. Just like with guns. Actually, come to think of it, my favorite sidearm fits my musical tastes: I carry Glock 29. It was pioneered in the ’70s, brought to fruition in the ’80s, expanded into a highly specialized realm in late ’80s early ’90s (given the caliber), fell out of fashion, now starting to pick up popularity again. I guess it’s unfortunate I pulled the trigger on the SF model when I could now have a gen IV. But I could easily fit that into the metaphor, too.

  5. So that’s a cache, huh? Good news, I’m almost there! Only a shotgun and a pistol to go.

    I’m seriously deficient in Scary Black Rifles, though.

  6. Good lord, that’s a “cache”? What would they have called my collection before I lost it all in a freak accident?

    • “… What would they have called my collection”

      They would have called it something you shouldn’t have and then ask you what you are so afraid of that you have to have so many.

      • It’s a collection, nothing more. Since you can only effectively shoot one gun at a time, having however many in your collection does not give you any superior “gun nut’ power, only a choice of which legally owned and possessed firearm you choose to shoot at a particular time.

        This ‘Cache’ and ‘arsenal’ crap is simply that; brown matter spewing forth from grabbers and statists and progressive supporting power holders to portray the firearms and their possessor as bad simply because s/he has more than one, or any at all for that matter.

        Once again, it is progressive statist socialist mental re-educational programing (i.e. progressive propaganda) for public consumption in an effort to create the mindset that it’s acceptable to extend justification of gun seizure beyond the legal reason (a judicially issued search warrant) by defining the person and activity as bad simply because they own or possess firearms. These ‘arsenal’ and ‘cache’ descriptions are pure Democrat progressive statist hokum.

        It’s subtle, ongoing brainwashing mixed with a measure of sensationalism for effect, pure and simple.

  7. Newark, NJ used to be the carjacking capital. It looks like they want that title back. East Orange is even worse as far as crime, which is the next town over. Short Hills Mall in NJ is only 10 to 15 minutes from the really, really bad parts of Newark and every year there are carjackings, muggings, and other violent crime there during the holidays. EVERY YEAR. The reason that this particular murder is getting such attention is because the victim is white and when white people get killed by guns it’s time to revoke our civil rights.

  8. Well, its not the .22 cal HK clone with the fake can, unless of course you’re assaulting squirrels and gophers.

  9. normally when you shoot guns, people run away from you.

    only in grand theft auto the game do they continue to walk when you put lead downrange.

    • Yeah but it would get really old (and tiring for the ‘bystanders’) if they had to do that after every shot. Just assume it was a first-shot every time with no reset.

  10. $25 million, huh? I think the events of the past year have shown that Mayor Short Stuff’s money is a mixed bag, at best. Candidates who take his money outside of New York have to carry the “billionaire New Yorker is trying to influence our local election” baggage, and there are lots of places in America where that’s more damaging than the money is helpful. The best thing we can do when he spends money on elections is to publicize where the money came from, and which candidates are taking it. Make it toxic enough, and he won’t be able to give his money away.

  11. Isn’t that always the case with pseudo-experts when firearms are concerned? Why is my AR-15 considered an assault-rifle in the States, but my 11mm 1871 Mauser, and my M-1 are not? Both were military weapons in their day, and are still as deadly today. Yet I could carry either of the latter two in the gun-rack in my vehicle. (Not that I would. All of my firearms are locked up at all times, and everyone in my household must complete an NRA-approved firearms safety course before they even touch a firearm. I just wish more people would do this.

    I’m just curious, has there ever been a firearm video on YouTube that used classical music as a background? Jazz? No offense to those that like it, but when I hear metal or hard rock pour out of my PC speakers, first thing I do is hit the mute button. (There’s always some jerk driving by in my neighbourhood blasting something incomprehensible and so distorted out of gigantic speakers that all you can hear [up to three blocks away] out of their car speakers is the thump-thump-thump of the beat. I know where some of these selfsame jerks live, so when I’m in the mood I like to return the favour once in a while with Carl Orff’s “Carmina Burana”, and watch the shocked expressions on their faces.)

    • Check out YankeeMarshal. It’s not classical, but it’s not metal either. I don’t like all of his viewpoints but I can appreciate the twisted sense of humor that accompanies his videos.

      +1 Carl Orff…..may have to queue up some O Fortuna later…

      • I’m with you on liking Yankee’s humor, but not his opinions.

        On one of GunWebsites chats he explained that he carried .357 sig for barrier penetration, then minutes later said he carried frangible ammo, as to not over penetrate, which makes absolutely no sense.

        He str

    • Is it correct that the “original definition” of an assault rifle is a rifle that is capable of automatic fire, meant for military use?

      Obviously it’s become a politicized term since then (and basically means any rifle a politician doesn’t like) but I’m presuming that at one time, it actually had a real meaning.

      As for the idiots who drive by blasting crap out of their speakers, my recommendation is that you find the most ridiculous Weird Al polka and blast that out of your speakers back at them. Just because.

      But Carmina Burana is awesome too.

    • The inner nerd in me is begging me to be let out….we are all aware that Carmina Burana is the entire cantata, right? That the first movement is “O Fortuna”, the movement most associated with the work?

  12. Not a fan of the VigSp Ops channel, this video pretty much follows suit.

    I’ve heard the channel touting the vast superiority of the XDs (price, quality, etc.) over M&Ps and Glocks, I can’t wrap my mind around that logic.

    The HS2000’s were marginal, at best, Croatian made $250 pistols back in the late 90’s to early 2000’s.

    Springfield bought the rights, made a few minor superficial changes, called it something different, and increased by about $200- the XD was born.

    Now, the Springfield (in name only) XDs (formally HS2000) are marginal, at best, (still) Croatian made $450 pistols.

    You lose a lot of creditably in my book touting the XDs vast superiority (especially price point wise, given the history) over M&Ps and Glocks.

        • Closer to 113%….clearly .45 is bigger than .40 🙂

          Besides, why go for capacity when you can knock down the BG and anyone standing next to him at the same time?

        • Piersonb, you forgot about the part where the 45 acp travels across time and space to kill every son in the recipients, all the way back to the beginning of time, erasing the entire family name from the very pages of history.

  13. Where does the news story say that there are four assault weapons in the cache? As Matt cites the item, it reads, “The description of the weapons seized is listed as “two assault weapons, two semi-automatic rifles, a shotgun and three semi-automatic handguns.” I read “two assault weapns,” and indeed I do see two weapons that, as the term “assault weapon” is generally used, seem to fall into that category. If we 2-A supporters are going to call out anti-gun hysteria when we run across it, let’s make sure it’s really anti-gun hysteria. I submit that, aside from its use of the term “assault weapons,” when what we would prefer is “modern sporting rifles,” this news story in question is NOT an exemplar of the anti-gun mindset.

    • To be pedantic, in California, they are either “registered assault weapons”, or “illegal assault weapons”. “Assault weapon” has a specific meaning in law here. And a firearm either is or is not an “assault weapon”.

      Those firearms that look like “modern sporting rilles” in the photo are either not “assault weapons”, or, if they are, then they’re likely “unregistered, illegal assault weapons”.

    • “Where does the news story say that there are four assault weapons in the cache?”

      It, uh… doesn’t? It says there are two assault weapons and two semis. Take away the four guns named separately (three pistols and a shotgun), that leaves four weapons remaining. Two of them are labeled as “assault weapons.” I wanted to know which two, since three of them are scary and black.

      My guess would actually be the top two, because apparently the bottom one is a .22LR. But I don’t know, and I can’t tell at a glance, and that was kinda my point. If you have to look at a gun so closely that it’s akin to sexing a snake, it’s a stupid law.

  14. What is the actual definition of a ‘weapons cache’ and in what instance(s) should the term be used?

    • A question for the ages, my friend. That’s been a running gag around here for a while, and one I’m fond of referencing. We’re pretty well decided that arsenal > cache, but as for the actual quantities involved, that’s up in the air. Also a “collection” can be used, but I’ve found that can be used at both ends of the scale, e.g. a “small collection” is probably smaller than a cache, while a “large collection” is probably not quite as big as an arsenal.

      Maybe it can also be determined based on where the weapons are found? Sort of an “intent” thing? For instance, I only have a small collection, but if you walked in and found them all laid out on the dining room table, possibly with ammunition in the immediate vicinity, would that be more or less likely to be called an “arsenal” than if those same guns were found, all neatly cased up and unloaded, in my closet or safe? In the latter circumstance, maybe they’d only rate a “cache” designation?

      It may take my whole life to answer your question.

      • Given the reasoning for the warrant, it’s likely that at least some of the weapons recovered were used in burglaries. So I would say that previous and intended use determines if the term ‘cache’ is being used appropriately. For example, our military recovered many weapons caches in Afghanistan and Iraq, some of which were limited to only a ‘small collection’ of small arms and ammo.

        • I also think the use of “cache” like those that are routinely found in Northern Ireland makes a lot of sense. It’s a stash of weapons, not attributable to any specific person, but simply “cached” in a hidden location for future use. Under that definition, the usage of “cache” by reporters in the U.S. is incorrect probably 90% of the time.

          I know, you’re shocked. U.S. journalists using terms incorrectly. Try to control your amazement.

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