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I really can’t explain this one at all, as it comes with no attribution or sourcing. A law enforcement officer in riot gear bangs the butt of his 40mm grenade launcher on the ground, while looking down the barrel, and the gun goes off and shoots him in the face. Don’t worry, the video’s not graphic. (Or I’m sorry, depending on your predilections.) A better use of the grenade would probably have been to shoot the guy with the camera. At least if he was knocked out, the camera’d be steady . . .

Adam Kokesh pleaded guilty on Wednesday to several charges relating to a July 4th incident where he videotaped himself loading a shotgun at Washington, D.C.’s Freedom Plaza. Kokesh was released from jail, where’s he’s been for nearly four months, pending sentencing in January. Though he had a trial scheduled for November 18th, Kokesh replaced his attorney and then pleaded guilty to carrying a rifle or shotgun, possession of an unregistered firearm and unlawful possession of ammunition. He faces a maximum of more than six years in prison for the combined charges.

A Maryland man is facing charges of 2nd degree murder after shooting and killing a home intruder. The only thing the state of Maryland has against him is that he “didn’t call 911.” The man was in his house, having broken the door in, and was advancing toward him when he was shot, and the state of Maryland thinks he didn’t do enough to avoid the shooting. Apparently the probable cause affidavit is only two pages long, with only two sentences pertaining to the shooting, a fact about which even the presiding judge expressed amazement.

A McLennan County, Texas prosecutor may be in hot water after experiencing a negligent discharge while examining a colleague’s new gun on Monday. First Assistant District Attorney Michael Jarrett was fondling a colleague’s GLOCK .40, and asked if it was loaded. Told it was not, he still racked the slide to check, and in doing so unknowingly loaded a round himself. He then pointed the gun out the window and tickled the trigger, launching a round which buried itself in the brick wall of the adjacent vacant county jail building. “I was being extremely safe,” Jarrett said. “I inspected the gun even after I was told it was not loaded, but it was just an unfortunate accident.” Once again, I find that other people have different definitions of words than I do.

Richard Ryan puts away the Barrett .50 for awhile and attacks an iPad Air with a KWA MP7A1 airsoft rifle, after performing his standard dirt, concrete, & water drop tests. The dirt test absolutely wrecks it, suprisingly. Eventually he puts away the childish things and pulls the .50 back out for some ridiculous slow-mo, including his trademark “edge-on” shots. The concluding rips at 5:10 might be the best thing I’ve seen from him.


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  1. Oh! Tear gas direct to the face! What an idiot.

    I’m wondering why kokesh plead guilty. I think that now prevents him from appealing a guilty verdict on any 2A grounds. I could be wrong.

    • Kokesh pleded guilty because he was stupid/arrogant enough to post his commission of a crime on the Internet. There was no way on earth he could deny that he was there and did it. Takeaway: The Interwebz are NOT your friend.

      • Unless they had him dead to rights at the location by some other evidence, hasn’t anyone every heard of a green screen? That’s they way I would have done it, and let them flounder trying to prove otherwise. Even if he plead guilty, does that preclude him taking his case to the SCOTUS on grounds that the law(s) are unconstitutional?

        He is not the criminal type, even if he made a bad decision. Four months in lock-up with real bad guys was probably all he could take.

        • This. To be a legal gun owner in America you have to have a fairly clean record. People who casually boast of stashing and buying illegal guns have never done serious time. A felony conviction and the trip to the state pen that goes with it is a heavy, even deadly, price to pay for making a statement. None of us legal gun owners have criminal ties or gang afialiations. Think about that before you’re so glib about a trip to the pen. I worked at a prison for a time. Most of us TTAGers wouldn’t last any time at all there.

          And Kokesh has likely just been to county jail awaiting his trial. That ain’t even real prison. If he broke there, real prison is likely to be fatal for him.

    • If he’s smart,he concocted the entire show so he can take it as high as possible in the appeals court system.

  2. What’s with the asshole fucking up the iPad Air? It must be nice to have enough discretionary cash to be able simply to throw away a $500 piece of technology. If he wanted to get rid of his iPad Air, he might have considered donating it to a needy student somewhere. Geez Louise!

    • Quit bitching, it’s his, he can do as he pleases with it. If you want one donated to a student, purchase one and do so yourself.

      • Like I said, it must be nice to be in a position to do what Richard Ryan did. I, unfortunately, as a retiree on a fixed income, am not in such a position, but if I were, I sure as shootin’ would find something more constructive to do with an iPad Air than Richard Ryan seems to have found himself capable of.

        • Don’t be too hard on him. Ryan performed a product reliability test service that just so happened to cost $500. I know I will be more careful with my iPad now that I’ve seen that one can be destroyed by….DIRT? (Seriously?) At least the 5c he did made it past the dirt test. Holy crap I’m buying a bullet proof case for that sucker tomorrow. Oh and the big smile on my face every time I watch one of his flix is worth every bit of $500. Hell the Avengers cost like 200 million. One iPad is nothing. Can we get him to do a drop test on a liberal dumbocrat? On to concrete? I’m sorry that was mean….I take it back…. 🙂

      • Though I myself am a Windows PC person, friends of mine whom I consider much more computer-savvy than I am assure me that the Apple computers are much more reliable than those that descended from the old IBM PCs. I’ve had no direct experience with iMacs, iPods, iPads, or any other Apple product and so can’t say thumbs up or thumbs down, though it does seem to me that you get more bang for your buck from a Windows PC than from an Apple computer, and that most apps and utilities are still written for the Windows machines. I’m also told that, though there are now credible alternatives to the iPad, it continues to set the standard for tablet computers. What this all has to do with what TTAG generally concerns itself with, I don’t know. My original comment was simply about what I saw as the stupidity of throwing away, even if the device was yours to do with as you pleased, a $500 piece of equipment, for which someone else might have found a constructive use. I don’t think it reflects well on the People of the Gun when one of us does something like this.

        • The $500 is not being thrown away; it is being spent as an entertainment cost. Same as Dukes of Hazzard trashing cars, or buying tannerite and .50 BMG rounds for no other purpose than fun. You can also consider it an investment to generate views and therefore a monetary return.

          • I, personally, was not entertained, but then again, it wasn’t my $500 going down the hopper.

    • I’m 21 and I don’t know what an iPad Air is. I guess I’m not “with the times.” But I do know that “shall not be infringed” means “shall not be infringed”, and I know who Norm Abrams is…

  3. Guilty of: “…carrying a rifle or shotgun, possession of an unregistered firearm and unlawful possession of ammunition”

    Remember that those are crimes in the capitol of THIS country…and let that sink in….

    • Y’know, as much as I’m not a fan of Kokesh, what you said is exactly what went through my head as I read the article. It is almost incomprehensible to me that something that is perfectly legal, even encouraged in some areas of this country can, in another area of the country, make you guilty of violating laws that will send you to serious, PMITA prison. Literally within 10 feet, from one side of a state line to another, you can go from “God Bless The USA” to “You’re screwed beyond all reasonable comprehension.” There’s something thoroughly and undeniably wrong with that.

      • I’ve said it any number of times. We’re all Americans. We’re all protected by the same constitution. What zip code we’re in at the moment shouldn’t matter. America will never be truly free so long as there are constituion free zones like NY, CA and DC.

  4. I can swear the first thing they teach you in a gun safety class is to LOOK AT THAT THERE EJECTION PORT TO BE SURE NOTHING IS GOING INTO THE CHAMBER, before letting the slide go back into battery. I sometimes feel that we really do need mandatory training.

    • I dot remember taking a safety course but I was taught somewhere along the way that to clear a gun: 1) drop the mag 2) cycle the action 3+ times 3) open the action and verify the chamber and magazine we’ll is empty. Only then is the gun unloaded, but we still treat it as if it was loaded. I suppose 2 and 3 could be switched.

      • We have a winner.

        SOP on semi-autos is DROP THE MAG FIRST. ALWAYS.

        Then cycle the slide a couple of times.

        This is yet another reason why I think semi-autos are too dangerous for cops and other government employees to possess. They should go back to revolvers. Better yet, single-action revolvers. With transfer bars, of course, because they’d be stupid enough to carry six loaded with a hammer down on a live round.

    • Hold on there brave POTG:

      lets back it up EVEN FURTHER than a gun safety class.

      Imagine you come upon a firearm. In our scenario, you have ZERO experience with guns, except for what you’ve seen/heard in movies or “on the streets”. Now, you KNOW guns can be bad from your limited experiences, and you know that if you point them at people, you’re usually threatening them.

      Based on these two pieces of information, why in the almighty f-ck would you look down the thing while tapping it on the ground?

    • I don’t get what Kokesh hoped to accomplish. Won’t he be a prohibited person now and there will have been no potential to change the unconstitutional laws of DC?

      • We need to start disobeying these laws that create crimes with no victims. Part of the problem is that we fight, but if the law is passed we just follow it. Kokesh is a smart guy and he believes deeply in freedom. Sure he does have some questionable issues but who doesn’t? We can whine, complain, debate, and cry all we want, but if these politicians see us following their bullshit laws they will continue passing them until we have no freedom left. Mark my words. They will not stop. They would see us disarmed and nothing less. Civil disobedience is the answer. Non-violently protesting laws.

        • So far that doesn’t seem to be working real well for Adam Kokesh. How many of us are willing to join him?

        • Conway, that’s what the show trials these petty tyrants put on are hoping we will say. They pass an illegal, unconstitutional law, enforce it to the max with jail, fines, legal fees and perhaps more prison time than an average manslaughter charge, and no one is ready or willing to stand up to their bullying so the law stands unchallenged. He may or may not have a long-term game plan in mind. He may have shot himself in the foot. But he stood up in our capitol city and gave them the finger for their BS gun restrictions, which is more than most of us are willing to do.

    • Maybe he has balls, but he keeps trying to use them for brains, and that ain’t working out to well for him.

  5. “I was being safe. I even inspected it hurr durr durr I unknowingly chambered one because I was safe hurr durr”

    If he’s not smart enough to drop a mag before doing a rack check, he shouldn’t have his job.

    • I think all the more reason while a tactile check and not just a visual one is good. When it become rote, easy to not see what you don’t expect to see, but touch is harder to fool.

      Maybe rack the slide more than once (hickok45 style). At the very least, you would notice pretty quickly you forgot the mag as round started being ejected

  6. Epic! A cop looks into the barrel of his grenade launcher as he bangs the other end on the ground. What could go wrong? Somebody slap this fool!

    • I can’t imagine any slap being more effective at this point than the headache he went to bed with that night, not to mention the crap he got from all his friends. His nickname will probably be “Deadeye” from here forward.

  7. Adam Kokesh….
    a special kind of stupid.
    AS MUCH as i dont like him ( i think my cat is more qualified) did anybody else cringe when reading those charges?

    the america i love is disappearing.

  8. The attorney for the Maryland home defense case should be calling for the US Attorney General’s office to investigate the state prosecutor’s office for conspiry to deprive the man of his civil rights. I know it will fall on deaf ears considering who our AG is, but we need to be raising the spectre of this sort of action should a less hostile administration ever be elected in the future.

  9. Matt, to be fair, Kokesh’s attorney quit without a public explanation. Many think “they” have some sort of leverage on him since he is friends with Kokesh and has always represented him when in D.C. trouble. Don’t know it that had anything to do with changing the plea, but I wouldn’t expect this to be the end of the line for Kokesh.

  10. No offense but he racked the gun without checking the mag? I am no tier 1 operator but even I know that you either rack the slide/charging handle twice. If a round is loaded the first time it gets ejected the second time you rack it. Or you take out the mag rack it once/twice before dryfiring.

    • My understanding has always been, with a semi-automatic pistol: 1) make sure the pistol muzzle is pointed in a safe direction, 2) remove the magazine; 3) rack the slide to remove any round that might have been in the chamber, which round will jump out into your hand or onto the floor; 4) either lock the slide back or hold it back and visually inspect the chamber. I have yet to have any kind of negligent discharge.and I’ve now owned handguns since 1977. Oh, and I resist the temptation to show any of my handguns off to friends or strangers, except, perhaps, at the range, where if someone asks if he/she can take a closer look at what I’m shooting, I perform the aforementioned steps and hand him/her the weapon.

  11. WAIT! HOLD ON!

    I thought in these commie ban states only LEO needed guns because they are trained???

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