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Ken Cuccinelli c Wikipedia, Mark Obenshain c

We’ve previously noted the heavy support Terry McAuliffe is getting from Bloomberg in the Virginia gubernatorial race, to the tune of nearly $2 million. Now comes news that Bloomberg’s super PAC is dumping another $1 million into the final week of the race for Attorney General in a “saturation-level television buy” in support of Democrat Mark Herring over Republican Mark Obenshain (right above). Turnout for this election is expected to be low overall, so that means it’s easier to move the needle. And for governor, that needle is close. A Quinnipiac poll released today . . .

. . . shows McAuliffe up over Cuccinelli (left above) by only 4 points, 45/41%, with Robert Sarvis, the Libertarian candidate, at 9%. If Sarvis is taken out of the picture, it’s 47/45 for McAuliffe – too close to call. Get up, get motivated, and get to the polls. And have your friends do likewise.

Three teens driving around Helena, Montana last Thursday with a pellet gun pointed out the window were stopped by half a dozen officers with their weapons drawn. The local sheriff said the teens may not face any charges for their actions with the pellet gun, but they did find out they could have been shot.

The civilian disarmament movement often likes to portray our side as a bunch of knuckle-dragging neanderthals who love the idea of death and destruction and don’t give a damn about anyone else. If you’re familiar with, specifically GD, you might understand that impression. But right now there’s something pretty awesome going on. At about 5 a.m. Monday morning, an arfcom member reached out for support, not monetary but emotional, in a thread titled “I’m Dying.” He’s got Stage IV Burkitt’s Lymphoma. He talks of his 8 year old son, and how he’s got a brand-new Chipmunk rifle ready to go, but “dad just needs to get better.” He asks, “Will somebody teach him when I’m gone?” As the thread went on, one guy offered to take care of his mortgage for the rest of the year. Several members of arfcom visited him in the hospital before the day was out. That afternoon, someone set up a fund to help him cover the impending rollover of his $15,000 insurance deductible. At 5 p.m. that day they had about $600. As of this writing, about 48 hours later, they have nearly $44,000, including one guy who donated $8787 for college expenses. I’m not telling you to donate, just suggesting you go look.

The rhetoric battle goes on, this time in the Wall Street Journal, which when talking about a recent gun buy-up in Brooklyn used the word “returned,” as in “a MAC-11 semi-automatic with a 30 round magazine was also returned” and “a $200 bank card was given to those who returned operable handguns.” Apparently returned doesn’t mean what I thought it did, unless those people originally obtained the guns from the NYPD.

A double dose of mattv2099 today. First up, a pumpkin massacre courtesy of a Saiga 12 with a super banana magazine assault clip and a bump-fire stock. Enough to give Shannon Watts nightmares for weeks.

Will an AK-47 operate in a pumpkin pie environment? mattv2099 endeavors to find out. Bet it smelled pretty good, too.

Are we tired of pumpkins yet? I promise, it’s almost over. Except at Starbucks. That pumpkin spice thing will never end.

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  1. I’m actually choking back tears, the remark ‘Will someone teach him when I’m gone’ really got to me.

    • That’s the part that got me, too. I had to get up and turn on a fan to blow some of the dust out of the room.

    • It got me too. That was one of my grand daddy’s last wishes. That the docs keep him alive long enough to give me my first gun, teach me to shoot, and buy my first car. Sadly, he didn’t make it…

    • Me too. Especially when somebody recommended he write a letter for his boy. Full-on tears from that.
      That’s one thing about me that people are always surprised to find out about me- I’m a big softie. And something about watching other grown men cry makes me cry too. I can’t watch a war documentary without choking up once somebody starts mourning the loss of their buddies.
      Hell, I cried a little when I saw a pair of P-51s fly over my house last month. I don’t even know what that was about, maybe because I’ll never get a .50cal and those jerks had six apiece?

      • “I can’t watch a war documentary…”

        I know it’s not a documentary, but nearasdammit… Band of Brothers. I’m like a recently-broken-up teenage girl watching a chick flick every time I go through that series. I think I’ve seen the whole thing six, maybe seven times, and the impact doesn’t change. Greatest generation indeed.

        • My allergies definitely act up during Band of Brothers and Saving Private Ryan. Reminds me of my grandparents (deceased) and how we are losing these good people daily. I think what makes it even more sad is when you juxtaposition that in your mind with today’s (including my own) generation. Truly good people seem to be few and far between.

  2. Fucck it. I’m for Sarvis breaking 10% before I’m for McAuliffe winning. Strategy before tactics, and the GOP as it is today is a sinking ship

    Oh, and I spent almost $140 on ammo (5.56 green tips to be specific) today. I pledge the same amount, rounded up, to the cancer patient above first thing tomorrow AM.

    • And I really hope that didn’t come off as dickish or dismissive at all; I just meant that there are clearly those who need that money more than I do, and I don’t mind sending it to good causes, particularly to those in the shooting community.

    • And solution is to elect Democrats so they can take away your gun rights, loot the state and rig the system to only elect Democrats. As I said yesterday Libertarians are stupid.

      • Nope; the solution is to send a message to both parties, but specifically the one that claims to be for small government but then spends all it’s time whining about who’s banging whom and how many brown people are coming to our country, being at least as fiscally irresponsible as the democrats (you do remember GWB, don’t you?) and blindly signing off on massively unconstitutional laws like the Patriot Act. Oh, and sometimes supporting gun control.

        Have you seen any analysis of the demographics of the GOP? Do you have any idea where that’s going to lead them by the 2030 census? Again, play tactics all you want with each election; I’m into having a long term strategy.

        • So, your long term strategy is to send a message to the GOP? If it takes 15 to 20 years for that message to get across, what then? Dems have near unrestricted run to remove your gun rights. Brilliant strategy, if you work for barry and kapo bloomberg.

        • The Demographics, if they continue unchanged, don’t flow to Libertarianism. Give the Democrats control and you get a one party socialist state that will last, for all practical purposes, for ever. Libertarians are just the Progressives useful idiots. Libertarian support for small government is illusory since their support for Progressive social policy will end up destroying the very civil society that small government relies on. You are a poster boy for the idiot Libertarian.

        • Classy as always, tdiivna. Do you have any original thoughts or do you always just parrot crap you read on far-right blogs? You’re right though; I guess I’ve just been imagining all the progress we’ve made over the past 20 years, and the fact Libertarian candidates continue to poll higher and higher and libertarian policies continue to work their way into platforms of the other parties. In fact, without us Libertarian idiots you wouldn’t have had the Heller decision, and you probably wouldn’t have had the McDonald decision either. Care to explain to me how we’re playing into the progressive agenda by expanding gun rights?

          Nevermind. You just keep whining about how gay marriage is going to turn this country into a gun free socialist utopia and I’ll keep advancing actual liberty. If the ‘pubs loose in Virginia, you guys will have no one to blame but yourselves.

        • How does electing a Bloomberg clone expand gun rights?

          I note that you use the term “far right” just the way Progressives do. I guess you are just confirming that Libertarians are just Progressives who believe in markets.

          Now for a history lesson. Felix Dzerzhinsky, founder of the Soviet intelligence and internal security services, developed an ingenious way of manipulating the opposition to the new Soviet State. He organized something called “The Trust” to control the white emigres. It was an ingenious idea in that unlike previous agent provacetour operations it was designed to let the emigres come with the ideas on their own that serve Soviet interests. Forty years later Castro did the same thing. The Libertarian Party has all the hallmarks of a trust-like operation. It sows dissention in the opposition and splits it at election time. You can bet that the Clinton machine will be covertly funding the Libertarian Party in the next election cycle. Libertarian true believers are dupes doing the work of the Democratic Party.

          You live in a fantasy world if you believe that drugs, sex and abortion are the tickets to Libertarian electoral success. The Progressives already own those issues and they love passing out free stuff to buy votes. Following the Progressive social agenda only increases the constituency for free stuff because it creates a dependent population of drug users and single mothers who are hooked on welfare. Progressives are much smarter than Libertarians. They know that your personal autonomy agenda destroys mediating private social institutions, which then atomizes society and leaves the individual facing an all-powerful central authority.

          I stay classy for people wth class. Neither Progressives or Libertarians meet that criterion.

        • I’ve already responded to most of your ill informed ass-hattery below, but another thing – the Libertarian Party ain’t the green party or the constitution party. It steals votes from both sides. Are more of them likely to be republican leaning? Sure, but you idiots did a great job of losing the hell out of the last election all by yourselves, so less sympathetic I could not possibly be. In fact, it looks like polls are saying it doesn’t make a difference either, so just remember who’s dumb fault it is if and when he loses.

        • Instead of insults try explaining how electing McAuliffe advances gun rights.

          I will be waiting and I am betting you will ignore the question again.

        • It’s not a question; it’s dumb hyperbole. Help me understand how voting for a candidate that loses is helping another candidate win. By that logic voting for Cuccinelli is helping McAuliffe win, so long as Cuccinelli loses.

        • Hyperbole? Do you know what that means? The question is straight forward. You claim to be working to expand gun rights while at the same time helping elect a Bloomberg clone. I think the term for that is inconsistent.

          You are being evasive because you don’t have rational explanation. Typical Daily Kos-like behavior.

      • “Immigrants, gays, and pot destroy democracy and will literally turn a first-world nation into Somalia! [citation needed] 15-round mag limits are worse than mandatory ultrasounds before abortions. Hey, what is coerced insertion called anyway?” –tdiinva

        You don’t have to like it but you do have to deal with the fact that until you get off the social restrictions you’re going to have random elections thrown for being too big government on social issues. Kick and scream all you want, that 9% voting for Sarvis doesn’t care. The Republicans are going to change, not the other way around.

        • At least Blinky Pete has attempted to make a rational argument. I can’t possibly deal with this Daily Kos level of mindlessness. How about you let Blinky and I go at and you just watch.

        • Nah, I think he did a pretty good job of summing your argument, or what you think passes for one anyway. It’s hilarious that you keep lumping Libertarians and progressives into the same bunch; your debate tactics are indistinguishable to me from those used by every progressive I’ve ever debated guns rights with. Your take seems to be that anyone that disagrees with you on anything is on the other side, and you can’t acknowledge that your side is shrinking, and that it’s their own damn fault. Don’t blame us for the fact that 60 years of racism, homophobia, war, irresponsible spending and generally backwards ass thinking is finally catching up with you. Oh, and don’t bother responding with some revisionist history lesson blaming that all on Woodrow Wilson either; I’m no fan of his, but I also know how to read.

        • Yeah, blinky Cuccinelli is going to lock up gays, throw immigrants out of the country, put women back in the kitchen and reinstitute slavery. Now that is a Progressive method of arguing. Proof that you live in the same fantasy world inhabited by Progressives.

        • Yawn. Logical, fact based thinking isn’t your strong point. Hurling insults and rhetoric most certainly is. Stay with the GOP – you belong there.

        • Another Daily Kos-like response to sarcasm. See, Libertarians and Progressives are the same after all.

  3. Damnit Matt, I knew when it read auto tune IMMEDIATELY what was about to happen. That thread is insane, 76 pages. Apparently he is home now, which has to be better than a damn hospital, ughh. Glad to see people in need getting help, chips a little blackness off of my heart.

    • Yeah, when it was sent in this afternoon, I read the first 30-ish pages, and then skipped ahead and read the last 10. At that point it was at 66-67 pages. He went home from the hospital this afternoon, I believe, and starts chemo pretty soon. His prognosis sounds pretty horrible, but if he’s going out, this is a hell of a swan song.

  4. I know a guy that went to prison for 2 years for shooting a pellet gun at cars on the freeway. Felony conviction, lost his wife, daughters and house because he was bored.

    At the same time he was doing this a 16yo was shot in the stomach as he was walking. If they could have proven that one on him he’d still be in prison.

    I’d say those teen agers got off light. Especially since Montana is a shall issue state.

  5. Thanks for the links Matt. I’m only up to page 30.
    For some reason I’ve had to blow my nose about that many times. I donate blood every few months. This just made my decision to be on a marrow list. Going to do that ASAP.
    Sure makes me very grateful for what I’ve been, done and have.
    Pretty neat to see the POTG rallying for a complete stranger.
    MDA, take note.


      I click the email and read the comment before your name registers in my brain, and I snorted coffee.

  6. “The rhetoric battle goes on, this time in the Wall Street Journal, which when talking about a recent guy buy-up ”

    Guy buy up? Sure that was not in San Fran?

  7. I shouldn’t have read this article, specifically the second paragraph, until tomorrow (later today)… Cause now its 3am and I can’t get the tears out of my eyes. I don’t have any money to give, but I sent some prayer his way. Hope God protects and watches over his family. Even knowing God does and so do the POTG, it still sucks. At least we take care of our own. So I think his family will end up ok…

    • No, gun owners are heartless bastard baby killers unless something like this appears on the MSM or the daily show because America cannot think or do for itself and needs MSM to feed them the story. We will always have a PR problem regardless of the truth.

      • It’ll never make it to the MSM.
        If it does, it’ll be in the negative someway.
        Made it to the last page, as of last night anyway.
        Warms my heart to see how folks are helping, giving, showing support.

        Damn you Matt. (said in the most friendly way I can)

  8. I hope Bloomberg wastes his money on the top race. The key at this point is the House of Delegates. If the state wide election is close it means that the Republicans will probably hold on to the legislature. It will be able stymie McAuliffe’s gun grab and may limit the damage to the state treasury.

  9. I’m a libertarian, and I goddamn well know the difference between a punch in the gut and getting my balls ripped off. I’ll take the gut punch, thanks.

    If you want to “send a message” to the GOP, here’s a kooky idea. Join the party, vote in primaries, and join a libertarian GOP caucus. It sure beats political suicide as a strategy.

  10. What’s wrong with the system that makes us vote for a complete republican or democratic platform? A lot. I know I am in the minority here, but I suspect that mr mcauliff would actually do more for the citizens of va ( the second amendment being a notable exception). Now how would most of you fare under mr cuccinelis anti sodomy laws? Now be careful, it might not mean what you think it means. Or his anti contraception stands? Fortunately, I don’t have to vote in va, but I will probably be faced with a similar choice in Ohio. I believe our representatives care more about their parties than their country

    • Mr. Cuccinelli cannot pass anti-sodomy laws. He can only sign them. However, McAuliffe can impact 2A rights in non-legislative ways. The Governor has authority over everything Executive, which means he can impact implementation and enforcement of bureaucratic rules.

  11. Just listening to Mark Levin. Sarvis is no Libertarian. In favor of raising the gas tax, charging a miles tax, expanding Medicaid and not sure how to cut spending. Sound like a Libertarian to you? Ron and Rand paul both campaigning for Cuccinelli. Sarvis is a plant. Walke up Virginians before it’s too late.

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