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First announced last year, CZ showed off the new for 2022 CZ 600 Trail rifle last weekend in Houston. It’s a lightweight bolt action rifle that’s chambered in either .223 or 7.62×39.

The .223 model uses standard AR magazines while the 7.72 model takes CZ Bren 2 mags.

The 600 Trail Rifles have a suppressor-ready threaded cold hammer-forged barrel with ambidextrous magazine releases and Bren-style safeties.

Both versions of the CZ 600 trail rifle shrink to just over 27 inches with their 3-position stocks fully collapsed. Expect to see it in retailers in the third quarter of this year.

CZ 600 Trail 223 Rem

CZ 600 Trail 7.62×39

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    • I have very little doubt that there will be all kinds of variations on this rifle in 2-3 years. I have two CZ rifles, and am very happy with them. Would be willing to buy more of their products.

      The thing I would like to see is replacing that stock with a pic rail, like Sig did with the MCX/MPX and Brownells did with the BRN-180, so users can decide for ourselves what we want to hang off the back end.

      If CZ does that for a Generation II version, it’s going to be shut-up-and-take-my-money time.

  1. I’ve been eyeing this for awhile. It would be 10x better with cheap, available 7.62×39 like the old days. You know, like a little over two years ago.

    Does anyone know if CZ sorted out the Bren 2 Ms 7.62×39 issues?

    • I believe if we publicly execute all of our liberal politicians, after a few weeks of public shaming of course, then ammo prices will drop substantially. A more than fair trade in this dude’s eyes, Dude.

  2. if 10″ or whatever just barely exposes the threads at the end of the handguard 300blk barrels are available at launch as soon as you get a form1 processed they’ll have something. as is, it’s neutered from factory

    • Man, that thing looks like the firearm equivalent of the last chick at the bar 15 minutes before closing. I’m sure it’s nice and shooty, but I wouldn’t want my friends to see me with one…

  3. I really like this concept, but that stock looks like it’d be nearly impossible to get a good weld with, and probably massively uncomfortable.

    • Wonder if the cheek piece can be slid back and forth? My shoulder-pocket-to-cheek distance is pretty long and where it is now, the front end of it looks like it would only reach the jut of my jawbone.

  4. reminds me of the stock on my sister’s mattel burp gun.
    more calibers to follow, although those are the cheapest centerfire choices.
    sort of pork swordy. can’t have an sbr everywhere.
    could be scout scoped. needs a round maxed for 16″. maybe these are close.

  5. Why is the bolt so weird? If you’re going to do a modern take on a bolt action like this why not also give it a common and “fast” style of action like an enfield or Mauser.

    • If CZ makes one in 300 BLK with a reversible straight-pull action I’ll be first in line to buy it…

  6. Oh goodie another gunm and no emu.
    BTW I was looking through some of my emu and came across some boxes of 30-06 M2 , oh the pain, $6.25.

  7. I was sorting through the dry boxes of components in the outbuilding and found a couple of boxes of small rifle Gold Medal federal primers…. price tagged at $13.25 for a thousand, probably four or five years old at most.

    • I found large rifle primers on the internet for 0.07 apiece–but you had to spend at least three hundred dollars to place an order. That’s something on the order of 4500 primers. Having only one rifle that needs large rifle primers, for me that would be a lifetime supply.

  8. Interesting idea, not sold on the large bolt handle. I’d bet you could get the weight under 6 lbs with an M4 profile barrel.

  9. oooh a scary black gun that uses high capacity magazines – a bolt action “assault” rifle to the progs.

    Very interesting rifle but a GRAND???

  10. It’s about time somebody co-opted the gun banners who want to call everything an assault rifle in a cheap effort to demonize guns. Sport rifle, trail rifle, sport utility rifle. Shooting sports and gun manufacturers need to stop allowing the Gun control lobby to define them, their sport and the industry.

  11. Thank you, Huntmaster, you nailed a sore spot.
    In ancient times (but still valid), if you conquered something or some person, you had the authority to name it. Hence the stolen righteousness crowd naming everything from “Saturday night Specials” to “Mostly Peaceful hate-spree city torchings”. Posturing that they own the high road.

  12. Yeah somewhere around $350. might be tempting just for the novelty, a slightly modified BCA upper $250 and a generic $100 lower


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