Czechmate? CZ 75 TS Lands Stateside

$3399 buys you . . .

ambi slide racker
c-more slide ride sight 6moa dot
2 spare serial matching threaded barrels
1 26 round magazine
3 20 round magazines
mag loader
aluminum grips
aluminum magwell
comp hammer
4 port comp
barrel nut with removable front sight
rear fixed sight
2 slide stops with finger groove
4 without finger grooves
czechmate frame is different than TS grip is undercut, frame has notch for c-more mount,
cleaning rod
cleaning brush


  1. avatar Patrick Carrube says:

    I like CZ's, but I certainly wouldn' t buy this gun for that price. For $2200, you can give me an STI Edge anyday of the week! Keep your optics, those are really only for 2 types of people – those who can't use traditional sights and for those who no longer need to use sights.

  2. avatar Dan says:

    This gun is designed for IPSC/USPSA Open class running 9 major ammo. In those classes if you aren’t shooting optics you aren’t competitive. That’s actually a pretty complete kit. An STI Trubor GM runs over $3,600 and you don’t get as many mags and other stuff. Although the magwell on the STI is steel which will hold up better over the longer haul. I’m not sure what the market is for an “entry level” open gun, but this is an interesting possibility. I have a Tactical Sport and an SP01 Custom and really like the ergonomics.

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