CZ The Day! 75 SP-01 Shadow Custom Pistol

There’s been some debate on these pages about the real world applicability of IPSC competition. Putting that life-or-death issue aside for a moment, the real point of any competition is . . . winning! To that end, shooters going for gold in IPSC’s Production Division might want to holster this: CZ’s new dual-tone 75 SP-01 Shadow Custom Pistol. World champion Angus Hobdell’s CZ Custom Shop blesses the SP-01 Shadow variant with a trigger job, a fixed competition rear sight, slim-line Aluminum competition grips, competition springs, and a CZ Custom stainless guide rod. All yours for $1,199.


  1. avatar Bruce W. Krafft says:

    CZ the day?!? You are a naughty, naughty man.

  2. avatar Mike says:

    If you think this is cool, you need to take a look at the new "Czech-Mate"! CZ is really on top of their game with this one.

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