Cumberland Gun Range Murderer Revealed; More Grist for the Tea Party Terrorist Mill

Ever since the Tea Party first appeared, left-wing commentators have been busy portraying conservative populism as proto-terrorism. Well, here’s more grist for their mill [via]: “Two corrections officers from the State Correctional Institution at Camp Hill are charged in the shooting death of a Cumberland County attorney and the theft of his custom, silenced rifle, authorities announced late Friday. Raymond Peake, 64, of Hampden Township, Cumberland County is charged with homicide, robbery and other crimes for the shooting death of Todd Getgen, 42, of Enola. [Click here for TTAG’s previous coverage.]  The shooting happened last Wednesday at a State Game Commission rifle range in North Middleton Township, Cumberland County.” Make the jump for the political bit . . .

Peake said Tuso kept guns for him and said they’d been “stealing guns for the purpose of overthrowing the federal government” (of the United State of America). Peake said he and Tuso together are members of this organization. Peake refused to name that organization and told police he would “kill to defend his country and he was stealing weapons to defend his country.”

I blame Sarah Palin. Or not.


  1. avatar Roy Hill says:

    If you wrote this as a plot move in a novel, nobody would believe it.

    Readers would say, "What a load of crap!" and throw the book down.

    I can't even begin to wrap my mind around this one at the moment.

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