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FILE--In this March 15, Cook County State's Attorney Kim Foxx (AP Photo/Charles Rex Arbogast, File)
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“Excuse me, Ms. Foxx? Sorry to interrupt your manicure, but I have the Governor on the phone for you.”

What might cause Illinois Governor J.B. Pritzker to get the Cook County State’s Attorney on the horn post haste? It might have something to do with embarrassing questions he’s getting about the cash register some armed thieves had just emptied and dumped in front of his Gold Coast mansion.

As CWBChicago reports . . .

Burglars broke into Apple Bite, a liquor store at 2919 North Broadway, around 4:10 a.m. and then burglarized Belmont Harbor Market, 401 West Belmont, around 4:35 a.m., according to separate police reports. They took cash, registers, liquor, and tobacco products.

CPD surveillance cameras captured footage of four offenders leaving the Belmont burglary in a dark-colored four-door pickup truck that headed south on Lake Shore Drive.

Less than ten minutes later, police were called to the 1400 block of North Astor Street in the Gold Coast by someone who saw a group of men throw at least one cash register and other items from a pickup truck directly in front of the governor’s home, according to CPD dispatch records.

Police believe the cash register came from the Apple Bite.

A little later, a string of high-end retailers were burglarized in the city’s Magnificent Mile district, possibly by some of he same thieves who had just stuck their thumb in the eye of the Governor.

One of the stores that was hit was Burberry. It was the second time the store had been robbed. This week.

Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot
(AP Photo/Nam Y. Huh)

Chicago’s hapless Mayor Lori Lightfoot had criticized retailers like Burberry last month for not doing enough to protect themselves from the criminals that the Chicago Police Department can’t catch, the the judges immediately release, and that the State’s Attorney won’t prosecute. She proclaimed that . . .

“Some of the retailers downtown in Michigan Avenue, I will tell you, I’m disappointed that they are not doing more to take safety and make it a priority. For example, we still have retailers that won’t institute plans like having security officers in their stores.

As it turns out, Burberry took the Mayor’s advice and hired someone to keep and eye on the place. Unfortunately . . .

A security guard was working at Burberry overnight, but she told police she was in the bathroom at the time of the burglary, according to a report.

Hey, when you gotta go, you gotta go.

This is what happens when corrupt politicians’ ineptitude, a revolving door justice system, and a “social justice” prosecutor combine to make it clear to a city’s criminal element that it’s open season. Anything goes and they have little to worry about in terms of consequences.

They can operate with impunity because they know the chances of being caught are tiny. And if — somehow — police do manage to catch them, the city’s “progressive” prosecutor will turn them loose to do it all over again.

Yesterday I talked to Chicago Alderman Raymond Lopez about the rampant crime and violence that have become a way of life in the City of Big Shoulders.

You might remember the conference call the Alderman had with Mayor Lightfoot last year as Chicago was being looted after the George Floyd killing. It made national news when the Lopez criticized Lightfoot for being unprepared and the Mayor responded, “I think you’re “100% full of sh!t, is what I think.”

These latest incidents have become so numerous and normal that the Alderman didn’t have details about them yet when we talked. Besides, they just get lost in the noise because it was just another ordinary Thursday for Chicago.

Alderman Lopez slammed Mayor Lightfoot and fellow Alderman Michele Smith about the state of lawlessness the administration doesn’t appear willing or able to get under control.

Smith has her own interesting ideas about how to fight crime in the Windy City. She has “invited” residents to buy their own neighborhood police surveillance cameras — for $25,000 each

She also suggests citizens carry whistles. The Alderman suggests, “If you find yourself in a suspicious situation or witness a crime, blow your whistle. If you hear a whistle, call the police, then MOVE TOWARDS THE SOURCE while blowing your own whistle.

To be clear, Alderman Smith (a Moms Demand Action member) wants citizens to confront armed criminals while blowing whistles until the CPD arrives. The Alderman should probably coordinate this strategy with the coroner and the morgue to ensure they have room for all of the extra bodies that will inevitably result.

One concern Alderman Lopez has is, if the city continues down its current lawless path, residents will conclude they have no choice but to take matters into their own hands. A lack of meaningful or effective law enforcement and criminal justice could result in citizens acting as vigilantes. Look for the opening of Death Wish: Chicago at a theater near you soon.

As Alderman Lopez told me, the current administration concentrates on “feel-good policing” instead of going after the gangs that are the root of the problem. It essentially boils down to this: get things under control, or people may have no choice but to protect themselves. “Constituents are afraid,” he said, and they deserve better.

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  1. Blowing whistles??? Unbelievable.
    I’m sure that the animals that live in that zoo will get scared and run away..

    • I’m thinking the bad guys will begin by stealing the whistles after beating up and robbing/raping the whistlers, then next time it’ll be even easier, just start blowing your whistle and wait for your victims to start arriving. You’ll be able to hear them coming from blocks away, finish your smoke and limber up so you don’t injure yourself, then just dive in! What an excellent idea.

  2. Everything Liberals touch, they make worse.

    One of their core beliefs seems to be that there are no criminals, only different types of victims; and “persons who perform certain acts” are really just victims of society crying out for understanding and help. Calling them “criminals is cruel and racist.

    When designated police agencies, for whatever reason, are unwilling or unable to effectively control crime/criminals then government shouldn’t be surprised when citizens either protect themselves or band together as vigilantes to protect one another collectively.

  3. “She also suggests citizens carry whistles. The Alderman suggests, “If you find yourself in a suspicious situation or witness a crime, blow your whistle. If you hear a whistle, call the police, then MOVE TOWARDS THE SOURCE while blowing your own whistle.””

    LoL 🤣

    Lets see now…if i were a gang and wanted to bring a bunch of victims together all I would need is a whistle and the victims come running.

    Citizen: ‘blowing whistle as hard as possible’ Tweeeeeeeettt until lung collapses from being shot by criminal.

  4. Patiently waiting for the first person to blow a whistle at somebody attempting dispersion of reparations to be fired for their racist attack.

  5. And yet if any elected official, or anyone high enough in the administration even feels like they might be a victim of a crime the DA is all over the preps like white on rice. The Preps who dumped the register on the governors lawn will be aggressively prosecuted only because they embarrassed an elected official. if they had picked somewhere else to dump it then it would have been just another non-crime that the DA would decline to prosecute.

  6. Hmm…I don’t think LaQuan n Damarcus intentionally dumped their ill gotten goods on the hyper obese governor’s lap er lawn(the same mansion where ole chunky boy removed his terlits the avoid paying property tax.)Just a hilarious coincidence😎. Resurrect Richard J. Daley!

    • they could have waited until the designated bribe pick up time and not dumped it in front governors place. These crazy kid criminals today, always bending the rules and pushing the boundary.

  7. That’s what they wanted apparently…..that’s exactly what they got! Only people harmed in the making of this nightmare are the real citizens of this sh!thole!!

  8. Approach criminals in the act whilst blowing a whistle? Yeah, great. And then the next the step would be…this?

  9. And in Chicago, a person who was not blowing a whistle: Another Social Media Sale Meetup, Another Shooting, Concealed Carrier Saves His Own Life >

    “CHIGAGO, ILLINOIS – A concealed carrier shot a man who had just shot him during a shoe sale gone sour, according to Chicago police. The incident occurred in the 900 block of North Lawndale Avenue in the Humboldt Park area around 8:45 pm Tuesday.

    A 28-year-old man met with an 18-year-old man to buy a pair of shoes. During the meetup, the younger man asked to see the money before handing over the shoes. When the buyer reached in his pocket for the cash, the seller drew a handgun and shot the victim in the shoulder, according to police.”

    I’m trying to figure out how a whistle would have helped this guy not get shot by the bad guy. If I come up with something reasonable I’ll let you know…oh wait, never mind ’cause there is nothing reasonable because whistles don’t stop bad guys nor do they give the victim a fighting chance.

  10. I blame it on the cheap, easily accessible cash registers that are flooding into the city from the surrounding unregulated states.

      • Yeah, whatever the latest buzzword is. Oh, and I just got back from some grocery shopping… they probably should be called “assault registers”.

  11. I make $100,000 a night working from home. Come to Chicago and find out how. Mist bring your own crowbar.

  12. The problem in Chicago is simple: they still have a Police Department. We all know the Police are ill-equipped for convincing people to live a life of civility and honest work. Once the police have been replaced by social workers and psychologists these criminals will soon see the error of their ways and comport themselves with a more pleasant demeanor.

  13. Blue-staters of TTAG, get the message out about your pro-crime prosecutors. The legacy-media is burying those stories (e.g. NYC’s new DA).

  14. What’s Foxx’s record on prosecuting justified self defense shootings? It’s one thing not to prosecute the criminals. It would be far worse if she prosecuted crime victims for defending themselves. Someone willing to invest the time, effort and money required to acquire effective defensive tools and skills can live with the former but not the latter.

  15. “She has ‘invited’ residents to buy their own neighborhood police surveillance cameras — for $25,000 each”

    She probably has stock or ownership in the company that sells them.

    This is a question that comes up time and time again. Does video surveillance deter crime?

    A review of studies by the Campbell Collaboration, analyzed 44 studies that measured whether video surveillance helped to reduce crime in parking lots, housing developments and on public transportation systems.

    The researchers found that video surveillance systems were most effective in parking lots. From the studies included in the analysis, video surveillance resulted in a 51 percent decrease in crimes committed in parking lots. (so you still have a 49% chance of being a victim in a parking lot)

    From the studies included in the analysis, video surveillance resulted in a 23 percent decrease in crime on public transportation (so you still have a 77% chance of being a victim on public transportation).

    From the studies included in the analysis, video surveillance in other public settings yielded a small or no decrease in crime (meaning you still have a greater than 90% chance of being a victim in other public settings which includes residential neighborhoods.)


    Ok, this all means, overall, no real deterrent to crime. The threat of video surveillance has not been a creditable deterrent to crime in over 30 years. Criminals/gangs today laugh at it and sometimes even showboat for the camera. The best you can hope for is to capture video and hope the Chicago police department can use it to add to their less then 10% success rate at solving crimes – but even then the crime was still committed and its a little late after the fact of being injured or killed by a criminal to say “Hey, we spent $25,000.00″ on this thing and even blew our whistle”. But hey, ya got to watch in glorious $25,000.00 high definition as the bad guys broke into your home or killed your neighbor on the sidewalk outside so there is apparently an entertainment factor to consider, right? And right after you see that going down, and its over, if you lived through it go buy a gun and shoot the $25,000.00 surveillance camera.

    The video surveillance, the whistle blowing, does nothing to deter crime when it happens. All this crazy woman is doing is trying to avoid saying in some way “hey, you have a right to defend your self”.

    You people in Chicago and elsewhere in democrat controlled areas around the country; Your ‘elected’ democrat representatives offer you whistles and $25,000.00 surveillance systems as they enjoy their armed security paid for by your tax dollars and them being able to exercise their 2nd Amendment rights unhindered due to their position. These people are your employees, you need to be treating them like they are employees and hold them accountable to you. Its not the other way around where the people are accountable to them. These whistles and $25,000.00 surveillance systems are just their way to keep false hope alive so it looks like they are doing something. There are people who well say “hey, what a great idea.” until the run towards that whistle blowing sound and find their selves face to face with a bad guy who will seriously injure or kill them. These measures do not really work as a crime deterrent or protective measure for you, your neighborhood, and overall for anyone or any place else. Its up to you to hold until relieved ’cause no help is coming when you need it the most and in some cases may not show up after for a while. You are your own first responder so now all you need to do is figure out that blowing a whistle or watching crime unfold via a $25,000.00 surveillance camera is not going to stop you from being an injury or fatality statistic when that crime comes to you.

    You need to vote these people out of office or demand their resignations. They are literally indirectly going to kill you or someone else, and they know it. They want to place the responsibility on you with false hope that whistles and $25,000.00 surveillance cameras will deter the crime wave they have created.

    You people in Chicago and other crime ridden democrat controlled areas; You want to stop that bad guy from injuring or killing you or someone else – a whistle and camera is not going to do. You need to demand these fools leave office and exercise your second amendment right. After all these elected officials exercise their second amendment rights directly by carrying a firearm or indirectly with either direct tax payer funded armed security or indirectly out of their wealth from the tax dollars that pay them, and they are your employees and you are letting them dictate that you can not exercise the same right they do.

    • “(so you still have a 49% chance of being a victim in a parking lot)”
      Nope. All it only says is that there are 51% fewer crimes in parking lots with surveillance cameras. The CHANCES of being victimized are reduced by 51%. So… if the CHANCES of being victimized were originally 1in 500 at 100% (for instance), they are now 1 in 1,020.4. If there was really a 49% chance of being victimized in a parking lot (approximately 1 in 2), “they” would have to call in the National Guard to stop the mayhem!

      • Brilliant. Now why don’t you explain why someone with a 1 in 500 chance of being victimized would even CONSIDER ponying up $25,000 for a camera? Most likely we’re talking about an area where you stand at least a 1 in 10 chance of being attacked every time you go in. And the camera will not stop an attack. A 9mm HP will, and it will stop the next 15 attacks as well, at the very same time. Just keep your hat pulled low and your back to the camera.

  16. “If you hear a whistle, call the police, then MOVE TOWARDS THE SOURCE while blowing your own whistle.”

    I still can’t fathom the pure ignorance in telling people this. Its not enough that the city leadership has literally created the crime levels they are experiencing by their actions and lack of action – now she wants to actively feed victims to the bad guys.

  17. Security was in the bathroom when it all went down.
    ” I seen a truck pull up and ,,,,ohhh,,,,ohhh,, I just new something bad was going to happen, never trust a fart.

    • I have little doubt that that is where she went to hide when the burglary went down so she wouldn’t get shot. Did she at least call 911?

  18. Criminals can now say:

    “Yes we are very proud of what we do.”

    “And you can’t stop us.”

    As I said over two years ago now. These rioters, mostly white people, many who are very wealthy, and who wave rainbow flags, should have been shot dead on site. And their bodies left out for three days for the cameras to take pictures.

    Now years later, you have a very large, street criminal class, who now believe they can get away with anything. Because it has been proven to them, that they really can now get away with anything.

    You are correct Libertarians Taxation is theft. But your soft on crime attitude has helped to burn the cities to the ground.

    The problem we have now in the United States is, we as a society have a fundamental disagreement, about what should be prosecuted, and what should not be prosecuted, when it comes to Common Street crimes. It use to not be this way. We used to have a fundamental agreement when it came to the prosecuting Street criminals. But now not so much.

    This is why we eventually are going to have a “national divorce”. Because now in todays world, it’s okay to rob a small Mom and Pop store. But in 2022, it’s not okay to rob the stores of rich people.

    This is why we Eventually are going to have a “national divorce”.

    I think there are more guns in the hands and homes of the middle class. Than there are in the homes of rich people. Because the rich always relied on their control of the police for protection.

    And the democrats changed that. When they ordered the police to stand down.

  19. …citizens to confront armed criminals while blowing whistles until the CPD arrives. The Alderman should probably coordinate this strategy with the coroner and the morgue to ensure they have room for all of the extra bodies that will inevitably result.

    The extra bodies will be the bodies of criminals who die from oxygen deprivation from laughing so hard at all the neighborhood weenies running toward them blowing whistles.

  20. A lack of meaningful or effective law enforcement and criminal justice could result in citizens acting as vigilantes. Look for the opening of Death Wish: Chicago at a theater near you soon.

    Why go to a theater when you can go to a street corner in Chicago and see the real thing for yourself?

    • This article reminds me how much fun it would be to be a criminal. They could have carjacked a tanker truck at a gas station, backed it right into the lobby, and with a giant box of tannerite had some real fun.

  21. In all seriousness there may be a huge silver lining to all of this ultra-Progressive garbage. In my humble opinion Progressives have WAY overplayed their hand. They did not just swing for the fences, they swung for the next zip code. And in doing so, they have demonstrated how hysterical they really are. I am hopeful that this will convince giant swaths of the electorate to reject Progressive politicians and start a significant move back to center or right on the political spectrum.

    • We can hope, but I have no confidence. Particularly since I am no linger convinced that actual people voting has the slightest effect on the outcomes of elections.

    • Not in Cook County. Remember John Stroger? How he was elected chairman of the Cook County board over Forrest Claypool, despite being flatlined after a stroke? The electorate preferred a man who was literally brain dead over a reasonable white guy (full disclosure: I knew Claypool slightly, and thought he was OK – for a Democrat). After that, I knew that the situation was hopeless.


  23. “A security guard was working at Burberry overnight, but she told police she was in the bathroom at the time of the burglary, according to a report.” Fortunate timing, or inside job part of the plan, or told “to go to the bathroon or get shot”???

    Next headline…….gun shot silences whistle blower…….

  24. Somebody ought to shove a whistle up Lightfoot’s ass. It’d likely make her sound more intelligent

  25. How is a half ounce whistle going to stop a 180 lb thug? Perhaps by giving him a terminal laughing fit?
    If things in Chicago, and many other crime ridden cities continue much longer, I fully expect to see full blown vigilante justice and citizens realizing they have no choice but to fend for themselves.
    Sad to say, but this is exactly the results of the progressive/socialist policies that have been promoted for the last 50 or so years.

    • I don’t support vigilante justice, if we mean the same thing by the term, which is deliberately going out looking for trouble in order to function as judge, jury, and executioner. I am strongly in favor of enhanced self defense ability, if someone attacks you, feel free to shoot him as many times as you like and then walk away. If the guy next to you is attacked, you may *always* assume that you will be next, and you’re free to shoot the attacker as many times as you like, ammo permitting. If you think somebody is JUST ABOUT to attack, you have no authority to do anything but wait and watch.

  26. What is a security officer supposed to do? Issue a stern warning? Attempt to shoot them (if the officer is armed)?

    One will do nothing except identify them as a target – the other will ruin their lives, if they hit the criminal or not….

    People in Chicago, and Illinois in general, voted for this crap. They are now receiving EXACTLY what they voted for, gooderer and harderer.

  27. So might we dispose of corpses conveniently on the Guv’s mansion, arrange to have shootouts there, or just dump sludge from the sewer system there?

  28. ““Constituents are afraid,” he said, and they deserve better.”

    meh, they deserve to get what they voted for, good and hard.

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