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Here’s an email TTAG received from Virginia . . .

My name is Ken West, I am a volunteer with the Culpeper County 2A group. We have been advocating for Second Amendment rights and pushing our local representatives to support our civil rights. You have had several posts involving our Sheriff, Scott Jenkins.

We have roughly 2,500 members in our group. On one of our Facebook forums a member posted that we should be doing something for our community as the local agencies are strained in dealing with COVID19.

He mentioned picking up trash on the roadside. I commented that while this service was good, we should do something impactful like delivering food or medications to elderly and shut-ins in the county.

Patrick Heelen is our lead organizer of our group, he asked me to run with it, so I did. We put out a request for volunteers to step up and help. The goal being to 1) help our neighbors and 2) demonstrate to everyone that the staunch supporters of the Second Amendment are their neighbors and are people who protect and aid in a time of need.

We aren’t the image the media tries to paint us with.

We have organized into four teams of 6 and 7 members with team leaders directing their squads. We’ve been delivering food packages to the elderly and other at-risk individuals and we produced this video to help our volunteers stay safe.

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  1. Bless you all for making such a positive contribution to your community as well as fostering a positive image of support for our 2A.

  2. Wonderful story! While my large Indiana church(Hammond,IN Baptist)is not “officially” pro-2A I know a huge swath of churchgoers are gun owner’s(including the pastor). And we feed the homeless & take care of older folks. Go and do likewise…

    • Yes, absolutely. While I’m not a participant in a larger community group like the CC2a, I’m the “Neighborhood Watchman” of my street and – since I’m the only one venturing outdoors during recent weeks – have been helping my more elderly neighbors by doing minor yard work and making grocery runs for them.

    • What the hell are you doing in a computer at this time o day??? They say de lacs gotta be biting down theyre

  3. Appreciate them keeping the guys behind the camera this time. Maggie Cleary is whip smart and a lovely young woman too. She did a fine job there, excellent explanation, she’s absolutely right on how to remove gloves, and hey all that public service work for people in need is truly a shining example.

    I wonder if she is the same person as Mary Cleary, a young Assistant Commonwealth Attorney in them parts?

    Did I mention she’s right purty too?

  4. Oh , I wouldn’t taken a samish from a gunm guy,person, thing.. Nope Nope . Remember, gunms are bad, gunm owners are nutz. ,

  5. Maggie did an excellent job on that side of the lens. Many thanks go out to our other volunteers. We now hove over 80 volunteers with 8 teams doing deliveries and others helping with logistics and planning.

  6. Thanks for the update. I have a “no solicitors” sign at the door and only those f-tards of Jehovah witnesses occasionally knock, I usually chase them with a warning shot from my backyard, they keep sending different guys or gals lol.

    • About eight years ago I asked the JW’s when they knocked if they would remove me from their list. I pointed out my Stars and Stripes proudly flying and said “I’m a veteran and I’m flying the Flag…these are things you don’t respect…why would you even bother trying my door?” Ever since then when they are in the area they do not knock or stop at my place…works for me!

      • Also in MT, Never had any solicitors due to my location, but random people mostly tourist getting lost will occasionally drive down. Had a guy stop and take pictures of our house once and I walked out, not intentionally because I saw him, but just to go to my truck and saw him. Dead end road, so I told my buddy who was also there to come out with me and grabbed my OWB then waited in the road for him to drive back down. My buddy took the front of the car and I took the rear. We didn’t just make it obvious that we were trying to stop him, more like we had just walked out on the road. Fucken guy was a total idiot. Said he just liked the property and all kinds of tourist shit. He asked if it was for sale, because the land next to my property had a big for sale sign and he thought it was ours… really not hard to figure out with a road between the two properties and the sign being inside the other fence, not on our side. Normally I am pretty nice, but I told him to never come back and watched him delete the pictures. Wasn’t trying to intimidate him necessarily, but was certainly defensive about him basically spying on my property. I fucking hate tourists. All these short term rental fuckers driving up taxes and gas prices sky rocket during summer compared to winter because of them.

        Kind of unrelated, but there is a joke about some kids shooting pellet guns at cars with out of state plates while they drive by on the highway, and when the police confront them they comply. The police ask them “Why only out of state plates” and the kids answer “Because the local ones shoot back”.

  7. This article choked me up people. Way to go. Get er done folks. Now lets all find a way to help our small farms and owners. They need the help, we need they food.
    Latge corporation farms get help, big help from the goverment and can help themselfs with all the tax credits and investors monies not to mention large teams of corporate governance.
    But local little farms need help to stay afloat and solvent. These are the people who will need our support and help. Prices are down, and migrant workers who sometimes help locals as well, and mainly large corp farms are no longer there at this time.
    I’m not a farmer, but have lived in these farm communties many times in my life. They are the lifes blood of many many communities and people.
    Get that word out. GET ER DONE PEOPLE!

  8. Funny we don’t see Billionaire Bloomberg Soros Commi groups out helping people in need! Its the poor people helping other poor people! Shame on u cowards! Hell is going to be full!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Where are u Moms Demand & Everytown Commies??????

    • Bloomberg is assisting Shannon by buying her more pearls. She keeps crushing them to powder by clutching them so hard. And they have to be real natural pearls. Not the “fake” cultured ones.

  9. I am personally proud to be one of the Leads in Culpeper County 2A! From the start we have always put Our Constitution, & Community first. We will continue to put our best foot forward, & do all we can for Our 2A, Constitution, & Community. Thank you Maggie, you did fantastic. Ken West, we truly appreciate all of your hard work with Culpeper County 2A, & our community.


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