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Earlier today, TTAG reported that University of Colorado (CU) Physics Professor Jerry Peterson told a faculty meeting that he’d cancel class the moment he learned of any student [legally] carrying a firearm. According to, Chancellor Phil DiStefano [above] has disabused Professor Peterson of that notion. “DiStefano notified the Boulder campus faculty Tuesday afternoon that professors ‘do not have the right to shut down a class or refuse to teach’ should they learn that one of their students is lawfully carrying a gun under a concealed-carry permit. And, DiStefano added, any faculty members who do so will be in violation of their contracts and face disciplinary action.” Nothing personal? Of course not . . .

“I have the utmost respect for Professor Peterson, who is an old friend and valued colleague, but I want to make clear that if the student carrying the weapon has a concealed-carry permit, the position implied by Professor Peterson’s comments directly violates Colorado law and the operating principles of the campus,” DiStefano wrote in the e-mail to faculty.

Log this one under “two steps back.” DiStefano’s pee-pee whacking email only stop a prof from kicking out a student exercising his or her legal right to keep and bear arms. There’s still the little matter of the forced segregation of students with firearms into separate living facilities. Watch this space.

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  1. @Professor Peterson,

    Fvck you; strong message follows:

    Sit the fvck down. Shut the fvck up. Do your fvcking job.

    Fvck you very much; strong message ends.

    • If fovr-letter words are allowed by substitvtion, then the spam-filter shvld be modified to jvst allow it, for fvcks sake. This isn’t third grade – he’s thinking it when he writes it, we’re all thinking it when we read it.. can we jvst get over ovrselves already and get rid of the childish word filters?

      Otherwise, this svbstitvtion bvllshit shovldn’t be fvcking allowed, either, becavse it looks fvcking retarded and makes me feel retarded for having read it.

      • I’d rather have this site remain classier than YouTube video comments – most of those folks have trouble even spelling swear words. I still like RF’s mutherfvcking awesome spam filter just exactly the fvcking way it is.

        • I, on the other hand, think the spam filter is retarded, especially since it includes the word c0ck on a firearms related site. I’ve had comments about how to carry a 1911 held up for hours because they contained another way to describe Condition 1.

          But it’s Robert’s site, so he can do with it as he pleases.

      • James,

        Fantastic … I don’t think I have ever laughed so hard at a blog entry. I really needed that. Have a great weekend!

      • Oh, dear me. Well, I am very sorry that my fvcking retarded looking post made yov feel fvcking retarded. I can’t help myself; I’m a prodvct of the fvcking Institvte. If words on a screen are all it takes to make you feel fvcking retarded, yov may want to consider staying away from internet connections.

        “Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.” – Charles Caleb Colton

    • My professors are pretty much pro-gun. Professors are just like normal people. You have both extremists and centrists. They’re not aliens, ya know.


      CU Tuition Hike Funded Raises For Phil DiStefano, Other Top Administrators
      Boulder Chancellor Earned Extra $49,000; Some Regents Say They Were Misled
      Posted: 01/28/2012 10:32:39 PM MST

      The University of Colorado used money generated from last year’s 9.3 percent tuition hike to reward many of its top administrators with raises, increasing Chancellor Phil DiStefano’s salary by $49,000 to $389,000 and doling out tens of thousands of dollars in salary increases to other high-paid employees.

  2. If Prof. Peterson had an BALLS (which I doubt), he would MAN UP and RESIGN IN PROTEST. Otherwise, sit down and STFU – grown folk are talking

  3. I think it goes further than kicking out a student for carrying a gun. It threatens to take action if the teacher stops teaching the class, etc. Universities for decades have offered coed and single sex dorms and floors, and gotten away with it. So might they with gun-free dorms. It would be something to see universities try that separation with race, religion, ethnic group, etc and I’m Not suggesting I would like to see that.

  4. I’m sure there is a principle of physics involved here somewhere, like when Shit hits a Fan it attains a certain velocity. Jerry can probably explain it better than I can.

      • Eventually, most these guys like to blow shit up. Just like the rest of us. But a university environment might render them confused about self defense and other personal, practical matters. Eventually jump to minute 20

  5. Looks like the Chancellor knows that “When the Supreme Court makes a ruling, you should not try to find dozens of ways to get around the ruling. You should accept the ruling and move on.”

    If only the powerful people in Chicago and D.C. could learn that rule…

    • The elite of flatulent city feel they’re above any and all laws and rulings that don’t fit their views, agendas, etc and will either ignore them, or try to write some way around them. (Sorry Windy City residents, but your elected elitists make me feel like the city is windy because they’re breaking wind whenever a firearm is mentioned.)

    • Interesting question: what happens if a gun carrier applies for accommodation in an armed dorm, and there’s no room at the inn?

      • You raise an interesting question, but the odds of that happening are slim when you consider that the vast majority of college students are under 21 and therefore cannot obtain a CCW. It will only affect the far smaller pool of older/married students, most of whom live off campus anyway.

        • But wouldn’t you rather live next to someone who can protect you if necessary instead of becoming a statistic in tomorrow’s news?

  6. I look at it this way. Let’s say they allow the segregation. Imagine to their surprise when everyone requests to be in the housing where concealed carry is permitted!
    Well in order to handle the huge outpouring of requests they begin to turn more of their housing into concealed carry housing. Soon the target rich housing will be in short supply.
    So really we need to push for all CU students to tool up and get their permits. Eventually the school will not have any non concealed carry housing left! See they can keep their laws, and we will just work around them by increasing demand!
    I have to admit though at least they offer CCW on campus. Hopefully this “issue” will spread to other campuses across the country.

    • It wasn’t quite an “offer.” They fought the Colorado law on CCW to the top Court in the State. They were claiming that they were entitled to exemption under some kind of “special location” concept. The Court said, basically, you are correct: no weapons in your administrative and legal offices, because they qualify as hospitals, housing the intellectually challenged. OTOH, the rest of the University is absolutely covered by the State law, which preempts any local attempts at control..

      So, they “offer CCW” like a perp “offers” to leave when confronted with a shotgun pointed at his navel.

      Depending on the actual application, the segregated dorms and ban at the stadium might also cost the Colorado taxpayer some wasted money to defend.

    • +1

      But you…dude…

      … Guns are dangerous! … Like… Dude

      They would have to be smart to request the Non-Criminal Friendly dorm. Besides they have said those will be off campus… way to much of a drag, man.

  7. Anyone who carries in Professor Peterson’s class can expect a failing grade. Would that be an abuse of power? Why, yes, it would. Would a teacher actually do something like that? Why, yes, some would. In fact, I think that some professors live by the motto that there’s no point in having power if you can’t abuse it.

    • Then he had better not give any written tests. Even if he claims that the grade was based 100% on “class participation”, I suspect a judge and jury would find him guilty of fraud beyond any Heisenberg Uncertainty. Especially if said student records the class proceedings.

      Academic fraud, OTOH, would be easy to beat before the faculty council. But that does not carry compensatory and punitive damages.

      Of course, he didn’t help himself by preparing the battlespace with his shoot-himself-in-the-feet-and-what’s-in-between comments yesterday. But that’s typical; whatever intelligence he has is trumped by his arrogance.

    • Unlike the world of liberal arts courses and majors, the above-named professor teaches physics. On physics tests, you get it right or wrong, and the professor cannot change the rules of physics or mathematics to suit his agenda.

  8. When I’m a professor, I’ll carry concealed all day long, even on campus. Not one fvck given about any dumbass policy.

  9. My how times have changed. Way back in the mid-90’s my roomates and I thought nothing of storing our shotguns & rifles in our dorms. We were at a small Minnesota liberal arts college and would hunt the local fields & sloughs in the fall. I realize we were not concealed carrying, but I can only imagine how a couple of duck hunters coming back to campus might be looked upon today.


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