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Connecticut Governor Dannel Malloy reckons The Constitution State’s new gun registration laws make it safer for police responding to domestic disturbance calls because they’ll know what guns or “large capacity magazines” are in the house. Note: I didn’t write “what guns if any are in the house” because it’s entirely possible that a CT resident might have a *gasp* unregistered gun in their abode. Which means that any cop who assumes that CT’s multi-agency registry is accurate or comprehensive is an idiot. Which also makes Malloy’s argument for registration equally idiotic. As for Malloy’s “long term approach to regaining our safety in the United States,” maybe someone should tell the Gov that violent crime has been decreasing for decades even without his “gun safety” laws. Interviews like this make me I wonder what Nazi functionaries sounded like back in the day . . .

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      • I think it was only half post-production. I think there was one cameraman. The interviewer was filmed with a camera on a tripod, but the governor and the long two-shot down the table was filmed handheld. The camera shake on the interviewer was added in post to try to mask the horribleness of the handheld camera shake on the governor. The reason I say this is that on the governor, the camera was swaying like a drunken sailor and the governor moved in relation to the background behind him, as if the actual camera was moving left and right. In the shots of the interviewer, the background moved with him, like a post production reframe.

  2. As a CT resident I can assure you that this guy is looked at as a complete buffoon by all but the most hardcore liberals in the state. So yeah he’s probably considered a viable presidential candidate for the democrats. Headline in the local paper the other day said theres been @3300 “assault weapons” registered so far. Yeah I’m gonna say cops aren’t going to want to rely on that database too much.

    • Idiots and stooges elect idiots and stooges. And we’re supposed to “have faith in the electoral process”. I feel sick to my stomach.

      The only reason we haven’t been invaded by another country is that we’re better at doing the job ourselves. We have invaded ourselves. How fucking pathetic is THAT?

      • Preaching to the choir buddy.
        Sometimes, when I vote, I think ‘what good is this’
        Then an inner voice kicks in, ‘stay the course’

        Thankfully, the wife and kids have learned to think, read, see… So I know, that’s 5.

        • My own daughter, bless her, does a lot of online research online, particularly about health issues. I wish she read a great variety of books, like I did most of my life until recently. Now I can find only a few books I want to read, at all. But I still find a few, almost entirely non-fiction. I have very little use for fiction, at my age. There’s way too much fiction in “real life”, if you get my meaning.

        • Tom, sometimes (McCain) I have to tell myself, “It’s not so much a vote FOR the RINO as a vote AGAINST Obama and his regime.”

          If that’s all we’ve got we need to make the best use of it we can.

        • Here are your options. Choose one:
          ( ) Boiled in Oil
          ( ) Drawn and Quartered.

          Which is better?

          I’ve voted Libertarian for as long as I can remember voting. That’s the real way of voting against the two evils. The Libertarian might have a slim chance of winning (which, ICYCTCI*, has been increasing apace), but I can sleep at night knowing that when I get to the Pearly Gates, St. Peter isn’t going to check his register and say, “Hmmm. It says here you voted for the Lesser of Two Evils.

          “Well, sorry, Mr. Grise, but voting for the lesser of two evils is still voting for evil.” BZZZZZZT!

          And if enough people clue up and vote on principle rather than just hoping to join the biggest herd, we will win.

          * ICYCTCI = In Case You’d Care To Check It

        • Actually, there is also “burned at the stake” and “thrown to starving lions”. One of those is from the Green Party, and one is from the America First Party.

        • Cliff H: Remember its not just the vote for McCain or Romney for that matter. You cast votes for US Reps, US Senator, State Governor, State Legislators and State-wide elected politicians. Its only one vote for each candidate, but in some states, it can be dozens of votes.

          Remember folks: When the RINO is riding high on top a wave of praising media coverage during the primary, you still need to at least cast the votes for candidates that support the Constitution and all of the Bill of Rights. Even a RINO can support rights of gun owners when the House and Senate say “Yes You Will”

          Finally, nothing happens in a vacuum…if folks had gotten out and voted for Romney, the Senate most likely would have flipped too. In that case, do you think there would have been a run on firearms, concealed firearm licenses and ammo? I expect there would be fewer new gun owners today.

          The Federal coattails would have carried the day for some state level republicans/conservatives which would have impacted the gun confiscation laws passed by the states this year.

          On the other hand, Romney would be blamed for the Obamacare roll-out, accused of sabotaging the law for the sole purpose of oppressing the urban poor. Of course, the law would have been changed and folks really could have kept their insurance and doctor…nothing happens in a vacuum…

          You must vote. You might not get your way every time. You may never get your way when you don’t.

  3. If Malloy gets what he wants, it’ll probably work just as well as Canada’s registry did for its own police. The guys who had to go knock on doors and confront potentially violent people didn’t bother checking that stupid list before they went in. They knew it did nothing but put them in danger, and after a while they actively campaigned for its demise.

    For starters, it was ill-managed — the database and software were built by the same incompetents who were hired to produce the Obamacare website. And as we know, it wouldn’t have had any chance of being accurate even under the best management. It didn’t decrease the danger posed by violent criminals, who of course didn’t submit to the registry and remained anonymously armed. More than that, it guaranteed the enmity of anyone who did have unregistered guns, even if they were otherwise inclined to be peaceful.

    He thinks he’s got it all worked out, but he’s asking for a nightmare. For him and everyone else.

    • REALITY CHECK: These people THRIVE on such nightmares! They shift the blame and make hay all day.
      Well, someone else makes the hay for them.

  4. Malloy is biding his time until he can go work for Hillary. Malloy just follows the DNC dogma, he is robot. Malloy only economic policy is to give away loans that do not need to be paid back to companies leaving the state as quickly as they can.

    He is in a word, a failure!

    The Newtown report is suppose to be release on Monday. Both the NYC and CT News stations are saying there will be less in the released report than what people will want. Even if there is no conspiracy, many will believe there is and the peace the families say they want will never ever come.

  5. “… I wonder what Nazi functionaries sounded like back in the day . . .”

    It’s a pretty safe bet that they probably spoke German.

  6. The interviewer is from the Brookings institute, a think tank that claims non partisanship but notably has Diane Feinstein listed as a major contributor on wikipedia.

    I cry foul, Malloy has done little more than bully the legislature into passing legislation, excluding public input in the final bill when emergency certification was used. Certainly his “leadership” in the state has left it worse off economically as well as constitutionally.

      • I partook of a personal tour of Brookings Inst. conducted by a pot smoking employee, the place was not inspiring by any means, it seemed more of a dorm room than anything else

        • You were taken in, then. It would be a huge mistake to underestimate their influence within the Pentagon.

        • William, from firsthand experience, here’s how it works in the Pentagon:

          A politician gets an idea implanted by someone. If they rank highly enough and are affiliated with the ruling party, the idea is passed to an SES in the Pen (probably a political appointee). The SES calls the “think tank pet de joure” and asks them for a study about the pol’s idea. The think tank pet calls the pol for the answer. The think tank pet then conducts an appropriately-expensive study and writes a learned report documenting the results of the pol’s answer, and presents it and an outrageous bill to the SES.

          Rinse and repeat.

          You will notice that at no point is an actual member of the military involved directly in this process. Their roles are primarily Support (getting coffee for the SES and extending the SES’ influence in the Pen and the field) and Execution (window dressing and credibility for SES’ Congressional testimony and fighting wars). They hope on or before retirement for a easy job at high pay with a contractor or (the best outcome) at the pet think tank de joure.

  7. I very seriously doubt they’ll get more than single-digit percentile of all of the modern sporting rifles and standard-capacity magazines in the state.

    This so-called “registry” will be just as big a flop for Disconnected-cut as Canada’s was for them. Only it won’t eventually be scrapped, but probably expanded.

    • I don’t think they’ll consider it a flop. The fewer that are registered means the more they come across can be confiscated & destroyed.That’s their real dream, not to just know where they are.

  8. So when cops do roll up on a call where they know there’s a gun in the house, how many innocents are they going to accidentally shoot?

  9. On the plus side, the Nazis had fanatical diehards that were so in-tuned to party’s wishes that they jumped at the chance to get their hands dirty, to prove their devotion to the cause.
    These morons? This is only a cause until the next outrage. When the time comes to actually try and enforce their idiot policies, half of them will have forgotten this was still on the itinerary, and the other half will look on in disbelief when the cops shrug their shoulders at it. And then they too will shrug their shoulders.

    • Hmm, fanatical diehards? Holmes, Lanza, Assad, Alexis, what seems like the entire city of Chicago, they seem to have no shortage of drugged up lefty psychos to unleash on a defenseless populace. There would be more on that list, but there are still men and women out who choose to exercise their right to defend themselves and others.

      • They have a factory somewhere that churns these guys out whenever there’s a gun bill being introduced into either house.

    • Dumb? That comment may well be one of the dumbest things I’ve read in some time. His ethnic background or the nationality of his ancestors has nothing to do with this issue. And if his ancestors where in fact “potato famine” Irish then he was too stupid to learn the lessons of what an oppressive government can do to people. Sad fact is, all that Malloy is is nothing but small minded ignorant AMERICAN Liberal fraud. You know, the type of fool that generalizes about entire groups of people based on the actions of one.

      • Some years ago, I was a regular at a local watering hole where I’d drink beer and throw darts. One day, five Irish guys showed up; they were here to teach and coach soccer and off-duty, kick us yanks’ ass at darts and drink us under the table. I thought it was way cool when one day one of the guys quipped, “If ye cain’t shoot dahts when ye droonk, ye cain’t shoot dahts!”

    • Speaking as a descendant of famine Irish as well as some of the original Irish sent to the colonies as slaves, kindly remove all your speaking appendages for great justice.

  10. My sympathy for cops invading people’s homes is right there below the spiders and ants that invade my home; at leat the bugs aren’t liable to shoot me. I don’t see the value in making home invasions safe for the police. I prefer that they only do so in very rare circumstances.

    • Yep, with a no knock warrant, I don’t know if the black masked heavily armed men are criminals dressed as cops or the real thing who picked the wrong address.

      I can deal with criminals and if I survive; I won’t be going to jail for the rest of my life.

      The no knock out warrant, Assets forfeitures, arrest and denial of habeous corpus, and legal torture ie, water boarding.

      We really have become a totalilitarian police state with all the vile and perverted actions we have attributed to the worst of dictatorships; the only thing left to make this truth the reality for everyone is to have the government start nation wide gun confiscation and mass arrests of American citizens branded as insurrectionists.

      I will not be shocked to see this happening in my life time, if not sooner.

  11. It sounds like instead of improving police safety it would breed complacency (“no registered guns here, this will be an easy one”….oops!) and actually lower officer safety in reality.

  12. The arrogance and attitude of this man is appalling. He thinks he is so courageous for limiting people’s Constitutional rights and insuring the government has a monopoly on violence to control the citizenry. I weep for Connecticut.

    • I don’t, CT voters elected him.
      My sympathy lies with the voters who made the effort to vote against him. They’re the true ‘victims’.

  13. Article18 chapter 926a; Firearms Owners Protection Act of 1968. Apparently Malloy or the State of CT. never read it.Regarding Gun Registration in the United States,IT’S ILLEGAL.why should they care ,these states break Federal Law every day and they step all over the 2nd Amendment like it’s not there.They could care less that they are sworn to protect the Laws of the United States and it’s Constitution,once they get in office all bets are off.
    Recalls and Lawsuits are all they understand .Their enacted Gun Laws only embrazen criminals as it does nothing to stop Sandy Hook Types.They are still out there and they just prey no one is armed when they strike.
    I hate to say it ,but until these knot heads learn a thing or two about firearms,self defense,and oh ya,THE 2ND AMENDMENT,more Sandy Hooks are potentially out there and this Idiot is ill prepared!
    Unarmed the State,ya that’s a good idea,let the criminals try to pass OUR background checks,ya that’s gonna happen NOT. 12,20,30 and in our state 62 time offenders have guns.they didn’t get from dealers,gunshows Internet,etc. they got them off the street,stolen from homes of law abiding citizens.But Idiots like Malloy and all the rest of these bleeding heart liberal clueless know nothing’s have to impress the rest of the bleeding heart liberal know nothing’s cause that’s who elected them.

  14. Holy pickled eggs batman! This guy is dangerous!! CT better wake up fast or the place will become a mass grave for people he doesn’t agree with.

  15. Ah, just how many stand offs with assault rifles to police in Conn. deal with daily. The number, if it even exists, does it make the expensive bureaucracy worthwhile?


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