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CT Gov, Malloy (courtesy

“Connecticut Gov. Dannel Malloy (D) said on Sunday that state gun control measures passed after the massacre at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown helped him pick up votes in the town against his Republican opponent,” As did union support, anti-Republican animus and a bunch of other factors. That didn’t stop Malloy from claiming that his victory was a ringing endorsement for his post-Sandy Hook slaughter “assault weapons” registry and ban and magazine capacity limits, blowing a big wet kiss and Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America (if not by name) . . .

I think there was an appreciation that we stepped forward and did the right thing and that we weren’t afraid to do the right thing when it came to guns . . .

Quite clearly support of the gun legislation was a contributing factor, particularly amongst women. Women was a group, a demographic that we went after not only about guns, paid sick days, we talked about raising the minimum wage and, uh, uh, Obamacare and all of those things led to a very large gap in our ability to attract women’s votes . . .

The Republicans went after the male vote using guns and we went after the women’s vote using guns.

So there’s a male – female divide on guns? In a sense, yes. After all, it’s not Moms and Dads for Gun Sense in America. But I doubt it’s a split in the sense that women and men in the same household vote differently based on their views on gun control.

In the interview at the link above [no embed code], Malloy attributes a drop in crime to the moon’s lunar orbit the new gun control laws and expresses no regrets about PTR’s move out of state in response to the “assault weapons” ban. “We’re not making you leave the state,” he insists, while suggesting that their products lead to the death of “babies and teachers.”

Anyway, the incumbent Malloy won by a slim margin (51 to 48 percent). In my book that’s not a ringing endorsement for anything in a notoriously deep blue state. And Malloy’s post-election  remarks did nothing to de-escalate the tensions created by The Constitution State’s unconstitutional, post-Newtown gun control laws – which turned thousands of otherwise law-abiding gun owners into criminals.

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  1. Me personally, I consider what he did as treason even if some do not agree. Regardless, it bugs me to no end that he is proud of it.

    • I think the description of Dan Malloy as “Lying” and “Idiot” deserve a bit of explanation.

      First he is lying about MDA voting him in because of his gun control. Unless he means that they helped him “skirt clean election laws”. Or maybe helped in making the vicious attack ads that were aired, or MDA assisted the media in sanitizing Malloy’s campaign news of the bad press that Malloy deserved while promoting attacks on his opponent. Maybe MDA helped in squandering millions of dollars to create the impression that jobs are being created in CT. Or MDA assisted in getting the cities to rally over the visits from the Obamas, and helped write the glowing articles about Michelle Obama, that were more pro Obama policy propaganda than fact. Maybe MDA helped Malloy suppress the news about how bad Connecticut is doing economically compared the rest of the country and how there is a migration of people out of Connecticut.

      This just scrapes the surface how MDA could have “helped” Malloy.

      As for the “Idiot” part, Malloy’s signing and “early release” program for criminals that resulted in at least two murders. Signing a bill that declares that Connecticut is “First in Flight” not the Wright Brothers and North Carolina. Signing a bill that allows illegal immigrants to come to Connecticut and get a Drivers License, with the condition that a criminal background check be done, but only check for crimes done in CT, not nationally, and prohibits Police Officers from reporting illegal immigrants to immigration.

      This is just the very short list.

      • I think it also didn’t help Foley that a number of the “independent” Grow CT campaign ads, spoke against Malloy, endorsed Foley, then claimed to be independent of any candidate. Fine endorse Foley but don’t claim to be independent or act like you are, those claims were a crock of shit to anyone honest.

  2. CT is a blue state, Malloy was not going to win or lose on the gun issue. There was some chance with Hickenlooper in CO, but never with Malloy. Some legislative seats do seem to have been picked up by the Republicans in CT. In Colorado, the State Senate flipped, and even The Denver Post recognizes that the gun vote tipped the scales, including Hudak’s resigning to avoid a recall vote, which put her seat on the ballot in this election.

    Nationally, the Democrats will be conducting a thorough review of the election. I suspect they will end up with a clear picture of the role gun rights did or did not play in various states, and draw their conclusions accordingly.

  3. Hmmm…if republicans and libertarians showed up WHEN IT COUNTS these smug a##wipes would be out of a job. It’s not like they had a record turnout. See-most of the rest of America.

  4. The “journalist’s” fawning agreement with Malloy made me ill.

    And it was PTR that left CT. Beretta left MD thanks to similar gun control laws. And Maryland elected the Republican.

  5. Worse yet, Malloy sees this slim victory (around 20,000 votes out of over a million cast) as a mandate for further gun control.

    CT is about to go Industrial-Strength Stupid.

    • I can honestly understand why Malloy sees it that way.

      Wins by 25,000 votes this time after AN ACT CONCERNING CHILDRENS’ SAFETY, won by 7,000 votes last time against the same opponent.

      Everything else in the state (economy, job growth being the big ones) continues to be terrible.

      Edit: He also ran a deeply dirty and personal campaign, which should have turned off voters.

      So, what is he supposed to credit with his expanded margin?

      I’m more inclined to just think that my fellow residents are idiots and actually think the bill does something besides disarming and actively harming the personal safety of the state’s law-abiding citizens.

  6. He is such an idiot . He lost over the gun control issue and he dam well knows it. The what it won was the black and Latino vote in the 3 major city’s . He was way behind in the vote count but gave a victory speech. What dose that tell you about the idiot ? No he did not win on gun control look at the towns he won in Newtown was not one of them unless they added lots of Votes to it after they reported. Funny that the 3 city’s that have the highest gun related crimes is where he won the votes who lives in those city’s ? The black and Latino voters that who. The thing that hurts Foley is they keep banging the ads that state that Tom made millions and put lots of people out of work and Tom dose not atack Dan Dan the liar liar man. Tom tried twice to run a non negitive campaign against a scum that will say anything to get votes. Well as I told them that if Malloy’s camp pulled a win out THIER buts I was going to move to another state and I will not long after they fix my back.

  7. he won by a very thin margin. i am sure more progunners than usual showed up to vote against him than pro-gunners showed up to vote. he is just throwing a bone to MDA.

  8. Now that he has been re-elected, let’s see if he has the stones to enforce the gun law that turned thousands and thousands of CT gun owners into felons who didn’t/wouldn’t register their “assault weapons”. Or will he wait for SCOTUS to “shoot it down”.
    Could get sporty if he starts getting all Gestapo kicking in doors. He won’t do any door kicking of course, because his armed security will be protecting his cowardly a$$.

  9. Of course this article is lying spin, and here is proof:
    1. Malloys lips are moving
    2. Its HuffPo.

    The truth, that the StateRunMedia™ is desperate to avoid is this:

    1. Malloy was beating Foley with a close but comfortable lead:

    2.Until Joe Viscounti threw his Tea Party and 2A support behind Foley.

    In other words 2% plus minimum of the vote was gun rights.
    I hardly think Shannon Watts had much to do with this, when she can barely muster a dozen faux protesters in heavily pre publicized protests outside a Krogers, …but thats lost on the credible idiots at HuffPo readership, too.

    3. The key take-away that was not enough to overcome the Democrat hosted vote fraud, rampant in blue states, and proven in CT.

    4. And I defer to CT insiders as to results on the ground, but one study showed that where the margin of victory was less than 1% , that Dems won 4 times as often, and vote fraud was implicated as the key factor.

    Lets take in those lessons learned, and keep our eyes on the ball.
    Obama and other activist progtards are only going to double down, to try to preserve the agenda, and the self-perceived mandate of imperial power, despite what surveys and elections show. And their activist propagandists (HuffPo, Slate, MoJo, and faux aggregators, Politico, Media Matters, Vox, and die hard journolistas embedded in the various Party Organs like Nocera at NYT, wont stop passing along the WH coordinated Talking Points Memos as news….

    No, if anything, the GunGrabber In Chief pretty much spelled it out in his Fvck You Post Election Presser…he is gonna double down and dares Congress to stop him.

    That means, the party is over, POTG. Back to work. Bad as it was to hold our noses and vote for Roberts, Cochran, those stuffed owls DID give the Senate the ability to block anti-gun SCOTUS appointees, and approve pro freedom candidates. And we aren’t gonna win the close races, or isues, in circular firing squads, as POTG, or internecine GOP fights close to the finish, especially in close races when the progtard grabbers are cheating.

    And that lesson is NOT lost on the left, either…

    • PS: I know I am preaching to the choir, but just in case there might be one remainig investigative reporter left in the SRM, now that Atkisson has left, looking for a story, not yet covered…

      The CO governors race is a similar example. Google the controversial vote registration requirements easing signed into law by Hickenlooper just before the election. We didnt see much coverage of this or complaints by Tea Party and other voter monitoring, but it seems pretty clear there was voter ballot harvesting going on in the big Dem districts in Boulder and Denver, and late results indicate the big changes in final counts confirmed vote fraud likely.

      Now, you aren’t going to see this “vote fraud as margin of victory story”covered in the SRM™, just as Ebola cases were pulled by consensus, as admitted bybthe AP, and alarming OTM numbers from Border Patrol were pulled by Jeh Johnson, pre-election.

      But the active agitprop WILL continue, and that means we POTG have to continue to spread the word on TTAG, and do so working together, towards strategic goals, with tactical wins along the way, and learn from losses, on our own, as we and other not so well informed Americanscarent gonna get t from thec”news” reporters.

      Read Stonewalled for more proof. You think Obama, Holder, Susan Rice, and their enablers are gonna do anything but double down? Whats the downside? Contempt of Congress? Vs ts, the their “Activist Legacy” they can dine ouf on and spin for the next 30 years of big speaking fees, and honorariums at various Left org, and ego stroking as power brokers with access? Cmon, worked for the disbarred groper in Chief, Bubba, and his demonstrably incompetent spouse, HRC…

      You think they care what the average voter thinks?

  10. Makes me wonder how many married couples vote differently on gun control issues. Or maybe they would be more appropriately called “single mom’s demand action. . .”. Or “mom’s and their p-whipped husband’s demand action. . .”

  11. This is going to take SCOTUS action to rectify. Even if they sent him packing there needs to be a legal challenge to the law to kill it. No one is going to vote to upend it, they just don’t have the balls.


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