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In the video above, the jefe of the Campaign to Stop Gun Violence opens his mouth and confirms his ignorance on Constitutional law, guns and gun control. But not just intentionally. Ladd “Pro-Gunners Fear FEMA Camps” Everitt demonstrates a breathtaking lack of command of the facts of the matter. For example, at 29:45 (yes I listened that long…you’re welcome), Everitt admits that New York’s post-Newtown SAFE Act went too far . .  .

I think that legislation certainly it was rushed. It was done quickly on purpose. And there was stuff in there too like, you know, for example, I understand that, you correct me if I’m wrong on the specifics, but I think originally they limited magazine size to something like six rounds, right? And then there was so much response to that that they then peeled that back to what was it ten maybe fifteen I don’t even know.

Everitt, who works day and night for civilian disarmament in its many forms, didn’t know that the SAFE Act originally limited ammo magazine capacity to seven rounds, and that a court struck it down as a Constitutional infringement (imagine that)? He didn’t/doesn’t know that the current SAFE Act statute stipulates a 10-round maximum magazine capacity limit?

Ironically enough, Everitt goes on to excuse New York lawmakers’ ignorance on guns by saying that “no one expects legislators to be experts on every single topic.”

No, but you’d kind hope that politicians who swear to uphold the United States Constitution would know that the document bars infringement on Americans’ natural, civil and Constitutionally protected right to keep and bear arms – a right that’s subject neither to the democratic process or [weak-ass] arguments about social utility.

Here’s a fact: neither Ladd Everitt nor Empire State statists care about Americans’ gun rights. They would abolish them if they could. Sad but true.

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    • Its not like I chose this haircut fella, it was chosen for me. Cant help my facial flare is awesome 🙂

      • If your profile picture is to be believed, you have a mustache as well as a goatee. It’s only when a bald man has a goatee, and only a goatee, that he should not be trusted.

    • Hmmm. Bald, check. Goat (my son can’t get the ‘ee’ part), check. Harley, check.

      Ah, saved by the mustache. 😉

  1. The original intent was indeed 7 rounds. CA and other states are stuck with 10 round limits. If I recall, NYC has a 5 round limit. It’s pretty obvious that the endgame is Zero.

    • NYC on handguns is the same, 10 rounds but on shotguns and rifles with detachable magazines it’s 5 because they looked at “Fudd guns” like the Remington 760/742 and variants and saw they had a 5 round mag like the Browning BAR sporter.


  2. Ant! I miss him on Opie and Anthony; his rants were awesome and he wasn’t afraid to argue with celebs about guns.

    • I miss him too, and I’m too cheap to pay for his podcast. Plus I primarily listen in my car. I always enjoyed him destroying libs.

  3. How do I know more about his job than he does? This douche gets paid for this nonsense, come on.

    I can never tell if he is a kooky true believer or just a paid for shill. I know he’s not afraid to mix it up in person, troll and argue.

    Well not with me. I got banned from the handful of venues that accept comments years ago.

    • I take back some of the name calling. I listened to all of that. The CSGV I know is a snarky troll site with the comments closed to everyone but fanatics. I think Everitt is fighting a losing battle, even with a flood of Bloomberg cash, but I give him some respect for debating.

  4. Since when has not being an expert on any topic stopped a legislator from making something they don’t understand a felony.
    “Shoulder thing that goes up” springs to mind.

  5. Ironically enough, Everitt goes on to excuse New York lawmakers’ ignorance on guns by saying that “no one expects legislators to be experts on every single topic.”

    So lawmakers get a free pass when it comes to writing laws thats only fair they’re human, but the citizenry better damn well be legal scholars of the highest degree when it comes to following this legalese doublespeak. Nothing to see here citizen, move along citien.

    • No, but gun owners better know every jot and tittle of the law or else it’s jail time for us. No mercy.

  6. Its actually worth listening to. Its not a one sided rant like usual. Everitt can generalize well enough, but his specifics fall apart.

  7. “CSGV’s Ladd Everitt Doesn’t Know the Truth About Guns”

    In other news, the sky is blue!

  8. Ironically enough, Everitt goes on to excuse New York lawmakers’ ignorance on guns by saying that “no one expects legislators to be experts on every single topic.”
    All are useful idiots.

  9. Sure, I don’t expect legislators to be experts on every topic. But I DO expect them to listen to those that ARE experts over those that are not on such topics.

    • The problem with that is, you can find an “expert” to back up any conclusion you want to make.

  10. They don’t care about firearms knowledge or facts because this isn’t about firearms or facts. It’s about total control and government rule.

    That’s the truth.

  11. R Farago: “For example, at 29:45 (yes I listened that long…you’re welcome),”

    I dont know how you do it. Kudos to you.

  12. Thanks for taking a bullet. But is he lying or just stupid? It’s hard to tell-oh yeah I got the mustache/beard thing but I have most of my hair. I never intend to shave head…

  13. When the alternative is looking like Art Garfunkel, I think I’d go for the shaved look myself. Beats paying full price at the barber shop for half the work..

  14. @30:00–Have these guys never heard of a male gynecologist? Do they think only female doctors do abortions? I’m sorry, but that is a perfect display of ideology trumping even rudimentary intelligence. I don’t think either of these idiots has an hour and a half’s worth of worthwhile listening between them. Pretty amazed that the idea that the wannabe gun regulators should at least know a little bit about guns was aired here.

  15. I don’t expect legislators to be ‘experts’ on every topic but I would expect them to have a basic understanding of the topics they happen to be legislating…

  16. 6… 7… who cares. I don’t find this to be that offensive, anymore than he normally is.

  17. Since our lawmakers cannot be an expert on all topics, perhaps the relevant constitution (State for State lawmakers, US for Federal lawmakers) should be read aloud in full, amended, form at the beginning of each week while in session. With anyone not present for the reading being disallowed from any vote except abstention for that week. They should probably also all be given printed copies as well (for the State level, they should probably get the US Constitution in printed form as well, since it does bear some relevance upon them).

  18. Adam “I shot my mom and stole her guns” Lanza, ya boob! Now, technically, he didn’t illegally purchase them – he stole them – so, technically I’m wrong, but man do I hate how he forgot an inconvenient fact.

  19. HE SHOT 70 PEOPLE BECAUSE HE USED A SHOT GUN AT FIRST YOU LYING #$%^&*%$#@#$%&*&^%$#@#$^(*&!!!!!

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