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The group Betsy Riot specializes in childish vandalism in their quest to oppose their fellow Americans’ civil rights.  They paste stickers, hang illegal signs, paint graffiti and deface traffic signs with crude, profane anti-gun messages. In 2016, they mailed Christmas cards with graphic imagery of gunshot wounds to a variety of high-profile gun folks including Robert Farago.

Today, Betsy Riot seems almost dead, judging by the lack of activity on their website. The group describes their followers as “neosuffragists and punk patriots.” And their mission? They believe their profanity-laden “sabotage” fights fascism (of course) and will rescue the USA from President Donald Trump. Really.

Because defacing property with stickers and other forms of vandalism worked so well for a tiny group of animal rights nutcases in years past, right?

Apparently Betsy Riot has one die-hard follower in my hometown of Bloomington, Illinois.  Because once in a while he or she will slap crude Betsy Riot labels on copies of GunNews left in a laundromat.

The owner, a member of Guns Save Life, shares the gun rights gospel with his customers who wish to read it. Clearly, not all of those washing their clothes welcome a diversity of opinion when it comes to gun ownership.

More recently, I have noticed some similar crude stickers slapped on stop signs at an intersection near a large trailer park on the south end of town. When I called the local public works department, the office staff seemed appalled. The crudely-executed, anti-gun vandalism didn’t last long.

Looking at the Betsy Riot website, their most “recent” post went up February 15th. Their most recent “action” post went online last October.  Perhaps someone got caught by police? Or maybe their mother finally kicked them out of the basement.

Not only does their website seem abandoned, but it looks as though the good guys have taken control of the Betsy Riot Facebook page.

Maybe Betsy Riot’s problem is that their Antifa brothers in arms have sucked all the oxygen out of the violent leftist room. Or did the agitator(s) behind the organization move on with their life? Who knows.  Time will tell though.

For now, if we listen carefully, we can hear the death rattles in yet another anti-gun organization.

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  1. Gun control is a failure on a grand scale. But aside from that. If you get into groups like antifa and betsy riot at some point you face the mirror and realize that aside from a brown shirt and swastika arm band you are the new nazi. That’s a stomach churning moment for a lot of folks.

    Those that can hold their puke down, or actually grow to like the taste, move on to management slots in antifa. The guys that hide in the shadows and send their gullible minions out to face death or prison.

    • Soros was convicted of insider trading in France in 2002 and lost the last of his appeals in 2011.
      Why is a criminal maggot like Soros allowed to work in the US securities industry and why hasn’t he been stripped of his adopted US citizenship ?
      He should have been cuffed, booked and mugshoted like Rep Collins. I wonder if Cuomo or one of his cronies was paid off to look the other way.

      • “I wonder if Cuomo or one of his cronies was paid off to look the other way.” Cuomo doesn’t have to be “paid off”. He’s more than willing to do everything he can to help destroy America and it’s freedoms.

    • Trump damned near caught Soros Damit boy. After NAZI hiding in America was finally Arrested. Now Soros, David Homo Brock, and Obama and Hillary and Billy and all we have witnessed, from the days of GHW Bush, Muller on down and hate to say it, but Obama and many more need to hang!

      • One you all missed, a billionaire buddy of Soros who has matched Soros monetary support of the left (, etc.): Peter Lewis CEO/owner of Progressive Insurance which he inherited. Odd how these millionaire/billionaire scions can turn against the very America that made their families wealthy.
        Progressive Insurance just helps Soros fund the anti-American/anti-Constitution left.

  2. Cowardly actions of ignorant punk’s with no life to speak of. Find the rocks you & yours crawled out from under , I will gladly lift said rock’s so you can crawl back where y’all belong !! & Fuck your group , repeatedly !!

  3. So the crusty feminazis couldn’t get any of that sweet Soros/Bloomberg cash and they’re fading into obscurity… Good riddance to bad rubbish.

    A couple years ago I took down several stickers and posters on the college campus where I work, and haven’t seen any since.

  4. Anarchists are dangerous. I live in NYC(Not by choice) and any far left group is allowed to get away with almost any crime against the populace. I’ve seen young kids get assaulted on July 4th by anarchists 2-3x their age. My kids tell me their teachers bitch and moan about trump in school and whoever does not go along with it has their grades negatively impacted. My local bar is a target for antifa provocateurs. The cops work in concert to arrest anybody that defends themselves against left wing aggression. A 50 year old man was ambushed leaving the bar, as soon as he defended himself the sirens blared and the anarchists fled. He was arrested and is being put through hell by the city for having the gall to stand up for himself. The city wont do anything to stop these attacks on us and we all know the city supports it. Where I live was one of the only few parts of NYC to vote for trump in the last election.

  5. Kids having fun. They do have the right to protest. Vandalism is against the law, they should be arrested.

  6. I’m sure if you ask Slate, or Vox, or Mic, or any one of the other Millenial Monosyllabics they’ll explain they had to take a break, due to being overwhelmed by the love and adulation of the People.

  7. This Betsy Riot sounds like the animal rights extremists we have in our area with the same personality defect. If they have the same mental issues, they won’t change. They might go to ground for a while but like many other mental cases, they can blow up at the slightest provocation! This type of behavior isn’t normal. It isn’t just a case of children having fun but of mental cases that need mental health help — although they think it’s the rest of us who need the help! Better yet they need to be caught and put away from society unless they can be put on meds to help them deal with society on a normal basis.


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