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Back in February, we reported on Cosmopolitan‘s war on men with guns. Here’s the continuation of that ill-advised campaign: Cosmo girls playing anti-firearms footsie with their gun-owning significant other. The men attempt to mount a defense (so to speak) — and end-up looking like p*ssies. Result? “These guys looked so nervous and uncomfortable bc they know they are wrong!” commentator Lola opines. “This is stupid,” Kaylee Tascone retorts. “I personally would want a man that owns a gun and knows how to use it, and be a gun owner myself.” And could look anyone in the eye and defend it too, I imagine. The culture war continues.


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  1. Why is it that these anti gunners only show the man being pro second amendment? There are a ton of women who are as well.

    • I, a female, used to read magazines like cosmo and read the online blogs that are similar, until I realized that these are possibly the dimmest bulbs on the planet. They are all liberal, politically correct and completely stupid. They attack anything that has traditional values, though they claim to be ‘accepting’ and ‘welcoming’. They promote everything that is wrong with America and it’s polluting the minds of the impressionable female youth.

      Ok, rant is done.

        • Amen. I had a short-lived relationship with a nice girl in high school. She and her older sisters read Cosmo and shared some article info. My oh my how brain cells start dying off when that’s the topic of discussion.

      • Your rant is just fine.

        If I may amplify a bit…

        I’ve just about had it with the term ‘Politically Correct’.

        Why the *Hell* are we just laying down and letting them own that term?

        ‘Politically Correct’ should be equal opportunity on the politics, not just that leftist propaganda…

        (Sub-rant over)

    • The beauty of media is they can show you whatever they want. Regardless of the industry in question, you focus on the positive side of your position, the negative side of the opposing position, and finally, control the conversation. The sheep will follow.

    • My wife’s had her carry permit longer than I have, and I’ll happily admit she’s a better shot than I am (my eyes ain’t what they used to be). She doesn’t read cosmo, but is currently doing her dammedest to sink a Yamato class BB in World of Warships. I think I’ve got a keeper.

    • Funny you should mention that.

      Years ago in usenet, there was an alleged Indian “woman” who was not only anti-gun, but anti-self-defense as well. “She” counseled woman to abjure violent self-defense in favor of moral suasion.

      Of course “she” was eventually outed as a male Australian leftist.

  2. OK, could not watch very long.
    I don’t know what hell happened to younger generations but I can’t stand to listen to whisper, little girl voices from either gender. SPEAK UP or shut the f**k up.

    • I also couldn’t get far into the video (I was eating breakfast and was afraid I would lose it onto the keyboard), but it occurred to me early on that this was another of those media ploys – The females’ statements were clear, declarative, easy to hear while the male responses were tentative, conciliatory and difficult to hear because their mikes were set to a lower level.

      Yes, the females were young and sexually attractive, even Sean Penn fell for that bit of bait, but are these guys so emotionally retarded that they couldn’t imagine ever getting laid again if these particular girls tossed their asses out on the street just for owning guns? Ever hear the phrase “plenty of fish in the sea?”

      And by the way, how did these p*ssy men manage to last 1.5 or 2 years in a relationship with these “ladies” and just now they discover she has a problem with him owning guns? Or she just now discovered that he actually owns guns? Oh yeah, it’s Cosmo. The assumption must be that the girls are so hot that they have spent the entire previous period in the sack and no other topic was important enough to discuss than how to please your woman sexually. Now that SHE has decided maybe the guy will be an adequate ATM machine for her to pay for their kid’s college education, NOW she is worried that he’ll have a gun and she won’t be able to get a little on the side when she gets tired of him in bed. Or he’ll get tired of her bullshit one day and use the gun to kill her and her devil spawn.

      If these guys don’t each grow a pair and tell these girls they would be better off with each other than with an actual man then they should turn in their weapons and their government permission slips and just accept their role as sperm donors and cash providers. IMHO.

      • So, it boils down to an evaluation of “is the f*cking you’re getting worth the f*cking you’re getting.”
        If I’m told I ‘have to’ ditch my firearms, it’s clear that what, or in this case who, I have to ditch is my playmate.

  3. Living in DC the pussy men don’t own guns. They are have been emasculated already. They sit with their ball buster girl friends and metrosexual pals and quietly attempted to mock real men. Then we take their girl friends home because girls realize they need a man.

    • My wife identifies this sub-male, sub-species as “Northern Virginia Man”. You are SO on the mark in your description!

      • Not all of us Northern Virginia “Men” are like that. Unfortunately, too many of them are. One of the reasons I don’t live there any more.

      • Your wife is a wise woman. You have a keeper. Sadly, my work brought me here and I actually enjoy it. Being smarter and older than the average Northern Virginia Male I made sure I bought my house in an area populated by mostly true locals and other military types.

        I recently found a group of people that “get it”. It makes drinking beer in public much more enjoyable.

    • Or Sean. Hannity…oh wait…he’s just a pussy, maybe not pussy whipped but certainly a pussy…uh oh…was that
      out loud…God I hate him

      • I have my share of issues with Mr. Hannity, first and foremost that he’s a bully and revels in that position. He is not, however, a pussy, by any stretch of that definition. He is a gun owner, may even have one of the few legal New York City permission slips to carry a pistol, and is actively involved in training in Mixed Martial Arts.

        I doubt any of the women in the video above would last 30 seconds in an interview with Hannity. That doesn’t mean I have to like him, but I do have to respect his masculinity.

  4. My now wife when were dating told me I had to sell my guns before we got married. I told her we weren’t getting married then. She quickly changed her mind, and now five years later wants to go shooting. I still haven’t got her out to the range yet, but she pulled a full 180 from before.

  5. The premise of this video would indicate that they started with actual men….however they did not.

    It would also appear that someone forgot to close the italics tag

  6. When I was in the dating game before I was married, the women I dated knew within the first two days I had guns(emphasis on guns) because I would take them shooting and if they had a problem with that we were done. I even had one girl I was dating tell me ” you can only go fishing or hunting 2 weeks out of the year” I laughed and said no, needless to say we aren’t together anymore.

    • Smart man. No real man ever makes excuses and rationalizes his hobbies to a woman. You never allow a woman to dictate the frame of a relationship. You are the man, you lead. Especially at the start of a relationship. A real man would invite a girl to shoot and if she gives the slightest amount of close minded cosmo sass, she would be downgraded immediately.

      These girls in these cosmo videos are closed minded and do not respect their partners.

  7. My thought while watching this:
    “Eject, eject, EJECT DAMMIT!”

    Those women need to be educated and those men need to (for a lack of a better word) man up.

    The men should have likewise posed questions along the line of “if someone broke into the home with you and the kids there, wouldn’t you want a gun to fight off the intruder” or “If you were walking the street and got mugged, wouldn’t you want to be able to fight back?” But we already know that their actions would betray their words…

    • You sir or ma’am win the Internet today!

      I’ll be nodding off to sleep this evening with a smile on my face quietly thinking about your “eject” commentary!

    • Mine the other day: I haven’t shot my pea shooter in a while (her LCP), can we do that this weekend?
      Me: drool…

  8. The one thing I notice in this video is that all these men are effeminate, they have the voice of a borderline homo, and they are low testosterone men. Not one of these guys spent a summer growning up working on a ranch, does deadlifts, or is the leader in the relationship.

    The state of the american male is very sad. The fact that women are being brainwashed into avoiding masculine men, and dating these chumps like these is even sadder.

    The first step in having complete control of a society is the break up the bonds between men and women. Make the men girly and make the women tatted up tanks girls. You then promote sexual deviancy and destroy marraige. The final step is to take away guns.

    A nation of effeminate males, broken families, consumerist women, and poor people who are dependent on the system is easy to control. A nation of strong families, not so much.

    • Oh, believe me, even the hardened feminist women act per their biological programming when they’re around masculine men. If you want to see this in action, wander through Santa Cruz, CA and chat up some women. Been there, done that, got lots of laughs.

      Feminists who are involuntarily excited by masculine men take it out on the men, because they deeply resent the fact that masculine men make their girly parts tingle. The proper response of the male involved is to exude an attitude of zero fricks given. This will further excite and infuriate the feminist female – which is delicious entertainment. I absolutely love to wind up feminists. There’s hardly better entertainment to be had in America today than watching a feminist female melt down in the face of a masculine DGAF man.

      On the topic of self-defense, women such as the ones depicted above have nothing useful to offer, and therefore, no man should bother listening to them. Listening to them is detrimental to the man’s security as well as the woman’s – and therefore she’s a liability, not an asset, in the man’s life. Unless she’s an heiress with millions of bucks or a ranch behind her in a community property state… she’s not worth the trouble.

      There’s no shortage of single females in the US today. As the Bible said so well: It is better to live in the corner of a roof than in a house with a contentious woman. There’s no reason for any man to put up with the BS depicted above. Ditch her and move on to the next female.

  9. The chick in the skirt was the one I wanted to silence the most. Her dude made an excellent point: “look at your fear now, if you would’ve been introduced you wouldn’t be scared”.

    • She was so annoying. Dude was looking like is the p**sy good enough to hand over my balls? But hey Sweetie – wear that short skirt and those thigh boots in the wrong neighborhood.

  10. hen we were dating, i only had a. 357 mag. My now wife didnt care. Of course, she didnt care I smoked cigars either. Now she has a ccw. What I ask her liberal friends when they challenge me on owning a gun is how interesting it is you are making yourself available for a gang rape party at your place. After the shock settles in, they tend to quietly as my wife to take them shooting.

    • Good to see you back, Mr. Digg. We wondered if Shannon’s internet stalking restraining order might have been filed on you… 🙂

      • All Good Gents. Major promotion at the job and I am actually busy all day most days. But the Shannon fantasies are still there, despite the alleged restraining order. :-). I may even buy property in Zionsville. I know Shannon would be shocked but there are Black folk in the 1% who can afford to live in her little exclusive in-bred community. And who are pro-gun. And Republican.

        • if you do that please have a bbq. lots of meat, and guys with guns, at the community pool.

  11. Sad, really sad. If these “men” represet the future of gun owners we are lost. I’m pretty sure that when the Islamic horde shows up these women will be singing a different tune.

    • As a guy of that age range, I will reassure you that neither me nor my other guy friends are anything like that. We all own guns, and our women are either gun owners, supportive, or ambivilent. Of course, this is a small town in Michigan, not a big city where this was probably filmed.

  12. This is a good opportunity to encourage people to be honorable … and to trust that their honorable qualities WILL attract a great spouse.

    Speaking of being honorable, here is a basic fact: men are hardwired to be protective of their wife and family. Period. Full stop. Any woman who demands that her husband suppress that trait and be unarmed is a wench of the first order. If you are that woman, STOP. If you are a man dating such a woman, walk away RIGHT NOW.

    A woman who tells a man that he must not be able to protect the family is no different than a man who tells a woman that she must not be able to decline sexual solicitations from anyone who asks.

  13. Young men, never let your manhood be dictated by a vagina, that is how you turn into… *wait for it*… a vagina.

    Be a man amoung men, and do not worry, the real women will like it and appreciate it.

  14. Hey I’m an OFWG in his sixties and I’ve NEVER had that kind of BS relationship/marriage in my life. Even my crazy left-wing ex liked guns(she carried a revolver). And my wife of 27 years wants her own gun. Which I’m getting when I get my next gubmint check…honestly all I can say is “man up boy”.

  15. . Any woman who demands that her husband suppress that trait and be unarmed is a wench of the first order.
    Or a willing participant in evolution in action.

  16. I dunno, the lovely couple in the still above looks like they will make excellent fresh meat for the various thugs at a later date.
    You have to sort of look at lovely couples such as this as dead ends on the evolutionary scale.
    Maybe, if they fornicate and procreate enough, the sheer volume of their offspring may outstrip the losses due to thug predation. Sort of like rabbits and cats.

  17. I understand our society used to value men who could defend the family, but you would think women might take an interest in protecting their children and themselves sooner or later. Some do, but many are just so infatuated with the Modern Man and being PC. They really think the cops are just going to magically appear when the enemy is at the door.

    • The state will always seek to reward those it can most easily control. Hence why wealth, and with it authority, is consistently being transferred away from areas of men with guns, and towards coastal liberal bastions. It will continue until either

      1) There is nothing left to transfer. Or noone left to transfer from, as all those who used to be in that category has caved in and is now working minimum wage jobs clipping toenails and giving blowjobs to their liberal overlords.
      2) Those on the “transferred from” side of the ledger, wake the heck up and figure out how to show proper respect for their government, like the Somalis did in ’91.

  18. I see the metrosexual, skinny jean wearing boys all the time…my daughter’s are all tougher than these wimps. ..and of course my daughters shoot and own guns.

  19. Does anyone really watch or read anything put on by Cosmopolitan and expect to see and actual male man?

    • Sit up straight, look her in the eye, take control of the conversation, and be a man for god’s sake. They specifically looked for betas they can easily dominate for their little experiment.

  20. I wonder sometimes do they find these “couples” on Craigslist?! There is political activist jobs section. The goal is clear: full control of the defenseless citizens. Just like in Soviet Russia. They still have oligarchs there who fight each other.

  21. I’ve been around the type of women who read Cosmo when I worked in the LA area.

    There were lots of attractive young (less than 30 years of age) women, who obsessed about their appearance and fashion, who read Cosmo. I’m talking top-shelf women here.

    While it was a certainty that none of them were going to set the world on fire with their intellect, there was one thing that they all had in common: They didn’t put out for wimps. They wanted the men with strong personalities – the type of women who read Cosmo readily put out for were the pick-up artists, the sociopaths, the “bad boys,” the minor-league criminals, etc. They laughed at wimps and “nice guys.” None of the types of men who Cosmo readers dated are portrayed in the above video.

    I didn’t brag about having guns when I was with these women, but if asked, I told the truth – I owned several guns and shot frequently. I never got a negative response from such responses – far from it. Suddenly, the nice, clean nerd had a dark side. Jackpot.

    This political posturing of Cosmo is a case adopting a political agenda with no recognition of their readership. I find the situation quite ironic.

  22. I co-taught a defensive handgun course today. My side of the line had a young lady shooting her brand new Beretta 92.
    She only pulled the trigger once with the safety off. And only once forgot to decock/safety on.
    She rocked!
    Some guy with our ideals will be a lucky guy.

  23. Wait a second…

    Cars have an “ulterior use”?
    And that secret hidden use is to go from point A to point B?

    Sure do learn something new everyday. Now what’s the primary thing cars were made to do? I feel so dirty doing this ulterior use with my cars all these years now. I better start walking from now on.

    I suppose guns ulterior use is to punch holes in paper? No wait it’s to be an inanimate object…no…uhm…darn… all my guns do is primarily sit around locked up and every once in awhile put holes in paper.

    Last I checked, all my guns are not sentient and have no ulterior motives.

    You know, if they’re going to do propaganda at least make sure the actors don’t ad lib or folks actually know the definition of the word they use…fine get gun facts wrong! But at least get our gosh darn language right! Actually, you know what, enough with the ignorance… I mean it’s not like we have some magical world wide portal that has ulterior motives besides p*rn and cat videos.

    (I’m pretty sure I used all my big words in the proper context. If not please correct me so I won’t be an uneducated p*ssy)

  24. So…..we watch that and we are supposed to think…..huh, THAT’S how I should think?
    Fat chance! Here’s how I think: Don’t like my guns? There’s the door! GTFO and get your tampons out from under the sink before you leave.

    That rag of a magazine appeals to stupid clueless women.
    They should have shown the one guy who stood up, told his squeeze right to her face, “well, enjoy being single” and walked out on her. Have the camera get a close up of the stupid look on her face.

    There’s a number of aspects in ones life that are absolutely non-negotiable. My guns are one of them.

  25. I made it almost 10 seconds through this horse shit. Now I’d like to know when Cosmo will produce a video in the same premise, but with rapists and murders instead of sniveling f**ks. These are the same limp-wristed douches that would give up their dog for their girlfriend.

      • Yup. No man should give up a dog for a woman. Ever. From my observation, women who hate dogs seem likely to hate kids and men as well.

        Fortunately, I married a girl who loves dogs as much as I do. And dogs love her in return.

  26. The restrictive laws have also helped pussify America.In this hick town I live in there used to be at least one good bar fight every friday night, no law was involved. Now you get arressted for even threating to punch somebody.

  27. Cosmo is nothing but a catalog of cosmetics, clothes and indefensible assertions about how relationships work. It’s exactly literary pollution disguised as topical information and meant exclusively to sell expensive crap to the ignorant and gullible.

  28. Cosmopolitan: the magazine for girls who can’t wait to become women and for women uncomfortable with being women, now that they’ve become one.

    That readership has no business telling men (real men, anyway) what’s what. Come back when you’re a strong, independent woman capable of carrying out your responsibilities, including contributing to the armed defense of your family. Then we can talk.

  29. i love the “no you don’t need a permit in FL” (true) and then “they are all registered” (in FL False)

  30. The real guide to compromise in relationships:

    1. I want to go skiing over Presidents’ Day weekend. She wants to shop Saturday. We go shopping both days and I pay for everything.
    2. I want pizza. She wants something unnamed. We end up not getting pizza.
    3. I want to work overtime so we can go on a getaway. She wants me to spend more time at home. I pull less money than planned and we spend all my days off with her griping at me for not having enough money to take her on vacation.
    4. I want to play video games. She wants to go to a cafe. We go to a fancy brunch where I have to put up with her friends for 4 hours.
    5. I have a get together planned with my guys for Saturday night at our place. She wants to have a girls’ night out. I have my guys over, but we have to keep tidy and I can’t drink because she needs me to be ready if she needs a DD, and my guys have to clear our before she comes home.
    6. I want to see American Sniper. She wants to see 50 Shades of Gray. We see 50SoG twice.
    7. I want to take Saturday easy. She has other ideas, but tells me to do what I want. I sleep on the couch until Tuesday.
    8. I want a cat. She wants a dog. We get two dogs, they’re loud, large, and bouncy, and taking care of them falls squarely on me.
    9. I want to watch Archer. She wants to watch Pretty Little Liars. I watch PLL with her and Archer by myself, then she gets mad when she finds out I was watching Archer when she actually planned to do so with me all along.
    10. I want to go to the gun show. She wants to go to the mall “for a couple hours”. We go to the gun show and she doesn’t let me buy the ammo and mags I want “because we have to mind our budget”, then she’s making overtures towards the exit before 45min, so I make a mental list of things to order later, and we end upshopping for at least 2x as long as she initially stated and spend 3x the cost of what I wanted on shoes and dresses that look all the same.
    11. I want to go to the range of Friday to unwind from work. She promises to let me go after she does dinner. She decides to not cook in favor of me taking her out to a nice restaurant and we don’t get home until long after the range has closed.
    12. I give up liquor for January of my own accord. She keeps drinking wines and coolers. Two dry months go by for me and I talk about how I’d like to get myself a thing of vodka. She talks about how I should stay sober forever and take my religion seriously. We’re both Baptists.
    13, I can make some extra money and gain leverage towards a promotion and a raise by working a half day on Saturday. She wants something but claims it’s unimportant and I should go. She’s glaring daggers at me the rest of the day.
    14. I have chores I need to get done. She wants to spend Sunday with me. I give her the time she asks for. On Monday she’s complaining about all the things I didn’t get done, because I was with her.
    15. I’m exhausted. She wants me to take her on a late night spin. I agree and begin brewing coffee. She says to cancel the drive because I’m so tired. Not even a minute later, she’s whining about me trapping her in the house.
    16. Same scenario but I do take her out. Inside 2 minutes, she’s already saying how she wants to go home. I take her home and she’s furious at me for doing it and won’t let me take her out again.
    17. Same scenario, but I don’t take her home. She picks on me and laments how I never listen to what she wants. We return home hours later and she’s still grumbling.
    18. I grab a few items while we’re grocery shopping to the tune of $10. She grabs a ton of items totaling up to $80 and complained about the price every time I picked something up. I put my items back and she grabs $20 in things she wants. And when she says something is for both of us, it means i can have one and only one piece / serving.
    19. She spends all day being short at me while I do my best to be calm and patient. I sigh in exasperation at her while she drags up a tiny incident from over 3 years ago and she demands to know what I’m so angry.
    20. We’re at dinner and sitting next to each other so we can be close. Cue her spending at least 2/3 of the time on her phone. Later, I’m doing work on my computer, and she demands I stop everything and come over every time she wants to say anything to me.
    21. I accommodate her at my place and she makes 90% of the trash and clutter. She complains about all the trash and clutter and wants me to clean it up. I tell her it’s hers and she should take care of it. Cue hell.
    22. I’m staying at her apartment for a month because shit went down at my place. She has trash, clutter, and messes everywhere and tons of stuff. I’m tidy and keep my stuff confined to a couple places out of the way. Cue her demanding I not trash her place.
    23. I want to read and comment on TFB and TTAG. She wants to show me stuff on Facebook I don’t care about whatsoever. We spent all night on her Facebook feed.
    24. I buy a couple of groceries for both of us. She buys a haul of groceries just for her. We use all the fridge and freezer for hers while I have to eat all my perishables in a hurry to make room for hers.
    25. I want to tip a mediocre waiter at an inexpensive restaurant 15%. She wants to tip him 20%. We tip him 25% on the gross.
    26. I agree with her we’ll alternate off on showing each other our music. She agrees. We do this two whole times before she subjects me to nearly three hours of boy bands and then growls at me when I want to show her one quick guitar ballad.
    27. I want to watch a show we’ve been going through together. She doesn’t want to. We were supposed to watch it together and she’s pissed at me for watching it by myself after trying for months to get her to resume watching.
    28. I’m trying to recommend solutions to a problem of hers. She’s screaming how she doesn’t want that. I don’t implement it. Cue continued whining.
    29. Same scenario but I do implement my solution. She grumbles about it and says I ruined it.
    30. I want to have some peace. She wants to talk about some old issue for the 100’th and something time that always gets her upset. I talk her through the same old points again and say that if she wants closure, she’ll have to get it herself by trying one of my suggestions. Cue her whining about how she can’t talk about things without me getting mad at her.
    31. I take all her crap and put up with everything blithely without exception. She is so grateful and doesn’t know how she can ever thank me enough. I suggest an idea and she shoots it down immediately.
    32. Same scenario, but I instead dare to once question her. Cue rage.
    33. Same scenario, but I make a request. She goes on a rant about how I tricked her into owing me a debt.
    34. She wants to do something. I go along with it. She changes her mind and decides to sit at home and be grouchy. I try to dissuade her. We finally go do something after at least two solid hours of wheedling and cajoling her.
    35. Same scenario, but I just let her have her way and I go do something I feel like doing. Cue her being mad at me for letting her do this.
    36. Same scenario, but I really put an effort into getting her to go do what we’d agreed to. Cue her being furious at me for not letting her make her own decisions.
    37. I have an opinion. She has a different one. We can differ so long as she always wins.
    38. I avoid philosophical / contentious topics with her. She claims to want to have deep discussions with me. We stop our first one within 5 minutes because she’s convinced I’m insulting her intelligence and trying to control her thoughts.
    39. I do something. She has a reaction that does not dissuade me from doing it again. She reacts completely differently the next time.
    40. I want to live my life my way. She wants to live her life her way. We live our lives her way.

    Gentlemen, hang on tight to your fifths and don’t let go.


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