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Giving customers firearms training to bond them to your brand is a no-brainer. Uh, maybe I should re-phrase that. Nothing creates product loyalty like a hands-on demo combined with expert product information and total immersion in the manufacturer’s corporate culture. If the training occurs in a secluded location over a number of days, well, if it works for CIA brainwashers, it’ll work for, say, COR®BON’s bulletiers. Or so they reckon. Whether or not it’d be worth a trip to South Dakota to train at the new COR®BON Law Enforcement Training Center (CLETEC) depends on the devilish details. But the general outline ticks all the right boxes . . .

CLETC is a new, modern firearms training center, located in Sturgis, South Dakota. It offers first class training for Law Enforcement agencies, individual officers, and civilians.

Although, geared primarily for the advanced standards of law enforcement training, the site will also be open to civilians seeking quality training. The facility offers handgun, rifle and shotgun, at various tactical ranges. The classroom is state of the art, with all the current technical equipment. Students will be taught in a positive environment using proven instructional programs.

A wide range of instruction, including NRA certified courses, will be offered for Law Enforcement personnel, beginners and advanced shooters. Nationally known and local instructors will help students develop their safety and shooting skills with all types of firearms. The objective of our certified staff is to ensure students become competent owners and users of firearms.

For more information and class schedule, visit our website or call our Director, Matt Veal. 605-347-4544

Right-minded but risky. Making self-defense cartridges is one thing. Offering world class training for busy LEOs and die-hard self-defense shooters is another. Still, judging from this video, the food must be pretty good out in the Black Hills. Just sayin’ . . .

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