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 Children killed at the siege in Waco, Texas (courtesy

Tens of thousands of Connecticut gun owners failed to register, surrender, destroy or remove from the state their modern sporting rifles (a.k.a., assault rifles) and standard capacity ammunition magazines (a.k.a., high-capacity ammunition magazines) by the January deadline. They refused to comply because the law infringes on their natural, civil and Constitutionally protected right to keep and bear arms. This act of civil disobedience has made them Class D felons. So now what? There are lots of ways this could get real ugly real fast. Here’s how I see it going down . . .

A doorstep firefight between Connecticut gun owners and state or federal police come to confiscate their “assault rifle” or “high cap mag” is unlikely. The State will not go door-to-door to grab guns. There will be no midnight no-knock raids or flash-bang police parties. For a while.

If Connecticut political leaders and their law enforcement lackeys can hold off on forcible confiscation until after the November mid-term elections, they will. But they probably can’t/won’t. As Ralph reminds us, history is driven by events. If there’s another AR-related spree killing, or an unrelated arrest goes seriously awry (with an “assault rifle”), or a gun rights protest turns violent, the State will not let a good crisis go to waste act on behalf of public safety.

Why not? The State enjoys overwhelming public support for their gun control policies. That’s how the laws came to be. The State being what it is, its functionaries are predisposed to preserving law and order (i.e. defending their own authority). The Democratic machine controlling Connecticut knows that gun owners are not “friends of ours.” And they know how easy it will be to paint lawbreaking gun owners as public enemies.

Bottom line: they will move against Constitution State gun owners in violation of the law when the time is right. The good news: the cops in charge of making the collar will make damn sure that any firearms confiscation campaign is a complete success – at least from their point-of-view. By that I mean that law enforcement will do everything possible to make sure they don’t get killed. Or even fired upon.

As we saw with the Department of Homeland Security’s arrest of gun dealer Bob Adams in New Mexico, the cops are smart enough to intercept ostensibly felonious gun owners away from their homestead, using speed, surprise and overwhelming force. So when Connecticut chooses to make a symbolic collar on a Class D gun owner, that’s how it’ll go down. And there’s not a damn thing sympathetic gun owners anywhere will be able to do about it.

After the fact, gun rights advocates/patriots will kvetch like crazy. But they will not mount anything other than a legal rescue effort to spring the gun owner(s) from prison. Which is just as well; the security surrounding the scofflaws will be extremely tight and the cops will be equally on edge. Both the fact of the arrest(s) and their own impotence to correct the situation will inflame gun owners in Connecticut and across the country. They’ll organize themselves into militias.

Note: the point of a citizen militia is not self-defense. Citizen militias are created to liberate fellow citizens from tyranny. See where I’m going with this? Well so does the government. Citizen militias aren’t illegal (they get an honorable mention in the preamble to the Second Amendment of the United States Constitution), but the government hates them with a passion undimmed (Hutaree anyone?). When talk of protecting gun rights turns to group preparation for armed, post-confiscation conflict, that’s when the situation will start to get seriously ugly.

You’ll know what’s coming when you start hearing the words “domestic terrorists” in relation to gun rights groups. The government will feel “forced” to “respond to the threat” proactively; they will swoop down on militia leaders and do some wet work on web work (killing websites to prevent “criminal” communications). In the aftermath of these raids, the State will no doubt producing damning evidence of terrorist intent and a HUGE arsenal of guns (including illegal “assault weapons”) and ammunition (including “high-capacity” magazines).

Hopefully not; the State may not be as stupid as they have shown themselves to be by passing these laws in the first place. They may hang fire. But they will not back down. As I said above, the State must exert its authority. It’s what governments do. No matter how measured or reasonable their reactions to gun rights protesters, he situation will continue to grow increasingly contentious. Both sides will be looking for an excuse to act. One side to recover their lost rights, the other to establish the rule of law. At some point, worlds will collide. Violently.

I don’t think it will be a massacre. I think it’ll be far worse than that: an armed stand-off. MRAP-equipped SWAT teams will be forced to wait-out a heavily armed Class D felon or felons.  Et voila: Waco redux. Only this time, the cops may face opposition from the other side of the barricades, from armed Americans hailing from in-state or across the country. Not many. Not the first time. But some. Enough for the situation to descend into bloody chaos.

If that kind of conflict occurs, things will go completely out of control. The crackdown on gun rights supporters by government agents will be intense, on both the State and the federal level. Gun rights advocates’ response will be no less intense. Quite how it plays out from there I have no clue. But it will be a civil war of one sort or another.

As the weather warms and temperatures rise, there are only two ways to avoid this escalation into bloodshed in the Constitution State: the Supreme Court strikes down the Connecticut gun control laws or the Connecticut legislature repeals the laws. Neither is bound to happen. Although I don’t know the future, the future I see ain’t that pretty at all. And what about gun owners in California, New Jersey, New York, Maryland and Rhode Island? God help them all.

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    • I’m confused. Are you being sarcastic or are you spewing off the mindless pro Vietnam War era rhetoric? I do hope that it is not the latter. To stand idle while your government enacts an unconstitutional law, desecrating the very principles in which this great country was founded, is completely preposterous.

  1. I don’t think that is gonna happen Robert. There will be no civil war the govt wont act against gun rights (it is political suicide). if the republicans win the senate this year no national action on gun control will even be brought up. Connecticut has its problems but there wont be swat arrests. the law is unenforceable from a police standpoint and unconstitutional. the Connecticut government knows this law was a mistake and like the snakes all politicians are will pretend they never passed it and it will quietly come up though the courts and make its way to SCOTUS with luck on our side will rule all AW bans illegal i know tons of people in California who have and use standard ar-15s with the baby killing mags and shoulder
    thing. the 5-0 has bigger problems( for the most part) than to go after “illegal” guns that are NEVER used in crimes

      • they wont win the house for a quite a while but if they do we will see nation wide non compliance with gun bans do you honestly think states like Texas or Utah or Georgia would go with ANOTHER AW ban.

      • Christy won’t be any better. I’d never vote for Gov. Moby just on the basis of the “libertarian ideas are dangerous” statement.

        • Cristie does not have a chance in hell of getting the R nomination not when better(more likely to win) candidates are waiting Rubio is the true front-runner for the R nomination (cause he is Hispanic sad but true that skin color makes a difference) get the Latino vote in 2016 you win the election

      • Trying to account for all the variables to predict the future has landed you on a slippery slope. Will a violent revolution occur? Only time will tell.

        • JM, I dont think there will be a revolution over this. Maybe a re-Waco, but not revolution, I say this because most Americans have gotten REALLY lazy. After all, they didn’t do a THING about all the crap Obama and Co have pulled, and I wont list them all here- we all know the crap. Government knows this, too, and is banking on it. I mean, we cant even get upset people to actually pick up a phone and CALL their DC reps and bark at them. They wont even go that far! Just a simple 5 days of upset folk picking up the phone and tying up the phone lines in DC for ONE workweek would totally change the flavor in DC… cant get the People to do it, even with the advantage of speakerphones, so it doesn’t even have to tie up a person’s hands, yet they still cant get that done. There will be a mass murder of noncompliants, but most people will be terrified that it will happen to them after that, and there will be a few more smaller ones then, just to pound the fear home. After that, people will belly-up. Land of the free, home of the brave? REALLY? Maybe once. Makes me so sad.

      • Obama represented to democrats the greatest “hope” for “change” in decades. After two terms of lackluster centrist policies incompetently implemented and the same amount/kind of scandal faced by every president, the democrats are going to find themselves in as bad a state of morale as the republicans. Democrats disappointed by democrats, republicans disappointed by republicans, maybe people will come to terms with the fact that these politicians can’t/won’t/never-could-in-the-first-place save them or provide for them, or even help them.

        Besides, if everyone spent as much time working and learning and doing as we are going to have to in order to stay competitive with the people in China and India, they wouldn’t have any time or energy left over for all this ideological political bullsh*t.

        • Competitive with China and India? What a novel thought. Recent politics has emphasized everyone’s right to high-end medical care, and the utility of endless lawyering, layered upon a school and university system determined to undermine academic standards in order to advance electoral agendas.

          The people in politics and senior bureaucracy generally have no knowledge of or commitment to competitiveness. Their politics is strictly local to their clients. Since companies are happy to comply domestically just as long as they can off-shore jobs, both manufacturing and services, there has been no corporate push-back. Since the competitiveness drain on jobs and standards has been hidden behind endless tax-and-debt-based growth of healthcare, teaching, and government jobs…the middle and lower-middle income groups just don’t get it. They will. When it’s almost or truly too late to remedy.

        • Mr. Don, this nation cannot be competitive with Red China and India when our politicians and the electorate supporting those politicians, allow the dumping of goods, without tariff, on these shores. Today we manufacture little. Folks can’t find family-sustaining wage jobs. We are little more than a third world nation while our elected elites pay themselves much more than the median wage of folks in their districts.

          Wake up Don and the rest of you ignoramus’. We ARE NOT competitive with ROC or India. Industry is dead here and it is manufacturing that creates wealth.

        • “Lackluster centrist policies”??? You are kidding, right?

          Four years of $1 trillion+ deficits is not centrist. It is not garden variety tax and spend policy. It is all-out, leftward fiscal wreckage. It is the purposeful bankrupting of the country.

          Centralization of the healthcare system is not centrist. It is soft-core nationalization of the economy.

          The rapid expansion of food stamps, welfare, unemployment benefits are the creation and entrenchment of a dependent class designed to create of base of demand in which to usurp private assets. This is not centrist.

          Dodd-Frank and the creation of the CFPB are designed to limit the market for installment credit products. Restriction of an individual’s access to installment credit and the takeover of the banking industry is straight out of The Communist Manifesto. Not centrist in the least.

    • I do not believe the SCOTUS will slap down all the AW bans. The Court, or at least a certain justice, obviously cares how the “public” (i.e. left-wing media) views the Court’s decisions, as we saw with Obamacare.

      • the court was right about obamacare( it is not a good law) it is a tax which the govt… sigh has the power to tax us.

        • Then it’s still unconstitutional because tax legislation has to originate in the House, not the Senate.

        • ^^^Winner^^^
          Lawsuit already making it’s way though the courts. Hopefully judges will find courage and rule appropriately.

        • The dissent said it was a mandate, in that it was a tax, but to tax people to coerce them into acting a certain way, is a mandate. Don’t know how true that is though, but point is I think the SCOTUS would find a way to keep a form of AW ban in place.

        • The ACA was ruled a tax, but here is what happened from my understanding. The House passed a bill that did not raise revenues. After passing the House, the bill was stripped in a process known as “gut and amend” and replaced entirely with the contents of what became the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act. The Senate put the taxing part in the bill.

          Here is a great article on the lawsuit:

        • SCOTUS was very ckear that their role is not to protect us from the stupidity of our elected officials that we put in place. They determine Constitutionality, nothing else.

        • “Then it’s still unconstitutional because tax legislation has to originate in the House, not the Senate.”

          That was because originally the House represented the people directly and the Senate represented the State Governments.

          The 17th Amendment to the US Constitution, (Direct election of Senators – 1913), changed the Senate into another House of Representatives and wrote State Government representation in the Senate out of the Constitution.

      • There is a problem with assault weapons (aka patrol rifles) being outlawed, and I’m sure the Justices are aware of it: To ban box-magazine semi-automatic rifles is to ban the only firearm in common use which could reasonably be considered adequate to oppose tyranny, whether imposed by the federal government on a state, or by a state upon a municipality. There is no way around this. They may allow the banning of extremely large magazines or other devices not necessary to a defense.

        There is no jurisprudential coherent way to both maintain the right to keep and bear arms for defense against tyranny, while simultaneously banning box-fed semi-autos.

        • And that’s probably how they’d let the Assault Weapons Bans stand. Saying that so long as the bans do not outlaw semiautomatic rifles that accept detachable box magazines, then they are okay, because they then cannot be found to be a ban that imposes on the ability of citizens to possess arms that would allow them to fight a tyrannical government.

        • Yes, but “therein lies the rub”…these persons in CT’s Government and Courts do not seem to care a “smidgen” about what the Court ruled, or else they never would have enacted this g*dd*mned “Law”, much less made noises about actually enforcing it aggressively. So, while we wait on the Courts to wake up and rule on it, those not complying are at risk of being arrested, maimed, or killed IF the State of CT conducts even a couple of raids on Citizens.

        • Kyle: SCOTUS isn’t going to rule on Patrol Rifles. It will, if anything, rule on so-called “assault weapon” bans in terms of their 2nd amendment characteristics.

          DerryM: It is ironic that the CT court has ruled with blatant disregard to SCOTUS holdings, and yet if a CT citizen says “I’ll act in accord with SCOTUS, not a SCOTUS-nullifying CT court” everyone screams “rebel!” It makes me laugh, but only because I don’t live there.

          • Yes, it is ironic. It never occurred to me you could be a “rebel” at both and State and Federal Levels, or one or the other, but. apparently, it is so. Even here in California it has never gotten that bad, but not for lack of trying on the part of the State Legislature. Oddly, Governor Brown’s veto last year saved us from beating CT to the punch. Apologies, but I cannot laugh at CT…you understand.

    • Really? Those who are ignorant of history are condemned to repeat it.

      Shall I repeat this history for you? Or will you do your own research, and learn something on your own?

    • while gun control may be a third rail at the Federal level, enough damage is being done at the State level where the Democrats are loud and proud of it. Will voters in CT be able to give them the boot? Doubtful, probably end up just like the last NJ election where everybody got voted back in.

      As for laws being unconstitutional, you need a court to declare it so, and so far that hasn’t happened with theze post Newtown antigun laws.

  2. I foresee an epidemic of “blue-flu” among officers that don’t want to get shot or shoot someone else while on the wrong side.

  3. We can expect violence from the Malloy Mafia that currently rules Connecticut. We can expect a Ruby Ridge, Eastern-style, from that bunch of thugs.

    Ruby Ridge taught a lot of Americans that it’s okay to distrust, hate and fear the Federal government. It was a game-changer. Because of the lessons of Ruby Ridge and a lot of other things, a majority of people now want the Feds to stay the hell out of the gun control business. That worked out well for us last April in Washington, DC, which made poor POTUS cry like a baby.

    The Connecticut Ruby Ridge will show people that it’s also okay to distrust, hate and fear their state governments just as much as the Feds. The electorates in blue states may remain anti-gun, but they will still despise the gangsters like Malloy.

      • Tom, Americans are a peaceful people. We won’t fire the first shot, or the second. We believe in the myth of “the rule of law.” We will defend ourselves only if we must, and even then, only at the last minute.

        That’s what makes us better than our governments.

  4. I came across an interesting concept called Fourth Generation Warfare or 4GW for short. A crash course may be prudent for all interested parties. Hey you government agents that have been monitoring my posts for the last year: don’t forget what I’ve asked you. You can be the ones that prevent this. This isn’t Alice in Wonderland. The politicians have made up a crazy game to grab power. Don’t believe for a moment that it’s “for the children” and don’t be the ones who enforce the nonsensical rules in their stupid game. There’s a lot of people who are deadly serious about this. Tell your masters humble pie is a whole lot easier to eat than some alternatives they might be offered.

  5. Australia and CT bans share a lot of similarities, the one big difference is the Countitution, violent resistance in Australia would have been murder under their law, here on the other hand any killing done by CT gun owners defending themselves against tyranny and un-countitutional laws is righteous.

    • That may be how you and I see it but the criminal politicians that run this country will try to paint anybody that stands up against them as anti govt extremists.

  6. I am very curious to see how the next 5-10 years will play out. We will either see increased tyranny at an alarming rate, or possibly witness enough mass noncompliance to cause repeal of unconstitutional laws. It will be a hugely transformational period for the US.

    • David Friedman(son of Milton Friedman) recently stated that he thinks things are getting both worse and better at the same time right now. The gov may be clamping down harder than they ever have, but at the same time, Americans are finally waking up and they’ve started to fight back.

    • Repeal is only part of the equation. Without the
      removal (and preferable prosecution for treason)
      of the politicians responsible, nothing will actually
      change. The outcome will only be delayed yet

      • Hey Chuck….”prosecution….of the politicians” ? And WHO would do the prosecuting ? One’s political hack district attorney ? Perchance the criminal himself Eric Holder and his just-us department ? Who would preside over your “prosecution….of the politicians” ? Would it just happen to be a .gov lawyer in a black robe passing judgement on one of his brothers or sisters ?

        Wake up. Prosecute….hahahahahahaha. What an effing joke.

    • NOT five years! This is accelerating, and the day of reckoning is clearly not that far off…

  7. I really don’t see this playing out that way…at least not in the foreseeable future. That said, has anyone else read the book “Enemies, Foreign and Domestic”? Sounds eerily familiar.

  8. Put me down for the longshot. Rising tensions, possibly some raids gone wrong & the Supremes fast track this, real fast.

    • I thought you were going some place else when you mentioned longshot. I thought you were talking long shot tactically not longshot court moves.

  9. If Connecticut gun owners dont stand up against confiscation there will be a domino effect. First it will happen in the blue states like Cali and New York but it will eventually cross into the red states as well. By the way, Republicans want your guns too, just wait and see.

  10. RF, you need to put down the Bryce Towsley and Matt Bracken books. Armed conflict of any magnitude is not even a remote possibility. If the other 9 rights weren’t worth fighting for (they have been emasculated), what makes you think the 2A will be defended? The podcasters on Gun For Hire Radio bluster “We will not comply” yet they follow all of NJ laws already. You think they will give material aid to killers in CT? Despite their bravado, they also say they won’t ever rise up. Face it folks–in CT, it’s all over but the shouting. There will be no war.

      • Our government had encouraged and in many cases paid for the slaughter of 50 million Americans based on what they “found” in the Constitution. And you’re worried about registration? Seems like we have already lost the culture war.

        • Ah, the old “we can’t defend the 1st or 2nd amendment until abortions are illegal” position.

          Abortion is no one’s first choice, but is also not forbidden by the constitution. If you think your hobby-horse must be part of a 2nd amendment defense, you won’t have my good wishes. Fight your own fights on your own dime and time. Thank you.

    • David B.

      “If the other 9 rights weren’t worth fighting for (they have been emasculated), what makes you think the 2A will be defended? ”

      First, well over 90% of our population has no idea that .gov has emasculated most of the other Amendments in the Bill of Rights because the other Amendments are much more abstract. Therefore, We the People are not going to be in much of a huff if We the People don’t realize that .gov has shafted us.

      Which brings me to the second point. The Second Amendment is much more tangible. It refers to the physical objects that we call firearms and ammunition. If .gov tries to take away lots of firearms, they will be confiscating tangible assets and providing absolutely no benefit whatsoever in return. We the People will not take kindly to .gov confiscating our property.

  11. I think there will be sustained noncompliance, and about a zillion tons of lawyer/court crap to resolve the issue in our favor.

  12. My hope is no actions are taken by the government and non compliance continues without incident, to whatever peaceful and righteous end.

    However, my concern is that the gummint’s (ie politicians and bureaucrats) interests only lay in protecting its (ie their) own interests.

    And, the government has an big interest in the people doing as they are told, and an even bigger interest in forcing the people to do as they are told. Scary stuff, indeed.

    • That’s the key. They have to act or they deligitimize their own authority. A good thing for freedom lovers, but I just don’t see them rolling over. Their thirst for power is unquenchable.

        • Russia isn’t killing trayvon martins, they don’t give a sh!t about their non compliance.

        • If Obama could tax and re-distribute Russiian or Ukranian income to his voters, the foreign policy direction would turn around on a dime

  13. What will happen is what happened in NJ after they passed their AWB. Connecticut politicians won’t take any active action. Every thing about this dies down, and than they passively arrest people when they are discovered when a person runs afoul with the law in some other way. Because they are a criminal no one really cares. From there, when the occasional non criminal is caught with an “assault weapon” it becomes a matter of “It’s not right but, he broke the law” and the vast majority of people do not care by that point. Since everyone else will be hiding them, they just sit back and wait for them to die while claiming the ban has been supper effective and sit the lack of visibility of those firearms as proof that they successfully rid Connecticut of AWB

    • I call that process “boiling the sheep.” Kinda like boiling the frog but with dumber animals.

      But there’s a difference between New Jersey and Connecticut. NJ has always been disenfranchised. CT is a “may issue” state that has been “shall issue” in practice. What’s happened under the Malloy Mafia is far more of an infringement of human rights than NJ, where there weren’t any rights to begin with.

  14. Move out of the slave states. It’s the only way. Vote with your feet. Even a liberal state like Michigan is very pro gun.

  15. RF can I suggest, gently suggest, humbly suggest, YOU GOTTA STOP NOW ! Please don’t use the power of your website to drum up discord where there is none at the moment. The vision of open rebellion is one that I personally don’t want to see. No need to stir up emotions.

    I am older than you by a generation. As a youngin I saw the end result of such societal fracturing. It wasn’t pretty. The full scale urban riots of the early and mid 1960’s destroyed cities and killed hundreds. It changed our nation for 40 years in places. The Newark, Detroit and LA Watts riots are worth visiting with the way-back machine. Take a look at these videos and ask yourself if this is what is wanted?

    Why not propose a way around this kind of outcome. Some means of non-violent protest to achieve our goals. Organize ourselves as alternative. Something else. I just don’t want to see this again. Once was quite enough thank you. IMHO the end the state will win in any violent confrontation. It always does.




    • Sounds like somebody content with watching the country go down the toilet while he sucks the last milk from the tit.

    • The States does NOT always win. See American Revolution. Look up the Filipino “Flower Power” Revolution that overthrew Marcos. Look at the numerous communist regimes that simply evaporated in Eastern Europe after the fall of the Berlin Wall. Look at the Arab Spring uprisings.

      The key in all these situations is enough determined citizens visibly engaged in push back. Like a dripping faucet, each new tyrannical act by the government adds to the people’s view that it is the enemy. Eventually there comes a tipping point when public opinion breaks decisively against a corrupt regime and it all comes down, almost overnight.

      As the Declaration of Independence tells us, people will put up with a long train of abuses, but not forever. If the abuse continues, one day the people just snap and then the government had best watch out.

    • I don’t think he is “drumming up” discord. There are many out there that are in fact truly frightened of the potential outcome. I don’t believe Robert, or myself for that matter wish violence on anyone. Clearly we have seen draconian laws being implemented at the state level, and at some point it cross that line in the sand. People will protest. Heck 7000 + protested in New York after the passage of the SAFE act. Did that garner any change. NOPE….
      We are seeing a galvanization among the political parties. It is unfortunate, but reality.
      As many contemplate the possible outcomes, I think, like Robert, that the possible outcomes based on the legislators actions and statements lead me to the same conclusion. They wont be driving down the middle of the street in MRAPS going door to door. At first you may have folks who have LEO contact for some other reason being charged. Those are easy pickings. But at some point they will either enforce the law or not. And when they do I fear that there will be issues.

  16. No colt or weatherby products for me. They are both cowards in their unrespectable states. If Connecticut really cares, they would throw those dirty politicians out just like Colorado did! The Republicans may want our guns too but their not stupid enough to take them! I just can’t understand why these hypocrite gun companies are doing this. Shooting and robbing Peter to pay Paul. Walther came to Arkansas, at least for shipping and magpul moved. Its small jobs but you know what, screw you! These states are begging them to come! No unions, Satan at his finest, tax breaks for the company, and……the Dem looses jobs for their state, especially one thats been there for more than 150 years.

  17. It’s an ugly situation all around, but frankly, I hope that there is a fair amount of bloodshed when the state (hopefully) goes door to door. It will send a clear message to the federal gov’t that the people will NOT remain complacent in the face of tyranny. And it could snowball in a way that ultimately works out in our favor.

    I have no doubt that this event would lead to a massive, national crackdown on firearm ownership, and an increase in blatantly tyrannical (enough that most people, even those who have no stake in the fight, would feel in a non-trivial way) behavior under the guise of fighting the rebels. This would lead to an opening of the eyes of the American people, and hopefully, enough popular support for another full-blown revolution, fighting-in-the-streets revolution.

    I recognize that this is (possibly) hopelessly naive and idealistic, but I don’t think it’s that unlikely for things to play out that way. Most Americans won’t take a stand (most humans, for that matter) against evil unless it effects their day-to-day life in a significant way. I saw an interesting article (on, of all places) talking about how the internet has made us more complacent. It’s given us an incredible way to organize, but it also allows people to detach from their community and the world far more than is healthy. In short, the unwashed masses need to feel the effects of tyranny in a significant way to galvanize them into action. And a massive, countrywide crackdown on gun ownership would do just that.

    There are something like a hundred million firearms in circulation across thousands of miles. Any attempt at mass disarmament would need to be accompanied by strong-arm tactics applied to everybody in the country.

  18. Read “Unintended Consequences” by John Ross. In that fictional portrayal of a citizen rebellion against oppressive gun control, the most effective tactic was targeting the employees of the most abusive agencies (ATF) and the politicians who voted for the laws. They were targeted not in some sort of mass confrontation, but selectively as individuals.

    As long as we continue to live in at least a semi-free society, the names, addresses, and voting records of elected officials are a matter of public record. Individual citizens seeking redress for outrageous infringements on their liberty have it in their power to make the responsible individuals pay personally for their crimes.

    • I thought I was the only Henry Bowman here…

      But it is a great book, and as much as I love peace it is not worth the price of tyranny and chains,

      If we have do “feed the hogs” so be it..

      Besides after the first one the rest are free.

      • Honestly, I think both “Henry Bowmen” are a couple of pansies for not manning up and using their real names when they post here.

        I just love how all the tough-sounding “patriots” choose to hide behind fake names.

        • How so?

          For not wanting to be at the top of a list?

          For wanting to make some Quisling in some dark basement at some federal building to have to work that much harder for his pay check?

        • Paul:

          I nearly always do use my real name in such discussions, but in this case chose not to because of the nature of my post. Even though it did not explicitly recommend any specific action, someone could construe otherwise. I am a serving military officer with a security clearance, and if some overzealous tool decided to make an issue of it, it could cause trouble for me. I think that I can be more effective defending Liberty from inside the military than from the outside, if push comes to shove.

          You can criticise and call me a pansy for using a pseudonym if you like, but I disagree with your assessment – I think it’s merely prudent. The closer one gets to discussing concrete plans of action, the more important such prudence becomes. I think that “Cato” and “Publius” would agree with this view.

          As the time for action seems to come closer and closer, each of us needs to think very carefully about where our personal “red lines” are, and what we will do if they are crossed.

          As Sean Connery so memorably asked in “The Untouchables”: “What are you prepared to DO?”

          – “Henry II ” 🙂

        • Well Mr. McCain….post your social security number, your home address and your contact phone number for all to see. You’re such a blustering tough guy. Guess you aren’t familiar with OPSEC, PERSEC or plain privacy.

          We’ll be waiting for your info hypocrite.

  19. TommyKnocker do you really think Robert Farago is fomenting revolution? I’m 60 years old & clearly remember the 1960’s. People burning down their own neighborhood & expecting government or the EVIL white man to fix everything. It don’t work that way. You reap what you sow. For ONCE I’m ok living in Illinois. God bless Connecticut gun owners. Do what you have to do.

  20. I think we could also see many patriots flood CT with video cameras, cell phones and anything else to document what happens.
    The media will only be able to spin this so much, they are not the Maytag repairman you know.

  21. Don’t really know what to expect.
    Personally, I don’t think CT has the money to enforce the laws. That’s an AWFUL lot of gun owners to prosecute, with an AWFUL lot of court cases…
    not real sure if that will stop them, however.

  22. I don’t know about Ct. but in NJ they are just stupid enough, based on their open mike “confiscate, confiscate, confiscate ” faux pas to try to confiscate all the 10+ magazines in the state. Anyone stupid to write a bill with no grandfather clause or grace period is stupid enough to order the State Police to go through the Pistol Purchase Permit copies to determine who has a 10+ round pistol and then go get the magazines. Oh yeah, and the pistol too since it no longer has a magazine to hold the bullets. These morons will probably cause the opening shot of the Second American Revolution and then wonder how it all happened. No doubt they’ll blame us “Domestic Terrorists” with the 15 round magazines.

  23. Your projection is disheartening, but I am not sure you went far enough. The State of CT could possibly get help from the Federal Government, which might include FBI, ATFE, Homeland Security and even the Military. It would be a simple matter to assemble a few strike forces augmented by Bradly Fighting Vehicles and Attack Helicopters. Declare the resistors “domestic terrorists” and conduct multiple, simultaneous raids scattered across the State over a few days/nights. Put the fear of the Government into everybody by arresting the husband and wife, taking children into Social Services Custody and pets collected by Animal Control. Declare the residence “seized” by the Government and show off “the arsenal” to the Public. Then, assure everyone this process will continue until all these “domestic terrorists” are in custody, and you’ll have an amazing upwelling of “voluntary surrender” across the State. Better to surrender yourself and your “illegal” arms and magazines than have your Family broken up, residence seized and God knows what else.

    CT would set a pattern for the rest of the Country and probably generate a high percentage of voluntary compliance (where applicable) going forward, with some very nasty bloodshed along the way. Or, the liberal, progressive Democrats could get voted out of Washington DC and some “purple” States and only CT and a few others will suffer these horrendous scenarios, while the solidly Red States experience an influx of new armed Citizens.

    At this point, it seems nearly impossible to project what will actually happen. At least it all makes for good speculation, but it is probably wise to anticipate the worst and hope for the best…whatever “the best” might turn out to be….if it even exists.

  24. If the Dems win again in Conneticut , there will also be wet work done , if not before hand , on those who have passed the gun control laws , there will be a backlash against the politicians so immense that most of them will have to go into hiding with their families . If this does go down as Robert states , I can guarantee that there will be Patriots from across the nation headed to join against the tyranny , it has come to this there are too many people who realize that this will be where we will have to make the stand or we might as well just roll over and let them put it to us . Those of you who think it won’t happen or are too scared to join , just stay your butts out of the way and your opinions to your self because there are those of us that don’t want to hear your whining or see you quake in your boots . Be prepared and ready. Keep your powder dry.

  25. Did you not read past the fourth paragraph of your cite for “The State enjoys overwhelming public support for their gun control policies.”? That claim is a foundational premise for your entire article – but the poll is wrong! Intentionally and dishonestly skewed toward liberals and Democrats.

    While I don’t have a cite for a TRUE poll, I certainly hope and pray that with all the recent attention, the next election in Connecticut turns out very differently than those of the recent past.

  26. Connecticut: Every citizen has a right to bear arms in defense of himself and the state. Art. I, § 15 (enacted 1818, art. I, § 17). The original 1818 text came from the Mississippi Constitution of 1817.

    Conversation between woman and Lt. Vance on video.
    I’m the master mam ( near very end of video )

  27. Sandy Hook, Colorado Theater and other mass shootings did not happen with AR’s!!!!!!!! Sandy Hook was with pistols and Colorado was with a shotgun! Get your damned facts straight! The gov’t will claim a drive bye BB gun shot was an AR.
    Never thought I’d live in a time in my beloved country when I would start to wonder when another democrat crazy would start offing dem politicians.

    And misquoting Mark Twain “I have never been to a funeral I enjoyed but there are a few I would approve of”.

  28. Although I don’t know the future, the future I see ain’t that pretty at all.

    Most any future is better than this unrelenting tidal wave sweeping our nation ever further into tyranny and a police state. I’d rather see it resolved now; in my own lifetime. Once my life is over, I’ll enjoy Liberty, as we refer to it here, no longer. I’ll take Liberty and all that it entails over certainty in this life.

    Excellent observations, RF… spot on, IMHO.

  29. I have thought about this for some time. Basically I agree with the post regarding how CT will arrest the first few although I believe they will begin with the SWAT door kicking which will probably result in the gun owner or someone else on the premeises being shot. They could make the arrest away from home but as we saw in Waco, the Feds chose to make a statement rather than anything else. I would not be surprised to see the overwhelming force paradigm being used as a deterrent to anyone who would be so inclined to further resist.
    What the article does not address is remedies. This will not be solved in the court. Homicides by police while enforcing this law will be deemed OK. Court filings will take years to wade through and most will be dismissed. The ONLY way to fight this fight is to take it to those who passed the law and those who would enforce it. Nothing should be off the table, no action discounted. If the state enforces this it will amount to a war on gun owners. Gun owners/supporters need to wage a similar war. Fire teams in neighborhoods of gun owners who can respond to aid another. With cell phones, requests for aid can be made. Homes are non defensible however, a small fire team responding to flank the attackers with covering sniper fire and assault element should take care of the problem. Just make sure the reinforcement routes are covered to prevent the thugs from resupply.
    Pre-emptive strikes on the thugs prior to even going to work. When off duty they are citizens inthe neighborhood, ditto those who passed the law. There is the focus.
    I sincerely pray that CT does not force SWAT responses or scenarios resulting in violence, however, never underestimate the will of the state to bring people to heel. IF this goes downhill, I am glad I do not live there but if it does, it is on the state. They will call the action.

  30. It’s not just Conn., NY, NJ, MD, RI, or Cali….add Illinois to the list, as we have a terrible bill floating in the state house now– HB4715– which not only attempts to tighten gun laws, but make it illegal to purchase ammo w/out PROVING one owns the gun for which the ammo is being purchased, and PROVING it is REGISTERED. No certificate of proof, no ammo. Also tighter restrictions on who can own/purchase, and attaching a felonious charge on those who don’t register or fall under a “prohibited persons” description– and that description has been left WIDE open in some parts.

  31. Since the politicians names and addresses have been published in multiple places, groups of 4 or 5 gun owners should get together in each district, go to their politicians home (unarmed) and knock on the door. Just a friendly visit to say “Hi” and we know where you live. Put the fear that God gave us into them and see some results.
    Of course a lot of them are demanding “protection”. If I was the CLEO in their AO, I’d tell them no, you made your bed, you lie in it. Why should a copper (that might agree with the gun owners) be put in harms way because politicians don’t have the sense to pour piss out of a boot?

  32. [This was in response to a comment that is now deleted where a user complained that someone else posted under his name.]

    This comment system sucks. Usernames cannot be reserved or protected in any way. Gravatar makes it look like a real user account system with password login, but anyone can post under any general name, including Gravatar, from any location.

    Also “notify of follow-up comments” seems to just email me whenever someone posts a new comment to the post, not when someone replies directly to one of my comments.

  33. The next American civil war will be the ugliest ever. Drone operators and fighter jet service crew’s homes and families will be targets. You cannot fight the might of the gov’t, but you can target the individual functionaries. They have to get fuel, food, a thousand other things off-base. And the sides will not be well defined. Many Molon Labe stickers on private military family cars. The real bad guys targeting conservative patriots will be a small minority, and easily identified and dealt with. The rest will take note and crawl back under their rock.

    • The concept is called Fourth Generation Warfare or 4GW for short. Don’t go after the policy makers go after their enablers: i.e. those that aid the implementation of the policies. That’s why NGOs are often targets in asymmetrical warfare. Insurgents know they can’t fight the organized military forces so they go after the cooks and bottle washers or the civilian contractors delivering food and supplies. They hold a gun to the head of the gate guard’s family members so they can get on base without setting off an alarm. Remember the God Father movie where Michael Corleone brought the old uncle into the court room. 4GW.

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