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When we published the Connecticut Department of Emergency Services and Emergency Protection’s letter to gun owners (above) whose registration documents had missed the state-imposed December 31, 2013 deadline, some poo-poo’d. They claimed it was a Photoshop phony, concocted to enflame the situation. Shameless link bait intended to drive up traffic. Calls to various state sources yielded conflicting answers as to its authenticity/existence. But now comes confirmation from that the letters are, in fact, authentic. And they have, in reality, been sent to Constitution State gun owners. “Those who fail to comply face charges of possessing an unregistered assault weapon and/or high capacity magazine.” If the state’s intent is – at some point – to confiscate the now-illegal firearms and magazines, notification by letter to offending gun owners would be the logical first step. This will all end in tears.

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    • While we can be rightly concerned for our brothers in Connecticut should the state government there decide to go full Gestapo and forcibly confiscate these weapons, I think we must look at the other side of the political picture here.

      What is happening in CT, and what is going to happen if they take weapons by force, by stratagem, or subject even a representative portion of their citizens to abusive and destructive legal proceedings, will be anathema to the majority of Americans and the other states of the Union.

      Since all such actions are in fact violations of the Second Amendment rights of law abiding Americans I would rather expect a severe political backlash in our favor should the CT officials over-step their Constitutional authority, especially in a heavy-handed way that results in bloodshed or personal/economic destruction of any representative number of individuals. I cannot see any way that this can turn out well for Connecticut or their unconstitutional laws and further predict that it will turn many more people to the Constitutional side of the argument than it will gain converts to the idea that such tyrannical activities should be promoted nationwide.

      As difficult or even deadly as this may become for some individuals in CT, I believe it will be the watershed event that forces SCOTUS to act and stop the state-by-state insanity of piecemeal RKBA restrictions and infringements.

      In the event, we MUST beat the drum loudly as to the unconstitutional nature of these laws and the actions of the state of Connecticut.

    • When was this video taken?

      Not happy about it either way, but I’m curious if this was recorded before or after the 1 Jan registration deadline.

      Oh, and yeah, I love the muzzle discipline of pointing loaded weapons at unarmed, compliant citizens. Use of force continuum? Who needs that nonsense when you are hs/ld.

      • That video, and that story, is a whole lot of %@#$ed up stuff.

        Let’s see what we’ve got …

        (1) Brainwash children / young adults into thinking they are unable to defend themselves … check.

        (2) Assume the worst in all situations and scare the crap out of everyone, even if it’s just over a Halloween costume … check.

        (3) Treat EVERYONE like a criminal, with endless pat-downs, questionable searches, and basically implement temporary martial law on the campus … check.

        We’re going to have to do a lot to undo the mental abuse that is being done to the kids and young adults in this world.

    • No it is not. In the end I think we will all loose, as I think the feds ill use what will enviably happen in CT to try and take all of our firearms away and I think that will go very bad.

  1. The State needs to back off now, before it gets any worse. Liberals passing laws against the will of the people ( as holier than thou liberals do…) will no longer be tolerated. Look at history..Prohibition…ignored, Obamacare….ignored and now…gun control…ignored.

    The progressive wing of the democratic party is null and void. The problem is they are too full of themselves to see it. All of their “Big” anti gun demonstrations where 25-30 people show up. More states passing pro gun laws than anti gun laws. The writing is on the wall. American are fed up with being told how to live by liberals. It’s not the American way.

    • Agree 100%.

      Another way to think about it, too, is that there has been no violence from the citizen side….the owners of the evil guns are doing nothing by failing to comply. There does not have to be violence at all.

      If there ends up being violence, it is purely and solely because a bunch of authoritarians could not admit a mistake and did not back down when they were wrong.

      The ball is very clearly in their court.

    • They WANT it to get worse. They WANT some “tea party wingnut” to resist the unlawful confiscation with force. They WANT this so they can further paint if not formallt declare the NRA and its members terrorists. This will give them the power to pass further restrictive laws, leading to national confiscation.

      • Yes, and possibly too just marking time until the next random nut job commits some crazy, heinous act that they can then, somehow, blame on lawful rifle owners in CT that refused to register guns (like registration stops any crime from happening).

      • “They WANT it to get worse. They WANT some “tea party wingnut” to resist the unlawful confiscation with force. They WANT this so they can further paint if not formallt declare the NRA and its members terrorists. This will give them the power to pass further restrictive laws, leading to national confiscation.”

        You may be correct however, what is the solution? Do nothing and let your freedoms go goodby or fight? There are more ways to do this than armed assaults on police stations and the state house.

        • Personally I agree with you.

          However a citizen or county sheriff swat team to surround a .gov swat team who just entered a house to make a seizure on a citizen who surrenders peacefully would be classic Hollywood awesome and it would be one hell of a news story. Use a jammer to jam all communication signals in the area and there would be no reinforcements called in.

          .gov swat would be forced to surrender. They would be stripped of weapons and uniforms and left handcuffed in the street. The citizens or sheriffs would slink off in the night until the next time. It would be a huge .eembarrassment once word got out….and the peaceful show of force would be repeated until the gov was so embarressesd by this assanine law that it was overturned and the whole world would go on in peace and harmony.

          Ahhh. Sorry I got carried away. I think I should have been a screenwriter….

  2. Requiring the permanent disabling of a firearm = a “taking” (your property can no longer perform as intended and therefore it’s inherent functional and monetary value was taken from you)

    A taking = confiscation (the form and function of your property was taken (confiscated) from you)

    Therefore requiring a firearm to be permanently disabled is by it’s very nature a form of confiscation…

    The confiscations have begun through a threat of force.

  3. I guess all know where America’s Civil War 2.0 will start. Congrats to the libs for igniting it.

  4. When I was actively practicing law, I sent out a whole lot of letters threatening this and that. Much of it was simple posturing.

    These letters don’t necessarily mean anything. As long as CT is sending out letters, it isn’t sending out armed men.

    However, if (and it’s a big if) the Malloy Mafia decides to follow through on its letters with violence, then violence will be the order of the day and CT will burn.

    • ” CT will burn”


      I think that’s a best case scenario. I fear knee jerk over reaction in NY,CAL, MD, and other over regulated places. Ultimately national confiscation. Sadly, as some one said, “We are 1 trigger pull away from disaster”

    • All indications is that Malloy wants to run with Hillary — he is not going to blow the chance with blood on the street. Once we know how Malloy will run then we will know. He may leave it to the next person to do the dirty work.

  5. I wonder if the intended tactic, rather than confiscation, is to goad registered gun owners into ‘lying’ or making a false statement to a police officer, which then warrants a criminal investigation?

  6. Question that someone may answer… Couldn’t you just say you moved it out of state to a relatives house and keep it?

      • And if they don’t find anything, the State gets to build you a new house. Modern Urban Renewal.

        • How much in legal fees to get them to cough up that new house?

          They might TRY to make the case, “Well, he was on our list and never showed evidence he no longer has the rifle.”

          Not sure I’d take the bet of you ever getting your money … who knows?

  7. All they need to do is get one well-connected multi-millionaire. I’m sure there’s more than a few who have the “illegal” weapons. Go after one of them to shock the money into finally fighting back against this law.

    • Ditto.
      Even though my latest isn’t an EBR, it’s still a gun. And the bonus, it came with 4 boxes of pretty expensive ammo!
      Extra bonus, a private sale between friends.

    • Indeed. Didn’t you already know? Barack Obama is the single greatest arms salesman in history. Too bad about that commission though!

  8. I think ALL of those terrorist assault weapon owners should ban together and turn them selves in to the authorities. Lets see how the state would cope with 200,000+ new prisoners. If not, lock and load, brothers. : )

  9. Something about seeing Utah “decriminalizing” open carry, followed by authentication of CT’s letters just demonstrates so completely how different planets some of us in this country live on.

  10. Piss on them. Time to man up. Don’t tell me or anyone you are “terrified” or “i hope it doesn’t come to violence” (To the sound of someone deficating and peeing there panties) MAN UP! They DID NOT listen at all when everyone told them NOT TO DO THIS. Right? So the talk and “nice” BS s over. Now it is “Slave or Free, which will it be” time. Organize,arm,equip and train as a militia/team for mutual support.YOU ARE NOT ALONE! Set up a 5/10 progam in your AO. Logistics. More is better. Look at your enemy as nothing but a Black Uniformed Mobile Resupply Pod. Take their gear and weapon from their WARM DEAD HANDS. They are practicing to kill you RIGHT NOW. Look up “No Hesitation” targets and you figure it out. The filth are doing this in “The Constitution State” for a reason. Think. Liberty 1775.

  11. I think it’s time CT gun owners get together and leave CT in mass!! No more “staying in droves”! CT apparently doesn’t give a rats ass about you so just say “Fuck you very much” and leave! I’m sure all of us down here in the more gun friendly South and other gun friendly states can help you find homes and such!!

  12. I predict a lot of liberals will get hurt when this matter reaches critical mass. History doesn’t lie, people. You cannot constantly assault the liberty of free men and get away with it. CT, NY, NJ and CA are prisons.

  13. Cops are all huff and puff with unarmed college kids. However, where is the GOA and NRA???? Where is the emergency injunction to give both sides a chance to “pause” before something bad happens?
    As far as the libs/MSM, painting gun owners as Right-Wing, Tea Party extremists,..
    Uh, they already do. Why isn’t LaPierre, Gottlieb, Gura, etc,…. in CT bringing all this to national attention, peacefully?

    If they don’t have the stones to get involved, than shame on them if the CT po po get froggy and people get hurt/killed.

    • Yeah Call a presser with ABC, CBS, NBC, NPR. They will all show up and expose the Malley thugs.

      Next plan.

  14. Mark, this is best settled at the ballot box. A revolt would be unbelievably ugly, and I think might invite a strike from China, Russia or possibly Iran while we distracted by fighting amonsgt ourselves. And I’m sorry, but many of the loudest voices on here have no idea what they would be getting into. If you haven’t been in combat or helped that the resulting casualties, trust me, it’s far worse than you can imagine.

    As far as organizing, if you don’t think the NSA and other alphabet soup organizations aren’t keeping a close eye on organized militias and other groups deemed “domestic terrorists,” you are kidding yourselves. Organization would be virtually impossible until the SHTF.

    That being said, keep your powder dry. And plentiful. If it comes to it, and I pray that it doesn’t, liberty will prevail, but at a high cost. Just like 1776.

  15. Maybe this is all one big false flag and Connecticut doesn’t really exist. God, how nice that would be to discover. Unfortunately, I’ve had two experiences in the Constitution State to confirm its reality. Although, now that I think of it, both of those experiences were drunken. Can I really trust those memories?

    • Home of Nathan Hale and countless other revolutionary heroes. I’d be ashamed to stop to take a leak in that place now. I guess 2/3 of the eastern seaboard has gone unAmerican to this point. You’ve got to go way north or way south to hang on to your rights. Embarrassing and infuriating.

  16. What fraction of all CT “assault weapon” owners are those that mailed in their applications after the dealine?

  17. This will not only affect Conneticut but will spill over into other states as well , maybe nationwide , this is just theory on my part but once the ball starts rolling I feel that other states or federal troops being dispatched to problem areas could cause insurrection in a lot of ares as a lot of firearms owners knowing about the situation in Conneticut and other high gun control ravaged states , might possibly thnk with all of the movement of Federal troops , National guard ,and massive law enforcement in transit to these problem areas , might think that the Federal Government might be in the process of nationwide firearm confiscation , a snowball effect if you will ! Once something like this starts though it will escalate once force is taken against the population unless someone in government has enough sense to back down , which so far has not been the case , and probably won’t be . Be prepared and ready. Keep your powder dry.

  18. I am sorry to piss anyone off, but I just cannot see this situation in CT spreading to the majority of the other States. Can you imagine the CT situation happening in Arizona, Alaska, Utah, Texas, Oklahoma, Louisiana, Montana, North Dakota, Idaho, Kentucky, Wyoming, Florida, just to name a few?

    I am pretty sure California has had a LOT of unregistered firearms affected by the Roberti-Roos Assault Weapons Control Act of 1989, but no confiscation campaign has ever been conducted. Meanwhile, California is flooded with “California-Compliant AR-15’s”, and plenty of places to shoot both “Registered” and “California-Compliant” rifles.

    The situation in CT is extreme, and some people there may pay a high price for non-compliance with this onerous Law. Rather than engaging in useless bluster and posturing, we need to get behind our Pro Second Amendment Organizations and advocate for and finance further Appeals or new Lawsuits to get this Law overturned or changed.

    While I am raining on peoples’ cloud, keep in mind a few key things:
    > The People of CT elected Malloy and the State Legislators who enacted this Law.
    > A U.S. District Court upheld the Law where upon it became binding to the People of CT.
    > Those who ignored the Law, or waffled around and sent Applications after the “deadline”, now are in this sorry situation by their own choice.
    > This Law never set-out to “confiscate” anything up front. The “confiscation” rhetoric is a consequence of possible enforcement scenarios, where arresting the non-complying owner is the primary objective, and “confiscating” property is merely the collection of evidence.

    Reality is harsh. This Law clearly violates the Second Amendment. This Law has been enacted and “blessed” by a Court Ruling. Violating this Law will result in prosecution, possible imprisonment and other ugly consequences for some CT arms owners. None of that will cease to be reality because we don’t like it. Don’t let emotions run wild, like the “anti’s” do. Use your calm, calculating mind to reason-out how to put a stop to this oppression.

  19. Only the state can force a confrontation. If there’s mayhem it will be on the state. “Constitution State” my ass…..

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