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State Senator Beth Bye surfing Facebook at civilian disarmament hearings (courtesy

I watched a couple of hours of last night’s public hearings on civilian disarmament at the Connecticut state house. Needless to say, the morning after mainstream media is focusing its attention on the comments by parents of children slain in the Sandy Hook slaughter. The leads with the pro-gun control testimony of Veronique Pozner, mother of Noah Pozner, gunned down by Adam Lanza. ”This is not about the right to bear arms. It is about the right to bear weapons with the capacity of mass destruction . . . The time is now. Let the state of Connecticut become an agent for change.” Or not . . .

“I believe in simple [and] few gun laws,” Mark Mattioli, whose son James was also murdered by Lanza. “I think we have more than enough on the books. We should hold people individually accountable for their actions and we should enforce laws appropriately. And I would say we’re not currently enforcing them appropriately.”

By the tenth para, is ready to mention the fact that “Also opposing gun restrictions were the vast majority of people who testified.” And how. Passionately. Personally. And persuasively.

Provided one was listening. A list which doesn’t include Connecticut State Senator Beth Bye, gun control advocate. Check out this Tweet sent during the hearings.

Screen Shot 2013-01-29 at 9.18.16 AM

Senator Bye pulled the Tweet after it achieved Internet notoriety. A quick scan of the remaining Tweets reveals that Bye didn’t miss an opportunity to diss gun rights advocates who stepped-up to the microphone to give her the news that the Newtown tragedy doesn’t justify restricting law-abiding citizens’ Constitutionally protected right to keep and bear arms.

For example, one of the speakers referred to coyotes coming into the classroom as a kind of joke, after sharing his heartfelt concerns about the safety of children in school. Bye was all over it.

Screen Shot 2013-01-29 at 9.45.16 AM

Bye’s obvious and condescending bias against the right to keep and bear arms begs the question: does any of this really matter? I reckon the Constitution State’s reps are about to enact feel-good legislation that tramples all over the Second Amendment. And then some.

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  1. Love how the panelist in the picture is on Facebook instead of paying attention to the proceedings. Please tell me this is a picture of Ms Bye.

      • Shocking but unsurprising. I agree with CA_Chris below that this is a breach of her responsibilities as an elected official.

        One hopes that this will feature prominently during the primary season when she’s up for re-election.

    • If you click on the photo, the link is to

      The caption is

      How Anti-gun CT State Senator Beth Bye listened to testimony on gun violence yesterday. The majority of which was pro-gun.

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    • This picture should be grounds to have her removed from office. No politician should ever be surfing facebook when they are supposed to be listening to testimony from their constituents. She is neglecting her duty to the voters.

      • Couldn’t agree more. Regardless of any representative’s personal opinion on any subject, their job (DUTY) is to represent their constituency. An unwillingness to listen to those they purport to represent should be immediate grounds for removal from office. All people in her district should be livid, irrespective of their stance on this issue.

  2. I try and look at this in a positive light, but as a resident of Connecticut, I’ve got a bad feeling that this is just a dog and pony show and they’ll do whatever they please in a few weeks.

    • I will keep my figures crossed. The lunacy is there are 93 seperate bills. Some make sense some are ridculous. Many gun owners in CT have done a lot of work so I hope that the effort is not wasted, but there are many in the legislature who already have their minds made up and no facts will change their minds. This is lead by Malloy who has been obvious in his comments that he does not give a crap as long is the outcome is what he wants. I can see Malloy stepping in some cases. Senator Bye is a joke at all levels and reminds of one of those annoying neighbors who stirs up trouble where there is none just because she is bored and has nothing better to do.

      Now, there are people like Rep. Rob Sampson who is helpfull and understands gun owners and who has even tried to have sessions where they could get legislatures some education about firearms. However, many would not even bother to go to get an education so that they could even use the correct terms.

      Win or loose gun owners in the state have put up a great fight. One thing I see happening for certain given what I heard was that we will have registration for all guns and everyone will need a permit. I do not see some of the dumber bills passing like the one requiring liability insurance. I have no idea how the bill on reducing gang related violence is expected to work at all.

    • This is all theater, as I have stated here on numerous occasions. Or professional wrestling, whichever you prefer. Any hope that the grabbers are listening is utter fallacy. Full speed ahead. The people in charge in Connecticut are the same type of people presently in charge of this great country of ours. Any wonder why more Dagger than Joke showing up lately online?

  3. It’s refreshing when you hear of a legislator who takes their job, that of representing all their constituents, this seriously. I wish more of them would learn from her example.

  4. Sen. Bye’s excuse for surfing facebook during the hearings is that she wasn’t on that working group. Although there was an agreement that none of the committee members would offer testimony to the various working groups, she still spoke.

    I was there for the whole thing, and the pro-2A side outnumbered the anti-2A side by a large margin.

    And the metal detectors that were there yesterday were not there for this morning’s Mental Health working group.

    Battlespace Preparation.

  5. Wow. Based on Bye’s messages, being a part of this opportunity for her constituency to voice their opinion to their elected representatives is an inconvenience. This is your job lady.

    • Her job is not to represent the majority of her constituents. Her job is to get elected, live off the public trough and push the Progressive agenda to preserve the trough.

  6. This isn’t nearly the worst of it; NBC edited a video of the hearing to make it appear as if gun rights advocates were “heckling” the parent of one of the parent’s of a child slain at Sandy Hook. Been making the rounds on a bunch of websites even though it has been debunked by Twitchy already.

  7. Sen. Bye also introduced legislation to require gun owners to purchase liability insurance and levy a 50% tax on ammunition (CGA SB-140). Representatives from Cabela’s have stated publicly that, if the tax is instituted, they would have to look to other states to relocate their East Hartford, CT store. That would be a huge hit to the area’s economy.

    • Unfortunately we can’t do that. There is no provision for it in the state constitution or law. We tried to put it in there a few years ago to give the people a power to check the government, but the dems never even brought it up for a vote if I recall correctly.

  8. Well, the “walk” wasn’t going to shovel itself! Thats the good think about being n California! We never have to take time away from disarming civilians to make sure the walk gets shoveled.

  9. These officials dont enderstand that while many civilians may desire military arms (but dont have them), they demand the same firearms as the police (a SEMIAUTO AR, a regular capacity Glock) for self defense.

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