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In Colorado this week, a Denver-bound Greyhound bus was boarded by 47-year-old Edmundo Arellanes-Audelo, a Mexican national. After threatening the passengers with a knife, the man turned his attention to the driver. The attacker grabbed the wheel, causing the bus to veer into a guard rail.

The man has been caught, thanks to a passerby who stopped and pulled his own gun, forcing the hijacker drop the knife, and held him at gunpoint until police arrived.

The attacker is now facing charges of felony menacing with a weapon, assault, reckless endangerment, felony criminal mischief and hindering public transportation.

Under Greyhound corporate policy, no firearms or edged weapons are allowed on board. So, although there may have been gun owners on the bus, they were probably unarmed, and they legally prohibited from defending themselves or their fellow passengers.

…any attorneys out there interested in suing Greyhound, Inc.?

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  1. I would think riding Greyhound would demand carrying a gat…do they search you? Pat you down? Metal detectors?!? Yer good to GO😏

      • Sarcasm around the next bend….

        I think they have thermal imaging flashlights that pick up warm footprints from a mile away. You’d never get away with walking on a bus with a weapon.

        This ‘Mexican National’ must have had a plastic knife or he never would have made it on board.

        • I carried a blade every time i rode a bus. Also didnt bored at a major bus station but i never faced any metal detectors or pat downs. This was in 2009 so security probably has stepped up since then.

    • I’ve seen VIPER teams do mass shakedowns of passenger busses before, greyhound included, but this is mostly in places on the east coast near federal/national security interests or in places where such people are (campaigning, promoting politicians) So yes it can happen

  2. I think you spelled illegal alien incorrectly…. If he wasn’t before he certainly is now…

    O-wait maybe a bunch of virtue signaling idiots will set him free and setup a nice go-fund-me page for poor misunderstood Edmundo… Colorado seems to be trying to beat California to the lowest of lows these days… They’ve got a ways to got but seem to be catching up quick…

    Thank God a good guy with a gun was near by enough to put a stop to this evil…

      • You can read between the lines and realize that the Denver sanctuary city media will go to great lengths to conceal the truth. “Mexican national” is spin control terminology for “illegal alien.” We’ll find out for certain eventually, but right now the smart money is betting he’s illegal. After all, it isn’t as though this is entirely unprecedented.

        Just this past January, in Milwaukee, a previously deported illegal alien stood up and threatened to shoot all three dozen passengers on a Greyhound bus. He was arrested, but no firearm found, so he got off with just time served (32 days for disturbing the peace).

        Just another example of our porous borders and spineless leaders inviting scum to invade and assault us while our government dawdles.

  3. This incident may result in metal detectors at Grayhound stations but any move to allow concealed carry will bring unending regulatory attention and lawsuits.
    Sounds like the passenger had the situation handled without a gun anyway.

    • How do you figure that? The attacker broke out a window and escaped. It was the armed citizen who detained the attacker and stopped the violent crime spree.

  4. ????
    That linked article made no mention whatsoever of an armed citizen stopping the attack… only of the hijacking, the wreck, and the police taking the hijacker into custody.
    Deliberate oversight?

  5. I detect a great disturbance in The Force.

    TTAG has transitioned from posting about the Irresponsible Gun Owner of the Day (IGOTD) to posts about good guys with guns stopping bad guys.

    It’s almost like thre’s been a change in editorial policy or something.

    • Most, if not all, the idiot gun owners were more criminal than idiot. Calling a banger that shoots himself in the junk with his illegally owned and carried gat is going way past idiot and firmly into felony country.

      That whole premise made it look like decent, law abiding gun owners were causing havoc when it was mostly folks with histories involved.

      • Maybe it makes me a very not nice person, but reading about some idiot gangbanger thug blowing his own “precioussess” off is hysterically funny.

        Apologies to Gollum.

        • Yep. I always see the humor in that situation. I just hate for those folks being compared to legit gun owners.

  6. Sue Greyhound for…..what? For you exercising your own free will to enter into a contract, mutually free of fraud or force, to transport you on a common carrier according to predefined, disclosed, and agreed-upon terms?

    Soooo……basically you want unlimited do-overs and “taksies backsies”, a la sandbox rules? When oh when did the POTG turn into such statists/wussies??? Good F’ing grief.

    • Which other constitutionally protected civil rights are they allowed to prevent you from exercising?

      If our individual rights are inherent in our humanity (or God-given if you prefer), then why is it okay when a private organization prevents you from exercising them but not when government does it?

      They’d never get away with segregating passengers based on race — but they can outright ban and refuse service to people who want to exercise their Second Amendment right. What’s the difference here?

    • You are both off the mark. It is a Homeland Security regulation, not a Greyhound policy. Same rule for Amtrak. All firearms must be in the luggage compartment.

  7. Bus carry is a FELONY in Missouri. Section 577.703.
    We have tried to repeal it but our former machine gun toting ex-Navy Seal ex-Democrat, Rino ex-Governor wasted the Legislature’s time this year….

    • I think it is a federal felony to bring a firearm on a bus/train/airplane because of hijacking laws. Utah tried to change this law but it failed because highways / rail / airspace are all federal jurisdiction.

  8. Shoulda been a DGU. Illegal aliens gotta learn. Article didn’t say but I’m betting the scum was.

  9. I heard an interview on local radio news with the motorist, who was an off duty soldier. He said there was another knife wielding passenger that was trying to stop the offender when he arrived. Speclation is that the attacjer was trying to take the bus over an embankment, and it got caught on the guard rail. I can’t find anything on the web mentioning any of this.

  10. The legality of carry on the bus depends on where it came from and where you boarded.

    No gun signs and policies mean exactly jack shit in Colorado unless backed by a security checkpoint using a metal detector. In the case of a bus they would have to employ such a checkpoint at every stop along the route.

    So if you boarded in Colorado with a knife and a CCW pistol/revolver you’re good to go and Greyhound hasn’t a leg to stand on.

  11. “So, although there may have been gun owners on the bus, they were probably unarmed, and they legally prohibited from defending themselves or their fellow passengers….”

    Depending on what state(s) you are traveling through it may be perfectly legal to ignore Greyhound’s rule. I further suspect there are plenty who do.

  12. I can’t find any reference to any overriding *federal law* prohibiting concealed carry on interstate passenger rail or bus. Both Amtrak and Greyhound prohibit firearms (and edged weapons, Mr. “Mexican National”) as a matter of policy, but both also state that violation is cause for “denial of transportation,” not any legal sanction. If someone knows of specific CFR (federal) regulations prohibiting guns on buses and trains, post up. There may be state laws that apply as well; California law prohibits firearms possession *except* by LEO/CCW in “sterile areas” of public transportation facilities, provided such prohibition is clearly marked. See Ca PC 171.7.

    In other words: Concealed means concealed.

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