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Scott White, a computer webhosting specialist from the great state of Georgia, takes his “My Everyday Carry” with him whenever he leaves the house.

Don’t take my word for it.  He writes:

This is exactly what it is. Everyday Carry. When I leave my house this is on my person.

Only mine is “from the moment I put on my pants.”  But I suspect Scott’s is like that as well.

He’s got his gun (GLOCK 19), Raw Dog carbon fiber IWB holster, and a spare mag (and pouch).

The only thing missing is an illumination tool.

Question:  Does anyone empty their gear when they get back home?  Or are you like me and just leave everything on out of convenience as much as anything else?  In fact, at bedtime I just put my pants next to the bed almost like a firefighter’s bunker gear.  That way I have my wallet, keys, gun, light and a whole lot more right there in case I need to leave the house in a hurry (like for a fire or other problem).

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  1. Nice gear. I recommend a light.

    Dammit! I agree with Boch again!

    I leave most of my stuff (LCP too) in my pants when I go to bed.

    I do take out IWB and it goes on the nightstand.

    That way, with just pants, I am mostly ready.

  2. I carry a g19 gen 5 in a super tuck iwb. Can, not, carry at work, but it is always close by, shhhhh. From there, my carry is never more then two feet from me. My ccw does change with dress and or purpose. It goes from shorts days lcp, to woods walk g29 with a g20 mag. Yes, I do practice with all my carry guns.

    • A bear can run at speeds in excess of 30 mph and can cover 50 yards in in less than 3.5 seconds. How many rounds do you think you can get off 3.5 seconds? I am not even talking accuracy here. You are only going to get off 2 or 3 shots before the bear eats you. Until bears learn how to shoot back capacity really doesn’t matter.

  3. This is mine. And my G19, is never far. While in bed it is mounted with a magnet to my bedframe. I have several magnets strategically placed around there house.

    Yes. I need a light saber.

    • Thanks for sharing a real EDC pocket dump instead of those fancy artsy unrealistic EDC ensembles. I like the watch, few days ago I was eying that same Seiko with the ODG band.

  4. Nah. When I get home I change anyway. I don’t need a pistol on me while I’m working out, taking a shower, using the toilet, etc. If I need a gun quickly I can get to one and I don’t open the door to people I don’t know.

    But then, I live in an area where it would be very surprising to have a home invasion. If I were in a violent area in Chicago I would probably act differently.

  5. Just letting you guys know, there is an increasing level of gun violence in Sweden…..stories this month about it…….also? Grenades are the weapon of choice among the immigrant gangs attacking each other……

  6. Btw bunkers haven’t been allowed in bunk rooms in some time , what with all the contaminates and carcinogens on them.

  7. I take my LCP out of the holster, put it by my pants, holster stays on pants.
    My knife, a Leek, get’s opened and by my LCP. Leaving the blade open takes stress off the torsion spring, helps spring last.
    Pants on time all is ready to go.
    Nice load out. Not sure re. the holster. Is it a hard shell like kydex?

  8. My 2 cents… being retired, I’m home more than out, but I carry. Home = LCP + 1 reload; Out&About = LCP, 642, or PM9 in either IWB or pocket holsters, + 1 or 2 reloads, 2 blades (tactical folder & polite pocket), small light & personal stuff. Other OFWGs I meet at my LCS (local cigar store) think I’m paranoid for carrying at home. I’m OK with that. G19 is too fat for my hand, but I applaud Scott’s load out. It looks like a real EDC instead of the numerous Walter Mitty “tacticool super spy” fantasies we see here.

  9. Mostly empty my pockets when I get home. Gun and belt stuff on belt stays on. Posted mine earlier this week for you to make fun of. All real though.

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