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Fresh from the mailman this week is a brand new GLOCK replacement trigger from Lone Wolf, called the UAT or Ultimate Adjustable Trigger. The UAT is adjustable for both pretravel and overtravel, and my example has an aluminum trigger shoe with a bead blast finish. To put the UAT through its paces, next week I’ll be picking up a Law Enforcement trade-in GLOCK 22 to review. My FFL just received a few hundred of them and I’ll choose a slightly below-average example to check out. After a couple hundred rounds through it as is, the UAT goes in. So…it’s all coming soon. In the meantime, in case you can’t wait for the UAT review . . .

Lone Wolf is offering 33% off of the UAT’s $74.95 price tag as an initial promotion.

LW UAT Banner


EDIT: May as well mention that testing is complete on the MechTech CCU (freakin’ great), Odin Works SB-PT (amazing buffer tube just for the Sig SB15 brace), QuarterCircle10 lower receiver for GLOCK small frame mags (sweet), JP Rifles Silent Captured Spring setups for 5.56 and 9mm (no other way to fly), and a new ZiP .22 (still not…uh…good). Most of these will publish later this month, I do believe.

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    • It’s fine. There are a few instances of multiple reviews on the same model here. It’s good to have second opinions and such. My review probably won’t be up until January sometime anyway. Submit away!

  1. Bought a LE Trade in earlier this year. Based on the serial # i believe it was made in 2003. Looked like it was never used. Has a slightly different finish (shinier, more black than greyish) that my NEW glock 19 has.

    Totally worth it for $399. Sits in my glovebox.

      • Considering i avoid stupid places and don’t drive anything that attracts attention, i am satisfied that the odds of having my car burgled are essentially non-existent

        • Have you considered a small pistol safe in your car (that you can put the Glock in while parked)?
          Glove boxes in a lot of cars have concerningly crappy locks (or plastic hinges).

        • Honestly, the odds of my car being burgled are so low that i don’t see the benefit of putting more effort into securing the contents. My car spends almost all of its time either locked in my locked garage or locked on the secure premises of my employer. I can’t remember the last time i was out past about 10pm (thank you, toddler), and Its not like i’m leaving it parked on the street in seedy areas or anything. I don’t leave valuables in plain view. The list of cars that provide an easier or more lucrative opportunity than mine to criminals is so long that i’m just not worried about it.

          For my car to get burgled, a criminal would have to venture into a well lit and populated area and decide he must break into the locked and alarmed 2011 base model Ford Fusion that has nothing obviously worth stealing inside of it. Even the radio is stock so its not like they could smash and grab.

          Is my risk of theft 0? No. But its already so impossibly low that any minor incremental benefit i’d get from some additional layer of protection on the glock 19 is almost certainly not worth the money.

  2. I picked up a pair of LE trade-in G21s for $399 at the LGS recently. Smokin’ deal. They are used but not bad, with night sights.

  3. A review of a Glock trigger upgrade isn’t all that meaningful without comparison to others. There are now at least four brands of adjustable aluminum triggers (not all unique), a bunch of aftermarket connectors, several strikers and striker safety plungers, several “modified OEM” trigger bars and other parts, at least two distinct brands of aftermarket springs, and probably other aftermarket trigger parts I’m missing. Plus a few “send us your gun” outfits. Lots of folks try lots of aftermarket parts without fully understanding how everything works together. Any given part may work in one gun but not in another, given Glock’s deliberately loose tolerances in the trigger area. I’m hoping this review will get sufficiently technical, qualitative and quantitative in comparison with other options to give useful info–with the caveat that it may be completely different in a different gun.

  4. I also purchased a LE G22 about 2 years ago for $385. Fine pistol for the money, plus I got to make my pick of the lot. A very happy acquisition.


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