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Associated Press

Colorado authorities have issued an arrest warrant for a woman accused of lying when she filed a petition seeking to take away the guns of a university police officer who killed her son.

Susan Holmes of Fort Collins was being sought Friday on suspicion of first-degree perjury and attempt to influence a public servant, The Denver Post reported Thursday.

Larimer County deputies tried to serve the warrant, but could not find Holmes, sheriff’s office spokesman Jered Kramer said.

“At this point, we are fairly certain she is attempting to avoid us,” he said.

The warrant was issued a week after Holmes appeared in court to argue under the red flag law that the state should confiscate the guns of Colorado State University police Cpl. Philip Morris for a year after he fatally shot 19-year-old Jeremy Holmes in 2017, online court records said.

Jeremy Holmes reportedly bared a bayonet and charged officers after being told several times to drop the weapon. The 8th Judicial District Attorney’s Office ruled that the officers’ use of force was justified, and they were cleared of wrongdoing.

The warrant was first reported by The Coloradoan.

Holmes said on the petition that she and Morris shared a child together, but later said it wasn’t true during an interview with The Denver Post. A judge denied Holmes’ petition because she didn’t have legal standing to file it.

The red flag law, which took effect Jan. 1, is similar to those adopted in over a dozen other states and intended to allow relatives, household members or law enforcement to seek a court order to confiscate the weapons of people they believe could harm themselves or others.

Holmes’ bond is set at $5,000. She did not respond to a Denver Post reporter’s call on Thursday and did not return a phone call from The Associated Press on Friday afternoon.

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    • My first thought.
      I’m sure in every place where these red flag laws live the moment they hit up against an LEO or politician there is an auto stop and the focus is put right back on the person making the claim.

      You and I however get no such stop and it’s full speed ahead.

      • I’m just glad the LEO was cleared and didn’t get some liberal judge say let’s force him though all the same hoops everyone else will need to jump through. I am also glad they decided to go after the complainant. If as in some states, an anonymous complaint had been files and processed, where would this be and how would the LEO get his name cleared?

        • Than you are a moron Randy. All the ‘LEO”s and politicians should face the same laws as treatment as everyone else. No Carve Outs… You ignorant putz.

        • “Coulda’, Shoulda’…….”
          Ir never has worked that way, and it never will.
          STOP “WHAT-IFING.”
          If you want to fight it, then fight it!


        • Cops get their guns taken all the time, red flag laws or otherwise. The rates of suicide, crippling mental health issues, domestic violence, and substance abuse are pretty high amongst street cops. All of these lead to permanent disarmament and termination on a regular basis and nearly none of it makes the news, so nobody ever hears/knows about it.

    • Yep, wake me up when someone is charged and convicted for false claims against some regular Joe, who is not an agent of the state.

    • Yep, I read the headline and thought courts would actually put some teeth on false accusations. Then I read it was a member of snortsnort pig incorporated protected class. I would need to see video proof before I believe anything a cop has to say, their word is utterly worthless.

  1. Cool.

    I still can’t even fathom how many divorces this will happen during. But one is better than none I guess.

    • The trick is to be the first one to file the fake DV claim against your soon-to-be ex-spouse and make them the subject of the confiscation.

      Like everybody said in the above comments: the only people who get arrested and/or prosecuted for false claims are the people who make false claims against agents of the state. Apparantly nobody is ever prosecuted for making false claims against non-agents of the state, so it would be logical to be the person making the false claims….. right? /sarc/

      • Richard
        Fake DV claims have been around for 30 plus years. Lawyer I used to know via work told me about one he went against over a 100 times. Every case he used a DV claim and a pedophile claim against the husband. If he had a passport he added a sex tourist claim. Numerous complaints against him and all dismissed by BAR association.

        • Exactly…. get that guy as your lawyer and accuse your (ex?) spouse. There aren’t any consequences for lying in court apparently (unless your spouse is a cop I guess??)….tell us how it works out for you.

  2. that’s is going to be a problem with the red flag laws a family member gets upset with another and files a red flag complaint about revenge and later regrets it and is charged maybe if it is a gun-hating state they will just keep the guns for no reason and the owner has to fight in court to get them back its bad any way you look at it

  3. Wether this side wins or that side wins is a matter of risk that’s all about wether your dealing with someone that has TDS or people genuinely interested in upholding law and order.

    It isn’t how we do things in America. Atleast not normally, not really.

    It isn’t wether a red flag law can be abused (it will). The existence of these laws IS an abuse.

  4. The biased system is out to destroy yet another vulnerable and completely believable woman.

    Have we become a nation that stands by and lets women be harassed?

    Can we afford as a society to take such chances when lives could be at stake?

    • And what happens when a stalker initiates a Red Flag order against the woman that he desires, the courts disarm her, and he then rapes and/or murders her because she is defenseless?

      It works both ways. Lives could be on the line either way.

      We must ALWAYS err on the side of liberty. And that means government must NOT interfere with a person’s right to acquire and possess the property of their choosing. That also means that government must NOT interfere with a person’s right to self-defense.

    • Sure you are the same person who believes a women who says she was raped because a man looked at her strange.

      GTFO here troll.

      • Do the words of the most Conservative President since Reagan have no impact upon you?

        “Take the guns first, go through due process second.”

        • You are funny Reagan was a Democrat who never left the party he was even quoted as such. Trump is no conservative turning over 500,000 of his supporters into felons over night is a bold move for reelection. Must be more of that 4-d chess we hear so much about.

          Again GTFO troll.

        • Mr Bill Hilly, why so malcontented in this time of the lowest latino unemployment ever?

          Next you will be claiming that cops should not have class 3 MGs, and should only be allowed the same semi auto firearms available commercially to non LE civilians.


  5. That’s nice, except for one thing… people aren’t usually charged with perjury for lying in court to get a conviction on an ordinary person. In the county where I live, the judge actually tells the prevaricating witness to pick a story and stick to it.

  6. If she was ANY KIND of a mother, SHE would take responsibility of raising her son under better values morals and productive qualities. Nit some nut who charges police with a machete….There are not bad children only bad parents and these children eventually grow up into adults behaving in the same manner they were taught, saw or mimic……GUNS HAVE NOTHING TO DO WITH a failure to parent. To some people it just pumping out a unit every 9 months with no real understanding of the responsibility that lies ahead.

  7. Did anyone actually read the story? She filed a red flag law against a cop, who was in the news for shooting an unarmed 19 yr old, who happened to be her son. This is a great story, sans the fact she’s currently being sought for arrest.

    Seems she’s using this unconstitutional law as a precedent to show 1) how ridiculous the law is, 2) that even cops and people in positions of power are still subject to the law, and 3) that this may even be one of this small exceptions where the law could be used appropriately.

    Believe this, that had a civilian/citizen shot an unarmed person, red flags, restraining orders, and untold amounts of other ridiculous shit would’ve been filed.

    • He looked armed with a knife/bayonet in the video, no? Didn’t you read the article or watch the video?

      • After I posted that comment I realized this is a story from 2017, my fault. There was an unarmed shooting not long ago.

    • The article I read stated that he had a bayonet bared and charged the officers, after being told several time to drop it. In my eyes, justifiable homicide. Lock her up. Case closed.

  8. F… them and the red flag laws just another way to take guns away from people unconstitutional.

    Come try to take my gun and if you succeed you will be dead when I fucking get another gun fuck you and your red flag laws and anybody who agrees with it you don’t belong in this country get the f… out.

    In other words you’re a traitor to are Bill of Rights and the Constitution of the United States and you don’t deserve to live here don’t like it get the f… out.

  9. We certainly saw this coming. The courts and lawyers are going to be real busy with this redflag bullshit that’s for sure.

  10. See, Red Flag laws do provide protection for gun owners, even going after those who provide false accusations.

    The sky is not falling.

  11. Philip Morris? His parents sure lack imagination. I wonder if ole Phil named any of his kids Virginia, Benson, or Merit? Clearly he can’t name a kid Marlboro or Basic! I mean, Merit Morris would be sort of a neat name.

  12. I believe red flags only make sense if a person filing a false claim can be prosecuted for filing a false report.

  13. Be a hell of an unattended consequences if we find some judges that would find people guilty of trying to violate their civil rights.

  14. Sounds like the kind of trick that sovereign citizens like to use against judicial\LE officers all the time. Who would imagine that ex-parte motions that take away someone’s rights and put the burden of proof on them could be used for something bad?

  15. This will end up being the most abused law ever on the books. Many gun Haters will Red Flag their neighbors just for having what they consider a dangerous weapon close to their home and regard this as a threat.

  16. The operative factor in this case is the badge. If the subject of the order was ANYONE but a badgemonkey it would have been granted, doors kicked, dogs shot and rights violated. But since the order was sought naming a Holy Badgemonkey as the subject the system turned 180 degrees and ATTACKED the person seeking the order. This is corruption and abuse of the highest order. Proof that such insane laws can and WILL be abused….in MANY ways….by those in power.

    • Indeed. A couple of years ago in Pembroke Pines, a guy had the cops called on him for “pointing and waving a gun”. The guy was unarmed-he had a rifle tattoo on his arm.

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