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After NRA commentator Dom Raso weighed-in, it was only a matter of time before Colion Noir (not shown) lashed back at the Black Lives Matter attack on Dana Loesch’s “clenched fist of truth video.” Mr. Noir’s polemic (video below) runs a full 13:00, so I’ll give you the take-away . . .

People who argue that the NRA is racist are wrong. Worse, they’re hypocrites. The good news: Mr. Noir highlights the racism of gun control, and the NRA’s support for black gun rights. So now you know.

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  1. Isn’t that Ariana Huffington on the left in that pic?

    That’s ‘Bloomie’ on the far right.

    (Murdoch 2nd from the left?)

  2. People seem to forget or ignore the history of the Democrat Party. They were the pro-slavery people. You know… KKK and all that. They wanted to keep Blacks in chains, and Whites wielding the whips. You think they have changed? They haven’t. Their base agenda is still the same as it was. Only now they want to enslave everyone and they use any means they can to achieve their goal. One of their biggest means is economic slavery. Keeping the poor in their place. Destroying the middle class. Destroying individual responsibility. Destroying the family. Etc. Just like the Russians, they push union support, collectivizing healthcare, and even property. They alter history. Bury it. They pit one group against another (Stalin was great at that.) They reinterpret laws which need no reinterpretation because the words explaining those laws exist from the authors.

    • It’s not so much as the people don’t know, as it is that the true history of the Democrat party has been intentionally covered up by Democrat and left leaning academics for the last 40 or 50 years. Im 30, and I can still remember being told in elementary school that it was thanks to the D’s that the Civil Rights Act was passed in the 60’s. Yet when you read primary source materials, it’s clear the D’s fought tooth and nail against the Civil Rights Act. Having academia, and worse, the folks that write the text books, firmly in their grasp, is gonna be difficult to counter.

      • That is true, but in the Internet age at least the truth is available to those willing to seek it out.

      • ” Having academia, and worse, the folks that write the text books, firmly in their grasp, is gonna be difficult to counter.”

        Yes and no.

        If you can show an anti who has intellectual honesty the *facts* that they were lied to, that’s a real powerful weapon to turn them to our side.

        There seems to be a trait among the Millennials, they really hate being lied to by the establishment…

      • Oh no no…. there was that magic switcheroo where southern jim crow democrats were really republicams…yadya…yada …yada (sarc)

      • “I can still remember being told in elementary school that it was thanks to the D’s that the Civil Rights Act was passed in the 60’s”

        It was thanks to one Democrat who literally humiliated and intimidated the ones in Congress to do what they didn’t want to — or be booted from office by their own party. Yes, I mean LBJ — whatever his motives were, he knew how to get his way with his party.

        • “These Negroes, they’re getting pretty uppity these days and that’s a problem for us since they’ve got something now they never had before, the political pull to back up their uppityness. Now we’ve got to do something about this, we’ve got to give them a little something, just enough to quiet them down, not enough to make a difference. For if we don’t move at all, then their allies will line up against us and there’ll be no way of stopping them, we’ll lose the filibuster and there’ll be no way of putting a brake on all sorts of wild legislation. It’ll be Reconstruction all over again.” Lyndon B Johnson

          “I’ll have those n****** voting Democratic for 200 years.” Lyndon B Johnson

    • Watching this vid on YouTube just last night, there was an ad off the side of tee shirts – the one that grabbed my eye was a picture of Abraham Lincoln with the caption “Wow, I haven’t seen Democrats this mad since someone took their slaves away.”
      I. Must. Have. That. Shirt.

  3. The BLM has to attack the NRA and all gun owners as racist, sexist, homophobic ect. The biggest threat to the Democrat’s disarmament agenda is when traditional Dem voters discover the joys of shooting and interact with polite, law abiding gun owners. Nothing will uncover the lies and deception faster than seeing for themselves. That’s why you see all these messages saying garbage like “If you buy even a used gun or even one bullet for self defense, you’re helping the NRA murder black people”.

  4. Well worth the watch. It hits really hard–with the clenched fist of truth about the NRA. Loved it. One of the best he’s done.

  5. What a great video, absolutely crammed full of truths that liberal progressives and liberal politicians will never admit. Colion Noir’s presentation is spot on, and I would love it if every single person in this country would watch this video…..several times, because the “Clenched Fist of Truth” is present in every word spoken from beginning to end. Well done Mr. Noir!

  6. Noir is great. This particular installment is way too long, though. I managed to sit through the whole thing last night. Fast forward to the last minute, where he calls out BLM for their ridiculous First Amendment hypocrisy. It’s priceless.

  7. It’s not just the 2A. Liberals take advantage of black folks on a number of issues to keep them voting “the right way”.

    Why don’t they ever do something useful for the inner cities? Because doing something useful results in people who have jobs and make a decent living. Guess what happens to a decent percentage of people who have jobs and make a decent living? They start caring where their tax dollars go. When that happens the Leftist agenda not only loses it’s appeal it looks downright bad to those people. Then they stop voting for liberal politicians.

  8. Great video. I second everything he says. I help instruct law-abiding citizens in the USVI. The majority of our clients are non-white. I, along with most gun owners could care less what color, religion, or orientation you are. If you are a gun owner, you are my brother (or sister). Let’s make sure everyone feels comfortable in exercising their rights and continue to advance our fight for the freedoms we have in America.

  9. BLM leaders, not surprisingly, are largely ignorant of the NRA’s history. If they took the time to learn, they’d realize that each time The Left moves against gun-rights and/or the NRA, the net result is an exponential expansion in the NRA’s membership. Years ago, during a typical gun-control initiative, I tried to join the NRA. When I called, I found that phone lines were completely overwhelmed. I never did get connected and had to wait awhile to join.

    Black Lives Matter is a prime advertising tool for increasing NRA membership. If BLM didn’t exist, the NRA would need to go hire someone to impersonate them. That said, I don’t want to minimize the threat that BLM and the progressive left poses to American freedom and liberty. We are indeed in perilous times and I support the NRA because of that ever present reality. While it sometimes seems like a dowager empress, when push comes to shove, the NRA can kick ass and take names like no other.

    • BLM and ANTIFA will make splendid video material for Repub ads in 2018…..and of coarse the never ending gift of Pelosi.

  10. The stupidity of BLM calling NRA racist.

    Seriously, is there a bigger “star” than Noir in the NRA?
    He gets mobbed at the conventions.
    White, black, brown, young, and old stand in the lines to get a pic with him.


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