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Does that make the Second Amendment the internal combustion engine?

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  1. “Shiny turd version”
    “Estrogen pill popping guy in the pretty dress”

    LOL, he has a way with the English language, I like it.

  2. Not internal combustion engine; not parallel structure. The 2A is Volvo that’s still purring after a million miles! She’s been dinged-up from rough, rocky roads, but, like Ol’ Man River, she just keeps rollin’ along.

  3. Good video, always like his stuff and even follow via twitter…As for the anti’s, they will continue to make a run at UBC + whatever they can in the coming months and years.
    I just re-upped with NRA, finally joined GOA and dropped 4 emails each to my US Senators, Reps and to my state reps and the Gov.

    Don’t take your foot off the accelerator.

  4. Can we get him to run for office? Whatever party he joined and whatever race he would be in, he’d win. He could even be the first black man to be a real president.

  5. Please run for (NRA/USA) president, you got my vote …
    Nice to see and hear a person that is smart, well spoken
    and really means what he says!

  6. I’ve been following his YouTube channel for quite a while. I’d pay a dollar to see him up against Piers for 15 minutes. ‘Nuff said.

  7. In comparison, the Geo Metro is closer to a Mercedes than any of these gun control bills are to good law…

  8. Very well said. I agree with you this is important. I see the second amendment protects a right that we already had. Its an alienable or inalienable right that we have for being Americans. The 2nd limits the governments power to infringe on that right. They can not take or amend that right away from us and that they have limited power to touch that right.


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