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A member of the US House of Representatives recently suggested that nuking gun owners who refuse to give up their semi-automatic rifles is an option for enforcing a future “assault weapons” ban. Fortunately, he doesn’t have access to the nuclear codes and anyone who thinks pistol grips make a firearm more dangerous probably isn’t worth losing much sleep over.

Clearly, though, the Congressman has some large gaps in his knowledge of guns and gun owners. For instance, he probably doesn’t know that by most estimates, Americans own between 10 and 20 million “assault rifles.” We’d guess the actual number is about twice that, but whatever. Every AR in civilian hands is one more burr under Eric Swalwell’s saddle.

If you’re looking to add to the total and further aggravate him — and why wouldn’t you be? — you could do a lot worse that Cobalt Kinetics’ new BLACK rifle. Here’s their press release . . .

Washington Utah, November 19, 2018 – Just in time for the holiday season, Cobalt Kinetics has released its lowest priced rifle ever. The company dug deep to hit their new bargain-priced benchmark without compromising the craftsmanship, fit and quality for which they have become known. This newest installment is simply called the BLACK. And although it’s priced to move, its quality and features exceed similarly priced offerings.

The Stainless-steel barrel is crafted by Cobalt Kinetics to their own high standards. The unique design keeps more steel around the breech and in the back half of the barrel while the muzzle end remains light; this configuration keeps the overall weight within standards (30 ounces) while enhancing the weapon’s handling characteristics. Also, the increased heat-sink capacity of the heavy breech section reduces zero shift during prolonged shooting sessions. One positive side-effect of this design is reduced harmonic effect; which results in better accuracy. And like all Cobalt Kinetics rifles, this barrel comes with a sub-MOA accuracy guarantee.

The BLACK’s trigger is the same adjustable single-stage unit found on most of the Cobalt Kinetics product line. Each trigger is polished and tuned at installation for a light and crisp break.

The Nickel-boron coated M-16 profile Bolt group, provided by American Built Arms, is without equal. The metals used in its construction and dimensional accuracy exceed mil-spec standards.

The furniture offered includes a Hogue over-molded grip and collapsible carbine stock. The 15” Odinworks handguard mates to the upper receiver to create 21 inches of picatinny rail across the top while 24 M-lok pockets allow for the addition of weapon peripherals and accessories.

After a bit of study and comparison to other Cobalt rifles, all that seems to be missing on this rifle is the Dual Drop mechanism. In order to keep the rifle economical and universal Cobalt chose to offer the BLACK with a conventional slick-side upper. The receivers are machined from 7075 billet aluminum and fit together perfectly. The controls are all mil-spec or otherwise single-sided, as found on some of the “Stage 1” Cobalt rifles. The fixed gas block is of the low-profile variety and the muzzle device is the classic A2 flash-hider.

The receivers are finished inside and out with Cerakote while the handguard and receiver extension are black anodized.

The BLACK model can be had in any color the consumer wants- as long as that color is black.

The BLACK retails for $1595, but it is on sale for the holidays for $1195.

Skylar Stewart, Vice President adds: “We’ve always been pressured by our dealers and end users to make something really competitive on price. The BLACK was initially hard to pencil out at this price point but we made it work. We wanted this rifle to still reflect Cobalt quality and performance, so it comes with the essential upgrades included. It has our rock-solid billet receivers and premium trigger, BCG and barrel. We’re confident that this rifle will perform better than any other AR-15 in this price point.”

Check out the BLACK model HERE

About Cobalt Kinetics

Cobalt Kinetics designs and builds firearms with bold aesthetics, cutting-edge technical innovation, state-of-the-art engineering and meticulous precision.

Cobalt Kinetics was founded out of dissatisfaction with the unending rows of the same black rifle on every gun shop wall across the country. The real issue with the “black rifle” is that there is little differentiation in the market and very little true innovation. Cobalt Kinetics broke from tradition and re-imagined firearm design and intent. Form and function could be enhanced by applying a careful balance of science, engineering, and art to the gun. Functions unique to Cobalt’s rifles such as the Dual Drop and Cobalt Advantage Reloading System demonstrate this unique new approach. At Cobalt Kinetics, flaws in the original AR-15 design have been corrected and advancements have been implemented while maintaining ultimate precision, absolute durability and bold aesthetics. Cobalt is driven to create firearms that are more effective, more reliable and more rewarding to the owner.

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    • They only claimed it to be Cobalt’smost affordable rifle. There are $400 Omni rifles in abundance, if that’s more your taste.

      • For 1,200 it better come in Creedmoor AND shoot 0.5″ groups.
        I can get Creedmoor with 0.75″ groups from PSA for $799

        • If you’re getting 3/4 MOA groups from an $800 rifle you got hosed. For that kind of money I’d expect 0.075″ groups from a Creedmoor!

    • Agreed even if it shoots sub MOA like Cobalt claims I’d rather build if I chose to set aside that much cash for an AR type rifle.

  1. I misread the title as “the most affordable.” Imagine my shock. Since the shelves are literally collapsing under the weight of AR pattern product I would have assumed there is no market for liter rifles anymore. Gucci everywhere I look.

  2. “I” estimate that 20million “assault” rifles were sold in the 8yrs of the Obuma reign.

    What is the waiting period to be sworn in as a member of Congress. Obviously no intelligence test for a demtard. How many Houses in Congress Alexandria?

  3. Without the spin…..
    Cobalt made the barrel (supposedly) and the receivers. That’s it folks. This isn’t a Cobalt manufactured rifle. It’s Cobalt assembled.
    $1600? Why, when POF, LWRC and Daniel Defense (the last rifle I bought was a DDM4V11 @ $1360 out the door) are still manufacturing high quality rifles????

    • IMO, from a price and asthetics point of view, I’d rather buy a DD than a Cobalt Kinetics…then I’d have to go with a fixed mag option because I live in CA.

      • Do you still have the option of the silly stock modifications to get around the detachable mag scary feature or did they change the rules on you again? Honestly liked the options your state had better than the abominations my state required.

  4. I noticed no forward-assist on the upper receiver, not that I ever needed one on my SP1.

    Makes you wonder what spec the chamber is to ensure reliable feeding.

    • Funny you mention not needing a foward assist, I’m the same. But 2 days ago at the range, teaching my nephew to shoot, he didn’t full charge it. I actually used the foward assist! So from a teaching perspective it was good to have. He now pulls that charging handle all the way back and let’s go.

      • I found the best method was to lock the bolt open, insert the magazine, and then press the bolt release paddle. Worked perfectly all the time.

  5. Americans own between 10 and 20 million “assault rifles.”

    American’s only own 10 to 20 million ‘assault rifles’? We gotta pump up those numbers, those are rookie numbers!!

    • The numbers just went WAY up, at least in Washington State now that any 22 rimfire or centerfire semiautomatic is now officially an Assault Rifle.

      I1639 passed.

  6. I can buy a Colt LE6920 carbine for $999 w/ magpul grips
    For $1,500 I would buy a .308 “battle rifle”
    M4’s are good general purpose rifles but I wouldn’t spend over 1,000 on one.

  7. “…anyone who thinks pistol grips make a firearm more dangerous…”

    Pistol grips make firearms more effective. Easier to wield, more precise of aim, better fit to human body mechanics.

    “Dangerous” only goes with a tool, plus a person with intentions.

    A more effective tool in the hands of some whack-job can do more damage.

    A gun with pistol grips in most people’s hands, aims, points, and holds easier — less “dangerous” in damage flying away from intentions. Confronting malice, a gun with pistol grips works better to stop the “danger”.

    Duke Nukem, there, doesn’t trust your skill or intentions, or he’s want you to have the most effective tool you could get. Or he doesn’t think you are worth protecting, if there’s any chance or cost to it. Or both, of course.

    Myself, I think most people are worth protecting, competent enough that they can have a fire arm, and mean well. Not appropriate to nuke them into disarmament. Duke Nukem, there, based on what he’s spouted off, really doesn’t seem to have the brains or temperament to be trusted with a spork.

  8. I’ve seen a lot of press releases that have been copied and pasted by incompetent bloggers too lazy to even bother reading the material, but this has to be the single dumbest clickbait headline I have seen in any firearms blog website.

    Calling the BLACK “affordable” is an insult to everyone out here. This article is the equivalent of an ad for “the most affordable Rolls Royce car” or “the most affordable Gulfstream aircraft”

    When are the clowns writing firearms blog posts going to wake up?

    With companies like PSA selling a fully functional AR for under $300 is there any excuse for an article about any “most affordable” piece of overpriced generic AR costing four times as much.

  9. not a chance. ARs are a dime a dozen. You can build one for less than $400 easy. put a decent trigger and some other goodies for less than $500. What else ya got?

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