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The Coalition to Prevent Gun Violence is to gun control what the Islamic State is to the Muslim faith. That said, the CSGV doesn’t want to establish a tyrannical government ruling over disarmed populace. Nor does it believe that people who fail to disarm should be shot. Oh wait. It does. The Facebook post above indicates the CSGV’s desire to see legal gun owners die in a hail of [poorly aimed] gunfire. The Facebook post below reveals their desire to silence all opposition to their vision of a “gun free” America (save agents of the state, ‘natch). In case you think I’m reading into it, make the jump for some comments from their followers . . .

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Here are some of the replies to the above post:

Kent Fung  ABSOLUTELY. The biggest difference between the NRA and Daesh or al Qaeda is that the NRA is far better at getting Americans killed. By several orders of magnitude. Seriously, I don’t know why any other terrorist group would bother attacking Americans, all of them combined can’t hope to match the NRA.
Joyce Agricola Beaini  Yes. They control by paying politician to allow unregulated gun access killing our people. They bully others to gain control. The vigilante approaches to solving issues is unacceptable. 
Kevin Scott  Yes – already should have happened. They foment insurrection and domestic terror and subvert government with blood money. All the evidence needed to prosecute and dismantle that criminal organization
Michael Gallant  The moment that children and innocent people became an acceptable price for gun violence and rights here in the U.S. is the same moment the NRA became a domestic terrorist organization.
Vijaya Jayaraman Very much so..undoubtedly…America is looking for a terrorist outside to bomb, send drones, put boots on the ground with the same terrorists at home…and not hiding..Are Americans stupid or think others are stupid?
Judith Squires Of course. It supports the rights of anyone, including those on the terror watch list, to have high powered weapons. They are the very definition of a terrorist group.
[h/t SS]

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      • I think the trendy prog term is “ableist.” They just can’t seem to define themselves that way when it comes to hating gun owners and our rights. If they didn’t have double standards, they’d have no standards at all.

        • Yeah,they’re useful to our side because when people that straddle the fence read what these people’s attitudes towards guns and gun owners are,they will fall on our side of the fence.When I read something like this,it makes me want to go out and buy more guns,it’s just like when odumbo opens his mouth about guns,you know what the result is going to be.All I can say to the anti gun idiots is,keep up the good work and never close your mouth.

    • True enough. Some outfits tend to have more than their fair share. I don’t know why, but CSGV seems to have made a conscious decision to appeal to that particular niche.

        • My musings were more along the lines of, “Is that really a better way to squeeze donations out of gun-o-phobes?” I actually think that the top bananas at CSGV are totally insincere about stopping anything other than maybe cash flow. I can’t believe they actually think the hysteria they seek to foster could be effective politically or socially.

  1. Typical. Dissension cannot be tolerated so they’d rather see ideological opponents suppressed. While this sampling is a great deal more mild then previous comments by the anti-Constitutionalists they are just as damning.

    They would probably cheer in the streets if a violent crackdown occurred. You should never forget that they don’t view us as fellow countrymen any longer. We have been de-humanized in their eyes.

    • “Dissension cannot be tolerated so [gun grabbers would] rather see ideological opponents suppressed eliminated.”

      There, fixed that for you.

      “You should never forget that they [gun grabbers] don’t view us as fellow countrymen any longer. We have been de-humanized in their eyes.”

      Agreed. This is perhaps one of the greatest tragedies our nation has ever experienced.

    • Absolutely – they are voluntarily disarmed and have turned themselves into bleating sheep, much like pre-war Great Britain. And of course, when WWII broke out, the Brits were hysterically begging the armed US citizenry for arms to help fend off the Nazis.

      If a Katrina-like catastrophe ever hits the northwest, and displaced people come to my neighborhood, looking for shelter and/or protection from the mobs and gangs, I think my only requirement for entry would be, “Show me your NRA membership card.” If you don’t have one, then fvck off.

      • “If … displaced people come to my neighborhood, looking for shelter and/or protection from the mobs and gangs, I think my only requirement for entry would be, ‘Show me your NRA membership card.'”

        I love it.

        Please consider acceptable substitutes such as membership in other Second Amendment advocacy groups as well as concealed carry licenses. (A concealed carry license implies support for the Second Amendment.)


      -CSGV stooge….or Warhammer40k, I can’t tell the difference anymore 😉

  2. They really and truly don’t even realize that the NRA is just a mouthpiece for the American people. It is literally just a group that lobbies on behalf of the millions and millions of people that give them their money to do so.

    They are acting like the NRA is some giant, private corporation that is acting on their own. That’s not what a lobby is.

      • …while at the same time referring to Bloomberg-funded groups as “grassroots organizations”. Orwellian doublespeak can be an effective tool sometimes.

  3. If these morons had any knowledge whatsoever of the history of the importance of an armed population to ordered liberty in a republic, they’d know that there is a distinct difference between insurrection and right to resist a tyranny. An armed population is to check both. There is plenty about that in the Federalist Papers. The problem with the gun banners is they always envision insurrection as being some group of angry right wing white men. But insurrection can be done by anybody. Nazis, Muslim radicals, and communists in particular, all could try to stage an insurrection in a country (communists in particular historically are notorious for this).

    Historically, the two great banes to republics have been groups of people who felt that they had been shorted by the political process who decided that they were going to try and overthrow the system and ambitious princes and generals who wanted to make themselves dictator. The militia (i.e. the citizenry) possesses arms to check both.

    • Kyle,

      “If these morons had any knowledge whatsoever of the history of the importance of an armed population to ordered liberty in a republic …”

      Oh, they fully understand the importance of an armed populace: our armed populace is standing in their way of forcing even greater Progressivism, Socialism, and/or Communism (pick whichever word you like) on everyone right now. Why do you think they want so badly to eliminate our armed populace? (Hint: in their minds, our armed populace is the only thing standing in the way of their full-blown Socialist/Communist utopia.)

  4. To people that support SWATting open carriers: either you support the government harassing people exercising their rights or you support the government killing people for exercising their rights. Which is it?

  5. “Prevent” violence by lying to pit groups of armed people against each other. “Prevent” you keep using that word, It does not mean what you think it means.

  6. By the comments, it looks like CSGV and their commenters should be labeled terrorists. I am an NRA member and have never used a firearm against anyone outside of my service in the Marine Corps or as a police officer.

    • A leftist facebook account being locked out by a leftist corporation… um, yeah. That ain’t going to happen. But Adam Baldwin gets blocked on twitter because he said that the Gamer Gate supporters were better looking then the anti-gamergate supporters.

  7. “The moment that children and innocent people became an acceptable price for gun violence and rights here in the U.S. is the same moment the NRA became a domestic terrorist organization.”

    Stopped reading after this absurd statement. People seriously need to educate themselves before running their fingers over a keyboard spouting a bunch of crap.

    • And we can turn that right around …

      “The moment that children and innocent people became an acceptable price for Progressive utopia and a “right to feel safe” here in the U.S. is the same moment the Coalition to Stop Gun Violence, Every Town for Gun Safety, Americans for Responsible Solutions, and the Democratic Party became domestic terrorist organizations.”

  8. Please continue!

    Please brand me and millions like me as enemies of the State.

    Please lift the mantle of “law abiding” from me preemptively, so that I have no moral conflict when it comes time to do what you are making an inevitability.

    Your side is not the only one with lists.

    • lol. I was called a “traitor to our government” on twitter when I quoted President, and author of the Constitution and Bill of Rights, James Madison’s Federalist #46 essay about the purpose of the militia and having an armed populace. I didn’t know one can be a traitor to an entity that is supposed to be “subservient” to the people (same Federalist #46). The Govt can be a traitor to the Constitution and to the people however.

      • That person’s accusation about you sort of makes sense when you read it in light of my comment below.

        To their types, the Almighty State is above everything and there is no such thing as an individual or individual rights … or at best all individuals and their rights are subservient to the interests of the Almighty State. That is why their types support warrantless searches and seizures … and recognize no individual right to privacy (e.g. support government monitoring of all communications as well as registration lists).

      • That’s because they have no answer and can’t deal with Federalist Paper #46 but to just pitch a fit.It’s good stuff.

  9. Seems that every time a country is overcome by Communists, there is a purge of all able bodied people who disagree with them. Throughout history many millions of people have been killed by the incoming Communist regimes. Look at Russia, China, all of Southeast Asia, etc.

    Now we have the American liberals, who are basically Socialists, if not outright Communists, calling for killing folks who have a different opinion on gun control. In fact, we are now hearing about “Kill the Cops” and other things. These liberals are getting downright scary.

    • Liberalism, in and of itself is not the problem. Certainly, some of the founding fathers could be categorized as Liberals in their day. The problem is Liberal Progressivism. These are the statists, socialists, or outright Marxists.

      • Thank you for this. The word “liberal” seems to have been twisted and perverted to now mean “progressive”. They certainly aren’t one and the same.

      • That’s why I make the difference between “Classical Liberalism” and “Neo-Liberalism” or “Modern Liberalism”. The Founding Fathers were, for the most part, the former, not the latter.

    • While it would probably be amusing to keel them (or, more accurately, keel-haul them), it’s a very time consuming process, and requires a ship with enough barnacles on it to make it worthwhile.

  10. The fundamental problem just occurred to me with utmost clarity.

    Gun-grabbers quite literally ascribe god-like status to the Almighty State. By their definition, the Almighty State is good and anything or anyone who does anything contrary to the whims of the Almighty State is bad. On the other side we have gun-rights proponents who ascribe utmost value and dignity to the individual. By their definition, the individual is good as long as they are not harming someone else … and anything or anyone who does anything contrary to the whims of such individuals is bad.

    There is no way to reconcile this or to compromise.

    If many men advocated that all women must submit to any and every sexual request from any man, under what conditions should woman compromise? Under what conditions would such “compromise” be anything other than morally repugnant and reprehensible?

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    • You realize that is a miss use of the concept of r/k selection?
      There is not a psychology behind the breeding strategy, it is a result of environmental factors for a given ecological niche.
      The human species is a k selected species and we are not shifting to r selection any time soon. With the use of birth control and a declining birth rate on average in advanced countries we are shifting to an even more k selected part of the spectrum.

  12. Got to love Judith Squires comment.
    Oh noes, anyone can haz rights!
    I can just see her shrieking and wincing if a black guy got behind her at the ATM.

  13. These people attack the NRA because it is a surrogate entity they can attack to express what they really want to say. Where ever they refer to the NRA they would really like to say Second Amendment but they can’t without exposing themselves to the general public to be the fascists they truly are. In fact, much of their memes are an attempt to redefine the the Second Amendment in the minds of the general public so that it has no practical meaning at all.

  14. I was going to make the usual Teh Stupid, It Burns comment.

    But then I remembered something else….. Never underestimate the power of stupid people in large groups.

  15. Simple answer. Remember the ABSCAM sting by the FBI? They caught a bunch of politicians stuffing dollars in their pickets.

    IF the NRA was really “buying” Congressman and Legislators, do you not think the FBI in service to the anti-gun Obama Administration would NOT have set up a sting and arrested them all? What a great Photo Op.

  16. Re: the allegation of NRA’s “aggressive promotion of armed insurrection”

    [Citation Needed]

    Otherwise, that reads an awful lot like actionable libel of NRA by CSGV.

    • I have to wonder why they haven’t acted against this repeated libel by the CSGV, the New York Times, and various other liberal outlets.

      • Because they are afraid of the headlines. Terrorist NRA sues in effort to chill free speech”.

        Like all cuckservatives, they surrender their moral/legal/principled high ground for fear of offending the “feelings” crowd.

        • I’m sure the prog-trogs would love a libel suite since they’ve managed to twist the tort system so that the very process is now the punishment. And it would be a waste of resources the only people reading such tripe are those of us keeping an eye on the anti-freedom groups and the like minded sheeple already in their flock.

  17. So abhorrent and hateful is the rhetoric coming from the totalitarian, anti-gun left, that I went ahead and took the plunge to become a life member of the NRA. In for a penny, in for a pound.

  18. I suppose you’d have to use facebook to know these people exist. Or possibly watch TV.

    The looks I get when I tell people I don’t use/watch either. Particularly those from my age group.

  19. If this rhetoric goes one inch further, the headline next time will be “Coalition to Stop Gun Violence: Shoot Gun Owners Dead”.

    • Careful, you’re pointing out the hypocrisy of CSGV’s political position and organizational name. They are very much pro gun violence, as long as that violence is carried out by agents of the State in the name of their ideals. Gnashing of teeth, fingers in ears, and screaming of “la la la la” to ensue if you point that out to their blind faithful.

  20. Hypocrits…..seems to me that SWATing someone is tantamount to attempted murder by cop. Guess from their point of view, as long as they aren’t the ones holding the gun, some non DGU fatalities are all good for the cause….

    • It’s been my opinion for a while now that SWATters should be prosecuted for attempted murder (or murder, if their victim is killed).

      • “or murder, if their victim is killed”

        Agreed 100%.

        Where is the murder charge against Ronald Ritchie? Two counts: John Crawford and Angela Williams.

        Where is the justice for these two?

  21. About the first post: that can be considered incitement (not protected by free speech) to violate the 4 th ( unreasonable search) of a person exercising the 2nd. So sue back if that happens to you.

  22. This is my very favorite comment:

    “Of course. It supports the rights of anyone, including those on the terror watch list, to have high powered weapons. They are the very definition of a terrorist group.”

    ‘Cuz the true terror of Sept. 11th was those terrorists going on and on about their right to own box cutters, and other high-powered weapons.

  23. The CSGV folk complain that gun owners are insurrectionists, and conveniently forget that our country (and the rights that allow the CSGV to bluster all they want) was founded by armed insurrectionists.

  24. And they use their REAL names on these terroristic threats?!? Against heavily armed folks-got it. They’re making it too EZ…

  25. Wait wait. It’s a coalition to stop gun violence but they are SWATing innocent people.

    The irony is real.

  26. I really detest the fact that Twitter, Facebook and blogs like this one have enabled psuedo intellectual half wits to propagate dangerous ideas as though they are being published by authentic organizations. It was so much better when these really stupidly dangerous people were limited to their dog eared cardboard sign on a relatively obscure street corner.

  27. The NRA should be put on a Terror Watch List and No Fly List so they can all be taken to a Work Makes You Free Camp where they will be put on a special Shower List and then on a special Oven List. Of course the NRA is just the beginning.
    The wonders of National Socialism.

  28. This anti-gun group is an excellent example of the deep division within the USA. They do get one thing right, there is an enemy, it is themselves. Nothing could be more dangerous and egregious than to place lawful American’s in danger.

  29. Then lets go after their deep pockets. This is nothing more than a call for a program of illegal swatting. In 2012, Michigan’s governor has signed a law (M.C.L.A. 750.411a) to curb fake calls to police that send SWAT teams to a scene where no crime occurred. The new law became effective January 1, 2013

    The new law prohibits “swatting” hoaxes where callers report a medical emergency or crime that requires an extensive response. But the law is NOT just limited to medical emergencies or false reports of crimes. “Literally they’re trying to make a call where the CSGV calls out the SWAT team on a lawful citizen exercising his or her second amendment rights

    Under the new law, anyone who makes a false call resulting in an injury faces a five-year felony charge. If the injury is debilitating, the sentence becomes 10 years and if anyone dies as a result of the “swatting” call, the penalty escalates to 15 years.

    Fines range from $20,000 to $50,000. The FBI estimates that responding to one swatting incident uses roughly $10,000 worth of resources. Under the anti-swatting law governmental response costs can be billed to the convicted swatter in addition to any fine or jail time.

    Finally, the person wrongly “swatted” can bring a civil damages lawsuit.

    Bottom line is that someone in Michigan who does this CSGV inspired prank stands to loose ALOT.

    • Very interesting.

      I hope that law works exactly as advertised. It could be a model for other states.

      Hell, it might be an excellent model for a federal law, seeing as firearms are involved…

      If you happen to hear about it being used, would you please give TTAG a heads-up?

  30. while speech shouldn’t be illegal, actively encouraging people to abuse the 911 system is pretty friggin shady.

    “call 911 if you don’t feel safe” .. not call 911 if there is an actual crime or emergency….but about feelings.

    That sums up what is wrong with this country. They are NO BETTER than a KKK member saying “call 911 if you see a black person” or someone saying “call 911 if you see a muslim”. Pure insanity.

    • It’s harassment. If a few carriers get numerous stops initiated by CSGV members which can be tied to these statements, CSGV can be held liable for harassment and, potentially, slander in civil court on a class-action level. The best way to battle these knuckleheads is to take away their money. Brady, Bloomberg, et al., have paid millions of dollars to 2A groups over the past decade. As long as they want to continue to throw money into the coffers of pro-gun organizations, I’ll continue to be grateful for their steadfast stupidity.

  31. I think you are overstating it a bit. There’s crazy people on both sides of this debate and neither of these comments from csgv are overtly violent.

    It’s the context of the history of their comments and position that really backs up what you are saying.

  32. Took a look at CSGV’s Facebook page. Now I know who the real domestic terrorists are. God help us if these totalitarians ever get their way in the U.S.. Making another donation to the National Rifle Association today.

  33. And Retards for the Prevention of non-Retardation claim progressivism is somehow not a greater threat to decent people, than people in caves halfway around the world……

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