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It’s a simple enough concept: “all that is necessary for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing.” In this case, the Coalition Against Gun Violence trying to convince voters that not voting for pro-gun control politicians leaves blood on their hands. In the case of the second ad below, literally. Lensed by Filmmaker Mark Pellington of The Mothman Prophecies fame, the ad above is singularly, spectacularly doomed to failure. And that’s because  . . .

Blaming non pro-gun control voters for spree killings may look and feel like the ballistic equivalent of “white guilt” to the CAGV, but it ain’t necessarily so. There is a HUGE difference between (wrongly) convincing a white person that they’re a racist because they’re white and white people did bad things to black people, and asserting that non-Democratic voters are complicit in mass murderer.

The ads simply show the antis’ barely-suppressed anger at people who don’t share their misguided, indeed ass-backwards views. Scary stuff, really.

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  1. I guess we’ll find out on Tuesday.

    Here’s what I’m doing: This weekend, I’m going to call five people who I know share my views and concerns. I’ll remind them to vote and offer them a ride to the polls if they need it. Then I’m going to ask each of them to call five people and offer the same.

    We have identified the problem. What are you actually doing about it? (Hint: Rants on gun blogs, or any other blogs, don’t count.)

    • Many gun owners avoid polling places due to rugged individualism.

      “I don’t need no stinking government.

      They’s all a bunch of crooks anyhow.”

      (insert drag on cigarette here)

      • Correct. And that’s how Obama won Ohio, North Carolina, and the Whitehouse.

        What such people fail to realize, in Plato’s wisdom, is that one of the penalties for refusing to participate in politics is that you end up being governed by your inferiors.

        Such people rugged individualism-ed themselves and rest of us into Obamacare and nearly into sweeping federal gun snatching.

  2. Wait I thought that 90% of people agreed with them? Isn’t it the NRA’s and gun lobby’s fault? Everyone supported the new laws, but those greedy gun humpers paid off our representatives. One thing is for sure it’s definitely not the maniacs who pulled the triggers fault.

    • That gave me a great idea for a TTAG post. Every claim, quote, and excuse made by the anti-gun crowd in chronological order with dates and sources. It would be really good for people still straddling the fence to see their hypocrisy and absurdity laid out.

      • Trouble is, your head would explode being exposed to so much drivel, falsehoods and plain old insanity.

  3. Another example of how antis are just like drug addicts. They always blame others for their misfortunes and refuse to take responsibility. Another example is how no matter what they get, they keep going for just “one more” “common sense measure. This one is the “last” one.

    One more example? They make others around them pay (by wanting to take our rights) for them feeling good about themselves. Honestly, what are the antis willing to sacrifice from their lives for the “common good” they all seem to worship?

    See we can resort to ad hominem and hyperbole too.

  4. I found the videos pretty disturbing. If they just came out and said “Vote the gun-control way or your going to hell” would have been less disturbing.

  5. It’s truly amazing and slightly disturbing to realize that there are people in positions of power who think that more laws will stop the lawless from commiting violent crimes. The more the law-abiding general population is disarmed, the safer it is for CRIMINALS, not innocent people. The more likely it is that a potential victim is armed and willing to defend themselves, criminals will naturally be increasingly wary about attempting violent crimes. It’s a very well-known fact that an overwhelming majority of murders occur in the big cities and are gang-related.

  6. Hey, we already know all Republicans are racists. The Party of Kumbaya and Pretty Flowers said so.

    • Both parties are filled with Statists.

      It just happens to be that the Republicans have fewer than the Democrats.

  7. Oh, crap. Now the blood on my hands is all over my keyboard. What to do, what to do.

    To quote Patrick Henry, “If this be treason, make the most of it.” Throw the scvmbags out. Humiliate them. Crush their spirit. And when they’re down, p!ss on them. And President Ebola too.

  8. Those adds are as bassackwards as any Ive ever seen.
    Leaving folks totally defenseless and in “Gun Free” zones is what got those poor people killed.

    • Thanks for saving me the detour to see if there were comments. I should have guessed, of course, but hope springs eternal…

  9. Yup. Coalition Against Gun Violence (no colon) Voters Are Responsible for Virginia Tech Massacre, Other Firearms-Related Atrocities.
    I fixed it for ya.

  10. Speaking of ads… ahem … not worth the hassle Mr. Farago. Not good for me. “How to activate the female hormone that burns fat while you sleep”? I’ll pass. I hope you’re not losing readership, I really enjoy your blog. Until the ads.

    That is all.

      • Well I don’t know what the fuck that is. And honestly I don’t feel like finding out.

        Why is it just this page and not the dozens of other gun pages I look at? I only use this thing to the extant I need to get the news. Why so many problems here?

        Best gun blog hands down in my personal opinion but it can be impossible to read or use occasionally.

        • Had the same problems. Following the advice of a poster here, I googled “ad block for Internet Explorer”, being as IE is the browser I use for surfing. It took me less than a minute to download it, and the problems have disappeared. And I’m an Internet Luddite.

  11. CSGV is off the rails. They are probably the worst of worst.

    This is the type of craziness you cant reason or argue against. Best to just let them rave and mumble to themselves.

    A lot like the obviously insane bum everyone avoids looking at at the bus stop.

  12. Those kids in the first video don’t look old enough to vote.

    And I like how the report on the Va Tech massacre showed an AR-15. A sly commentary on ignorant journalism? Yeah, that’s gotta be it.

    • +1. I do not think they look old enough to vote either. This reminds me of a Spin magazine article 15 years ago that talked all about underage/high school kids drinking but most of the pics in the article were of kids smoking yet many of the kids were not old enough to buy cigs. Yeah, editors did not notice that one.

  13. ” A young man armed with automatic weapons” eh? We already have a law about that one–been there since 1935 or so. I actually don’t think the guys making the ad are that ignorant, I think they are flat-out lying.

    • You might be surprised. I have met a bunch of antis who believe there are no gun control laws whatsoever and that it would be easy to generate some which would really make a big difference. That is not only ignorant, but too stupid to do the slightest research, yet it does not stop them from being completely certain that some simplistic concoction they have in mind would magically protect the unicorns, or whatever. For example, UBC, which I can see solving nothing, especially when pushed as a solution to Sandy Hook.

      In short, I think you are giving them too much credit.

      • In my defense, I wasn’t talking about antis in general– I do in fact believe most of them are that stupid or ignorant or misinformed or some combination of the three. I meant specifically the producers of the ad in question. I would bet the ranch at least one person in the outfit knows damn well no “automatic” weapon was used at Aurora.

  14. Insane desperation. Completely illogical and irrational. Better call those nice young men in their clean white coats…

  15. Aren’t these the people who are always criticizing pro-gun people for being one-issue voters? Its a wonder they don’t suffocate under the weight of their own hypocrisy.

  16. It seems that most Americans have actually started to realize that the problem is criminals and crazies, and that they have to be dealt with, and guns are defense against their predations, not a cause of them.

    • I think you’re right, happily. I just got finished reading an article in Forbes (!) via Yahoo gushing over a Tuscon shooting survivor who went to the MDA Kroger protest to tell the investors why they should change their policy. Out of 11 pages of comments, there was exactly one (1) anti-gun nut job ranting about how everyone in America runs around with a six-shooter (his words) on his hip. There was one idiot who said the Koch Bros are undermining American democracy with their wealth. Two commenters lamented that Forbes had decided to start pushing liberal political policies instead of sticking to business. All the rest were pro-gun comments. Must have been terribly depressing for the Forbes reporterette if she read them all.

  17. Being guilty of racism just for being white? Or mass murder because of a vote? How f*cking stupid are these people? I once quit a job because I couldn’t stand the idiotic drama queens I worked with. And these f*cktards are even worse!

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