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CNN is reporting that the following initiatives will be on the President’s lips tomorrow when he talks about his wish list for gun control on the Federal level:

  • “High Capacity” (10+) magazine ban
  • Background check for ALL firearms sales, including increased focus on mental health
  • Assault Weapons Ban
  • Increased funding for mental health initiatives
  • School safety initiatives

The CNN guys are thinking that a couple of these can be done by executive order (like the background checks), but the majority will need to be done through legislation. Which means Congress gets involved.

Democrats have already been downplaying the possibility of a federal assault weapons ban, which means that it has absolutely zero chance of passing in tact. I wouldn’t be surprised if they tried to sneak some provisions into other bills, though.

However, the pundits were hopeful that a 10 round magazine cap would be implemented through legislation. Which means that gun owners haven’t browbeaten our Republican members of congress enough. Get on that.

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  1. The AWB, as noted, is just there on general principles. He’d send the Feinstein/McCarthy camp off the deep end if he didn’t at least pretend to keep it as an option. Note that the mag cap ban is in the lead spot, as that’s what they have judged to be possible.

    Looks like this is exactly what I predicted. Mea culpas welcome from anyone who gave me crap for basing this prediction on the talking points propagating through the progressive organizations. 100% good enough for ya?

    • Don’t beat yourself up over it too hard, AlphaGeek. Modern politics dictates that Obama has to give lip-service to the ultra-liberal wing of the Democratic party, but ultimately, I can’t see everything passing as is.

      Increased funding for school safety is a no-brainer, as well as better enforcement and an update of the background check system. Increased mental health initiatives sounds nice, but it’s not going to get as much as play schools or better background checks.

      High-cap magazine ban is possible, but a new AWB, especially to Feinstein levels of crazy, is political suicide. I’ll venture to guess that the Democratic party is smart enough to remember what happened last time and let that one quietly die, especially Democratic legislators from battleground states.

      *fingers crossed*

      • You’d think the DNC would realize that the mag cap limit, coupled with outrage at state-level AWBs, will be just as bad as passing Federal AWB 2.0.

        Apparently, however, the Democrats have gone completely irrational – the ONLY thing holding them back is the GOPers in the House.

        I never, ever thought I would see the day that I’m genuinely glad that the GOP controls a branch of the government.

        • Alpha, the government just left your house. They replaced your pillowcase with a white one with the hope and change logo front and center. As the press conference opens tomorrow, you are requested to crawl unclothed onto your bed on your stomach, take a big bite of the Obama pillow and don’t scream too loud during the festivities. Scene replicated in bedrooms across America.

        • I think he is a sad, angry person with serious issues, and I hope he gets help soon. He’s just being creepy now.

        • Damn! J&D! That’s just disturbing! Holy Shit! That’s a bit more graphic than a simple “bent over”. What the fvck are we gonna find if we dig up your crawl space?

      • I hope all the morons who voted for Barry got a little smarter as its the only good to come from this sorry spectacle.

    • Hey AG, you’re alright with me. Please don’t vote anti-2A next time round.

      Also, I recommend keeping your hardware. These bans are unconstitutional, and won’t benefit anyone confronted with a real attacker. Also, I have an issue, as I’ve said before, with secret service and police officer protection for these “lawmakers.” The secret service and LEOs protecting these congresscritters will not limit their magazines.

      If enough “normal” people disregard these laws, they will not be enforceable.

      • Thanks, appreciated.

        My only hardware issue is that I can’t get my hands on more of it at prices I can afford. $1500+ for a good AR upper has a Wife Acceptance Factor so low it’s a negative number.

      • All LEO agencies will be exempt on the magazine capacity ban. That’s a no brainer. This only applies to private citizens.

  2. One illegal executive order and it’s time to fight, legally. Demand impeachment and vote every Obama supporter out of office. It’s time to demand our freedom back and refuse to take any compromise.

    • We can start that mindset with a new petition on the White House petition website. Something like:

      We the undersigned petition President Obama and Vice President Biden to resign for the offense of conspiring and acting to destroy the peoples’ rights as protected by the 2nd Amendment of the US Constitution. We submit that it would be in the best interest of the country that you resign rather than put us through the ugly political process of impeachment.

      • thats just retarded. do you really think anyone in the goverment would even look at this??? my suggestion is to let each state not to submit to federal law. if obamacare can be overturned, why not this crappy bill????

        • Judas H. Priest, are you guys naive. Our Imperial President was just reflected by a predominately Obama Nation. What percentage of the American people really give a shit about scary black guns and 30 round mags? 1 or 2 percent, maybe. You guys need to get out of the echo chamber and see what’s really going on with the people and leadership (both Dems and Repubs) in this country. You guys are so far behind the awareness of the Obama Phone people.

        • duke,
          I know and you know that they’re not going to resign based on this petition. But, they will get a little worried about the midterm elections when this petition gets hundreds of thousands of signatures…
          Might be enough to stiffen the backbone of a few legislators who are on the fence.

    • Don’t even have to go that drastic. Vote not to fund your local police. Have your Congresional rep deny funding to federal law enforcement. guys don’t work for free. (except volenteer firemen)

  3. AP wrote a good article on what can and cannot be done by EO. Requiring Congressional action to ban semi-automatic rifles and magazines does make me breathe easier, for now. Still, we’ll have to see what happens tomorrow.


    — Banning assault weapons. Obama has spoken in support of such a measure. Congress passed a 10-year ban on high-grade, military-style weapons in 1994, signed into law by President Bill Clinton. But supporters didn’t have the votes to renew the law when it expired in 2004. Last week, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, D-Nev., predicted that such a ban might clear the Senate this time around but he doubted it could get through the House.

    — Limiting high-capacity ammunition magazines. Obama also has spoken in support of limiting access to these items, like the ones used by the Newtown shooter.

    — Requiring background checks for all gun buyers. Obama has spoken in support of broader background checks. Currently, people who buy guns at trade shows and through some other private purchases, such as over the Internet, are not required to submit to background checks. Gun control advocates long have wanted Congress to close the “gun-show loophole.” The Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence has urged Obama to make broader background checks his top priority, believing it has the best chance to win congressional approval.

    — Installing a permanent director of the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives. The agency has had an acting director for some time.


    Biden has identified 19 potential actions the president could take on his own, according to Jenny Werwa, communications director for California Rep. Jackie Speier, who was among a group of House Democrats who met with the vice president on Monday. Among the actions Biden is believed to have recommended:

    — Ordering tougher penalties for people who lie on background checks; only a fraction of these cases currently are prosecuted. Such a step has support from the NRA, which argues that existing laws must be enforced before new ones are considered.

    — Elevating gun trafficking to a felony.

    — Ending limits that make it more difficult for the government to research gun violence, such as gathering data on guns that fall into criminal hands.

    — Giving schools flexibility to use federal grant money to improve school safety, such as by hiring school resource officers.

    — Giving communities grants to institute programs to keep guns away from people who shouldn’t have them.

    • Elevating misdemeanors to felonies requires Congressional action. I’m also not sure how much of any of these “executive orders” could be carried out, as Congress has passed laws stating that the Executive branch can’t spend money on those items.

      Prosecution of folks that lie on their applications is about the only one that seems likely to be implemented by executive order.

      Isn’t it amusing that the NRA wants to keep a database of “mentally unstable” people, but bitterly opposes folks at gun shows being required to check that database before selling a gun to someone?

      • Gun Show Loophole covers things that are not happening at gun shows.

        If I wanted to give a gun to my dad, and there was no gun show loophole, I would have to pay 50-75 bucks on top of the gun to give it to him. If I wanted to leave my guns to my (hypothetical) kids when I die, each of them would have to pay money to legally own them.

        Gun show loophole is basically the private sale and gifting part of firearms laws. Anti-gun people hate that. They don’t think two private citizens should be able to sell each other stuff, or give each other stuff.

        • Or if I want to give a son or daughter their first gun, I couldn’t because the dealer couldn’t transfer it to a minor…

        • It does not have to be that way. CT has never had a loophole. You fill out 4473 and state form. You call 800 State PD Number, you give your permit # and buyers permit #. you get a sales authorization # put it on both forms. Send a copy to the State PD and local PDs and your done. Cost to you and buyer $0.

          Been doing this for over 20yrs and nobody has any issues.

        • The term ‘gun show loophole’ is gun-prohibitionist doublespeak thoughcrime. It merely refers to the fact that the federal government does not have the power, enumerated or derived from the Constitution, to regulate private commerce between residents of the same state.

      • In NYS you can pass a background check for a pistol but not for a rifle if you paid a $25 fine for tresspassing 35 years ago. Tressepassing 3rd degree is a”serious crime” in NY now. If you did jail time you can get a certificate of good conduct from the commissioner of corrections and own a rifle. Handgun permits are issued by county judges. if you just paid a fine to the village justice that was railroading you you’re out of luck. county judges think the village justices are all corrupt.

  4. You reap what you sow. I say that to all our fellow gun owners that voted for the traitor because “he didn’t touch our guns in the first four years” and I’m saying that to the politicians that will go along with this b.s..

    We will take notes of who stands with us and who stands against us. There will be no mercy for the enemies of freedom.

    • Yeah? You think things are going so well that you can threaten to execute me for treason? That’s cute.

      You might be well served to remember that you are threatening a group of people who, by definition, are ALSO armed.

        • My real point is this: the most counterproductive thing you could possibly do right now is to sow discord by threatening your allies.

        • I’ll double your disgust Anmut. Well said. All this shit going down is simply cause and effect. Elect clowns, you get a circus. And bend over, we are the guys that shovel the elephant shit.

      • AG, I don’t have a dog in this fight (you two, not 2a) but you really can’t call yourself an ally if you voted for someone you had to know would do exactly as he is doing. It is a classic case of touching the stove over and over. If you wanted actual freedom and not the fake freedom the left offers you should have supported Ron Paul. I would say the same thing to anyone who thought Romney would have been different. As far as the third string I am fully sick and tired of the ones who tote out the old “unelectable” and “lesser of two evils” chestnuts. If all those mos shut down that excuse and voted we would have a Constitutional president already.

  5. Got a bit of it will make it through Congress.

    It’s all a distraction from the lousy economy, out-of-control federal deficit spending and unemployment.

    Mark my words.


    • Marked. In the old days to control the people’s focus and loyalty, a leader would have had his goons do a false-operation and then declare war on some nation or group or hey wait a minute…

      The Romans used Bread and Circuses, and America uses Football and Hollywood. When the economy and the stripping away of citizens rights start becoming large red flags for the people then the politicians do new things.

    • All the Sturm and Drang in ref: Gun control takes the public’s eye off of the debt crisis. Of course any laws that do pass are added benefit but the President and his party are quite content to let all the media focus on black evil guns and their proposed “simple” solutions rather than on the continued spending and increasing debt that their policies are continuing. Of course many see that the ultimate result of those fiscal policies will be the need for weapons to defend themselves when society collapses, so the Statists are happy to have more and more limits, less and less guns to worry about.

  6. agree with @ anmut, I spent 4 + years warning people about this clown and his progressive/commie buddies, too bad I get to say I told them so……

    • So what was the alternative? Do you honestly think Mitt would be standing with us right now? Hell no! And guess what, since he carries the R card most if not all republicans would be backing him, for the sake of the children. We have a much better chance of them standing against Obuma and the brady bunch than one of their own. Gloat all you want, but some of us knew this was coming no matter who won in Nov.

      • I voted for Ron Paul so it is a mute issue. Why not establish a mental heath database for psycho automobile drivers which kill thousands more people than any so called “assault” weapons which are actually battle rifles. Someone shut this inarticulate and brain dead Motherfu**ker up and impeach him and Obama. It is just amazing that these mass shootings always occur under democratic administrations. No way am I ever going to register my legally owned and purchased firearms.

      • ]Mitt might have been willing to compromise just to get the issue out of the way. That’s the problem with voting for a pragmatist.

        Hard to say, though. He might have been willing to stand firm, remembering what happened to George H.W. Bush.

        Doesn’t matter, though. Mitt’s not the president. Barack is. Worrying about what Mitt might’ve done is a distraction right now. Let’s worry more about Barack.

      • nonsense. mitt might sign some gun control IF congress put it on his desk, but he would not be leading an all out war against gun owners , includint executive Orders and other crazy stuff.

        • Ain’t no way Mitt would be worse than Obama please. Mitt doesn’t fancy himself an Emperor with a mandate to Europeanize this great country via by any means necessary.

    • Yeah, your crystal balls were right, lets get on with it & as mentioned work together against the grabbers, Randy

  7. If it all passes, welcome to California. Nationwide. Lee Enfields and Mosins aren’t as sexy as AR’s, but they work. Learn to love your wheelguns. I’ve always preferred mine.

    • The 10-round limit is a serious risk. We could lose that one to a closed-door deal between the parties.

      Hopefully the rest of the nation will be spared the Bullet Button.

      • So what are they going to do after they pass a magazine ban and no one turns them in. There are tens to hundreds of millions of those things. We will just then wait to vote them out of office and get our rights reinstated like after the last AWB. Note to politicians: one sure way to get an early retirement is to vote for any anti-gun measure. I don’t care what you say you will do, it’s what you actually do that we will hold you accountable for. Heck if all your rabble rousing sells more guns and ammo – more power to you. Just don’t try to take them away for real. Got it? Carry on.

        • Last time I checked, Magpul is backordered 1,000,000 PMAGs, and considering that there are over 300 million guns in this country, I would venture to say that there are at least that many magazines. (Considering that although all of those guns don’t have detachable mags, the owners of those that do most likely have several of them… I did)

        • Aaron, I’ve seen estimates on total AR15/M16 magazine production over the last 40 years that range from 500M to over 1 billion units. Kind of mind boggling, even if many of those are no longer in use.

    • True. I made a similar comment a month ago to include in one’s gun collection revolvers and pump-action shotguns (at least as backup if semis get banned) and I pizzed-off somebody here from Arizona who called me in effect a low-down dirty Californian.

      • Some people think any form of contingency planning which doesn’t include live rounds and structure fires to be a form of capitulation.

        I don’t get it. Good plans should be nested in several layers, so that when your main plan and secondary plan go to shit, you still have options. Just as applicable whether you’re talking about disarmament or natural disasters.

    • That’s because Biden told her:
      (1) STFU
      (2) we will express support for your AWB but it will not pass, so don’t blame us if Harry Reid sends it into committee to die
      (3) please refresh your recollection of point (1)

    • Maybe shes at sea with Bin Laden, shut up by Obama with no evidence. There will be a movie soon Im sure

      • That dude totally got what was coming to him. And I say that as someone who thinks captured tangos should get a fair trial. He pled guilty when he claimed credit for 9/11.

        • you mean when the CIA released a video of him “claiming responsibility”?

          im sorry, i dont buy any of this 9/11 shit because of the evidence provided. our government had every reason to falsify and manipulate itself into afghanistan like it did with iraq.

        • im satisfied that he died due to complications of his kidney failure too…

          he was a good little scapegoat. unfortunately, that scapegoat told the truth back in 2001; he was going to bleed us dry economically. well boys and girls, the only one that told us the truth was Osama Bin Laden. How f^cking ironic is that? the worlds most wanted terrorist was more honest than your elected representatives.

        • Osama Bin Laden was in the United States prior to 9-11 for treatment related to PANCREATIC CANCER. This has a 10 year survival rate of virtually zero, if you are in a country with modern medical science. By all admitted and known facts, Osama Bin Laden was likely dead of cancer within months of 9-11, if not before.

          Even if it was actually him in defiance of the known facts, our government still did EXACTLY what his stated goal was. So, thanks W, thanks Obama, for giving us “Osama Bin Laden’s” dream for a more fascist America.

      • That is a filthy, disgusting and possibly immoral thing to say… about a decent man like Harry Reid. And it made me laugh.

        Reid was a hell of a boxer back in the day. Pretty sure if he took her into a closed room it wouldn’t be for lovin’ since he reportedly can’t stand her on a personal level. Much to his credit.

    • The Senate is sworn in on Monday, January 21, and she said that she will introduce it at the first actual session on the 22nd. From what little has been leaked, it appears that the bill may be an even broader ban than the NY bill passed today. There is a suggestion that semiauto pistols will be included within the definition of “assault weapons,” and since her bill will include an immediate ban on all sales and transfers, two-thirds of the handguns in the US will be subject to mandatory confiscation at the death of the current owner, and no new guns will be sold. To say nothing of ARs, semiauto shotties and AKs.

      • Good. Make it broader, throw the whole kitchen sink in there. Consolidate it with the mag cap limits, PLEASE.

        If AWB 2.0 doesn’t get killed by Reid in the Senate, the worse it is the better chance it has of a quick death in the House.

  8. Oh boy…

    I am really tempted to take a vacation to some little speck of Earth in the South Pacific… While sitting on the beach looking out to the horizon, I’ll be listening to some Jimmy Buffett on my iphone, and ride out the coming storm in the USA by drinking my way through all the alcoholic colors of the rainbow, sitting in between a pair lonely island girls.

    It sure beats the alternative of what’s coming…

    • By the time what’s coming has arrived, I’ll be dead of old age and you’ll be old. This isn’t an overnight deal. The left understands that they have to cut off the puppy’s tail one joint at a time.

      • It is coming faster than you think. between the economy, the lack of a supreme court that will enforce the constitution, it can get ugly in a hurry. forget about the south pacific. th only thing harder to find than cheap AR mags are lonely island girls. beside , the us dollars you took with you to live on will be devalued soon.

        look how fast we got here. the day before sandy hook, many people believed gun law would continue to change in OUR favor , like the shall issue movement of the last decade. now only ONE month later, laws we would have laughed at 2 moths ago as impossible have passed in new york and will soon in other states . and federal laws are still quite likely .

        the speed of this has been blinding. I think a lot of things some of us have long dreaded are very close and the time is short.

      • I have several good friends that believe that. It seems reasonable, but I’m not so sure. I think they might be pushing for endgame, right now. If anyone is arrogant enough to go for it, it’s Obama. There’s a time factor too. How much longer are they going to be able to so totally control the information flow when people are turning to the net more and more for their info, and to papers and TV less and less?

    • Lets not gloss over that pair of lonely island girls, hopefully they are older than that jailbait that got posted earlier, Randy

  9. Let’s all be sure to contact our legislators and the Speaker of the House tomorrow after Obama makes his announcement.

  10. I want to go into a tirade. To those Republicans, conservatives and libertarians that stayed home on election night or in fact, voted for a 2nd term of this administration, enjoy your reduced rights, reduced and more costly medical care, higher taxes, and the hopeless, directionless economy. Wallow in all of its destitution and if you feel the need to complain, please do so silently.

    To those Democrats, liberals and progressives, it may take you a while but you will slowly discover what your vote meant. I’m sure it started this month with your reduced take home pay that would have covered the gas for the commute, the family night at the Olive Garden, or whatever trivial indulgence. Are your hours being cut so you no longer qualify for Obamacare? What, you can’t support your family on a part-time job and just can’t find another to supplement the household income because the economy is in the tank? Sadly, there will be many more sorrows. I hope you learn the government solves little and impedes much. Thank only yourselves.

    End of rant and I DO NOT feel better.

      • Yeah, +1. I have family that think Obama is the greatest President ever. Before it’s over, they might understand what they have done. I just hope it’s not too late at that point.

      • Very true words. The really disheartening part is all this was predictable prior to the 2008 election. And piss on the Republicans for their piss poor candidates.

    • Guys, it’s not about election day. I knew when it was close going into election day that Romney was going to lose.

      Blaming election day is like blaming the kicker for missing a field goal in the last seconds of a football game. Sure that’s the *last* thing that happened in the game, but there were probably many other, bigger screwups that happened before that. How many turnovers? How many dropped passes? A game is more than the last play. And a presidential race is more than the election.

      For example, the Senate. I live in Missouri. I live in Senator McCaskill’s district. The Republicans, when trying to find a candidate to run against a reasonably well liked Senator (she’s got a good reputation around here as a prosecutor and as state AG) decided to go find the equivalent of the Westboro Baptist Church on this side of the state line and they chose to run the guy who was picking his nose the least. And we got Akin. And he lost, because he’s an idiot who can’t keep his mouth shut.

      My father in law, an NRA member for at least 30 years, and as pro-Republican as you can imagine, didn’t vote for Akin. He couldn’t bring himself to vote for McCaskill, so he just skipped that checkbox altogether. She won handily, and didn’t have to spend much money to do it. The Republicans lost that Senate seat 3 days after the primary. Because they picked a bad candidate.

      My point is: If you want to fix politics, get involved now. Start finding and working with the party in your state now, so that in a couple years when the next elections happen, you get to help pick candidates. Get your friends involved too. Numbers matter. A lot.

      Maybe we can start getting people we want to vote for then, instead of just voting against the other guy. That drives voters to the polls. That gets people fired up.

      • Chris, as you, McCaskill is my senator also, and I have already emailed her three times, two in response to her replies. I also emailed Ann Wagner before she took office, had to send it to her election site, still no response from her. We all need to email and call our representatives over and over, no matter what comes out tomorrow!

      • chris….I completely agree. We lost a long war. But forgive me for focusing on the vote because I cannot live in a perpetual tirade unlike those on the opposite side of the spectrum. The left is fuel by it.

  11. I tried to find some extra high cap magazine for my Ruger P89. Everyplace is sold out!!! Buds guns is completely sold out of inventory. Even Luckygunner Ammo is out of .22lr. I had a suspicion that Obama would try a gun ban in his 2nd term. However, my belief pressure is being put on him by the global elite. Something is coming down my friends. I personally believe it is going to either be another terrorist attack or something to do with the economy resulting in massive civil disorder.

      • I have a feeling we will NEVER get rid of Obama. He will cause civil unrest then declare marshal law, because of this they will say now is not the time to have an election. I may be paranoid but I just don’t see this guy willfully going away in 4 years.

        • You’re probably right since he can’t afford to pay for his wife’s twenty-two personal assistants and frequent vacations on his own.

  12. Keep in mind that the Feds cannot regulate INTRAstate commerce via the 10th amendment. Of course states cannot do what they like here, but not the Feds.

    Provides that all goods grown, manufactured or made in (STATE) and all services performed in (STATE), when such goods or services are sold, maintained, or retained in (STATE), shall not be subject to the authority of the Congress of the United States under its constitutional power to regulate commerce.

    • Joe, the definition of interstate commerce has expanded so far that there’s virtually nothing that isn’t included. There’s been exactly one decision since the New Deal that knocked down a Commerce Clause case. And that decision was effectively end-run by Congress, which reauthorized the Gun Free School Zones Act that we all love so much by adding some bullsh!t language.

      There are probably five votes on SCOTUS that might want to restrict the government’s overreach, but that same five are very respectful of precedent.

      • I count exactly two. Lopez v US and US v Morrison. I was hoping for a third in FL v DHHS, but we weren’t so lucky.

    • Raich v Ashcroft. The Interstate Commerce clause now applies to things that happen inside the borders of one state and don’t involve money. Yet another fine product of the Bush administration. Good going there guys!

      Between that and the loss in the Affordable Care Act, where Congress can now force behaviors through arbitrary taxation, we’ve pretty much lost all of our rights. So they can’t ban guns? Fine, how about a $10K tax on every bullet you buy. Perfectly legal, thanks to the ACA decision.

      Both of those cases, by the way, were pivotal on Bush appointees. Scream “NOBAMA” all you want, this isn’t his fault all the way through. Lots of blame to go around for the last 20 years or so.

  13. No way I am ever going to register any of my legally owned and purchased firearms. Screw this idiot and Obama. This is exactly what the Soviets did before they repressed their people.

  14. Isn’t it interesting that virtually all of the recent mass shooting have occured under democrat administrations.

  15. If you really want to kill alot of people in one fell swoop why mess with a gun? There are hundreds of books available on how to make homemade explosives.

    First responders = rogue and abusive police , not paramedics.

      • This. The last thing anyone wants is open conflict. Even the ones that secretly want it would realize the implications if they thought it through. The law isn’t completely inept, and we have to exhaust all other methods of tackling this before force is considered.

        If it comes down to force, god help us all. Millions will die, not just combatants, but civilians will not get power, water, food, etc. It will be the most brutal and costly fight in the history of the world.

        Please think of what you are asking for before you profess it.

        • Actually, the cartridge box would be the fourth option, not the third one. Soapbox (check), ballot box (check), jury box (still out on this one), cartridge box (hopefully never, but when that time comes you use every damn round you got in that box).


        • I’m sorry, are you directing this to us or the people who are actually picking the fight, ie, the grabbers? I’m not advocating war in any way, I’m just pointing out the fact that 2a folks did not pick this fight.

  16. So according to the post, CNN thinks that Obama can do universal background checks via EO, but according to AP as posted by TangledThorns above, he cannot. Anyone else want to weigh in?

  17. This is how Hitler, Stalin and that no good COMMIE who killed more people than these two fools combined got their power, and “obuma” is following in their footsteps.

    • The current sheep people of the Obama Nation don’t really give a shit. The supposed uprising you depend on in order to sleep at night is not going to happen.

    • Unfortunately there are still actual people here in America who think Mao is blameless for the millions who perished under his regime. The apologism for dictators in the last century is STAGGERING in this country. Heck, there are law enforcement courses that teach the US Founding Fathers were terrorists!

  18. Ok so for all those people saying “Write to your senators” or “You reap what you sow” Here’s my issue. I live in Florida. My congressman is a republican and is already against this bs. The NRA has given him a A+ rating. That’s who I voted for. Problem is, I did not vote for my senator Bill Nelson which is a democrat with a F NRA rating. I don’t even bother writing to him anymore as I don’t want to give him any free toilet paper. As for Barry and company, I voted for Romney but here I am stuck with these turds. What is someone like me supposed to do? My rep and one other senator are already fighting the good fight. Nothing much else for me to do than sit and wait and hope they can get something done.

    • Angel, why wouldn’t you write or email, even those for anti-gun legislation need to know how many are against it and the outcome next election if passed. Look at 1994, just remind them of that!

    • Write other Congressional reps, put up a webite, a blog, email your friends and family, rant and rave, go on your local tv station, join the Tea Party, do ANYTHING to bring this to light with the sheeple.

  19. I have written, by email, every sitting US Senator, twice now.

    I have written by snail male and email my elected representatives – from my local reps, to state reps to Senators and even the president himself.

    I have written the Governor three times now.

    Today I finished up mailing letters to every single republican representative in the state. I sent the letters to their home to bypass the delay in mail to the capitol.

    I started this immediately following the Newtown shooting when it first became clear that gun grabbers were going to marionette the bodies of the dead children in front of the cameras.

    This is my line in the sand. After the protest this Saturday I will start to view any further laws as immediate threats to my life, liberty and pursuit of happiness.

  20. A mag cap ban is not a compromise, it is saying you deserve to be left to fate if you face a situation where 10 rounds are not enough. It is a government deciding its citizens’ worth. 10 rounds. It is a tyranny of some not insignificant degree. I have written Boehner and others that if this will be the “compromise” then I’m out- I’ll just go to ground and waste my vote on the libertarians. If they compromise this when it is completely uneccessary then we are truly lost because we’ll be bankrupt soon enough when they continue to “compromise” on everything fiscal.

  21. I agree lets keep the pressure up and make sure his gun ban and mag ban dies. We got the numbers in the house make sure they know it. By the way the pic you have shows how Obama’s outlook on life is: He is a spoiled brat!

  22. I really want to organize a very carefully calculated act of civil disobedience in which if a new AWB or mag cap ban is passed, EVERY lawful gun owner in this country stops paying income taxes, state (if your’s has it) and federal. I don’t want to pay for the law enforcement that is going to be the strong arm against my 2A rights.

    • Interesting theory but what about fire and emergency medical services?

      I can tell you from past experience when my home town went an entire fiscal year before voting on a buget, my fire department suffered big cuts. To the point that we discussed refusing to take calls and locking up the station.

      Dont think cutting police funds will save the day because emergency services as a whole gets the axe first

    • How about civil disobedience where gun owners have ‘sit ins’ with empty 30rd mags (or 11 rd mags…whatever is illegal). Arrest a few million otherwise law abiding folks for nothing more than possessing a banned mag and clog the system.

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