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The British people rejoiced when noted criminologist and renowned firearms expert Piers Morgan left their shores for the new world. The good news: we here in the United States may be doing the same thing shortly. Following months of plummeting ratings and negative press, CNN may be about to kill Piers’s prime time talk show in favor of, well, just about anything else in the world, really. The show hasn’t been doing CNN any favors in terms of drawing viewers and the powers that be seem to be coming over to Jeremy Clarkson’s way of thinking . . .


Sources tell FTVLive that CNN Boss Jeff Zucker is “actively looking for a replacement for Piers Morgan.”

Morgan signed a one year extension to his contract and as time winds down, Zucker is looking for someone to takeover his time slot.


Word is that CNN could offer Morgan another role at the network, most likely something outside of prime time and likely in the late night hours.

Morgan, his agent and CNN have been working on his new role or his exit strategy from the network.

We probably haven’t seen the last of Morgan. But here’s hoping that if he does indeed lose this gig, too, he puts his money where his mouth is and jumps ship to another country. Again.

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  1. God I hope so. F*ck that lime. Maybe after he gets fired he’ll treat us all to some irony and massage his gums with an AR-15 barrel.

  2. Time to play “where in the world is Carmen Piers Morgan”?

    Where will he go now? Zimbabwe? South Africa? Australia? I can’t imagine anywhere else would accept him.

    • Last Dec Jeremy Clarkson tweeted:

      “Americans. Was the second amendment not introduced to protect you from the tyranny of the British? Piers Morgan in other words.”

      Love it.

      • We have this silly notion now that the protections of our Constitution applies to everyone, even terrorists and illegals.

        Makes sense, given how we are now. Why join the country club when you can just hop the fence and play a few rounds of golf without committing to a membership, and nobody will stop you?

        • The protections of the constitution are actually limitations on the government, not privileges accorded to special classes of people.

  3. What is a Piers Morgan and why should anyone care?

    Keep repeating it and maybe he will not only go away from CNN, he will go away completely.

  4. “most likely something outside of prime time and likely in the late night hours.”

    Do they need a night time janitor?

  5. If you look at Morgan’s ratings prior to December 14th of last year, he was already circling the ratings drain. CNN had Larry King step aside due to declining ratings, and Morgan couldn’t even pull in the numbers King had. Then, after Sandy Hook, he found his ratings boost by waving as many bloody shirts as he could get his hands on. His ratings almost doubled overnight. Morgan is a typical modern news tabloid reporter opinion hack. He found a subject that allowed him to keep his job for another year. Self-important ego (insert alt word for ‘lady of the night’), like Morgan, rarely care about any issue except for the issue of their ratings. He’ll end up on MSNBC as he pulls in about what the average MSNBC prime time host pulls in… which isn’t very much.

  6. Sources tell FTVLive that CNN Boss Jeff Zucker is “actively looking for a replacement for Piers Morgan.”


    As for a replacement – a camera on a cat. Doing anything for an hour. Ratings will immediately improve.

    • i know i’d rather watch a documentary on various animal scats, but then again, i’m a total science nerd/doc buff.

    • I’ve been watching him & his buds on “Top Gear” on BBCA every day since we changed our TV provider. That show is an absolute hoot! I have never seen three guys have more fun at work in my life. Be aware, the Brit Top Gear has no resemblance to the American show of the same name. My favorite was the episode where they tried their best to kill an old Toyota Hilux pickup. They rolled it, they crashed it, they chained it to a breakwater and let the tide come in over it. They picked it up with a crane and dropped it. They dropped a trailer ON it. They set it on fire. They picked it up and put it on the roof of a ten story parking garage and imploded the building. After each attempt a mechanic was allowed to fool with it with hand tools only, no replacement parts. At the end of the show it could still move under it’s own power. The battered truck is now permanently displayed on an “altar” in their studio. And you thought Glocks were tough!

      • Somebody clued me in to that Toyota Hilux show. I have never watched any other episode of the show except that one. I figured anything else would just be anti climatic. They demolished a car park with that Toyota on it. Christine wasn’t as hard to kill as that Toyota.

        • You should follow the show. One thing they do regularly is give the guys a paltry sum of money, then drop them in Sub Saharan Africa or the Bolivian Altiplano with instructions to find three clunkers and drive them to the source of the Nile, the Chilean coast, or wherever. Greatest travel shows ever.

  7. I have some other questions for Mr. Clarkson:

    Did you only hit Piers Morgan once?

    Did a booming voice from beyond the clouds shout “Good SHOT, my son!” after you hit Piers Morgan?

    Do you have any advice for those of us who aspire to also one day hit Piers Morgan?

    What’s it like being so f*cking rad?

  8. Send his butt back to the UK and let him tell the “truth” to the Queen’s Loyal Subject.

    Bad enough the ignorant liberals and Democrates fall for his nonsense.

    • Probably couldn’t go back because of his involvement in the cover up [at least] of the child abuse at the BBC. I suspect that he was told that if he ever set foot on British soil again, he would spend significant time in prison.

  9. That was the most satisfying Piers-themed video I’ve ever seen. Thanks!

    Also, for whatever it’s worth, I used to be fairly indifferent about going to CNN for news, but Piers Morgan singlehandedly turned me off from visiting CNN for any reason. After Ted Nugent’s video with him at the range, I lost interest in even watching anyone debate him on guns. I lost a whole lot of respect for CNN, but I suppose if Piers leaves I may click through the occasional headline just in case it shows someone they’ve taken a step in the right direction.

  10. Trouble is, whoever replaces Morgan will be less annoying and more effective at pushing the CNN agenda. Morgan has become to CNN what Bloomberg was to the Colorado recall vote. Poison.

  11. I’m Irish, not British, but we still get a lot of British programming here.

    Please don’t send Piers back…

  12. Point of order; doesn’t “pulling the trigger on . . .” imply that something is just starting up or some similar situation? I know you’re going for a firearms-related phrase. And while it might be someone’s wet dream to pull the “trigger” on Piers, wouldn’t “pulling the plug” be more appropriate in this context?

  13. The thing Piers fears most is to become completely irrelevant, which he’s doing very well to himself (Imus, anyone?). At that point it doesn’t matter where he is. If he’s still over here, at least he’s still kickable.

  14. I think you meant to ask if CNN was ready to drop the hammer on Pierced Organ or whatever his name is.

  15. “Morgan, his agent and CNN have been working on his new role or his exit strategy from the network.”

    I got an Exit strategy for you Mr. Morgan.
    “Don’t let the door hit you in the ass on the way out!”

    Hows that?

  16. I don’t care who they put on as I don’t watch CNN.
    But good riddance to the pompous blowhard.
    Let him and his opinions find another home where he can be ignored.
    If there is a hell it will be him being cut off mid sentence and have nothing but pro gun facts thrown at him at blinding speeds with him unable to get a single word in.

    Tah Tah you blowhard Limey.

  17. It would be ironic if Musket Morgan moved back to the UK and he gets mugged at knifepoint.
    My 2 pennies

  18. I hope Piers Morgan gets a new gig on MSNBC. Maybe a co-host with Chris Matthews…then they would both be confined to a Show no one watches.

  19. I’ve always like Jeremy Clarkson (he makes Top Gear UK), him hitting Piers Morgan just proves my gut feeling was right.

    Oh yea Clarkson’s father in law won the Victoria Cross for his actions at Arnhem.

  20. Na-na-na-na
    Hey, wanker

    I guess that chin of his is flinching. Hahahahahahaha

  21. Put him on as co- anchor with one of the other left wing idiots that no one listens to either.Or better yet send him to Australia ,they hate guns there ,he’ll fit right in!

  22. The Piers vs Jesse Ventura interview yesterday or the day before that was blocked by youtube and most other sites from being watched and only shown on cnn once was amazing. Although Jesse went into his JFK assassination rant, which I totally agree with but many define as crazy talk, Jesse outlined our two party political system and how they are destroying us so well. And while doing so one could see Piers mind actually changing, seeing the light, he rarely spoke over Jesse at all, but as soon as he opened his mouth after Jesse was done talking it was old Piers again.
    My point is I could visually see Piers fading away in the interview and I knew nothing about his supposed departure. And I’ve seen this look before, a person can just physically look like they are defeated, ill almost, even if their mouth continues to talk nonsense. It is over for Piers I think.

  23. I will celebrate heavily when I no longer have to see Piers Morgan’s face on American TV.

  24. Was there a muzzle pointed at him when they pulled the trigger? If not that headline is very disappointing.

  25. I think he should go to Iran, North Korea, Russia or China next and give them “a what for” on a new show.
    Doubt he would ever be heard from again!

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