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Many of you have probably seen the new shocking Live Leak video of a motorist driving a Range Rover in New York City. In the video, the driver has a frightening confrontation with a large group of motorcyclists who create a road block by surrounding the vehicle, repeatedly try to force open the car doors, and spawn a chase that lasts several minutes. The chase ends as the driver is violently pulled out of his vehicle and is severely beaten in the street in front of his wife and five-month-old child. Although we don’t have all the facts (see Daily Mail article for more details) and we weren’t able to see what happened before the initial confrontation occurred, from a security perspective, our goal with this post is to analyze the situation and provide important feedback to clients and potential clients regarding how to react if faced with a similar scenario . . .

It’s relevant to note that the man driving the Range Rover was traveling with his wife and small child in the vehicle and likely feared for his life and those of his loved ones while being chased by this pack of motorcyclists. The video begins with a group of bikers surrounding the Range Rover, slowing down in front of it to create a roadblock, and trying to force the vehicle to stop. One of the bikers appears to taunt the driver and intentionally slows down, forcing a small collision to occur. Normally, the right thing to do in the event of a collision is to get out and exchange insurance information—obviously, that’s not a wise decision when you’re surrounded by a gang of angry bikers who apparently hold some ill will against you.

The first mistake we notice in the video is that the man driving the Range Rover (Alexian Lien) allows a forced stop by the gang group of bikers. One of the initial concepts that we teach our clients is to NEVER STOP the vehicle and to always keep moving in the event of an attack.

Fortunately (for Mr. Lien), after one of the motorcyclists tries to open the door to his vehicle, he steps on the gas and temporarily escapes. Unfortunately (for the bikers), the Range Rover made short work of the motley crew and plowed through what appears to be a couple of bikes and one of the riders.

While we don’t know what was happening inside the vehicle after the Range Rover escaped the initial confrontation, our recommended course of action would have been to keep driving on the freeway as long as possible while calling the police and allowing them time to respond and defuse the situation. We don’t know if the driver did that or not, but avoiding a high-speed conflict is always preferable to a tactical Hollywood car chase. While waiting for the police is great, in a dangerous scenario where you’re being chased by bikers, sometimes that isn’t an option.

For our clients, one of the second concepts we teach is to USE YOUR VEHICLE TO YOUR TACTICAL ADVANTAGE—employ evasive driving techniques, ram potential attackers off the road, go off-road if possible where your pursuers can’t follow, and use the defensive capabilities of your car as an offensive deterrent.  If the vehicle is equipped, use defensive counter-measures:

– Engage the secure-door-deadbolt-locking system to prevent forced extraction of your, your associates, or your loved ones from the vehicle.
– Active the siren/strobe light system to draw attention, move traffic out of your path, and intimidate/deter attackers.
– Turn on the electric-shocking door handles to keep assailants from opening your doors.
– Deploy the smokescreen system to lose pursuers and mask your getaway.
– Activate the road-spike strip system to burst the tires of your attackers.
– And if all else fails, make good use of your dual ram bumpers and get away by all means necessary.

One of the third concepts that we teach our clients is ALWAYS BE ARMED. Unfortunately, this wasn’t a legal option for Mr. Lien due to NYC’s Draconian, oppressive gun laws. Had Mr. Lien been armed, this entire scenario could have ended much differently and his attackers might have been deterred from the onset of the conflict.

Obviously, the biggest asset that would have helped Mr. Lien to stay safe in this situation and any other life threatening attack while driving is an armored vehicle. Near the end of the video, the bikers eventually force the driver to stop, smash the door windows, pull Mr. Lien out the vehicle, and brutally assault him in front of his wife and infant child.

If Mr. Lien’s vehicle had been armored, the bikers likely would have never been able to penetrate the glass and the vehicle’s occupants could have remained safe inside until help arrived.

Above is a video demonstration showing how armored glass reacts after being struck repeatedly by a hard object and then shot. We took two of our toughest guys, one with armed with a motorcycle helmet like in the video and the other armed with a steel pipe, and let them try to break through the glass. After they gave the glass a beating, we let our sharp shooter blast the window with a 9mm pistol. You can imagine how different Alexian Lien’s experience might have been if his vehicle were armored.

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  1. Armored vehicle’s, sure that is a really great idea. Why doesn’t everyone drive one? Maybe just use my private jet instead of driving! Oh I forgot im not rich, now what should I do?

      • I mean, Bloomberg has one so everyone else in NY has one right? And plus the cops are always there to protect you. You gun people are so paranoid! Just trust the government, they always know what’s best.

        • I was in Manhattan just blocks from this on Sunday and again on Tuesday when that scissors stabbing took place. The crazy thing is that there are police EVERYWHERE in NYC — literally like every single block in cruisers or directing traffic, etc — and the most shocking thing about this whole video to me is how insane it is that there was no police intervention the entire time. It MUST have been seen by multiple officers as the chase was taking place. Maybe they didn’t realize it was a chase. People drive like such maniacs all of the time, including motorcycles, dirt bikes, etc swerving around traffic like it’s some sort of nascar race that they probably didn’t think anything of it. The first night I went out, we saw a group of 6 dirt bikes and a 2-stroke ATV shooting down 2nd Ave! At night! No headlights. Legit off-road quad and bikes, on Manhattan streets driving in traffic. Insane. Nobody seemed to care.

    • The initial cost isn’t prohibitive, it’s the fact that armored vehicles have a very short operational life. The additional weight takes a toll on the suspension and engine. Depending on the materials used to armor the glass, those materials may degrade.

      And you haven’t had fun until you’ve replaced 4 run flat tires without the proper equipment.

      I’ve seen two year old vehicles that were nearing the end of their operational lifespan. Granted, those vehicles were in a high threat environment and we ran the hell out of them, but still.

    • Not to mention that the suspension on an armored car would have to be so stiff you’d high-center on a bicycle.

    • Compared to ANY of those motorcycles, any four-wheeler and up IS an armored vehicle. The Only reason they were able to stop and beat this guy was that he was unwilling to admit that, whatever instigated the confrontation in the first place, they were now putting him and his family in imminent danger and he could have and should have continued using whatever force he had to ensure his and his family’s self defense. Even if he had been armed and in Texas, who would possibly have enough rounds on board with their EDC to take on that many assailants? His Rover was his weapon and his downfall was his unwillingness to use it.

      If it were me I would not have stopped that vehicle until 1) a police officer was VERY close by, or 2) lack of gasoline or some mechanical failure forced me to stop, or 3) enough bikes and bikers were trapped underneath that I could no longer get traction. And I really expect a lot of rice burners and their over-confident riders would have been left in the ditches and against the guardrails in the meantime.

      BTW, I like the idea of kicking into FWD and going off road. Those crotch rockets don’t work so well on grass.

      • Yeah cliff that’s why you carry an extra mag or 2 in the car with you. I doubt the biker gang will still be chasing you after 30 rounds of .40 unless they’re shooting back.

    • Besides the added cost of the armor and fuel required to carry the extra vehicle weight?

      Because it would be more dangerous for the average driver. The same armor that makes a vehicle difficult for a bad guy to penetrate would also make it more difficult for fire and rescue crews to extricate injured people after a car accident. The likelihood of being hurt in a vehicle that is under attack is much lower than being hurt in a car accident.

        • Yes! A guy in L.A. a few years ago stole one and took police on a legendary chase even by L.A. standards. He kept going even without rubber or rear wheel.

        • I’ve seen an armored range rover hit a speedbump at 100mph. There were casualties.

          You have to drive them properly, and overconfidence in the vehicle leads to bad outcomes.

  2. Anyone got a spare $150,000 lying around that they can part with? Nope? Guess an armored-up SUV ain’t exactly in my future. Fortunately, I live in FLA, so I can own and carry a gun.

  3. I find it funny that this is the very advice that I gave on the previous article about the attack, minus the whole armored car bit. Goes to show, you don’t need tactical instruction/training to survive an attack, as I have none. Just a calm head, and the wits to use what is at your disposal.

    It is a shame though that they chose to insert shameless advertizing though.

    • Why is it a shame? They came up with other good content relevant to our community, while demonstrating the value of what they can do for consumers like us. For the first time, I’m considering upgrading (at the very least) the windows in my car.

      • Upgrading to bullet resistant windows is not a simple process of taking out the original windows and slipping in Lexan since the Lexan panes are significantly thicker than normal glass. A better alternative, while not bulletproof, might be to use some of the super-tough plastic tinting that can be applied to plate glass store windows. A computer store I worked at in San Francisco once defeated the best efforts of a perp with a 2 pound sledge hammer. Don’t know if this is applicable to auto glass, but it’s the first direction I would look.

    • True.

      Keeping a calm head and staying on the road until you can meet up with responding police or drive to a police station where they are expecting your arrival would have been far better than getting caught at a red light in traffic.

      I hope I’m never in that situation, but if I were, I’d be a little more aggressive with my attackers with the vehicle itself. They might get me in the end, if they have enough members willing to sacrifice themselves, but they’ll find me in a pile of warm brass.


      • I would not pull a weapon in the first or second instance due to the likely chance one of the attackers being armed and the large numbers against you. Best move is to get the hell out of he area amd reconsider after numbers dwindle either due to aggressive maneuvers on my part or their choice not to chase.

  4. In a running chase a Land Rover might as well be a main battle tank when put up against a moving motorcycle or six. Having spent many a year up on two wheels, I know how vulnerable a bike is. The driver’s only mistake was trying too hard to NOT hurt a biker. He had an overwhelming advantage from the start – he was just too nice a guy to use it.

    Having said that, I can still remember the rage I used to feel when some bozo in a four thousand pound vehicle came within an inch of killing me without ever becoming aware of my presence in the lane he suddenly decided he had to occupy.

    • I’ll go you one further. After Texas legalized lane splitting for motorcycles, I had more than one resentful asshat, sitting in traffic, open a door on me – one just a crack, another just let his door swing wide open. What were these people thinking, I ask you?

      • Legal =/= safe or intelligent. Not saying what they did was right, doesn’t make lane splitting any less reckless.

      • Lane splitting is not now, nor has ever been, legal in Texas. In fact, the only state in the U.S. where it is “legal” is California, where it’s more that it’s not technically illegal, and they refuse to prosecute other charges, unless the rider is being reckless.

        A quick search finds article upon article about bills in the Texas legislature that would legalize it, but every one of them has been shot down.

  5. Yes, because clearly the solution is for the guy who probably stretched his credit to buy the Range Rover to spend twice as much on an armored vehicle, which will depreciate even more quickly and be 1000X harder to sell into the used market at a decent price.

    I was hoping the punch line would be something like “and here’s a reasonably priced polymer window overlay you can install to slow down a thug with a tire iron who’s trying to break your window”. That would be quite a bit more reasonable than “buy a Bond car with questionably legal defensive measures”.

    Or, y’know. Carry a gun and know how to draw and employ it effectively while belted into the driver’s seat. That would be good, too.

    • Well, yeah, but as a New Yorker the whole “arm yourself” thing wasn’t really an option. You should be able to relate, as a Californian.

  6. This is probably the most disappointing post I’ve read thus far from TTAG. But hey I guess we all gotta pay the ObamaCare bill somehow right?

    • Do you disagree with any of the points they made that were not specific to an armored car? Seemed to me like all the bold stuff was pretty on point.

      • I want more details on the “Turn on the electric-shocking door handles to keep assailants from opening your doors.”

        Is that really a feature? Freakin’ Awesome….

        YESH PLEASH.

      • I absolutely agree with the the points made that were not specific to an armored car, or carry a weapon in NY state, or using spike strips, electric door handles (all of which you can purchase through http://www.texasarmo-blah blah blah) light and sirens and offroading to escape his pursuers. The problem is the points made were so obvious Mr Lien did them all without the help of a sales pitch masquerading as tactical training.

  7. I was thinking of having my bicycle armored, but then I realized that it might be hard to peddle a two-ton bike uphill. So now I just carry a New York reload. But not in New York, natch.

  8. I’ve been watching this video over and over. Looks like they were harassing and threatening him, he had a family to protect. Faced with only that information I’d have run over whoever I needed to in order to escape the threat too.

  9. Hard brake check at 25 sec started by the biker initiated the entire incident. Lien hit the biker and stopped as any law abiding citizen should do, he was then surrounded and they started thrashing his car, he felt threatened and took off, driving over the assailants. Hell, he did what he needed to do, no fux given except for the safety of his family. He didn’t go out looking to engage in a situation whereas these guys are specifically out to harass and escalate with brute force.

    Question, where were our trusty police force? Where are the 911 calls, either by Lein or the bikers? That will surface in due time, but I think he did what he had to in order to preserve his family and it is plainly obvious that NYPD are useless. Although, they are really good at shooting innocent bystanders and victims, A+ on that end.

    Yah, lemme get some armor for my 2006 Mazda 3…. And in CA, no way would I be able to utilize a firearm to protect myself, I would be incarcerated for the rest of my life. I recently had a very similar incident on the 805 N, group of bikers slowing us all down so they could do some wheelies. I don’t care, but don’t slow me down to 55 in the fast lane when I was going 80, especially brake checking me. Interesting to see how this all unfolds.

    • “Hard brake check at 25 sec started by the biker initiated the entire incident.”

      Assuming the incident starts at the beginning of this video and not earlier.

      • Regardless of what started the incident (before the video), unless this driver intentionally drove away from an injury accident that was his responsibility the actions of the bikers was inexcusable. Even if the Rover was initially at fault the only correct action was to follow him until he stopped or police could stop him, not force him to stop in the middle of the highway surrounded by dozens of angry bikers. Once the bikers escalated the threat, no matter what started the encounter, Mr. Range Rover was justified in doing whatever he needed to protect himself and his family. IMO.

        • indeed. I believe the relevant legal concept here is “disparity of force.” He was alone, with his wife and infant child, against a mob numbering in the dozens if not more, who clearly intended him grievous bodily harm at the very least.

          of course, where he really goofed, in my opinion, was going to Fun City unarmed in the first place.

    • And in CA, no way would I be able to utilize a firearm to protect myself, I would be incarcerated for the rest of my life.

      You might be surprised, in a good way.

      If you could reasonably establish that the firearm was unloaded (i.e. magazine not inserted) and in a locked container prior to use, and that locked container was NOT a glove or utility compartment, then you’d be within your rights to defend yourself and your family with said gun. Even here in CA.

      A small gun vault with a steel cable anchoring it to the base of the passenger seat is easy to retrieve (snag the cable and pull it out, assuming there aren’t too many empty juice boxes in the way) and quick to open. In a situation like this, one might ask the front seat passenger to extract it and present it to be opened. This setup makes it pretty easy to go from “legally secured” to loaded and ready in <15s. Not as good as CCW, but it's CA-legal and would have been effective in this situation.

      • I had a similar solution before I got smart and left California. I bolted a .30 cal ammo can between the seats of my pickup and attached a hasp lock to the latch. Magazine (ammo clip for those of you in Rio Linda) was in the glove box. If I needed the pistol it took maybe 10-15 seconds to full ready. If I was being followed or stopped by a cop I only had to snap the padlock closed. Full CA legal. (Except for not being locked until necessary.)

    • Rent a room in a gun friendly county, legally obtain CCW from Sheriff, and keep calm and carry on.

      Disclaimer: I’m not 100 % sure that’ll work.

      Alternative option: move to a free state where common sense is legal.

      Alternative #2: Carry a good knife and a Taser.

      Alternative #3: Date a hot, pro-gun police officer. Make sure she’s always with you.

  10. I’d like to hear the pair of Cuomo and Bumberg how they would defend themselves against what 30-40 attackers with that 7 round mag limit. Oh wait, in New York, you should accept being the victim.

    This is the reason I load my Sr9c with Critical DUTY vs Defense… Two words- auto glass.

  11. Forgive the speculation (before all the facts are known) but the incident smells like a twisted game of “knockout” being initiated by the black motorcycle gang that pursued the family.

  12. Looking at this like a rider, I see so much fault everywhere. Should the bike have brake-checked him? No. Should he have been tailgating the bike, so as to be susceptible to a brake-check? No. Was anyone right in this situation? NO. So, a gun would’ve made everything worse for everyone.

    To reframe the situation: If there was a 100-man march of Open Carriers going on, and a SUV-wielding douchenozzle ran some of them down, was subsequently chased down and then beaten by a mob of OC’ers, would anyone be saying, “Jeez, I wish that guy had had a gun on his person,”?

    At the end of the day, you can bet your a$$ that I would chase down some bullpie SUV that ran over one of my brothers while out riding, and then have a polite and cogent conversation with him about the merits, risks and rewards of his previous actions.

    • The MC gang was guilty of multiple offenses, including conspiracy, false imprisonment, reckless driving, and impeding traffic. I look forward to pulling those guys over, writing them tickets, impounding their bikes, and arresting them for outstanding warrants. Those MC gang riders are NOT good people.

    • Answer this question Mike, why was the biker with the head cam so conveniently located while filming this? This was preplanned and the bikers got less than what they deserved.

      • That biker was very likely not the only one filming the ride. At the beginning of the video he was well behind the Ranger Rover, only catching up as it and the pack of bikes around it slowed down.

    • If your choice has understood risks, then it’s up to you to take every precaution to have a positive outcome. You can’t depend on others to be consistent in a manner that favors you.

      You are 100% responsible for you 100% of the time. Your choice to carry, ride, work, live life, react, etc; you should always stack the deck in your favor.

    • saying that he was tailgaiting the aashole biker is a fabricated lie amd bullshit. that guy pulled into his lane along his front tire than dove in front of him and brake checked. there is no excuse for what he did period ever no way and I would have laughed if he was killed because of hia stupidity. he does not deserve someone sticking up for him.

    • So, a gun would’ve made everything worse for everyone.

      So you’d like your head stomped into the roadway instead of defending yourself and family because you might happen to kill the assailant? Spoken like an idiot leftist/prog. This guy has a real chance of being an invalid or vegetable for the rest of his life. Gawd, your stupid.

      • Clearly, you’re not a golfer.

        He feared for his life after instigating a fight with a superior force while his family was present. If he had had a firearm, judging by his demonstrated levels of restraint and decision-making, he probably would’ve popped off earlier than justifiable to most people, and then been charged/arrested/tried a la Zimmerman, dragging the good name of the POTG through the mud the whole way.

        Choosing between that and a dude getting thrown a beating he had coming that didn’t result in any long-term damage, I’ll take the latter.

  13. Sorry Mike, I find no fault with the driver. If I was in my vehicle with my wife and kids and these bikers pulled that crap, more than one would have ended up in the hospital. And the manner in which those riders were driving with the SUV, the SUV wasn’t “tailgating”, nice try.

  14. I was going to write a very similar article. They stole my thunder! The only caveat: I would have stopped in the first place and never collided with the other motorcycle rider in front of me. Use a high visual horizon, always be aware of your surroundings, and don’t deliberately place yourself near a motorcycle gang. Although the motorcycle riders had no legal purpose to stop traffic, I would have stopped anyway. It’s better to avoid the confrontation in the first place. The only gunfight that you are guaranteed to win is the one that you never have.

    Be a good witness. As a witness, you have committed no crime and no one can accuse you of committing a crime. (More or less.)If you are trapped and need to fight you can always do that as a last resort. The incident is much cleaner if you never hit the motorcycle in the first place. I think we can all agree that it’s best to stop for a few minutes in order to avoid the confrontation. During that time, you could still call 911 and report the suspicious activity around you. Make sure you write down the license plate numbers, and anything else that’s relevant. A passenger or a driver could also videotape the incident for later police prosecution.

    Obviously what I would have wrote would have focused on situational awareness and avoidance instead of vehicle armor. Regardless, once the other driver exited the freeway he was in big trouble. Stay moving and fight like hell if you have to.

    • All true, but I think that the guy in the SUV freaked out, and I don’t blame him. NYPD has arrested two bikers so far.

      It seems that these jokers on two wheels were part of the same biker flash mob that shut down Times Square last year. This year the cops were ready and intercepted them, made 15 arrests, issued 68 summonses and confiscated 55 motorcycles, all before the highway incident.

    • You missed the part about rolling down the window, handing them your baby, and offering to let them gang-rape your wife if they would only just not scratch the paint on your Rover. If you really think that just playing the poor, helpless victim to this group of biker bullies was the correct solution then you have been drinking WAY too much Kool Aid. Just for STARTERS, we have no information as to WHY they were trying to stop this car or if they had simply decided this SUV driving rich guy was the target of the day.

      There is no way that any rational person surrounded in traffic by many dozens of motorcyclists with unknown intentions, could not perceive himself and his family to be in danger of imminent serious harm. He initially acted accordingly and only failed when he allowed himself to be stopped in traffic. The road behind him should have been littered with Japanese motorcycle parts and pieces of their riders.

      • You do realize that I’ve dealt with MC gangs on and off duty, right? Yes, I’m suggesting stopping on the freeway for a few minutes while the A-holes pull their stunts. If you’re paying attention, you could probably stop 100 feet or so behind them. If you watch the video, you’ll see they let a white van pass peaceably through the gaggle. That white van avoided a crash, and avoided making the bikers angry. He was probably inconvenienced for a few minutes as well, but clearly avoided a fight.

        There’s no use starting the fight. Ending the fight, on the other hand, is a matter of fighting with everyone you’ve got. The RR driver screwed up on both counts. He allowed the crash to happen with the bike that stopped in front of him, even though the crash wasn’t his fault. (I avoid crashes every day that wouldn’t be my fault. It’s worth it to do so.)

        Regarding the fight, the same RR driver should never have allowed himself to be boxed in and stopped. He should have stayed on the open freeway and driven aggressively while dialing 911. Even alternating 80 mph with a heavy brake application down to 50 mph would have caused these MC a$$holes to crash. When the fight came his way, he panicked again and was not committed. Mobility is your friend, and the driver left the freeway and got stuck in city traffic. That was not a good decision.

        I never said to surrender – I said to avoid the fight in the first place if it’s reasonably possible to do so. If I’m on duty, I don’t stop a gang of 50 Mongols or Street Kings by myself, either. Sure, I’m packing at least 3 guns including a .40, 12 gauge, and AR. It would still be stupid to confront that many bikers on my own.

        If you can make 50 arrests on your own, go for it. Anyone who can do that is a way better cop than me.

    • Reminds me of all those “Critical Mass” bicycle events. Some anarchist group thinks that if they get enough people together they can do whatever they want with impunity. Sure looks like this is what these bikers were up to – just out to pretend they were bad-asses protected by the anonymity of the group.

  15. This whole situation scares the hell out of me. This could happen anywhere. If I wasn’t gonna vehicle carry before, I am now.

  16. And who says 33 round Glock mags don’t serve a purpose!?! You could shoot a bunch of those ass-hat bikers with a few of those!

  17. I don’t think Robert posted this because he thinks that just anybody could armor up his car on the cheap. The tactical advice sans the armor was spot on. When you drive a 6000 lb SUV or truck you have an awesome offensive weapon when attacked by a group of bikers on crotch rockets. By all means evade and escape if you can but if you can’t, as I wrote in the original story, use the laws pf physics to your advantage and turn the tables on your attackers. Even a big Honda, BMW or Harley isn’t going to survive a counterattack by a Range Rover. “Mr. Biker, you want to play, let’s play and see who wins.” Unless you are being attacked by an Hamas suicide squad or a South American death squad it doesn’t matter if you are attacked by 1 biker or 100 because they aren’t sticking around after a couple of their members are laying in street broken and bloody. They will run away like frightened little girls.

    “You can do no wrong by putting your Range Rover along side an enemy biker.”

  18. Car vs bike… wins. It would have been a hoot to run each of those bikes of the road as they got near my car. If the car driver had done that earlier, before he ran out of road, the bikers would have stopped pursuing. Too bad there wasn’t a lead surprise waiting when the biker broke the side window. Would have liked to have seen the car go into “rampage” reverse (higher creep body count), rather than just sitting there.

  19. We need a couple of serious maverick top gun brake checks in a hurry. Get going fast and slam on the brakes hard. In the words of Merlin “Tim Robins”, ” Your gonna do what?!” Watch some taken movies, batman, whatever. Your vehicle is your weapon.

  20. Allegedly, before the bikers attacking the guy in the SUV, he had fled the scene of an accident after running over one of their friends (At least that is the word in the motorcycling community).

    • If you watch some of the other videos of the antics of these guys that day (cutting through opposing traffic at speed, etc.), it’s amazing that more were not involved in accidents and it is highly likely IF this Rover hit one of them it was the biker’s fault. That being said, if I were in the car, under those circumstances, surrounded by that many bikers of unknown temperament, there is NO WAY I would stop and exchange insurance information! They would have to follow me, at a reasonable distance, to the nearest police facility where I would turn myself in and explain the situation, in the presence of my attorney.

      Absent their cooperation in this plan they would have had a great deal more to complain about when the police did arrive.

  21. by the time I got done, none of those rice rockets would have been left running, I would have stayed in the middle of the pack, hard braking, swerving, speeding up and swerving, running them into other cars, cutting them off, running them into guardrails, One goes down and takes ten with him. Road rash served up hot. Having ridden motorcycles for over forty years, these assholes deserved whatever they got.

  22. Dammit… This article gives the the anti-gun crowd all the ammo they need. Electrified car doors? Good God… Lets NOT help the case that we’re paranoid nuts waiting for a conflict. Farago, you are smart enough to understand the mindset of PR… Don’t jump the shark on us. As a spokesman, we need you to be a logical and pragmatic voice; not one advocating for electofied car doors. Can your daughter tell when the system is energised? This is f-ing crazy, and I don’t like any association with our inaliable right to self defense. Come back to earth, man… We need you.

  23. Sure having an armored vehicle might add you some time for the police to get to you, but it is not realistically feasible for most people because it’s too expensive. A more feasible solution would be to run over as many as you could after the chase started, as suggested in the article. Next drive through a narrow roadway, like an ally. Block the roadway. Get out of your car(BEFORE they reach you) with your carbine or SBR with a couple 100 round magazines and just go to town. If any body makes movement towards you OR TRIES TO GO AROUND BE HIND YOU, it’s a free-fire zone. Your goal in protecting yourself and your family is not anymore clearer than to take out as many of them before they get to you. Maintain a buffer zone between your enemy and your self. SHOOT ANYTHING THAT DOESN’T MOVE AWAY FROM YOU. IT’S KILL OR BE KILLED. LIVE OR DIE.

    • Glen, you sound like a f-ing nut job. Thank god I didn’t ask you for directions while I was a drunk college freshman. Guess is, you’d be freaked the hell out by a muscular (and drunk **although far from hostile**) black man trying to find his way home. Just can’t help but feel that much of this fear is irrational. The world’s not out to rob and kill you- only a derelect few. Do me a favor and don’t shoot my cousin (18 years old) when he puts his hand on your shoulder because he is too drunk to stand. Anyone who claims to never have been there, step forth. In addition, feel free to tell me that said student needs a gun pulled on them.

      • Mitch, I really am not a crazy guy. I have taught self-defense martial arts for many years. I don’t really feel threatened or intimidated by much, but when there is mob after you, that is different. There’s a limit to my martial arts proficiency and I’m not bullet proof. I watched two different videos and tried to put myself in the SUV driver’s perspective. I suspect you didn’t even watch the videos. They hunted him down like a pack of wolves. You don’t understand about mob mentality and you obviously have never been the target of a mob. I have. The only way to keep a mob at bay is use superior force. Not the same level of force it it had been a one-on-one. Superior force. When a mob gets together it develops a mind of its own. The mob is no longer “thinking” like just a group of individuals. Didn’t you see the Rodney King riots? What was the difference between the stores that got looted by the mobs and the ones that didn’t? Superior Force. No body touched the Korean stores. I am not a blood thirsty killer. But if you don’t keep a mob at bay and make them keep to a distance you feel comfortable with, things can happen very quickly.

  24. lemme just remember where i need to go to get my car armored…..
    THIS IS STUPID!!! where the hell am i gonna go armor my car without a bank check? really?!

    this much stupid hurts my brain. alot. average joe doesnt have access (or even consider getting access) to the means of car armoring. even if he did, i doubt hes got the money.

    i feel like i just got advice from james yeager.

  25. A much more affordable alternative to a fully armored vehicle is to security film applied to to inside of your vehicle’s windows instead of or in addition to standard tint film. Judging from videos I’ve watched of people trying to smash through windows with security film it would have given the driver plenty of time to realize he needed to back out of the traffic he was stopped in.

  26. We had a recent incident in Marianna, Florida with some bikers trying to hassle a family in an SUV. The lost them but the bikers caught up to them at a gas station. The SUV left but the bikers pursued and shot into it nearly hitting a baby in an infant seat in the back seat. The father took one of the harley’s through a guard rail and that biker died after being life flighted to Tallahassee. Two other bikers were arrested for firing into an occupied vehicle etc.

    This past memorial day I encounter a small group of Rolling Thunder just south of Atlanta on north bound I75. These were too young to be Vietnam Vets. Regardless, they were crowding my Jeep Wrangler and getting into my lane and aggressively harassing me. Fortunately I had a 10mm on me. I wonder if this was some of the same ones harassing Hickok45 and his son in D.C. that weekend.

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