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The mainstream media give huge, not-to-say undue amounts of airtime to bereaved survivors of “gun violence” who promote civilian disarmament. Not just because the vast majority of liberal workers lean way left. Not just because airing the survivors’ suffering somehow atones for the media’s endless stream of “if it bleeds it leads” news packages. It’s mainly because . . .

a reporter’s career depends on likability. It’s not enough to be a great or even a journalist. You have to care. Oh sure, you can report hard news. But Katie Couric proved once and for all that being Oprahratic [sic] is where the real money is. Dare I say it? That holds doubly true for women in the news biz. Women like Brooke Baldwin.

In this gun control chin wag, Ms. Baldwin starts her segment by proudly listing the names of the “gun violence” survivors she’s met. People for whom she cares so much that she still stays in contact with them. (No prizes for guessing how many NRA members Ms. Baldwin has on speed dial.)

Not to be outdone, CNN’s Alisyn Camerota tells the audience that she was the first talking head to break the news of the Sandy Hook spree killing. How’s that for a badge of honor? Anyway, at 8:00 in, the anchors [finally] address the issue of arming teachers (i.e. letting teachers exercise their natural, civil and Constitutionally protected right to keep and bear arms).

The question of Ms. Baldwin’s bias — if there ever was one — is settled by her characterization of the anti-armed teachers position. “It’s one thing to have a guard, for example school security and police right, who are trained professionals and have firearms, versus a teacher,” Baldwin opines. “You talk to teachers and they say ‘I’m paid to teach. I’m not paid to be a cop’.”

I guess the idea that thousands of teachers want to carry a firearm to protect their charges, that hundreds are armed — some legally, some not — didn’t occur to Ms. Baldwin. I wonder how many of these armed defenders can call Ms. Baldwin to keep their pro-gun rights perspective fresh in her mind.

At 9:12, the conversation moves to The Donald’s support for gun rights. Brooke ain’t got time for that. “The biggest thing we hear from Donald Trump — and it’s wrong — is that Hillary wants to take your guns away . . . It’s not that I think that on the left they’re trying to take your guns away they just want to like close the gun show loophole, have those federal background checks, they just don’t want guns to fall into the hands of bad dudes.”

After putting her seal of approval on the deeply unconstitutional “No Fly No Buy” proposal, Ms. Baldwin finishes by returning to her favorite subject: herself. Her emotions. “All those babies in those little caskets. I saw them with my own eyes in Newtown. I’ll never ever forget it.” And we’ll never forget that Brooke Baldwin isn’t a friend of the United States Constitution.

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    • We’ve all met someone like Brooke Baldwin at some in time. She’s that highly educated person who’s completely clueless about real life; blinded by her ideology and desire to be accepted by her liberal friends.

  1. A CNN talking head who supports gun control? Naaaaw! I suppose next y’all are gonna tell me those weird things that look, walk and quack like ducks are, in fact, ducks.

    • I was going to make very similar remarks.

      This election, the mask has really been allowed to drop at CNN. They’ll never regain any credibility after this year.

  2. Journalist are that in name only, when did the shift from rooting out corruption, bringing light to civil rights violations, highlighting human rights abuses across the globe, and telling the story of the little guy, move to pushing politics and opinions as “the one true gospel” when did they slide to “appealing to authority” when the “authority” has its OWN political bias? Succumbing to conformation bias so easily, without even the appearance of maintaining professional integrity.
    The MSM is no better then “Reality” TV, Kardashians, or “Professional Sports” and we would all be better not listening to them.

    • It started when Ted Turner founded CNN and then had to find a way to fill 24 hours a day, seven days a week, with news. As a result, infotainment was born.
      One could also go and visit the offices of most journalism professors across the US to see just how far out in left field the people whose asses must be kissed in order to earn a journalism degree really are…

    • I can’t find the twitter exchange now, but a WaPo tool recently tweeted that everyone needs to stop talking about media bias, because “…journalists don’t take sides, period.” To which Iowahawk (David Burge, worth looking up) replied, apparently WaPo does not employ journalists.

  3. CNN may be in the tank for gun control but unlike MSNBC they are covering the fact that the FBI has reopened it’s investigation into HRC…

  4. Very few people care about the Constitutions when their emotions get involved. Those who do tend to have been trained early on to value our liberties.

    I really learned to value the Constitution from a junior high teacher who was considered a crazy radical at the time for teaching us that we, too, were citizens and the items in the Bill of Rights belonged to all of us and were a treasure we should cherish (maybe she was “crazy”; she was a Democrat who had voted for Goldwater).

    So this is what we get for teaching kids to rule themselves by their feelings and not by reason.

  5. How many babies has former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton personally put in body bags in Syria and Libya? All in the name of cramming democracy down their throats. These elites are sadistic globalist murders.

  6. In communist countries, media and entertainers a a bologna slice or two higher on the food chainthan the average bent-over communist citizen. Communists run Hollywood and the major networks, so it’s self-serving work for satan.

    • “One’s an anti-gun newsreader who uses emotional appeals and misdirection to sway her audience. One’s an anti-gun newsreader with a love of strange, formless outerwear who also uses emotional appeals and misdirection to sway her audience. Together, they enable crime!”

  7. “It’s not that I think that on the left they’re trying to take your guns away they just want to like close the gun show loophole, have those federal background checks, they just don’t want guns to fall into the hands of bad dudes.”

    My tactic to this line of bullshit has changed in recent years. It does no good to argue point by point when they are obviously starting from a position in bad faith.

    Instead, I propose that all of the gun control laws they claim to want are already enacted and then there is an Isla Vista or San Bernardino or Paris (naming places where all their utopian gun control laws are already in place). I then ask them what new gun control proposals would they suggest? It gets remarkably easier to get them to go down the road of admitting they want to ban guns, thus steering the argument into what it has now become: infringement vs natural rights.

  8. I suspect Ms. Baldwin would cross off her list of gun violence survivors anyone who had survived by shooting the SOB who attacked him.

    Walker — Texas Ranger is just a character on a TV show rather than a realistic portrayal of a typical police officer. Very few real cops and fight that well or shoot that well. The majority are no more capable than a healthy private citizen who takes weekly karate class and shoots now and then.

    “I’m paid to teach. I’m not paid to be a cop.” When it comes to protecting their own children from violent criminals, will they say, “I’m a parent, not a cop.” A cop’s duty is to investigate crimes and arrest the perpetrators, not to provide bodyguard services. If a dirtbag finds a way to harm you that isn’t against the law, a cop won’t to a damned thing to save you.

  9. Calculated misinformation and propaganda is all fun and games, but had to stop when they mentioned the gun industry having legal protections whereas the car industry did not. This crossed the line into outright lying. Neither industry is protected from injuries resulting from faulty products. The ONLY industry in the US that has 100% legal immunity and cannot be sued for injuries resulting from its products, faulty or not, are vaccine manufacturers, as spelled out in the 1986 Childhood Vaccine injury Act.

  10. “All those babies in those little caskets… I’ll never ever forget it.”

    And I’ll never forget that you and your ilk, Baldwin, Camerota, Couric, on and on, still support the rules that let a psychotic little turd slaughter those children.

    You force our children — my children — to gather in buildings where the law mandates that no one on premises is allowed to defend them. And you would extend the same restrictions to more and more places, making more people helpless.

    There’s only one logical conclusion: You and the groups you support want me and my children to die. Is it any wonder why most of America trusts you less than we trusted the old Soviet Union?

  11. She gots some big ol’ legs. Like she played non-stop field hockey in college. Mm-hmm.

    I know this is irrelevant but couldn’t help myself. Sorry.

  12. I hope all 29 angry commenters vote appropriately in the next coming weeks…It’s now up to you and the voting booth…Let’s tell CNN to F@$& Off !!!And Hillary too !!!!


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