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As fans of country music have been saying for years, country music ain’t what it used to be. While there are exceptions, the new wave of Bro Country, apparently designed to appeal to a younger demographic, hasn’t resulted in a larger fan base…and far fewer eyeballs are watched the ACM award show.

In what some might interpret as an effort to drive away even more of the genre’s traditional fans, Country Music Television (CMT) has thrown in with the prominent civilian disarmament advocacy organizations in supporting Gun Violence Awareness Month.

The network is urging its viewers to wear orange to promote more limits on the right to keep and bear arms.

In its support for more civilian disarmament laws, CMT has thrown in with prominent gun grabbers such as . . .

Telling country music’s largely rural, more conservative-leaning, and gun-owning fan base that the network supports the gun control industry’s efforts to limit their Second Amendment rights seems an odd way to promote the brand.

CMT’s annual award show is scheduled for this evening and the network’s support of stricter limits on viewers’ gun rights may have a lot of them saying . . .

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  1. So they hired the Dixie Chicks as consultants to help implement their “alienate your entire customer base” business strategy?

    • Ahem…get with the times…they renamed themselves as simply “The Chicks” because the “Dixie” was just too Confederate for their Twitter followers. 😉

      I’m surprised they haven’t ditched the “Chicks” yet out of confusion over which way to virtue signal over feminism and sexism. Then they’d simply be known as “The”.

  2. Wow! Talk about shooting yourself in the foot! Although I would dearly love to see Hillary and Obama in orange jumpsuits with a number on them!

  3. Basketball, football, Nascar, country music!? What’s next? I guess everyone wants to lose money to prove how “woke” they are!

  4. Ummmm, yeah I’ll get right on that orange thing… When they go after the 81000 drug overdose deaths last year (222 deaths daily) or 95000 alcohol related deaths each year (261 daily) OR the 42060 auto related deaths last year (115 daily) in spite of laws, regulations, controls and mandated safety equipment… Fix that stuff THEN come get my guns, otherwise Phukhoph CMT…

    • You forgot the 250,000/685 day deaths due to medical malpractice or the 620,000/1699 day (Latest Numbers 2018) deaths due to a “Court Edict” that a woman has the Right(sic) to kill Their unborn child. CMT has become the latest Woke version of MTV.

      • You forgot the 250,000/685 day deaths

        Didn’t forget, just keeping away from the low hanging fruit… Gun related deaths don’t make the top 10 in the U.S., Closest is suicides coming in at number 12 includes ALL methods of suicide… Oddly enough Medical malpractice and abortion does not make the CDC list, hmmmmm…

        • Nobody got shot around here but a kid driving a combine was killed by a semi tractor trailer this morning. Two days ago a guy ran a stop sign and t boned a family, killed the wife.
          I’d say vehicles cause more death then gunms.
          One is a right and one is a privilege.
          Accidents happen, however if there were that many accidentally being killed by gunms it would be just horrible and something would be done.

    • I guess it all depends on your definition of Gun Control. Perhaps its time to spend less time at the range and more time putting gun control to good use.

  5. I would protest by boycotting C&W music.

    But how can you boycott something you already ignore?

    • Urban Cow Flop Pop not Country. Differentiated by the formers use of auto tune and phony as three dollar bill accents when they “sing” ( people who sing like they talk are the exception not the rule).

    • Or it might be considered ironic, A Q M. Using our enemies tools to make fun of them is a delightful pleasure.

  6. The only time I wear orange is on St Patricks day. Just to piss people off.

    • Wearing orange is clearly their showing support for Max Verstappen, leading F1 driver for the 2021 season, his fans often turn a section of bleachers orange and screaming.

  7. Idiots. There’s no such thing as Gun Violence. There’s is only People Violence.

    Put that on a shirt, pick your color, doesn’t much matter to me.

  8. Nobody who listens to country music thinks we have a problem with guns. Idiots in N.Y., Washngto and Kommiefornia wring their hands every time some idiot shoot his wife’s boyfriend , but they are silent on 56 shootings on a normal Chicago weekend. Go figure.

  9. Let’s put an orange smiley face on a deranged agenda rooted in racism and genocide and stick it on Country Music so every history illiterate in America can believe they are doing something honorable to stop what is not Gun Violence but is the Criminal Misuse Of Firearms. Keyword is Criminal, a word you wan’t see coming from sneaky Gun Control perverts who in the back of their minds savor the thought of an unarmed citizenry. That kind of thinking gets a round of applause from child molesters, rapists, kidnappers, etc.

    Yes gullible, ignorant country music fan wear orange and say how you traded hard won rights for a perverted agenda that dropped out of the behinds of racists and nazis.

    Morons who fall for such crap are the kind of morons who would trade their grandfather’s priceless Stradivarius for a shiny new whistle and some chump change.

    • Very rarely. Occasionally you’ll get a Jamey Johnson or a Chris Stapleton, but 99% of the time it’s absolute garbage. Think I’ll stick with my old stuff, thank you.

      • IMO no. Country music has become more and more pop music with a little twang in the guitars. Gone are the days of “My wife ran off and took the dog, I sure do miss my dog” or my favorite from when I was a wee little nard:
        Teddy Bear by Red Sovine.
        The CMT audience heads would explode.

      • My wife ran off and took the dog,

        “In my old pick-up Truck, but got hit and killed by a train while I was in prison for killing a man while I was drunk for disparaging my Mother”…

    • Well, possum, I guess it depends on what you’re hunting, dunnit???

      I hear digicam can be effective for certain hunts.

      Nicely played, Wise Marsupial.

  10. I passed on a vintage Fender Telecaster yesterday I told the guy, ” Nice guitar, the price is right , but a telecaster is for country western. My fingers just cant play that.”

    • The studio version of Stairway to Heaven was played on a telecaster. Fender has a signature Jimmy Page tele. Keith Richards, Springsteen, Billy Gibbons, Eric Burden, and many more rock guitarists play teles. It ain’t just for country.

      • Muddy Waters, Syd Barrett and Roger Gilmore (Pink Floyd) Jeff Beck, Mike Campbell (played with Tom Petty), Neil Young, Eric Clapton, Denny Dias (Steely Dan), Bob Dylan, George Harrison, Jimi Hendrix, Joe Walsh (Eagles)…

        • Jimi played a Strat.

          Jimi never owned a Telecaster but he did borrow one for recording the solo on Purple Haze. He did own a white Strat with a Telecaster neck that he used at the Newport Pop Festival in June 1969…

        • I didn’t say those people lived by the Telecaster but they all played one at one time or another… Telecaster was not Jimmy Paiges main weapon either .. I saw him with the Black Crows in Boston and he had a dozen guitars on stage…

        • It’s David Gilmour, and he replaced Syd Barret as Floyd’s guitarist. It was the bass player and principal lyricist, Roger Waters, that was veritably the elemental heart and soul of Pink Floyd.

          And the quintessential axe that every consummate rock and roll guitar icon has had slung over their shoulder at one time or another in their career is the Gibson SG.

        • It’s David Gilmour,

          Yeah, I know it’s David Gilmour, Roger Waters… Got in too much of a rush… Been listening to Pink Floyd snce “The Piper at the Gates of Dawn” in ’67…

        • The telecaster has a mellower tone then the stratocaster.
          David Gilmour did not replace Syd, at first they played together in PF.
          Syd was losing it and eventually was thrown out of the band.
          Syd played on “The Piper at the Gates of Dawn”.
          Waters was demoted to bass which he wasn’t very proficient at playing.
          Waters is also a communist who was a great lyricist but so-so musician.
          He couldn’t even tune his own bass and had no interest in playing it.
          Rick Wright or David Gilmour tuned it for him, Gilmour actually chases him down onstage during Cymbaline to tune it, Waters is pretty much tone deaf.
          Most of the iconic PF bass tracks are from Gilmour.
          Waters-lyrics, Gilmour-strings. You can do your own fact checking on this.
          Yes most pro guitarists have a few Gibson’s, whether SGs or Les Pauls.

        • No fact checking needed- it’s common knowledge. A band’s “magic” principally comes from the collaboration of its artists- and there’s no greater impetus for musical genius than conflict.

          Pink Floyd pioneered the experimental, deeply layered, technically proficient and intricately arranged concept album. It took all of them (plus a few others) to get their sound- but the result is pure genius.

          Their ethereal, compelling, emotionally disquiet soundscape can be firmly placed on Roger Waters (from Piper all the way through The Final Cut) due to his strong, dour, and inarguably antagonistic influence. But that’s what created the magic. I will never agree with Roger’s politics, but I will always appreciate (and thoroughly enjoy) the grandeur that resulted from his univocal contribution to Pink Floyd.

          And he couldn’t have had a better backing band, right? 😉

      • While we’re on the topic of guitarists.

        Clapton saw this and said “I think I need to take some notes.”

        • Mark Knopfler is a great guitarist and severely underrated.
          I doubt Clapton was impressed, he’s likely the best there is IMO.

        • doubt Clapton was impressed, he’s likely the best there is IMO.

          What about Jeff Beck, Jimi Hendrix, Jimmy Paige, Eddie Van Halen? In a world of guitar heroes it’s pretty hard to single out just one… Agree that Mark Knopfler is unique as well and different styles are what makes truly great guitar “artists”…

        • knopfler’s songs bore the hell out of me, as do most of the aforementioned axe victims (ooh, bill nelson reference, now there’s a player.
          they all came through chitown and i saw them. floyd soldier field, blablablub. the blues artists that played nightly could destroy their rock counterparts oftentimes.
          nothing i ever saw was close to this guy when he was self medicating. lovely lumley once asked him, “what year is your guitar? he replied, “i don’t look at it all that much.” pedigree.

  11. possum said: “I wear orange when I’m hunting .”

    Hehehehe…. 🙂 Possum, you’re sharp as a tack today!

  12. One assumes the virtue signallers aren’t adopting “hunter orange” for their movement.

    Leftists are why we can’t have nice things.

  13. An excellent opportunity can be had here. Wear an orange shirt that says something like “come and take it” or “Molon Labe” (I normally hate played-out, douche sayings even if they are progun but I can make an exception when putting the two together). I am still debating getting a 49’s jersey (number 7) with “Trump” on the back. I do not even like trump just troll’n which is exactly what we should do here.

  14. Today #wearorange to use the memory of the dead to manipulate the living into believing a lie. It will make the weak feel better about themselves and help the power hungry become tyrants

  15. Take a look at the Yummy-Yum (Yumi) tweet:can someone confirm that’s Andrew (Gollum) Gillum posing with Watts? As in, unsuccessfully ran for FL Gov and then “entered treatment” after being detained (but not arrested) by the Miami Beach PD for being intoxicated (crystal meth was allegedly found on scene) in a hotel room with an unresponsive male escort who was treated for overdose.
    Not that there’s anything wrong with that—minus the illegal portions. I mean his wife seems to be very supportive of his bisexual lifestyle choices. Maybe not as supportive of the illegal drug abuse…but it was public pressure that caused it all. Sure, sure it was.

    • Yeah that’s Gillum… Might be getting ready to take another shot at it… Hell if you can get busted and do time for smoking crack with a hooker while Mayor of D.C. and still get re-elected, anything is possible…

      • Of course! It worked well enough for Marion Barry… and didn’t seem to impact the career of Rob Ford (former Mayor of Toronto filmed smoking crack) either. At least until the second video surfaced.

        I thought it was him (Gillum), but couldn’t tell for sure from my phone. Rat-bassturd. Not entirely surprised to see him involved with these clowns.

  16. They would be so much happier if all those people had been beaten to death by two thugs with bats.

  17. Orange clothes have a useful purpose.

    Hunters wear orange, sometimes, some places.

    Traffic cones wear orange. From the tire marks on some traffic cones, its not always helpful.

    Mountain & Wilderness Search & Rescue volunteers in some parts of the country wear orange shirts. Works great for them. Some wear yellow shirts, I just don’t get that. There ain’t no cowards in SAR!!!

    Road repair crews wear orange shirts.

    So there are some good and proper uses for the color.

    Oh yeah, pumpkins wear orange and they can be spectacular when filled with water and shot with a decently robust caliber.

    So there’s some fine entertainment value there.

    Also, Naval Oranges and Orange juice, good stuff!

    Seems to me that this “Gun Violence Orange” thing is insulting the color.

    Orange people should sue!!!

    • Most Convicts wear orange… I can think of a few far left “elitists” and several RINOs that I would love to see dressed all in orange…

  18. I’m getting ready sick of all this B S.
    Time to take out the trash.
    I thought country would give the 🖕🏿To this B S.
    America is in big trouble people…
    Time to do something. Read between the lines patriots. Nothing left to do but do the deed.

  19. There is something good about conservatives.

    We usually mind our own business and don’t start trouble.
    But when trouble calls, we are well prepared to finish it and bury it deep….

    The time is almost here for it to get personal, and the snowflakes are correct to fear us.
    Hopefully our orange hunting gear is clean and pressed…. 🙂

  20. I actually am wearing an orange shirt today. It says “molon labe”. True story.

  21. I’m not sure how influential the country elite really are. They tried to cancel Morgan Wallen earlier this year for using the n word in an old, private video. Despite his record company dropping him, his sales surged. He just took home a ton of Billboard awards this year, despite not being allowed to attend the ceremony..

  22. Not gun control but noticed this morning the list of thing to not bring with me next week while filling out the pre-surgery forms.

    Wigs, dentures, jewelry, weapons like guns, and so on.

    Surely no one really brought their gun with them. I’ll be out most of the day and spend a few days there so I would not have control of it.

    One good thing to come out of them wearing orange is the Orange Dude insult can mean more than one thing from now on.

  23. for people who are afraid of black people?

    Then don’t tell them about Charley Pride, Mickey Guyton, Carolina Chocolate Drops, Diarus Rucker (former lead singer for Hootie and the Blowfish), Cowboy Troy, Miko Marks, Kane Brown, Lil Nas X (country rap?), Jimmie Allen… Not a list of ALL black country singers just new and current older artists… Scary as hell ain’t it…. (especially that rapper)

    • Watch out! The racist white liberals will cancel you for speaking the truth. What you say might make their heads!!!

      • liberals will cancel you for speaking the truth

        Whatever was I thinking? Now I’m just skeered shirtless… What ever will I do if the Liberals “cancel” me? Oh I know I’ll continue to not give a fuck about what they say, think and do just as I do now… I could have listed 25 more from the old days… Did you know Tina Turners first album was considered country?

  24. The Nashville-controlled country music industry has always been run by busybodies and elitists whose true passion in life is telling people what they can and can’t create. They’ve always secretly hated their audience and very reluctantly tolerated the musicians that work for them.

    The only surprise is that it took them this long to publicly betray the music lovers and honest creators who pay their salaries.

    • “They’ve always secretly hated their audience and very reluctantly tolerated the musicians that work for them.”

      Replace “audience” with “customers” and “musicians” with “mechanics” and you’re describing Harley Davidson since 1969.

  25. Wow, CMT,

    Way to seriously p*** off a plurality (more probably an absolute majority) of your core audience!!! Welcome to the ranks of the “woke”!!!

    Just like the NFL, MLB, NBA, NCAA, NASCAR, and Hollywood, hope you enjoy your “woke” virtue-signaling. You’ll be doing it with someone else’s money. I try not to economically support people trying to f*** with my rights. Wish I could say it’s been nice knowing ya – I really do wish I could say that, but I can’t.

    P*** off, Nashville, you’ve just given me a reason not to waste money on the mediocre c*** that passes for “country” music, these days.

  26. We wear orange to call for an end to gun violence in all of its forms, including domestic violence, suicide, and city gun violence. During National Gun Violence Awareness Day and Wear Orange Weekend, honor survivors of gun violence by participating online and in your community.

  27. Country music has had to grapple with race and other cultural issues within its genre over the years.

    Artist Morgan Wallen, a white singer, experienced fierce backlash after a video showed the country music star using the N-word in a video in February.

    The artist apologised for his actions one week after the release of the video, but the country music industry did not initially respond kindly to the situation. Billboard Music Awards banned Mr Wallen from attending, radio stations stopped playing his music, he was temporarily suspended from his label, and dismissed from his talent agency.

  28. The Wear Orange campaign encourages people to wear the color orange to “remember lives lost to gun violence and to raise awareness about this public health crisis.” To spread its message, it has partnered with left-wing groups such as Bloomberg Philanthropies, Planned Parenthood Federation of America, and the Democratic Attorneys General Association. It is also backed by gun control groups such as March For Our Lives and Newtown Action Alliance.

  29. Artist Morgan Wallen, a white singer, experienced fierce backlash after a video showed the country music star using the N-word in a video in February.

  30. Wear Orange originated on June 2, 2015 — what would have been Hadiya Pendleton’s 18th birthday. It began with teenagers who wanted to honor their friend, Hadiya, after she was shot and killed on a playground in Chicago a little over one week after marching as a majorette in President Obama’s second inaugural parade. Now, Wear Orange honors Hadiya and the 120 people shot and killed every day in the United States, as well as the hundreds more who are shot and wounded and the countless others who witness acts of gun violence. Advocates across the country united to call for an end to all forms of gun violence, including domestic violence, firearm suicide, mass shootings, police shootings, city gun violence, and more.

  31. The article discusses a campaign by Country Music Television (CMT) to raise awareness about gun violence. The campaign encourages people to wear orange, which is the color associated with gun violence prevention. The article also mentions a ringtone that people can download to show their support for the campaign.

  32. Thank you for the kind words about the blog! I appreciate your positive feedback. I’m glad you’ve enjoyed exploring various pages on the site. Your encouragement motivates me to continue sharing engaging stories and content. Feel free to check back for more updates, and thank you for your support!.

  33. The article highlights a campaign initiated by Country Music Television (CMT) aimed at raising awareness about gun violence. The campaign urges individuals to wear orange, a color symbolizing gun violence prevention. Additionally, the article mentions a downloadable ringtone designed for individuals to display their support for the campaign.

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