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Clock the passive construction: a bill “to ensure that the right to keep and bear arms is not unlimited.” As opposed to a bill “to limit the right to keep and bear arms.” A right that the United States Constitution specifically and directly prohibits the government from infringing upon. Anyway, why even mention the RKBA? The phrase in the title seems like a carefully considered middle finger to Americans who believe in firearms freedom. Although I’m glad Senator Dianne Feinstein did insert the clause. It shows her true colors—for anyone who doesn’t recognize a black heart when they see one. Click here for the full text of Feinstein’s Assault Weapons Ban 2013 bill. It doesn’t have a euphemistic name or a number yet.

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  1. Thanks to her list of 2258 weapons “excluded by name”, I now know just how many different models of Mossberg 500 and Remington 700 there are. I’m pretty sure they cover a good 2/3rds of the excluded weapons though.

    Even AIs are banned.

  2. Unless I’m mistaken, it’s S.150 with 17 co-sponsors! And it has already been assigned to the Judiciary Committee.

    Latest Title: A bill to regulate assault weapons, to ensure that the right to keep and bear arms is not unlimited, and for other purposes.
    Sponsor: Sen Feinstein, Dianne [CA] (introduced 1/24/2013) Cosponsors (17)
    Latest Major Action: 1/24/2013 Referred to Senate committee. Status: Read twice and referred to the Committee on the Judiciary.
    TITLE(S): (italics indicate a title for a portion of a bill)
    A bill to regulate assault weapons, to ensure that the right to keep and bear arms is not unlimited, and for other purposes.

  3. The sad thing is that if this monstrosity passes it won’t end there. I know for a fact we’d read countless stories of people getting their legal semi auto rifles confiscated by dumb anti-gun cops who don’t know the laws. It happens in NJ all the time.

      • Fear not brother; I am an NJ gun owner as well. There’s a larger group of us who post here than I thought. I swear we’re like a secret society. Unlike the Californians we can’t all just retreat into the mountains and go shooting on a friend’s farm ten miles from nowhere with our buddies. I drive a 3 hour round trip to PA whenever I want to go shooting. It’s a true labor of love

    • Ah – Harry Potter Rules.

      And as I point my Assault Weapon Like Wand towards DF and say – Avada Kadavra.

    • I will do my best. Both Boxer and Feinstein need a new job. We have an uphill battle changing our politicians here in CA.

      Leland Yee – recently re-introduced his bill to bann bullet buttons and it follows the same verbiage as written in DiFi’s bill.
      Barbara Boxer – will follow DiFi’s lead on this regardless.
      Diane Feinstein – the troll (I have a dog) herself.

      are all anti-2nd2

      • Yeah I’m familiar with Boxer and Feinstein, I grew up in Ca listening to their pandering. I now get to listen to Colorado politicians tell me what is “best” for me and my family…

  4. I love how almost most of the “Exempt” rifles are either bolt action or lever action, which would not have been banned by the law anyway. Hell they even included Antiques in there too.

    • Bingo. The even included pump, double barrel and single shot shotguns. The excluded list serves no purpose other than to assure hunters that the gov will not be banning their favorite rifles (divide and conquer). Smarmy, sez me. I wonder if there is a gun on there that would be banned under the new definitions.

      The one part of the bill that surprised me though is that it appears to allow the transfer of grandfathered weapons–which is contrary to the intent of the “summary of bill” previously published. Or am I missing something? By requiring that a transfered rifle be included in a FFL’s inventory, and given that an FFL is barred from transfering AWs, have they slipped in a tricky confiscation provision, or has someone counseled DiFi that she cannot confiscate without just compensation? She intends to dry up the supply–but without a ban on transfers, there will be millions of guns in circulation for decades.

  5. ‘‘(46) The term ‘pistol grip’ means a grip, a thumb- hole stock, or any other characteristic that can function as a grip.”

    So, basically, every gun ever made?

  6. All very well to castigate the Senator and her foolish bill….but keep in mind that this is just the lead donkey in the parade. What comes after it is universal gun sale regulation — that every gun sold, even if a private sale, must be run through a government check. That’s being promoted as the “compromise” solution — and there are a lot of Democrats who are saying they’ll vote against AWB but support universal checks as a “sensible compromise.” That’s the first step to universal gun registration and it should be as stoutly resisted as the AWB. Don’t focus all your energies on the AWB and Feinstein — keep your eye on both of these things. Tim

    • Yep. They’ll say, look we’re willing to compromise, now you have to compromise.

      Then after that tactic succeeds, another mass shooting WILL occur because no-one focused on the ultimate cause of the issue, and the same thing will happen.

      A click of the ratchet each time. They are patient. It’s death by a thousand cuts.

    • That’s already the law in California–has been for as long as I’ve been buying guns. The only thing exempted are pre-1898 firearms.

  7. “… ensure that the right to keep and bear arms is not unlimited.”

    Seriously?!?!? The first F-ing sentence clearly states the bill intends to infringe on the Right to Keep and Bear Arms!

  8. Catholic Charities support for Dianne Feinstein’s civilian disarmament agenda has crossed a line no sane non-profit should ever cross. Over the course of the last couple years I have directed thousands of my hard earned dollars to support their work. No more, today that support stops. I will not financially support an organization that does not respect my civil and Constitutional rights. I urge you to do the same, as Catholic Charities USA is now in league with tyranny.

    • Good call.

      TTAG editors, an article on which organizations (charitable or otherwise) support Feinstein’s disarmament agenda would be very, very helpful.

      • I say we should take that one step further. We should have a list of all organizations, celebrities, companies, government workers, and any other person that is against the 2A. I say the list should be a permanent link on the home page and it should be updated weekly. This would be great in letting us know who the enemy is that way we don’t accidental support them by using their services, or paying to see their movie etc..

  9. This is nothing but an opening in negotiations. As twisted as these people are they are not stupid and know what they are doing. This is going to be ripped apart and they will come to a compromise somewhere in the middle. Either way we are getting fcked.

    • No, it’s time to fsck the fscking fsckers BEFORE the fsck us.

      No compromises, no “middle ground”. All of you folks with pro-2A House reps have an obligation to make clear to them that Federal magazine capacity limits are just as much an infringement on our rights as AWB 2.0.

      • I agree with you. I wish i had someone i could call that would listen. Going back and forth between NYC and the Bay Area there is no one that wants to listen to common sense.

  10. That BS “exemptions” list might be enough to get the Fudds behind this bill. Got I hope they see the writing on the walls and fight this tooth and nail with us.

  11. I hope everyone knows what to do about this:

    Write or email your senators and tell them you vote and check voting records. Tell them you oppose this legislation.

    Follow up with phone messages.

  12. I will not comply. Neither will i be lulled to sleep when this bill dies quietly. I am not distracted by it. I know there are other lesser bills, and I will fight them, and if they pass, I will not comply with them either.

    I am done with gun control. One way, or the other.

  13. She’s older than I am by a long shot. I look forward to reading her obituary one day at which point someone else will run for her seat. I’ll be well into my 60s by then but it should be a good read.

    • She’s 79 years old and RIPE for a primary challenge from within her own party. I’ve got my ear to the ground here in CA to see who’s likely to try taking her out next time around.

      Or, you know, maybe she’ll have some medical crisis which forces her early retirement. Which would be a shame.

      • Is it unchristian to wish a heart attack on someone? I guess I’m going to hell. I’ll kick her in the head when I meet her there.

  14. 17 ‘‘(D) A semiautomatic pistol that has the ca-
    18 pacity to accept a detachable magazine and any 1 of
    19 the following:
    20 ‘‘(i) A threaded barrel.
    21 ‘‘(ii) A second pistol grip.
    22 ‘‘(iii) A barrel shroud.
    23 ‘‘(iv) The capacity to accept a detachable
    24 magazine at some location outside of the pistol
    25 grip.

    Does this mean that any pistol you can get a threaded barrel for is now illegal?

    • You could read it that way.

      Let me take this opportunity to emphasis something that we bring up on the CalGuns forums all the time: do not help them improve the legislation by pointing out flaws or inconsistencies.

      This would be a good example of the STFU rule. It is well known that the legislative assistance to the asshats do read these discussions and use what they learn to “improve” the bills.

    • 22″(III) a barrel shroud. Correct me if I am wrong but in the early portion of the bill did she not describe a barrel shroud as covering the barrel to prevent the hand from being burned. That being said then both of my 1911’s and my EAA Zastava m88 are all 3 illegal under this bill as the slide covers the complete barrel, ie encircles the barrel!!

    • I don’t think it can be read as banning any gun that could have its barrel replaced with a threaded barrel. It has to have a threaded barrel installed to be an AW, based on how the sentence grammatically parses. You can replace the word “and” with “plus” to get the legal interpretation of the language.

  15. You never know when more then 10 round is going to be needed, what if more then one person say gang members break in to your house, well you may not have time to reload, and you may have to put down more then one criminal. So dont tread on my rights.

  16. How in the world did the Mini-14 and -30 make it on the exempt list? If anyone is looking for a perfect example of how they are just trying to ban cosmetic features, there it is.

  17. Polls now show most people will NOT comply with the hag’s ban. If they must prove that the 2A is not unlimited lets make a ban limiting ugly turd looking hags can never be in congress, ban assaulting ugly faces like hers..

  18. I f***ing hate all these jew f***s in our country. Kick them all out. Bloom(jew)berg, C(sc)h(m)uck Shumer, Fein(jew)stein. Send them all to Israel and let the Pali’s blow them to bits. Never have any regard for our laws and country.

      • you may be ok….but 60% still vote democrat EVERY ELECTION. Almost all Jews in office ARE DEMOCRAT DETERIORATING OUR RIGHTS.

        no wonder they’ve been booted from… i think it was 109 countries?

        • The guys who run this site are jews just so you. You make that statement like there are no other religions in politics that hate guns. It also makes you sound like a racist redneck.

      • ok, your correct. I apologise. It was wrong to put it as such. But it always just seems that the jewish people in control are the ones that screw us, CONSTANTLY.

        and no, it’s not racist. Jewish isn’t a race.

        • I believe Jews are a race but thats a different debate. At least we agree on you being a redneck. Apology accepted.

        • I am very much against the use of “Jew” as a way to name call. Manny also seem to enjoy being called Nazi for their statements. They are ignorant, and yes, racist.

          Jewish faith is similar to a race because of the bloodline. The rules for marriage and strong community leads to little mix of non “Jew” blood. The majority of the Jewish people are still strongly related to their ancestors in the religious text. This is what leads people to be able to separate them as a group very much like a race.

          The ability to set them apart as being different is how they can be hated like a race.

        • Joe, if that wasn’t overt racism it was the next best thing. It’s a pretty big leap from saying “hey, it sure seems like a lot of these anti-2A Democrats are Jewish, what up with that” to “OMGWTF the Jews run the world and they’re coming to eat your babies”.

          Might want to keep your inner racist on a shorter leash. With a muzzle.

      • Nope, I actually live not far from you.

        Jewish is a race? Find me jewtopia, Jewishstan or something of them sort. What about those that convert? Do they automatically get citizenship.

        Speaking if citizenship, difi, from what I have read, has dual citizenship in the USA and Israel. Doesn’t that bar her from office?

      • However I was looking for what color skin a Jew is…couldn’t find it. Guess I’m not racist.
        What about those that convert? Does Their skin automatically change color?

        • Imo, its the same with Muslims. What race is a Muslim? What race is a Christian? Buddhist? Hindu? Animalist? Greek orthodox? (Don’t be smart with that one, many are Arab). Catholic?

          What race are they?

  19. I’m with 4stroke…a list of organizations which support Feinstein’s (and any anti-2A) bill would be helpful. The Eastern Mountain and Sports Outdoor Show was cancelled due to the backlash. There are 100 million gun owners out there – even if only 10 percent of us make noise, it will be heard.

    By the way, if you’re really serious, stick to faxes. Emails end up getting deleted; phone calls depend on being able to get through; mail takes forever because it’s checked for toxic substances now. Faxes…they’re as lasting as mail and as fast as a phone call…

  20. Its Funny that my Savage 110BA has most of the scary features but is somehow on the exempt list. I wonder if they even know what guns they are banning/exempting?

    • Shhh… don’t let them know!

      My guess is she had some staffer or intern look up every variation of bolt action rifle (except for Mosin Nagant apparently) with the specific intention of putting them all on the “approved” list. The staffer probably just looked at the Savage website and copy/pasted everything into the AWB without researching it.

  21. And this: the Virginia Tech shooter carried 19 magazines, so this bill will stop criminals and would be serial killers from carrying multiple magazines!! This woman is so stupid she shouldn’t be allowed out in public!!! She should be in a high security nursing home under lock and key!!!

  22. That’s fine.
    They get it wrong in the first sentence: “To regulate assault weapons,…”
    Sorry, already regulated by the 1934 National Firearms Act.
    Guess we can ignore the rest, better luck next time.

  23. Well GOD loves me so he hooked me up. I love my mini-30 and BAM its exempt! To me it’s just as bad @ss as an AK. I know she’s bitter and on a witch hunt but I am glad her bitterness didn’t make her smarter. Sh’e as dumb as dumb can get and CA too for never firing her! She’s 79 yrs and I hope she eats a lot of salt and buttery foods so she can go soon!

  24. I’m reading through this, and at first glance it appears that it would not apply to retired LEOs. Read the bottom of page 15 and the top of page 16 where it discusses exemptions:

    ‘‘(C) the possession, by an individual who is re24
    tired in good standing from service with a law en25
    forcement agency and is not otherwise prohibited
    OLL13052 S.L.C.
    1 from receiving a firearm, of a semiautomatic assault
    2 weapon—

    Sorry about the weird formatting!

  25. Interesting, 3 of my guns are either listed or have banned characteristics. Possibly 4 as I did not see the Ruger 10-22TD exempted and there is a version now with the dreaded threaded barrel and flash suppressor. But do not worry, retired LEO’s and FUDs are safe.
    oh and Joe בייַסן מיר

  26. Unless I missed something, wouldn’t the clause about “revolver shotguns” outlaw firearms such as the Taurus Judge & the S&W Governor?

  27. Oh, so my 9mm Hi-point carbine will get banned huh? I find it laughable that she considers that to be an assault rifle. I find it hilarious she(it) included the .22 AR15 carbine too. Basically ANY semi automatic rifle with a pistol grip, no matter the caliber should be banned. Why doesn’t she just say that? If it’s scarey, it should be banned. That’s this piece of filth’s attitude. Leave office in shame you pitiful excuse of a human being and forever regret wasting your life trying trying to pass something like this. Go away and be forgotten by all.


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