Clackamas Shooter Revealed: Jake Roberts

Click here for Clackamas killer Jacob Roberts’ Facebook page (while you can). According to The Huffington Post, a friend of Roberts says the Community College student was distraught after a break-up with his girlfriend who is [allegedly] pregnant. “Honestly he wanted suicide by cop is what happened.” The po-po say Roberts stole the AR-15 used in the crime from his roommate. Roberts’ FB page list shooting as one of his interests. One of his photos shows him firing a Springfield Armory XD [after the jump]. Here’s his “about” post: “Hey what’s up guys my names Jake and I’m an alcoholic… Lol just kidding. If you were to ask someone that knows me they would probably say that I am a pretty funny person that takes sarcasm to the max. I’m the kind of person that is going to do what I want . . .

There is no reason for another person to tell you what to do, I’m the conductor of my choo choo train. I may be young but I have lived one crazy life so far. My friends are my family and I don’t think that will ever change. I have done a lot for myself in the past year some good and some bad but I still press on. I like hanging out with my friends and having a good time maybe get a little drunk every now and then. I like to think of myself as a bit of an adrenaline junkie…

Yup that’s right I’m a junkie lol. But I’m just looking to meet new people and see the world. Right now I work at the most badass gyro shop in town. I am one of the few people that can say I love my job and actually mean it. But if you want to know more about me send me a message. What’s up let’s party.”

[h/t Dirk Diggler]


  1. avatar Matt in FL says:

    I don’t do Facebook; I see no reason to start with this.

    1. avatar asdf says:

      It’s too bad you can’t murder facebook. I’m sure it would be taking a dirt nap by now if that were possible.

      1. avatar WLCE says:

        i wish facebook a fate similar to the bubble. Collapse, simplification, etc etc

      2. avatar In Memphis says:

        In Soviet Russia, facebook murders you!

        Im with you Matt. Dont know about you but Im only 27 and Im quite happy without the “luxuries” of my generation.

  2. avatar Federale says:

    Another racist hate crime that the media will igorne, at least the anti-white racism nature of this crime.

    1. avatar Matt in FL says:

      Federale: Is there some evidence I haven’t read about yet that indicates this was racially motivated?

      1. avatar Don says:

        Oh no, the racists are back… ::eyeroll::

      2. avatar pat says:

        I am guessing Federale is just mocking the lib media who tend to fan the racist flames if a white nutter offs victims who happen to be nonwhite (think Zimmy case).

        1. avatar Don says:

          Nah, look at his blog. He is one of this crazy racists.

        2. avatar Derek says:

          I followed his link. Somehow, I don’t think he’s kidding.

    2. avatar إبليس says:

      Not sure how that’s related to the post, but there is a huge media double standard on race. I feel your sentiments.

  3. avatar Dirk Diggler says:

    Robert, what no h/t for the heads up? 🙂

    1. avatar Robert Farago says:

      Sorry. I’m bushed. So to speak. h/t added.

    2. avatar Aharon says:


      Thank you sir for the h/t to Robert.

  4. avatar Michael F. says:

    Weird, I’m not getting a response to the message I sent him.

    1. avatar Dirk Diggler says:

      I doubt he will be able to accept your friend request

      1. avatar Michael F. says:

        His facebook has been pretty “dead” lately.

        1. avatar Matt in FL says:

          I laughed.

  5. avatar jwm says:

    There’s nothing I need to know about this fvcktard.

    1. avatar uncommon_sense says:

      +10000000 !!!!!!!!!1

    2. avatar pat says:

      Not true. I needed to know that he is dead.

  6. avatar ST says:

    In one of his photos, he’s shooting a Springfield Armory XD. Interesting.

  7. avatar mountocean says:

    Interesting to use a train in an analogy about controling your own destiny. As in train tracks don’t offer many options.
    I also didn’t expect him to be a shooter, because I wasn’t getting the impression he practiced aiming much.

    1. avatar In Memphis says:

      I think when he said “choo choo” train it explained a lot.

  8. avatar Billy Wardlaw says:

    So why can’t idiots like this just stick a barrel in their mouths, rather than inflicting themselves on others?

    1. avatar Don says:

      Because then no one would care. At all.

  9. avatar g says:

    Anyone else *relieved* that it was STOLEN rifle? Sounds like the guy had issues.

    I don’t want to sound overconfident, but I think the people of OR and WA are wise enough to avoid the hysterical folks calling for new state-level rifle bans.

    I wonder what the media will dig up about this guy in the ensuing firestorm, along with the friend who got the rifle stolen from him.

    1. avatar Ing says:

      Having lived in both places, I think you’re right about WA and OR in general. (Aren’t you in OR? You probably know already). The hysterical people will always be around, but they’ll probably be a fairly pathetic minority. There’s pretty solid 2nd Amendment support in the Northwest, along with a strong independent streak.

      The cultural attitude here is more live-and-let-live than anything else (the WA marijuana legalization made more news elsewhere than here in WA, which tells you something). A lot of California transplants out here, though…not that there’s anything wrong with that…just hope they didn’t bring too much Kalifornia with them.

      We’ll see…

      1. avatar Lance says:

        I live and work in OR and WA. Same here the stolen part may help us fight the Dianne Feinstine of Oregon politics State Sen Ginny Burdick yep just as nasty ugly too. The Oregon Fire Arms Federation say she will not seek to ban ARs yet but wants to ban all normal (over 10rds) mags. Shes been working on this way before the shooting. But there still alot of pro-guners like Rep Wayne Kriger who hopefully stop this. Even some new services like CBS and even NVC been quiet now on the gun issue only antigun ABC mentioned a antigun rant.

        Biggest thin like federal reps is to stick together and fight and kill bans of any gun related items.

        PS reports still say the shooter fired 7 killed two and wounded one, and the gun jammed and fired 10-12 which hit no one then killed himself a mag ban would have done nothing. But liberals never follow logic just Obama National Socialistic dream.

      2. avatar g says:

        Ing>Proud resident of WA here.

        1. avatar Lance says:

          Nice to meet you I live and work in OR and work also in WA.

      3. avatar Jon R. says:

        When some one mentions they moved here from California, I cant help but cringe….

        Sorry, but at least half the transplants that come here complain about the weather and say there’s nothing to do here. Your surrounded by mountains, lakes, rivers, ocean and the best micro brewery’s in the world, and you can’t find anything to do? Your a moron! Oh, and btw, I don’t give a $%@& if the rain makes you depressed, buy a rain jacket and STFU, or hop back in your car and take the I-5 south.

        I’m j/k… sort of…

        1. avatar Matt in FL says:

          “…btw, I don’t give a $%@& if the rain makes you depressed, buy a rain jacket and STFU, or hop back in your car and take the I-5 south.”

          Living in a state where much of the population is made up of transplants, and speaking as someone who was born here, I feel much the same way about people who move here and complain about the heat. I just agree with them and remind them the weather’s much nicer in {random non-Florida state} right now.

    2. avatar Mr. Lighter says:

      I want to know how the rifle was being stored. If it was unlocked, unattended, and near ammunition, then I think there might be a bit of a problem.

      1. avatar uncommon_sense says:

        And then we are back to the Washington D.C. situation where a firearm in such a condition is useless for self defense. Do you remember that the U.S. Supreme Court’s Heller decision struck down such requirements? Perhaps the friend kept the rifle ready for self defense purposes.

        1. avatar Lance says:

          To late the stupid idiots on KOIN 6 new spent several minutes attack us gun owners yesterday night. Saying despite the gun was stolen and in fact it took only 7 shots to hit all three people its our fault and they want all standard mags banned.

          Time to ban Kelly Day!!

  10. avatar Curzen says:

    I blame him listening to music from “Brotha Lynch Hung” for what happened.

  11. avatar Joseph says:

    Coward MF as they all are. As soon as someone shows up with a gun they shoot themselves. None of these mass shooter turds are looking for a confrontation, just easy targets.

  12. avatar Kirk says:

    “Stolen”? I guess his friend was pretty free with his gun safe combo, right? I think I’ll go look up Oregon laws on gun storage. Certainly survivors of the victims attorneys are.

    Would hate to be that guy. And if his guns weren’t secured, he has a lot to answer for.

    1. avatar jwm says:

      If your freind steals your car and runs someone down with it do you have a lot to answer for?

      1. avatar Peter says:

        But… but… guns are made to kill people

      2. avatar sanchanim says:

        Borrowed yes, stolen no…
        That doesn’t mean people won’t try to sue the heck out of the guy..

        1. avatar In Memphis says:

          Yea pretty soon the Brady Campaign will be screaming for safes that require a stool sample.

        2. avatar jwm says:

          Be happy to send the Brady bunch a stool sample to help in their research.

        3. avatar Rambeast says:

          @jwm I believe their suggestion box is full.

  13. avatar Chris says:

    The quotes read as manic to me. The rasta hat in the pic suggests drug use. Drugs, mania, and a surprise pregnancy and breakup are a bad combination.

    Obvious to us, the gun is only the means chosen. Others have used knives/swords, blunt objects, their cars, etc. These non-gun violent outbursts do get reported in the news, yet some people want to draw a line between people like the guy who slashed several members of his family during Thanksgiving a few years ago, and the guys who do the same sort of thing with a gun. Society feels free to dig into the real causes of violence in non-gun incidents, yet gets hung-up as soon as gun is in any way involved. It’s bizarre, to me.

    1. avatar Don says:

      I’m just happy bombs aren’t “sexy” to these nutters. No joke. Got close however with the CO killer though.

      1. avatar WLCE says:

        “Got close however with the CO killer though.”

        right…a college student created a sophisticated link of primary and tertiary bombs (numbering some 30 devises) that required bomb disposal experts a long time to dismantle. LOL.

        sure. *rolls eyes

  14. avatar Don says:

    I think “we will forget your name” should be the country’s rallying cry regarding these guys.

  15. avatar Aharon says:

    Two hours ago I stopped in at a Portland LGS and bought some ammo. The staff (who have been following today’s news) claimed to remember the shooter stopping in with a couple friends two months ago to look at AR-15s. They said he did not buy anything from the store (and yes they checked records).

  16. avatar WLCE says:

    another shining example of the millenium, “50 shades of gray” generation. keep up the good work parents. /sarc off

    1. avatar Brad says:

      FYI – His mom died of cancer when he was 3.

      1. avatar Rambeast says:

        This is no excuse for his behavior. He did not raise himself since then.

  17. avatar uncommon_sense says:

    Giving any attention or notoriety at all to the sick bastards that commit heinous acts like this encourages more sick bastards to commit similar acts. I condemn anyone or any organization for stating this reject’s name, posting his facebook comments, and most certainly displaying his photo.


    1. avatar Matt in FL says:

      “Sorry TTAG. I really enjoy your site and your incredible contributions to all things firearms. You are wrong to plaster this guy’s photo, name, and life details on your site. So is everyone else who does it.”

      The above is not by any definition a flame. It’s a comment, and it bears repeating. Reporting on what happened is fine, expected and correct even. Sensationalism is wrong, and serves no purpose whatsoever in general, and on this site especially.

      1. avatar Robert Farago says:

        The flame part was directed at TTAG. The general point is fine.

      2. avatar Joke & Dagger says:

        Agree with Matt. The next shooter is currently scouring the Internet to make sure this latest shooter is getting enough notoriety, so that he can get his notoriety when his shooting fantasy goes down.

    2. avatar Don says:

      I think it is one thing the way the news glorifies these guys and holds them up as objects of mystery and fear. Around these parts we look at them as pathetic predictable worms and have no fear of them, so I think it’s not quite the same.

    3. avatar uncommon_sense says:

      I have no problem whatsoever with anyone who wants to discuss and learn from events such as this. What I am saying is that we should do it without giving these criminals the fame and notoriety that they desperately seek … so desperately that they decide to kill a bunch of people to get it.

      Take this post for example. The headline could have stopped at “Clackamas Shooter Revealed” without stating his name. And pictures of the nice young man before his atrocity do nothing to help us learn from the event. But both of those elements do give the next mass murderer incentive to carry out their act.

      I realize this is a slippery slope. Anti’s try to use the same sorts of claims (e.g. you don’t NEED a gun). The best analogy I can think of is that it would be a bad idea for me to target shoot on my property just 30 feet from a neighbor’s home. It is the tiniest bit of consideration for our fellow citizens.

  18. avatar Aharon says:

    “Right now I work at the most badass gyro shop in town.”

    It’s Big Berthas on Hawthorne per the Oregonian. I’ve heard the food there is great. Think I’ll go try out one of their gyros sandwiches as my cover while doing research on this case.

    1. avatar CarlosT says:

      Mmm… Gyros… Hey, Robert, that’s your next site: The Truth About Gyros. You wouldn’t even have to change the acronym.

      1. avatar Rob says:

        While The Truth About Gyros would be a fascinating read, somehow I think The Truth About Gonorrhea would get a lot more traffic.

        1. avatar Rambeast says:

          I’m holding out for The Truth About Nuns…

        2. avatar Jon R. says:

          I would think The Truth About Israeli Swim Suit Models would be more up RF’s ally.

        3. avatar CarlosT says:

          Jon, I think we’re halfway there already. I think RF just doesn’t want the acronym be become too long. TTAGAISSM is a bit unwieldy.

    2. avatar sanchanim says:

      Dude now you are making me hungry!!! Not fair! 😉

  19. avatar Ing says:

    So…you’re feeling suicidal and you want to make the world feel your pain? Here’s exactly what you need to do in 3 easy steps:

    1 – Make a list of all the people you want to kill on your way out (if you don’t know who, just list how many).
    2 – Since you’re suicidal, make sure to put killing yourself in the list (this is usually the last item in the list).
    3 – Now reverse the order of your list…and you’re ready to go.

  20. avatar Lance says:

    I agree with ING

    I live and work here in OR and work in WA, Many progun Democrats here despite our reps and senators (federally) being idiot anti gunners. Only word from OFF (Oregon gun rights group) Is that a annoying Portland politician wants (and has before this) a mag ban on all mags that are standard (over 10rds). But there are many Progun state reps and Sens who have and will hopefully kill any attempt by a certain hag to do this.

    1. avatar RightYouAreKen says:

      I grew up in Portland and now live outside of Seattle. WA has great gun laws. ORs are ok if you live there from what I’ve read, but my beef is they don’t have reciprocity with any other state’s CCW.

      1. avatar Jon R. says:

        That god (or Joesph Smith) for Utah and its CHL!

        1. avatar Jon R. says:

          Sorry, I meant if you live in Oregon, as very few states recognize Oregon CHL’s, Washington state doesn’t even recognize my CHL, which sucks cause I’m less than a 30min drive from Vancouver WA. As an Oregonian you have to have a Utah CHL to carry in Washington, but Oregon does not recognize either Washington or Utah’s CHL’s.

      2. avatar CarlosT says:


        Washington’s gun laws are great. I especially appreciate the state preemption. Not having a random patchwork quilt of laws as you travel the state is a huge relief, and it prevents Seattle from being Chicago on Puget Sound.

  21. avatar Gs650g says:

    And trash like this lives among us. I think I’ll carry when Xmas shopping this year.

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