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SAFE Act registration form going up in smoke (courtesy New York Revolution Facebook page)

“Come Tuesday, owners of assault weapons in New York will be faced with a choice: Register those firearms with the state or potentially face a felony charge.” That’s the blunt, entirely accurate assessment of of the situation facing New York gun owners who possess unregistered “assault weapons” who are refusing to abide by the mandate created by the dead-of-the-night SAFE Act. And just in case you didn’t get the message . . .

“The consequences of ignoring the deadline are severe,” the McPaper repeats. Felony as in jail. As in the permanent loss of gun rights (such as they are in the Empire State).

Another SAFE Act form goes up in smoke (courtesy New York Revolution Facebook page)

As you can see from these images (click here for a video of a registration form burning session), some NY “assault weapon” owners are sending a clear message to Governor Cuomo, the State legislature and the police: FOAD.

How many? “It’s not known how many assault weapons there are in New York, and the state has refused to say how many people have registered.” In other words, thousands. Maybe even tens of thousands. Maybe more.

OK then (courtesy New York Revolution)

[The president of the New York State Rifle & Pistol Association Tom] King said he believes the number [of weapons covered by SAFE Act registration requirements] may be between 1 million and 2 million. [The president of the Shooters Committee on Political Education Stephen] Aldstadt said “at least hundreds of thousands.” But both cautioned that their calculations were strictly guesses based on conversations with their members.

The only question: will Governor Cuomo follow Connecticut Governor Dannel Malloy’s lead and ignore the law, enforcement-wise, or will Cuomo send the State Troopers on a few high-profile raids? There’s no telling what will happen if he does, but the chances are we’re going to find out.

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  1. Stand strong Connecticut, oops I mean NY.

    The “Feel” Safe act is a match just waiting for friction.

    • Bundy Ranch part duex? If some form of mass enforcement were to take place it would go sideways really fast.

      • Its not even close to the Bundy situation. Its not the same issue. The NY Arms registration (soon to be confiscation) is a 2A issue. This is the state making felons from law abiding citizens en masse. Neither Bundy’s guns nor the guns of their supporters were taken. The Bundy situation shows the strength of 2A and a citizens right to fight the government (even thought Bundy is in the wrong).

        You can’t be a sheep dog if your a sheep. Research. Learn to think for yourself.

        • ^This. Thanks for saying the common sense answer to what we see on here. Bundy is a jackass and a deadbeat, but the militia response was awesome. I hope that NY is forced into a situation where they have to balk big time and in a public manner.

        • Do some more research, on the China and solar plants and Sen Harry Reid, then determine which old man is more crazy

        • So, you are saying that, even though the land in question was open for PUBLIC ACCESS AND USE for many decades before a constitutionally unjustified “federal agency” violated Article 1, section 9 of the Constitution of the United States of America decided to illegally confiscate said land and impose unconstitutional, illegally taxes upon its use, that BUNDY IS IN THE WRONG?

          I hope you’re a blacksmith, so you can continue to forge your own chains. What the Hell is wrong with you people?

    • How many of us are going to fight over this?
      When they come to your door, What will you do?
      I have been dumb enough to register all of my guns, purchasing them from FFL stores.
      They are going to make us criminals by passing laws overnight.
      things that were legal yesterday, today you are a felon.
      so by registering they have your address, and know what guns to find there.
      when Gun Confiscation comes, what will you do?
      I will give them my ammo first.

  2. The line has been drawn in the sand. Will Como send his jackbooted thugs to enforce an illegal law?

  3. Assault Weapon??? Definition is ‘intermediate caliber, select fire’. So I guess you have a legal basis to say you don’t have any ‘assault weapons’ then right???

      • Which they should be quiet of anyways in New York since everything covered by the NFA is banned AFAIK. Maybe AOWs are legal, but I doubt that. No SB{R,S}s, suppressors, full-auto, or select fire.

    • Assault Rifles are select fire weapons. Assault Weapons are whatever the politicos say they are.

      • Thank you. I’m always surprised by the number of POTG who mix up the two terms and then refuse to do a 30 second google search when I tell them they’ve got it backwards.

    • You’re thinking of ‘assault rifle.’ An ‘assault weapon’ is whatever looks scary to a politician and needs no other definition except that which can legally encompass anything.

      • Ahhh ok. Yeah, rifle… not weapon (uhhhhgg)

        More political double speak. I get it. Love to see that from State Police too. Sheesh. They couldn’t pay me enough to move to NY (literally, they tried, with lots of extra $$$’s on the table). No Effing Way.

      • “An ‘assault weapon’ is whatever looks scary to the person/group paying a politician…”

        FIFY. I have found NO politician at any level so far that is capable of sentient thought.

  4. Cuomo will push for raids, he is a psychopath who acts like a Mussolini wannabe. If this happens, I hope thousands of Americans show up.
    I have a question for all the gun grabbers, how is not registering a gun depriving you of life liberty or property through force or fraud? I know some of you are lurking out there.

    • Expect nothing from them but crickets, or some nonsensical bullshit about a demonstrably imaginary threat to them or their families from people that they damned well know by now are every bit as peaceable as they are.

      They don’t care, though. They don’t care. All they want is what they “feel” is good, and to Hell with everyone and everything else — including their own.

    • I hope they send out the cops to try to take mine guns.
      I have all of my guns registered, and I have purchased them leagally.
      I am not a dangerous person, I shoot my guns at paper targets, and tin cans.
      however when they show up I will give them my ammo first.
      they want me to be a criminal, then that is what I will be.

  5. Cuomo will definitely push for raids. The question is, how many (unregistered) rifles do they already know about? Or at least suspect? Will judges issue search warrants on the information that is available? Will their be criminal subpoenas of the FFLs in the state to determine who has purchased rifles–or is there a state database from the ownership permitting process and/or 4473 that they can reference immediately? Can’t you see Cuomo rubbing his hands together, muttering “Vee half our vays. of findink out.”

    • If the indoctrination of the drone armies in NY has gone so far that pushing for raids is likely to net one more vote that not doing so, of course Cuomo will push for them. If he didn’t, someone who would, would quickly take his place. That’s how government ensures that those in power not only are inevitable scumbags, but always and everywhere the single worst scumbag out of all those available.

  6. Just a thought: what if non-NYS members filled out, say, 10 forms each (with false info, natch) and mailed them in? How would they tell before inputting?

  7. Cuomo strikes me as an egotistical, self-important blowhard and a bully.

    That sort are usually willing if not positively eager for violence, so long as there’s no risk to them personally; apart from the spectacle, they enjoy the feeling of power to hurt people who dare disagree with them.

    So yes, I think there will be raids.

      • Actually, I misspelled narcissist and psychopath.

        Excepting the constitution, in this instance I don’t think he’s broken any laws (I’d be glad to be wrong about that) and I doubt he has the courage to participate in, let alone lead, a raid on someone who might shoot back.

        So while I agree about the implied mindset, I don’t think you can actually call him a criminal and a thug for this.

        • While the SS may not all technically have been “criminals”, by most measures they were thugs.

        • Ok, I’ll concede because there hasn’t been a conviction – but I do believe his role in the passage of the SAFE act was _pretty_ close to a criminal act. Kinda like denial of civil rights under color of law, IMO, except political maneuvering and deceit was used in the passage of a law to deny civil rights.

    • Well,

      If you look back through the history books, leftists, communists and socialists have a propensity to use violence to force others to submit to their program.

      So, yeah I think he would definitely be rather gleeful if he got a chance to order raids that resulted in harm to people who in his own words “have no place in NY.”

  8. If the Emper…oops Governor does want action as in raids, you are correct that it will have to be the State Police to “follow orders,” as with a handful of exceptions, the County Sheriffs of NY have unilaterally rejected prosecuting the Safe act. The Sheriffs are elected and are seemingly the last best hope for sane law and order in the Empire state. As an additional statement I must admit that I just dropped my “assault rifle” at the gunsmith for an adjustment to make it compatible with the Act. It gives me no satisfaction but by removing a muzzle break from my rifle I have made millions of my fellow NY’ers safe in their beds tonight by reducing an assault rifle to a mere mortal firearm. Numbskulls.

  9. They pulled the same registration BS here in Chicago when the McDonald decision came down. Virtually no one registered anything with the CPD. Best estimate was 2000 people registered 3000 firearms in a city a 2.5 million people. Here at least the CPD has better things to do than harrass taxpayers. However, small town NY is another story.

  10. I think the best part of that registration is that he filled it out in blue ink, while it specifies only to do it in black…

    • There’s a lot of win in that form. Mine would probably read more passive: SSN: can’t find it on my Driver’s License NYDL: Not sure, it’s under my ass. EMAIL: Probably @gmail, or something? ADDRESS: I don’t wear dresses. COUNTY: No, no I live in a city. ASSAULT WEAPON: there’s not a box for assault weapon. Is this a trick question? MANUFACTURER: Factory. Probably people. Maybe some robots? MODEL: No, I bought one in a box. I didn’t want the display model. CALIBER: Bullets, mostly. SERIAL: No, it’s only killed maybe one or two people. ANTIQUE: I can’t find the expiration date.

  11. Well, as Gov. Mussolini previously stated, people who like their guns can keep their guns don’t belong in New York. It’s hard to disagree with that.

    • Why would you never think you’d be glad to say that?! Texas is terrific! Exceptions being the summer months – cause it gets damn hot. (& I hate super hot)

  12. What is an “assault weapon”? Is that something that is a rifle and has a handle? Is that a ???????

    Whether the legislators even know what a true “assault weapon” is aside, don’t register or honor such an un-Constitutional law. Be strong.

  13. Good idea from Kurt up above. Photocopy a bunch of these forms and fill them out with anti-gun politicians names on them. I’d be happy to download one and make a hundred copies and mail them in.

  14. I think raids are a lot less likely now than they were two weeks ago. The public response about the Bundy ranch ought to give anyone in government some hesitation before going up against the citizenry.

  15. Realistically, Cuomo has got his political tit in the wringer. Even the NYT came put against his abandonment of the Moreland Commission, the US Atty is now conducting an ethics investigation on the whole of the NYS government, the economy sucks, and he is now facing a Republican candidate that was overwhelming elected twice in Democrat dominated Westchester County. This is not a war he can afford.

  16. I hope the good governor sends the troops in on April 19. That would be appropriate.

  17. How exactly are they going to search anyone’s home based on old information that they at one time owned agun that meets the registration requirement? Search warrants must be based on fresh information. As time passes, the probable cause that the weapon or any contraband for that matter becomes less and leas.

  18. The subjects of NY should mail those forms back full of errors, transposed letters and digits, and bog the system down with confusion.

  19. With facial recognition and tagging already in place on Fakebook and Instagram, commercially, and better via FEDGOV, I consider these photos, and the Stand Strong CT to be very brave acts of public non-violent passive resistance. Like Martin Luther King, Nelson Mandela, Mahatma Ghandi.

  20. lol – “assault weapon”. So, this spoon, which I plan to use later to cause bodily harm to others… should I register it? My 240 bravo though… it will only likely ever be used in defense, not assault, so we’re good there? (& no I don’t live in NY or, sadly, own a 240b – all hypothetical – except the spoon… which I don’t really plan on using to cause bodily harm)

  21. Stand Strong NY…we’re rooting for you! If they are violating the Constitution, they are no longer law enforcement…they are thugs/criminals….

    God Bless!

    Officer’s best remember their oaths to avoid bad times…

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