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As the Daily News announces, Councilman Dan Garodnick to introduce bill requiring city to post signs about unlicensed gun possession. “’We want to make a statement here. Between 85% and 90% of guns used in crimes come from out of state,’ Garodnick (D-Manhattan) said. ‘It will be helpful … to send the message that New York City will take action against you for having an illegal firearm.’” Only in the mind of an East Side Manhattan pol would posting signs at the city limits actually deter criminals from importing their guns. “The ignorance of the law can be no defense here,” Councilman Garodnick intoned. He’s right. Even the usual level of ignorance common among New York City Council members is no excuse for this kind of grandstanding stupidity.

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    • Nobody with ill intent will comply, of course. However, maybe the signs will save a few innocent people from doing time in NY.

  1. It’s time for NYC to put up signs saying “New York is a Sanctuary City. Americans Are Not Welcome Here.”

  2. Anti-gun folks should all place a large (6″ Letters minimum) “GUN FREE HOME” sign on the front door of their home to let the world know their sentiments.

      • Too lazy to look, but there was a Youtuber who offered to do this to some people in his neighborhood. I think he posed as a member of Everytown or one of those other lowlife organizations and had some signs printed up. The anti-gun folk all refused to advertise their anti-gun status.

        • Excellent video. Thank you for putting up the link. I really hope a lot of people check this out.

  3. Yup, if I drive to NYC with the intention to commit a crime, I will turn right around if I see a “No Guns” sign because signs hurt.

      • But if you post a gun free zone sign then his security guys can’t protect him and he couldn’t be in the city either. Oh wait, I forgot corrupt Dem politicians don’t have to follow the rules they make.

  4. I love the sign. WILL NOT WORK, and, a waste of taxpayers money. However I still love it. 🙂

  5. The sign is not meant for visitors. The true purpose is to reinforce the myth that gun violence is an out-of-state and white male problem. Children of color will stop shooting each other if we could just spread NY gun laws to other states. Once all the rednecks are disarmed, the inner city will be peaceful and prosperous.

    Just more deflection from intellectually bankrupt politicians.

    • I think it is meant for visitors, but just not criminals. It’s meant to exist so that a prosecutor who is bringing charges against a 55 year old PA grandma can say “hey, I know she has a permit in PA, but WE HAVE A SIGN. No excuse.”

  6. Watch gun running increase massively as these signs teach Jamal and Tyrone (who have no criminal record thanks to the fact that punishing blacks for crimes is racist) they can make a huge profit buying guns out of state and selling them at home.

  7. This action seems arbitrarily narrow. Why not just post a sign saying that it’s illegal to break the law? That should fix everything at a lower cost to taxpayers.

  8. And due to the cost of these signs, the added maintenance and the safety they will provide to our residents, we will be increasing property taxes, food taxes and hospitality taxes. Thanks for making NYC your choice of prisons.

  9. The only other thing they need are amnesty boxes to drop off your illegal guns.
    Right next to the sign, what could go wrong?

  10. Dan,

    You’re wrong! Flat wrong! “Only in the mind of an East Side Manhattan pol….” That sentiment’s in the mind of plenty on the West Side too.

  11. What a retarded wisconsin sign. Puh-lenty of Chicago and Illinois guns-legal and otherwise. Dream on. NY-blah blah blah…

  12. “Councilman Dan Garodnick to introduce bill requiring city to post signs about unlicensed gun possession.”

    [Darth Vader’s voice] The stooopid is strong with this one. [/Darth Vader’s voice]

  13. NYC and it’s politicians are the paragons of idiocy. I’d say they should split off and free upstate New York from their slimy grasp, but they really might consider going further and becoming their own country. They already disregard most of the U.S. Constitution anyway. To the people of the gun living in NYC, I genuinely feel for you.

  14. Look, another stupid politician wasting taxpayer money. Imagine how much more money we would have in our pockets by stopping these people.

  15. If I were going to use a firearm to commit a felony do you think your sign would be a deterrent ? Stupidity runs roughshod over reality.

  16. Someone post the picture of the sign that says “Welcome to New York. You are under arrest.”

  17. This assumes two things:
    A) the would-be criminal can read, and
    B) that said crook gives a crap about a sign.

    Maybe they should put up a sign that says, “murder not allowed,” and see how that works.

  18. I fully support NYC’s right to advertise their gun-free stupidity in any manner they choose. In fact, they should run ads in other cities. It will help attract the criminals they so desperately desire, and help alleviate the problem for the rest of us.

  19. If nearly 90% of gun crimes are done with illegal, out-of-state guns then why did andy qhomo feel the need to penalize nonviolent, legal New York gun owners with his safe act? I guess he’s just a total mulehole.


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