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Given the civilian disarmers’ wish list presented to New Jersey Governor Chris Christie by the SAFE Task Force he created to examine ways to further encroach on the Second Amendment rights in his state, yesterday’s announcement of the new proposals he intends to push isn’t nearly as bad as they might have been. Other than throwing more money (that the state doesn’t have) at mental health programs and requiring a parent to sign off before junior can take home the latest Gears of War, if Chris gets his way, prospective gun owners will have to . . .

…show their driver’s license in addition to their permit when buying a gun. That’s the same driver’s license they had to show to procure the state’s blessing and a Firearm Purchaser Identification Card in the first place. Useless? Yep. PITA? Meh.

But then there’s the big one. The measure that’s sure to make all the difference and send a chill down the spines of every Newark and Jersey City street thug. The Gov wants to ban the purchase of Barrett .50 cal rifles. Does it matter that you can probably count the number of crimes committed in the nation’s armpit with a .50 BMG on zero fingers? Apparently not.

“The package of bills Christie is sending the Legislature includes only a few that are direct gun-control measures,” reports. True enough. Conspicuous by its absence is an arbitrary magazine capacity limit. Well, a more arbitrary one. Jersey already has a 15 round max. No Internet ammo purchase prohibition or further restrictions on private gun sales, either.

The Governor apparently looked across the Hudson and decided that he wanted no part of Andy Cuomo’s little disaster. Or the court fights that would likely follow. But don’t let your guard down Garden Staters. The legislature’s bound to make a bad bill worse.

A cynic might view the Governor’s limited list (for a northeastern anti-gun state) of proposals and conclude that this will allow him to say that he’s “done something” about gun violence, while still leaving him a viable candidate for national office. Thank God no one around here is that cynical.

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  1. Christie proved his worth long before the runup to last year’s Presidential election. The over-stuffed political hack is in the backpocket of the terrorist Muslim Brotherhood and carries much water for them.

    • Bingo.

      Of course, as a seasoned and well-heeled hunter of rogue squirrels, and a lifetime white male NRA member who is also a TEA Party racist and who didn’t vote for the Kenyan-in Chief, I am distressed that Guv-nuh Chrissie would take away my preferred gun of choice while hunting said rogue squirrels. Because a .50 cal, you know, is awesome for small game. Of course. All my cool friends agree with me.


    • Cus when I decide to do a drive by the first thing I do is purchase a $9,000, 32#, 4 foot long rifle with God like recoil, report, and muzzle flash so I can promptly throw it away after the shooting.

  2. Wait, you have to show a government issued ID to exercise a right? When you require an ID to vote they call it “suppression” and declare it discriminatory against minorities and those with low income. We’re not doing that anymore?

    • Equality – Special privileges for people we like and oppression for people we don’t like.

      From the leftist dictionary.

    • Barstow,

      I have often wondered why, in CT, I have to pay The State to exercise my Federal and State Constitutional right to keep and bear arms. I am essentially paying them so I can walk in The Second Amendment.

      I mean, seriously, what other Constitutional right is there that we have to pay for?

      I have a verifiable DD214 (US Army Infantry) that seems like would be enough for the fascist liberals in CT to let me have a gun without going through 4oo hoops of bullsh*t like a trained dog.

    • I’m In Georgia. I’ve had to show ID to buy a gun at every gun store I’ve bought something from. I had to show ID to vote too. NJ’s “Firearm Purchaser ID card” and Certifiacte of Eligibilty is pretty bogus. To me, those just seem like extra hurdles in place to make it more difficult to buy a gun. The police, ATF, and whomever else already will know who you are and where you live by the info you already have to provide.

      • The FID and the Purchase Permit are a pin in the ass if you live in a town with an anti-gun Police Chief. How fast you get your card varies from town to town. however, given what’s happened in NY & Ct, I’ll give up the right to buy the Barrett I never wanted in the first place. Given the the Dems passed 22 different bills through the Assembly, if this is all we have to deal with, The GUV will get my vote for re-election.

  3. I’m really hoping that any talk of Christie being taken seriously as a candidate for 2016 is just people making jokes.

    This guy is the last thing the GOP needs. We’ve already got more than enough RINOs, thank you very much. This guy has done exactly one thing which conservatives got excited about: he stood up to the teachers’ mafia (whoops, I mean “union”). That’s it, and that’s all.

    The rotund one stuck a finger in the air, figured he didn’t want a ka-ka storm in NJ like the idiot cuomo stirred up in NY, so he “is only going to take a few guns away.” And we’re supposed to jump for joy over this ? All the while, Christie has no problems whatever with NJ’s already extremely restrictive gun laws.

    Others have already noted his chummy relationship with the muzzie brotherhood … as if we need more of that trouble here in the USA.

    No thanks. This guy is not much more than an embarrassment.

    • I think if Governor Tubby wants to be President Tubby he will have to change parties. He originally wanted to restrict .50s from being used as concealed carry weapons but then someone told him what a .50 was.

      • After taking on the unions he has even less of a chance at the Democratic nomination than the Republican.

        • Heh. “Take on the unions”. I know a former NJ assemblyman who could tell of a few backroom deals that Christie shut down in order to protect the unions.

          He talks big about fighting them, but doesn’t really back up his words.

      • They don’t have to be smart, you know. They only need to make the perfect appeal to persons of equal or lesser intelligence.

    • + 1. Unfortunately this political hack is auditioning for president at the expense of the 2nd Amendment.

    • Even FDR stood up to the public unions. So, the fact the Christie did eat means exactly zero to me.

      • Sick, but funny. You must admit it takes far more effort for Christie to take a stand on anything than it does for most people. And I agree, the unions will never be able to get their arms around a Christie nomination, let a loan Da Governor him selves. If we went by weight he could run for President and Vice President. Maybe he could bolster his image by helpin Michell with her obesity campaign. A poster or something would help immensely.

  4. Why do they target 50 caliber rifles? It’s completely silly since they aren’t used in any crime whatsoever. Just more proof that the lawmakers are complete buffoons. We should just throw them all out of office.

    • Why ‘target’ .50 cals?

      Probably because with those you can stop an ElectoLocomotive from a mile away. Along with 18-wheelers.

      With that you demolish the food distribution system.


      P.S. The TRUE solution is for people to become Christians….as opposed to Muslim wannabes…..]

      • Heck, you can stop a locomotive by (unspecified damage) to a railroad track. And you can stop 1000 18-wheelers within 100 miles by getting on the CB and sayin’ “DOT is checking logbooks just down the road”.

      • I kinda think you might have a point there.

        I don’t think any .50 BMG rifles have been used to commit crimes in NJ- ever- but it is one of the relatively few calibers that might penetrate the armor on those shiny new vehicles that are so fashionable among the LE crowd this season.

        Nevermind that the effective way to deal with those doesn’t involve shooting a firearm at them, as anyone who’s read a news report about Iraq should know.

        So yes, this proposal is doubly stupid and suggests that people in high places are ignorant and paranoid. That generally does not end well.

    • Progressive incrementalism. Ban .50 cal now, a few years pass then declare .45 to be too dangerous and so on down the line until .22 is all that remains.

      • Exactly, for those who don’t know anything about guns, it’s just a small leap of “liberal logic” to go from banning .50 cal to saying, “we didn’t do enough!” . Since .50 is so close to .45, we can save more children by banning both. Once they get to .22, all it takes is another leap to say, .22, .223, what’s the difference, if it saves just one child! Ban them both!

    • They would target hollowpoint ammunition but…Shazaam! They already did that years ago. Possession of a single round is a felony. They sure would have a fit looking in my ammo locker (and carry magazines). They have to ban SOMETHING for the theater of “doing something.”

      • We can possess as much hollow point ammo as we want in NJ. Legal for home and range use. It’s just banned from use when carrying outside those locations, but since about zero people have carry permits, it’s just an add-on charge to an illegal weapons possession.

  5. TO: All
    RE: So Much for Fat Boy

    But I have to wonder how he was suborned.


    [The Truth will out….you can’t trust professional politicians…..]

    • “But I have to wonder how he was suborned. ”

      I image several steak dinners and fine champagne did the trick.

      • Steak dinners and champagne? Look at that fat tub of shit. Catch him when he’s got low blood sugar, and you could get him to sign anything for half of a leftover hoagie and a flat Pepsi.

  6. I don’t think Christie got Bloomberg’s memo on Super Slurpees.

    The only reason I can imagine him wanting to ban .50 BMG’s is its effects on Water Buffalo sized objects.

  7. Is this just for the “evil” Barrett .50BMGs??
    Is my .50 Beowulf safe?
    Does Christie want to get on Ronnie Barrett’s ever growing sh1t list too? WTH?!

  8. Christie has no chance of being president – ever. The Republicans will never nominate him because he helped BO get reelected And even if he switched parties, the Democrats would never nominate him because he took on the unions.

    Perhaps he doesn’t want the 50BMG to be legal because it has sufficient penetration to get through his extra layers of ballistics gel?

    Too bad really. We could use a fat president. We haven’t had a fat president since Taft. Just not this fat president.

    • biden had an o sh!t moment when he realized his double barrel is actually a .72 caliber. Now he’s going to have to change his advice on self defense.

  9. These damn fools lack any understanding of freedom, liberty, and the US constitution. The principle of separation of powers and limited government that is at the core of constitutional governance while mitigating the risk of despotic and tyrannical rule is lost on these collectivist, stateist, nutjobs. They are truly dangerous to individual freedom, liberty, and rights.

    • “These damn fools lack any understanding of freedom, liberty, and the US constitution.”

      They understand them completely. They simply loathe theme.

      Leftists study the Constitution the way a thief studies locks.

    • It’s not that they LACK the knowledge. It’s the fact that they hold liberty in low regard.

  10. Restricting .50 cal will stop you from reaching out and touching someone and he’s afraid, as big as he is, he would be an awfully inviting target just like most politicians feel ever since Gifford’s was made brain dead in Ariz.

  11. Thank God in don’t live in NJ, a Barrett is on my dream list ( although I still have a few years left to save for one)
    That being said, to all ttag readers in NJ …. if you need any type of support ( I.e. attending rallies ) let me know and I’ll do what I can. I live in pa so I can’t give you a vote but you have my support

  12. Could be a lot worse! He could actually start banning revolvers and semi auto handguns. They really are used in crimes. But without the Barrett I’ll never be able to top the top sniper shot of all time. Bummer.

  13. New Jersey already banned the exact same rifles and muskets used in the Revolutionary war. Do you really expect them to leave giant target rifles alone?

    I say we sell them back to the British Crown in exchange for a cup of tea. The deal probably puts us ahead value wise cause when was the last time you heard of anything good coming out of New Jersey?

    • When the Chi Coms come knocking to collect on our debts and our coffers are empty, I would have absolutely zero qualms with ceding them New Jersey. In fact, I would beg that they take it.

  14. TO: All
    RE: Speaking of ‘Security’

    I have to wonder if any member of the Secret Service—sworn to protect the person of the President of the United States—and happens to be ‘touched’ on a personal level by an Islamic terrorist attack is being removed from the ‘detail’ that comes anywhere NEAR President Obama.

    This, after the UK newspaper The Telegraph points out how Obama has lied to US about how ‘safe’ we are, in light of the Boston boming incident.


    [The Truth will out…..]

  15. Yeah please tell me how these guys think that banning a rifle which costs more then most motorcycles, and as much as some cars is going to make any difference?
    I actually asked this question. How many homicides in the US have been attributed to one of the really expensive bad boys? I really would like to know. My guess is you will have a hard time finding out how many.

    • Even better, a quick Google search turns up the fact that you’ll probably have to pay almost $6 per round to feed the big dog. It’s such a practical terrorist weapon, much cheaper than, I dunno, any other gun or a bomb.

  16. Christie is probably concerned that a .50 cal can be used on big game like elephants, hippos, and rinos.

  17. Has there ever been any crime involving a .50 cal? Anywhere? Does anyone that can actually afford the gun, and $5 per round, even commit crimes? Well, violent crimes. I am sure some corporate white colar criminals might have purchased one.

    • This is what I keep wondering. The only one I can think of off the top of my head who actually used a .50 in a crime were the Branch Davidians (who weren’t exactly street thugs…).

  18. As i have said along…it is not just a democrat or a liberal…it is all politicians who are crooks. They stick it up your poop shoot as much as they can and do not give you the consideration of giving you a reach around.

    • I love the personalized jacket. He should take another hint from Mayor Quimby and wear a sash at all times.

  19. So that means we could still have a .49 cal or a .51 cal? Because I’m sure that someone would gladly fill in that gap in the market.

  20. Hope Chris spoke to the various police organizations around the state. You see, if they actually pass this stupid law, Ronnie Barrett is going to stop selling them to NJ police just like he did to California.

  21. Ok CC were willing to compromise just this ONE time…we’ll let you ban the already ridiculously hard to find and extremely expensive .50caliber sniper rifles…

    IF you don’t eat fried chicken, hot dogs, pizza, pasta, burgers (yes, cheese burgers included) or anything else that will probably kill you if you have anymore of it, for one week.


    • Yes, I mail order on occasion. No problems at all.

      Recently I’ve found it easier to cross the river into PA for better selection and better pricing.

    • They proposed the online ban to prevent “anonymous” purchases.

      Funny, because online purchases are the only ones that require my full name/address/credit card info, and I’ve had to mail a copy of my FID card to several online retailers. In person, I can walk into a Walmart (in PA), not show any ID/FID, and truly remain anonymous. Never bought at an LGS here in NJ due to price, but they’re “supposed” to check FID cards.

  22. So many cool people I know came from New Jersey. Maybe that kind of thinking is why they didn’t stay.

  23. Christie hasn’t been the same since Hostess folded and he ran out of Twinkies. When I think about how I would feel if Kentucky ran out of bourbon, I can relate.

  24. Total butt-suck “compromise.” He doesn’t dare go after semi-auto rifles or mag-cap as he knows that dooms him nationally, yet has to pretend he did something, so he bans the gun no one ever uses in a crime because it’s bigger and scarier than all the others.

    • Isn’t the President of the NJ Senate, who is supposedly from a more rural part of the State, another reason why some of the bills passed by the Assembly may not get traction in the Senate? Or is it all Christie?

  25. The sooner we all realize that Christie’s a self-concerned, fat jerk the better off we’ll be. Conservatives really must stop falling for the media’s conservative ‘false prophets’

  26. Someone mentioned Christy wanted to ban the .50 for conceal carry until someone showed him how big they were…I wonder if he meant you could hide behind it? Cause I’m pretty sure I could hide behind a Barret .50 cal and nobody would see me.

  27. Did he propose stupidity this before or after his drive-by “assault” on a Krispy Kream donut shop? Either way, he sucks.

    Wow, he really is fat. Love to see what he’s pullin’ on the ol blood pressure count?

  28. When the house is finally sold and i see NJ in my rearview on the way to WV will be one of the happiest days of my life!

  29. I love the Chris Christie – Michael Bloomberg fat-man-and-a-midget act! Just when you think that no one could be more stupid than Joe Biden, this duo comes back hard determined to prove you wrong. We need clowns in high office. These are the funniest clowns on earth, especially when you take their sense of self-importance into consideration!

  30. And to think if he were to run I had considered voting for him. His chances at President just died as an antigun Republican will NEVER get the nomination. And when was the last time a .50 cal was used in a crime???

    • I think that was the point of my posts, I know of a redneck billy beer drinking episode where some low drag wanna be shot someone’s toe off but they were related so that don’t count

  31. Banning a gun that’s never used in crime. That’s almost as smart as starting a losing fight over 1st Amendment rights that will cost the state millions (California already tried it more than once!)

  32. There are many ways to attack Christie that don’t involve weight. Grow up and put a little work into your comments.

  33. “requiring a parent to sign off before junior can take home the latest Gears of War”

    California assemblyman (now senator) Leland Yee (D – San Francisco) tried the same thing in 2005 with AB 1792 and AB 1793. It ended up costing the state $324,840 in legal fees, and was ruled unconstitutional by the supreme court in a 7-2 decision. This will be a short lived, expensive law. As far as the other abominations, it seems like California has gotten away with them so far.

  34. Never mind how many .50 cals have been used in a crime in NJ or elsewhere, how many are even in NJ? Cost being the biggest factor for ownership AND use, only a hand full of people can afford them to begin with. I would doubt that an FFL would even keep one in stock just in case. It’s likely considered a special order item for all but the biggest of shops.

  35. The funny thing is if he is really afraid of .50 cals and their long range ability someone could use a .416 barret or .338 lapua mag to reach out and touch someone just as easy

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