Chicago Trib: Gun Purchase Paper Trail ≠ Gun Registration (courtesy The Truth About Guns)

“Ask police chiefs — we asked ours — about the need for background checks on gun buyers,” suggests. “They will tell you universal background checks would reduce the number of guns ending up in the wrong hands.” See how that works? The civilian disarmament industry creates a catchy name—“assault rifle” or “universal background check”—ties it to a piece of gun control legislation and voila! Gun rights gone. Why? Because voters don’t have the time for or interest in investigating the truth of the matter. But it is there. For example . . .

The gun control industry would have you believe that this “universal background check” system would not violate the FOPA prohibition against maintaining firearms purchase records, wich would create a gun registry, which would enable confiscation.

They’re lying. If not now, proactively. To wit . . .

Republican Sen. Tom Coburn of Oklahoma, who packs an A rating from the National Rifle Association, pulled his support of a background check bill he had been negotiating with Democratic Sen. Chuck Schumer of New York. Coburn got hung up on record keeping. Under the bill, all guns sold at gun shows would require a background check, and the seller would keep a record of the sale — just as federally-licensed retailers do now.

That record would not be turned over to the government. It would not become part of a national database. It would not lead to mass gun confiscation.

But it would create a paper trail. Requiring record keeping is key to enforcement of background checks. Without it, there would be no way to know whether gun sellers were doing background checks or not. The records also would give law enforcement additional tools to investigate illegal gun trafficking.

Right. So you’d have to keep a record of a private firearms sale that the government wouldn’t have access to—unless they did. You know; as part of a criminal investigation. Like . . . whether or not you’d kept a record of a firearm sale. Or . . . anything else.

Besides, why should we believe the civilian disarmament industry? Have any of the supporters of a universal background checks come out and said “no records will be kept.” Biden? Schumer? Feinstein? Bueller?

The rest of the editorial is boilerplate NRA demonization, suggesting that the National Rifle Association will do anything to help the firearms industry sell guns. To anyone. And that pro-gun pols are dancing to the devil’s tune, dancing on the graves of innocent life.

Thank God for gridlock.


  1. avatar mlopilato says:

    Someone has spent many, many hours playing games on that laptop.

    1. avatar Matt in FL says:

      I’ve had 2-3 keyboards that looked just like that. Controllers are for noobs, WASD is where the real action is.

  2. avatar William says:

    I made a trumpet out of butter. Do you think the Trib would be interested?

    1. avatar Matt in NC says:

      Only if it has a pistol grip or a shoulder thing that goes up.

  3. avatar Dave says:

    The FOID card I had in Illinois in the early 1990’s had instructions on the back to keep a record of private sale for 10 years. Is that still the case? How does/did the system function in practice?

  4. avatar Biofire says:

    This is the kind of story that drives me nuts. The Trib needs an expert opinion so they ask a police chief. How about asking one of our nation’s top criminologists. You know, the folks who actually know the data. Street cops overwhelmingly support CCW permits for law-abiding citizens, whereas police chiefs and commissioners do not. Which of those groups were either elected to or appointed to their jobs? As they say, ya gotta dance with those who brung ya.

    1. avatar Pascal says:

      They will ask whomever they will believe will give their story the slant they want. Newspapers and MSM have for the most part become and extension of the democratic party and are there to support their agenda. If they wanted a real story, they would have a opposing views and let the reader decide. Media is now mostly propoganda. We live in a headline/sound bite world and most of the public does not bother or care to seek the truth until it is way too late.

      The public being either too stupid, lazy or indifferent will allow the SHTF and wonder what happened.

      1. avatar roscoe says:

        You hit that nail square on the head.

        That’s why CA is so screwed up; voters who don’t educate themselves on the issues and go with the media flow and what they think is fashionable never mind the consequences.

  5. avatar Bill Baldwin says:

    S. 374, the Universal Background Check bill says:

    The Attorney General shall include a provision requiring a record of transaction of any transfer that occurred between an unlicensed transferor and unlicensed transferee

    It does not limit him to instruct the FFLs to maintain the 4473 as they do with retail sales. This record of transaction could be a web based record hosted by the ATF.

  6. avatar Roll says:

    Everytime I buy a gun, the FBI is called on me and I go through a check with them, What the fu*k more do you want????

    Piss Samples and a freaking proctoscopy?!
    “Journalists” dont go through a background check everytime they write(I wish some of them would at least take a writing class or use spell check).

    Why do I need to get a background check for a firearm?

  7. avatar Lance says:

    They forget criminals a gun or buy it from the black market AND OR STEAL ONE.

  8. avatar Andrew says:

    We need to change that language:

    It’s not “Universal Background Checks”, it is “Banning Private Sales”

    They have tweaked their message, spin it back and refocus to gain control.

  9. avatar Leo338 says:

    This is great news. Now the government can get all those illegal guns off the street because of the paper trail the MS13 gang will leave when doing a transfer. /sarc

  10. avatar Michael C says:

    The thing nobody ever seems to point out is that a law requiring background checks on private sales will only work if everyone who sells a gun to another private citizen actually follows the law. We all know that those who can’t pass a background check have little problem finding people who won’t bother with one to buy their guns from. Or they steal them.

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