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First the Big Apple’s diminutive dictator was slapped down on Monday by a New York judge for arbitrary and capricious beverage capacity regulation. Now comes news that one of his main gun control lobbyists loves him some weapons of war. Oops! As reported by, Adam Eichberg’s a hired gun for lobbying firm Headwater Strategies. And Headwater was hired by Bloomberg’s wholly-owned civilian disarmament advocacy project, Mayors Against Illegal Guns, to push a variety of gun control bills moving through the Colorado legislature . . .

As everyone knows, ARs were only designed for one purpose — killing. And because of that, Eichberg and his firm have been lobbying in the Centennial State —  pretty successfully apparently — for bills that would ban “assault weapons” and limit magazine capacity.

All of which makes that shit-eating grin on Eichberg’s face (above) kinda hard to square, no? That’s a photo of him wiping out wascally watermellons in September at the farm of Colorado state senator Greg Brophy.

“It seemed like he had a darn fine time,” state senator Brophy said in an interview with the Free Beacon.

Sure looks like it from here. But all the lobbyist could come up with was,

“I really hate watermelons,” Eichberg said via email when asked for comment.

Obviously, that scary black rifle brought out the worst instincts in him.

But the senator’s fruit shoot was held pre-Newtown. That’s when the world changed and the same gun (and magazine) that provided an afternoon of fun with friends three months earlier was instantly transformed into the source of all evil in the western world. Oh, and Mayor Mike opened his wallet and threw a few million in Headwater’s direction.

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  1. yes, i tested out an assault rifle so i could see how easy it was to kill with it. then i promptly handed it over to police.

  2. Threw a few million Headwater’s way….Exactly. I suppose everyone has a price, and Mayor nanny obviously found theirs.

    • When you got millions, and connections to American “royalty,” the rules – civilian disarment included – do not apply to you, only to the little people. So, this money grubbing douch can still destroy watermelons when & how he wants to regardless of what laws get passed.

    • I suspect that Mr. Eichburg is separating his personal and professional lives. Personally, he appears to enjoy firearms. Professionally, he appears to enjoy making money.

      • Right on J&D,
        Looks like he’s willing to discard his own beliefs for the proper retainer. Wait! Would that be considered being a fvckin’ sellout?

        • A man who spoke at general conference in the LDS church actually spoke about that a few months ago. Summarized, “Son, would you sell your soul for a nickel?”

          It appears that, yes. Mr. Eichburg would sell his soul for a nickel. Or… However many nickels a few million dollars is. What a putz.

        • Cort, I don’t see a “sell your soul” issue here in the Biblical sense. Enjoying shooting and doing public relations for gun grabbers at the same time seems a little tame comparatively. Ironic, of course.

  3. Wanting disarmament yet shooting guns which are still allowed is not inconsistent.
    However, as most people for disarmament are led to such beliefs largely from emotional conditioned responses to images of certain weapons mixed with tragic events, this pro-disarmament shooting enthusiast view does make me wonder.

    What else is a motivation? Is it peer pressure; money, power, women, drugs; a high frequency of frightening images combined with certain violent memories; the fantasy of doing the impossible, of disarming the world and having everyone live in peace? I also would love it if the whole world would live in peace and skip through meadows and forests, but desiring such things does not change reality.

  4. Bloomberg, hypocrisy and gun control. Those are words that are often seen together. I am very certain that if you look across the entire spectrum of anti-gun groups you will see the same hypocrisy.

    If they honestly and truly cared about stopping crime and saving lives, they would look to better solutions. This is just as stupid as Bloomberg’s big soda ban. Given so many other factors that contribute to obesity, it is laughable that reducing the soda size will help much if at all when someone is chewing down on a 1000+ calorie double hamburger with cheese.

    Like lemmings, the progressive crowd seem to latch onto nonsense solutions and run with them regardless of the facts. If we can make just one person less fat! Then the billions we have spent to do nothing will be worth it! Ugh!

    • Pretty dangerous killin’ machine your son’s got there. I think we need to put some restrictions on that there assault clip. After all… If it saves the life of just one child…

      • My father in law and I joked that if Feinstein has her way, these will also be illegal, or my 4-year old will need to undergo a background check and register his new toy.

        Then we realized that after the pop-tart fiasco, banning “assault toys” could actually happen.

      • He really likes pop tarts.

        And if he wants to pretend they’re guns – well that’s fine with us. We allow creative play in our house.

  5. That nerf gun has a pistol grip and a front handle. Obviously a weapon of war, designed only for killing people. 🙂

    • He also likes the fact that it looks like one of daddy’s ARs.

      It’s a pretty neat toy for $22. It has a removable stock, removable barrel and forward grip. The magazine holds 12 “rounds” and even has a rifled barrel.

      Pretty awesome toy. I may buy one for myself.

  6. Ted,
    It’s not the gun; It’s the user who determines when and how it is used.

    One’s hope is that one’s gun never has to be used to kill (other than hunting game). But if the worst happens to you and you are faced with no alternative, you’ll be glad you have one on hand.

    • Agreed. I only use my guns to “kill” paper and metal targets.

      It annoys me when people say a gun is “too lethal”. That’s like saying a hammer is too good at driving nails.

      They are tools, no more, no less. The user of the tool determines its purpose. As with all tools, I want the best one for the job.

  7. Ummm, WHY is Mayor Bloomberg funding anti-gun lobbying in Colorado??? I have lived in NYC, and I can promise you, Colorado is NOT one of the boroughs!

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